All-rounder Healer Chapter 5: My Expectations

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 My home was a shrine.


 It is located on top of a small mountain in the middle of town, and there is a Japanese-style house with a family living on the temple grounds.


 It is not particularly famous. We are only overflowing with worshippers at the beginning of the year. Naturally, it is difficult to make a living from the income generated by the shrine, so for many generations now, the shrine has been teaching ancient martial arts, mainly swordsmanship, at the martial arts hall on the grounds. It is almost like a full-time job now.


 Being born into such a family, I also helped with the Shinto rituals, cleaned the temple grounds, learned the ancient martial arts with our students, and even became a teacher for small children in high school, but no matter how much I ate and exercised, I could not gain much muscle strength.


 If you do not have strength, you are not as good as others could be, and my father said, “You do not have any talent in swordsmanship. However, I made up for it by learning skills, my eyes and instinct became sharp, and I was told that I had some talent in martial arts and spears.


 After all, I was the second son, and I was not going to take over the shrine or the dojo, and I was feeling a little unmotivated when I came across a game called ListAge. Since it was my first MMORPG, I did not know what to expect, but since my family was a shrine, I chose Bishop for my name, Priest for my priestly connection, and raised my character to specialize in healing. However, thanks to that, I was able to do well in the clan.



 Now let us talk about abilities.



 Abilities that seem to be martial arts that were confirmed in [Ability] earlier. Of the Sword arts, Martial arts, Spear arts, Ax arts, Archery, Shield Defense, and Staff Art, the four that were acquired from the beginning were Martial arts, Spear arts, Shield Defense, And Staff Art. Among the parameters, DEX, INT, MND, and PIE were acquired.


 At our dojo, I taught swordsmanship, martial arts, and spearmanship, and I longed for swords and practiced the most.


 However, I do not seem to have a talent for swordsmanship, so I did not improve much at all, on the contrary, I seem to have a talent for Martial arts and Spear arts, and I think I have improved in the end.


 In addition to this, it is possible to predict abilities to some extent from a comprehensive perspective of your background. In addition to this, I have a constitution that makes it difficult for my muscle strength to increase even after a lot of training.



 So, to put it simply,


 In other words, I had concluded that abilities are the “talents” that a person possesses.



 If [Ability] is something like a skill that often appears in games, it should be okay to have a little [Sword arts] that should be related to the sword technique that I worked hardest on. Besides, I do not have the talent of STR and VIT because I did not have much muscle strength, so I think it would be a good match for my background.



 I cannot say that I am absolutely confident about this prediction. To begin with, it is quite difficult to objectively judge whether one has talent, let alone one’s own skills. I happened to be told by my father that I had no talent in swordsmanship, so I was able to realize that…


 No, in the end, it is just my father’s opinion, so it may not be something that can be objectively judged to be correct. Maybe I just had a problem with my physical fitness.


 However, in the current situation, I have to collect a limited number of puzzle pieces and clues to predict the big picture and draw out some information based on it. Then I want to believe in my hypothesis, and I do not want to regret it later after deciding based on someone’s opinion.


 However, whether or not to tell anyone about this is another matter. I do not want to confuse people by telling them something I am not sure of.


 I do not want to say anything I cannot be responsible for.





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