All-rounder Healer Chapter 6: My Plans and Everyone Else’ Plans

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“Okay, I should have been able to share most of the information. It is hard to say that I understand it completely… However, the cost is the same whether you strengthen your current abilities, acquire new abilities, or a mix of both. The correct answer is not to acquire the ‘necessary abilities’, but to specialize in a role, just like some MMORPG.” (Masa)


 Masa cut off his speech and looked around at everyone.


“Everyone has the same role as ListAge? In short, I am a tank, Tanupon is a physical attacker. Bishop is a healer. Elfman is an archer and supporter. Then, everyone else would be either a magic buffer or attacker.” (Masa)


 Masa is asking in a questioning way, but this sounds like a decision.


 It is true that this is a rather ironclad configuration for a ListAge.


 In general, in MMORPG, it is natural to make characters specialized towards a role, and the opposite the so-called “all-rounder character”-is a character that can do anything but is not superior in any aspect. However, all-rounders are treated as land mines and tend to be shunned. Nevertheless, Tesla should be a world that has nothing to do with ListAge, and it is our new reality, not a game. Will a game-like approach work?


 While I was thinking about what to do, I received a call from an unexpected source.



“I need you to wait a moment.” (Elfman)



 Henrik Strombus III. Known as Elfman. I do not know his real name.


 He loves elves more than three meals a day. In fact, he can eat three bowls of white rice as an elf.


 He is a genuine elf lover who role-plays as the silent, cold-hearted elf.


 People call him “Elfman” with respect, strangeness, and astonishment.


 Now, of course, he is no longer an elf, but a middle-aged man with a bald head and a bit of a belly wearing a robe, but … his elf role-playing continues.


 Does he continue to role-play in his daily life?


 I do not want to think about it too much.



“I am going to select [Elf] with [Avatar] … No; I can’t throw away the high elf. Anyway, I will acquire the elf race and spirit magic! Therefore, I cannot afford to use the bow. [Elf] If I cannot get the [spirit power], I will just take a different path from everyone!” (Elfman)


 Elfman raises his fist and declares passionately.


 Hmm … I think this person really likes elves. In this situation right now, when our lives should be at stake, his priority first and foremost is [Elf]. Then elves. Not just three and four, but until five.


 This person is truly unshakeable.


“… It cannot be helped. Since it is Elfman–” (Masa)



 Then another comment came out while Masa was talking.



“Yes. Is it okay for me too?” (Kanon)


“… Is there anything you want Kanon?” (Rook)



 Masa listens back with a feeling of dread.



“I have been thinking about becoming an elf. I am a girl, and I want to stay beautiful forever if I can. However, it is not that I do not like the way I look now or anything! I am grateful to my mother for making me look like this… I wonder if I will ever see my mom and dad again… Oh! I also want to be a little taller. I also want my hair to be a beautiful reddish-gold color. And the color of the eyes.” (Kanon)


“… Oh, I see. I see. Elves are a race that is good at magic, so there should not be a problem. For the time being, it is okay if you specialize in [INT] and magic attacks. That would be for the best.” (Masa)



 Masa says with a thoughtful look.


 Hmm… I should say this too. It will be easy to say since everyone seems to be doing whatever they want. For now, I do not intend to become a specialized healer in MMORPGs at this point. I need to make this clear at this stage.



“Um, do you have a minute?” (Rook)


“What is it…? Is Bishop going to be an elf too?” (Masa)


“No, it is not that.” (Rook)


“Then what are you going to be?” (Masa)



 Masa asks with a slightly troubled look on his face.



“No, it is not what I want to be, but more of what I do not want to become… It is not like that … Well, I have not decided exactly what to become yet. However, I do not want to specialize in any particular way…” (Rook)


“Why? That would be inefficient in this system. Is there any dissatisfaction with role-playing as the healer?” (Masa)


“No, I am not dissatisfied with the role of a healer…” (Rook)



 Well, what should I do? I cannot explain it well, and then I will not be able to persuade them.


 After thinking for a bit, I continue my words.



“In the game, it is a rule of thumb to divide into roles such as tanks and attackers and have them grow to develop their specialty, but this is not a game, and I wonder if a gamer mindset would be safe.” (Rook)


“It is certainly not the game itself, but as far as this [Window] is seen, it has a game-like system, and it is definitely more efficient to specialize in a role, right?” (Masa)



 Yeah, that is definitely true… I think. But.



“What if Masa, the vanguard, couldn’t get rid of the target and the enemy attacked the rearguard?” (Rook)


“… Does that mean you do not believe in my capabilities as a vanguard?” (Masa)



 Masa’s voice becomes a little stiff.


 I could read the emotion that could be described as frustration or disappointment in his expression.


 Although it cannot be said true for all, in general, in MMORPGs, the theory is that all parties should control aggression. Have the enemies target the vanguard and the rearguard attacks from a safe place. If a highly defensive character is attacked, he will receive less damage, and if the targets of enemies are assured, it will be easier to support the attackers.


 For games, a vanguard who fails to become the enemy’s target and lets enemies pass through is considered inept. It is an insult to any vanguard.


 I hurriedly denied it.



“It is not that. Rather, I was saying that if we were to specialize in a role like in a game, we wouldn’t be able to deal with mistakes, irregularities, or any other unforeseen circumstances that might arise.” (Rook)


 Then I sucked in a breath and continue my thoughts.


“Continuing my thoughts, if Masa couldn’t get rid of the target for some reason and the enemy passed through, we might not be able to deal with them if we are specialized in magic. Games let you go back and try again, but not in real life. I do not think there is a system in Tesla that can give us a redo if we die. So, I think that even the rearguards need to be able to go toe-to-toe with an enemy.” (Rook)




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