All-rounder Healer Chapter 33: A Group of Monsters has Appeared!

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“Right front, an El Sheep!” (Rocky)



 Rocky’s voice, who is usually quiet, rang loud.


 Dan pulled out his sword as soon as he heard Rocky’s voice. Then he ran to the right side of the carriage.


 I also saw it and hurriedly followed.


 While Dan was running, he shouted “Mr. Gilm! Stop the carriage!” And the carriage stopped.


 Perhaps because I talked about encounters, I raised a flag, and a few hours after the break, we encountered a monster before I could see Rankfurt.


 This will be my first battle outside the dungeon.


 Earlier, I felt like it was weird because there were no monsters at all, but now that monsters have suddenly appeared, my heart is beating fast, and my hands are gripping hard.


 While running after Dan, I think this is bad.


 Rocky said El Sheep earlier, but I can’t think about what kind of monster it is, and I don’t know what its strengths are. It’s my first time fighting with a party in here, and I don’t know how to act.


 When I arrived at the right side of the carriage, I saw something white and fluffy about 50 meters ahead, and its charging toward us.


 Rocky is firing arrows at it.


 That is… a sheep? El Sheep, sheep… Sheep!


 I’m not sure because it’s still far away, but the total length is about a meter and a half, which is a little larger than a normal sheep from Earth. However, it is charging quite fast and with its size, it is probably a hundred kilos, how ridiculous. A normal human being would be flung far if it charges toward one.



“I will protect the carriage! I will meet its charge head-on!” (Dan)



 Dan said, holding his shield in front of his body, lowering his hips, banging his sword against his shield many times, and shouting loudly, “Woooooooooooo!”.


 Then the El Sheep, which was steadily charging, reacted instantly and gradually changed course toward Dan.


 Seeing this, Dan turned his body, readied his shield on his left hand, and waited while bracing himself.


 And just before the moment, the El Sheep collides, he smashed the shield with his full body weight against the El Sheep’s head.



“Buh-meeee!” (El Sheep)



 Bam! The El Sheep stopped with a loud crash and a cry of agony followed.



 I think it’s amazing to see Dan clenching his teeth and receiving the charge head-on while leaning a little bit forward.


 I can’t imitate the way he took on such a heavy monster. Well, I would like to refrain from doing so.


 But somebody should still do it, based on the situation.


 He could have avoided it, but it would probably hit the horses or carriages. If that happens, it will result in the failure of the request. Some of us have to take it or act as a decoy and lure it away from the carriage. But if someone can receive it, you should receive it.


 If someone takes it, it will be relatively easier to attack.



 The moment Dan received the El Sheep’s charge, Mel jumped out from the left and struck a spear into El Sheep’s neck.


 The El Sheep is not that big of a monster, and it seems that it will not be a difficult opponent once the charge is stopped easily and brought into close combat.


 From there, Dan also joined the attack, and soon the El Sheep was exhausted and it collapsed to the ground.



 El sheep is struck down and everyone lowered their weapons.


 I also relaxed my cane, which I was holding on to tensely.


 After all, I couldn’t do anything this time. Rather, I didn’t know what to do… No, I felt like I couldn’t move because I didn’t know what I should do and shouldn’t do.


 I was scared, I thought that if I did something wrong, I would break their already established tactics and that could lead to their mistakes. For example, what if I use the spell [Light Ball] and the enemy targets me instead?


 By the way, I have never been to a party before. This time, I realized that I didn’t know anything about parties and party dynamics.


 I wish I could have a meeting with them at least, but we didn’t have the time. At first, Dan just said, “If anything happens, just stay behind me,” and it would be good if we could work on a detailed strategy after we finished escorting them to town.



“Right side! Another one!” (Rocky)



 As I was thinking deeply, I heard Rocky’s voice again.


 I hurriedly focused my consciousness back to reality, and when I looked to the right, another El Sheep was charging again.


“Damn, I see one again!” (Dan)


“Is someone attracting monsters!?” (Mel)


 Shouted Dan and Mel.


 I shouldn’t have that kind of trait…… Right?






 Rocky, who had already knocked an arrow on the bow, shoots an arrow as soon as he finds the El Sheep.


 The arrow flies straight and pierces the El Sheep, causing the El Sheep to lose momentum.


 Seeing that, I thought for a moment.


 Rocky is also attacking with a bow, so I can shoot a [Light Ball], right?


 It’s uncomfortable to just watch them without doing anything. That’s why I shouldn’t shoot while it’s charging towards me, nor after Dan collides with it. I was readying my cane like Mel, and I will be attacking from the side… Though it’s a little different. I am no longer just killing goblins with my cane, and as long as I’m in a party, it shouldn’t do something that a rearguard with a cane wouldn’t do.


 I should attack using magic like a rearguard.


 If possible, I want to land a strong blow that can stop the El Sheep from charging. A strong blow… A powerful attack.


 I start chanting while imagining it.


“Light, shoot my enemy…”


 Something flows through my body from the back of my navel, around my TanDen. Then it gathers from my right arm to my cane before becoming a light.


 It seems that there is more flowing than usual… Is it because of my mindset? Well, I’ll concentrate on the spell now.


 And I pointed the tip of my cane at the El Sheep and chanted out powerful words.



“[Light Ball]!” (Rook)



 At that moment, a ball of light that is one size larger than usual appears from the tip of the cane, rushes straight toward El Sheep, and hits El Sheep’s brain while making a loud noise.



“… Buh-mee!” (El Sheep)



 The El Sheep was blown away a few meters while spinning in the air, before crashing and rolling on the ground.


 The effect was outstanding.



““………”” (Wind Troupe)



 For a moment, everyone’s mind blanked out and they froze, but Mel restarted first and ran towards the El Sheep, thrusting the tip of the spear and delivering a fatal stab.


 Well… it looks like the [Light Ball] was bigger than usual…


 Regarding the power, I can’t say for sure unless I use it against the same opponent but is it higher than before? have a feeling that.


 Why did this happen? Is it something different than before?


 I rack my brain and start thinking more about it.


 So, at that time, I wanted a greater power to stop the El Sheep’s charge. And I feel that there was more flowing from the pit of my stomach than usual— it is probably the magical power or MP.


 And the [Light Ball] became bigger and more powerful.


 …Maybe there is more freedom in magic than I expected?



 The magic of this world can be learned by using a grimoire.


 And there are various types of magic, and each spell has a grimoire.


 Therefore, there is no room for the spells on this world that could be changed by the caster, and the spells that can be cast by anyone are basically the same. I thought that the power could only increase or decrease depending on the difference in status parameters, abilities, and INT.


 The books in the library didn’t mention any of this.


 However, as far as I can see the light ball, I feel that the intention of the caster is reflected to some extent. I won’t know the details unless I verify them. If that’s correct, maybe I can improve the effects by making [Holy Light] less noticeable.


 My face seems to be smirking at new discoveries. I want to verify it right away.


 However, it is impossible to experiment here now.


 They would immediately dismiss an escort who would purposelessly shoot attack magic all over the place while requesting an escort.



 I have to make time and experiment again.


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