All-rounder Healer Chapter 36: Adventurer’s Guild, Money, and Power

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“Okay, I’ve confirmed. There are two D-rank monsters, El Sheep, and two gold coins.” (Dan)


 Dan took the gold coins that were handed to him as he said this.



 Now we had just left the inn and come to the Adventurer’s Guild in the central district, where we had submitted El Sheep’s ears to the purchase counter for conversion.


 When you kill a monster in the field, you can take the ear to the Adventurer’s Guild and get a reward for defeating it. Naturally, the amount of this reward depends on The rank of the monster, but it can also vary depending on the guild.


 I was curious and asked why it changed, he said, “Come on, maybe the lord is stingy.”


 For a moment, I almost brushed it off as “hmmm ……”, but when I thought about it more, I realized that it might be important. If you think about it, it’s natural, and I’ve thought about various things.


 When I registered at the Adventurer’s Guild, I heard from the receptionist that the Adventurer’s Guild is an independent organization that exists all over the world and beyond national borders. And if the lord pays for monster subjugation, the nation or lord becomes the guild’s biggest client. So, most of the money that runs the Adventurer’s Guild comes from the nation or lord. It can be considerable.


 So, it can be said that the lord has a fairly strong influence on the guilds of their area.



 While considering the flow of money, I thought about it from various angles.


 If you think about it carefully, it is obvious that even if adventurers simply kill monsters, that alone does not make money for the adventurer’s guild. It is recommended that adventurers sell the monsters they kill to the Adventurers’ Guild, and if they do, the Guild will make money. However, it is up to the adventurer to decide where to wholesale the monster material, and it is not necessarily wholesaled to the adventurer’s guild.


 In other words, a system called Subjugation Reward exists because someone prepares a reward for monster subjugations and passes requests to the Adventurer’s Guild.



 From a different perspective, let’s think about who would be in trouble if monsters are not defeated, and who would ultimately be responsible for defeating them.


 Monsters will continue to increase endlessly and attack people unless they are subjugated properly. It will be the people who live in the area that are in trouble. If the damage caused by monsters increases, residents will not be able to go out of the town, agriculture and forestry will not be possible, and the flow of goods will stop. When that happens, the people can no longer live there and will have no choice but to relocate. Then, the lord who governs the land will be indirectly troubled. This is because when the town declines, the tax revenues will fall, and the lord’s income will also fall.


 Residents can flee to another town, but the lord cannot flee to another territory. Eventually, the lord will have to subdue the monsters by any means.



 Finally, considering the standpoint of the country and the lord.


 First of all, monsters need to be thinned out regularly, but preparing an army for that requires a huge amount of money. Armies need money just to maintain them, and more money to move.


 Besides, the military cannot be easily increased or decreased. It takes time and money to raise soldiers. It would be difficult to increase or decrease the number of soldiers whenever you want to. Therefore, you can only choose to maintain a large army even when it is not always required. Thus, the cost will increase.


 Therefore, the existence of adventurers is convenient for the country and the lords.


 First of all, unlike soldiers, there is no need to train them, and there is no need to guarantee their livelihoods. You don’t have to worry about what happens to the adventurer. Just use them whenever you need them and reward them if they succeed. If they fail, they’re just out of luck.


 It is very convenient to use adventurers to subjugate monsters.



 There are some things that come to light when you think about it this way.


 First of all, the fact that the Adventurers Guild is independent of the country, even if only in words, is meaningful to the country.


 And as long as the country or lord is the biggest client of the Adventurer’s Guild, they will have significant influence. On the other hand, the country and the lord cannot afford to lose the Adventurers’ Guild, so they cannot make unreasonable demands that would force the Guild to leave.


 It is quite a balance.



 However, caution is needed.


 They may not be able to make demands that would make the adventurer’s guild quit, but there is always the possibility that they will go one step further.


 Let’s say there’s a problem and the country or lord wants to send out an army.


 It depends on the situation, but if I were the Lord whose primary concern was profit and loss, he would want to use adventurers first before he had to send out his own troops. This is because it is more convenient from the standpoint of the lord.


 Adventurers are allowed to choose which jobs they want to do, but I’m not sure how well they are protected if things go bad. For example, the Guild Master has the power to expel adventurers, but how many adventurers will be able to resist a Guild Master who threatens them with expulsion?


 If the Guild Master has a close relationship with the Lord, it could happen.



 I’ve thought about it a lot, but it’s all just speculation on my part.


 Maybe I’ve completely misjudged the influence of the Adventurer’s Guild, and it’s just a strong organization that thinks it’s normal to ignore the reckless demands of the country and the lord and withdraw, regardless of the decrease in sales.


 Well, I can’t say for sure at this point, so I guess I’ll just have to assume the worst and see what happens. In any case, even if something does happen, I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it at present.


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