All-rounder Healer Chapter 7: Quarter Angel! I Choose You!

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 Since then, we have been going over the information and now everyone is working on their own characters.


 In the end, I had to force Masa to agree to it.


 I am sure he was not completely convinced but seeing that I was not going to back down, I guess he had no choice but to agree.


 I feel that Masa has yet to lose the gamer perspective. I wonder if it is this game-like system and the fact that he is with his usual gaming friends that make him feel that way.



“Huh …” (Rook)



 I sigh involuntarily.


 It is very tiring to argue head-on with people who have different ideas. This is especially true when confronting someone with an unproven idea.


 Normally, I would close my eyes to a slight difference in opinion and go along with others, but this was not that kind of situation. After all, my life was at stake. I could not make any strange compromises.


 I glanced at Kanon and Elfman.


 At times like this, I envy people like Kanon and Elfman.


 They have some kind of conviction or unpredictability that allows them to be unconcerned about other people’s opinions, even if they confront those head-on, on their own.


 I really felt that I could not do something like that.


 …… Now, let us get back on track and start the character-making process.


 First of all, I am going to start with the abilities that I have from the beginning. In other words, these are the talents that I expected, “I should have had on Earth.”




[DEX II] [INT II] [MND I] [PIE III] [Sacred Power II] [Martial Arts II] [Spear Arts II] [Shield Defense III] [Staff Arts I] [Cooking II] [Absorption II] [Piety III] [Concentration II] [Sixth sense II] [Intuition I] [Heavenly Luck III] [Language I]



 Let us take a look at a few of them.





[Absorption II]

 Aptitude for restoring magical power, etc.


[Piety III]

 Faith aptitude. Correction to PIE etc.


[Concentration II]

 Aptitude for concentration improves MND, etc.


[Sixth Sense II]

 Aptitude to detect energy such as magic.



 All of them are magical in nature. Each one has surprising magical abilities to boot. If I think about it, [Spear Arts] increases aptitude for long-handled weapons, [Staff Arts] increases aptitude for striking weapons, and both are also suitable for wielding staffs, which are usually associated with what a “magician” is equipped.


 When I think about it, I feel like I have become more magical.


 However, how great of talent is this in Tesla? I cannot deduce anything because I do not know how rare each of these I, II, III, IV, and V are. I am not sure, if there are more than a few people in the country who have the V talent, or if only the great people considered legends have it, but it would make a big difference.


 In addition, I was a little surprised that there was a thing called [Sacred Power].



[Sacred Power II]

 Affinity with the Divine.



 I could not understand it even after reading the description.


 Is it not a little too vague?


 I wonder if it is because my family is a shrine and I come from a family of priests. I do not know how to say this, but I am surprised that I have a talent for something that should not exist on earth.


 By the way, regarding the Nine of Dawn of ListAge, in our conversations, their avatars and ability displays are roughly the same, but I have not studied all of them. It is unlikely that there will be significant differences. However, it is possible that they have different things mixed in. Regarding this, it was difficult to decide on a perfect character due to time constraints. However, I cannot immediately think of what can be done if there are differences between people, and it may not matter.


 Either way, I do not think I will be able to do it in time now, and I feel like I will just be confusing myself unnecessarily with unnecessary information, so I think I am done.




 Well, I am off topic, but I have been working on…


 The next step is to set avatars, not abilities. For now, I want to look at the races before I start working on abilities.


I tap [Avatar], and then tap [Race].



[Human 0] [Elf 30] [Dwarf 20] [Hobbit 0] …



 I saw [Elf] earlier, so I tap [Dwarf 20].



[Dwarf 20]

 Blacksmithing, fire, and ax skills go hand in hand.

 STR 16 – VIT 12 – DEX 14 – INT 8 – MND 10 – PIE 8



 I have high physical abilities that seem to make up for my low physical abilities, but my magic abilities are low. This may cancel out my advantages.


 No, before that, when I saw my full-body view with my shrunken height and beard, I felt that I could not do this, so anyway, no thanks.


 I have to move on.



[Merman 5] [Cat Beastman 0] [Dog Beastman 0] [Bear Beastman 5] [Fox Beastman 0] …



 Hmm … I do not think there is anything that comes to mind. After all, as planned, is it preferable to remain a normal human and enhance my abilities?



[Vampire 15]

 A long-lived species. Good with the dark attribute. Weak against sunlight.

 STR 15 – VIT 16 – DEX 12 – INT 14 – MND 11 – PIE 10


[Vampire 30]

 Long-lived species. Baron. Good with dark attributes. Weak against sunlight.

 STR 17 – VIT 18 – DEX 13 – INT 17 – MND 12 – PIE 11



 Those are not bad numbers, I guess. It is good that the [Parameters] are high all over and there are no weak [Parameter]. However, the weakness against sunlight is a problem. Moreover, what about the relationship between vampires and normal people and beastmen? It is possible that they all get along without any problems, but the image of them being hostile to humanity is much more common. I do not have any information about Tesla, so I cannot say for sure, but I think it is safer to avoid this choice.


 However, I wonder what the parameters in the race column are supposed to represent. If [Ability] is a talent, it should be easier to increase it by taking [STR] in the ability column. If so, even if the parameter item displayed in the race column is high, it may not have any effect on growth.


 In that case, rather than selecting a race with high parameters at high points, I feel that it will eventually become stronger if you select a race with low parameters such as [Human] and raise the parameters with [Ability].


 Well, after all, I cannot say anything at this point because I do not know anything about the mechanism of growth or the mechanism of parameters.


 Now, let me look at the next.



[Quarter Devil 50]

 A long-lived species. Long-lived species, similar in appearance to the human race. They are good with dark attributes and dark power. There are individual differences depending on the factors they inherit.

 STR 25 – VIT 25 – DEX 15 – INT 20 – MND 20 – PIE 15



 Hmm … this is no good either. The parameters are monstrous, but normal humans might treat me as a monster… I do not feel like I can live a normal life. It says that it looks similar to a normal human being, and even if there is some deformity, it still looks like a normal human being. However, there may be some minor differences in what is considered “close”. There may be some way to tell, and I am not sure it is completely enough to deceive people in a normal human town. However, the [Quarter] is probably a quarter. However, if it is only a quarter of the [Ability]. In addition, the consumption is 50SP. So how much is a devil going to cost? Is Tesla a world where such creatures walk as if they were normal? I am a little scared…



[Silver Werewolf 20] [Silver Werefox 20] [Dhampir 5] …



 After looking around, I found two that looked to be good choices.



[High Elf 50]

 A long-lived species. A long-lived species that works well with magic, especially with spirit power. A guardian of the world tree.

 STR 12 – VIT 13 – DEX 18 – INT 18 – MND 25 – PIE 16


[Quarter Angel 50]

 A long-lived species. A long-lived species that looks no different from the normal human race. Good with light attributes and divine power. There are individual differences depending on the factors they have inherited.

 STR 13 – VIT 15 – DEX 18 – INT 20 – MND 16 – PIE 25



 Both have fairly high parameters. Both [STR] and [VIT] are higher than ordinary humans have. In addition, I think a magic-specialized race will make the most of my strengths.


 The only problem is the SP consumption of 50, which is too high. It is a question of whether it is worth the huge cost, but my mind was almost set on the Quarter Angel.


 First of all, it is good that all ability values are high. This is perfect for the all-purpose type image I was thinking of. It also goes well with my best talent [PIE], and it seems to go well with my original ability [Sacred Power].


 Moreover, I have a feeling that it would be better to use a quarter angel.


 Yeah, okay! I choose [Quarter Angel].


 I tap on the quarter angel to confirm. The stylized image of my whole body became more polished, and I felt like something became a little bit better. I feel like I changed.


 I do not have any plans to change anything else, so I just rejuvenate my age a little bit, making me 15 years old, and leave [Avatar].



 With this, SP has used 50 points.


 What remains is 50 points.


 Let me strengthen [Ability] with the remaining points.


Tap [Ability] to see various things.



[Aesthetic Eye 5]

 An eye for valuables, an aptitude for it.


[Judgement Eye 5]

 An eye to determine ability, an aptitude for it.


[Heavenly Dragon’s Eye 100]

 Eyes to see everything, and aptitude for everything.


[Earth Dragon’s Eye 50]

 Eyes to see everything, and aptitude for everything.



 This is also amazing. If you get the [Heavenly Dragon’s Eye], what can you see? You can get it if you give up [Quarter Angel], but… No, I should not.


 In addition, I noticed when I looked at the [Aesthetic Eye] that this ability only has one level, no II or III. I thought all abilities had five levels, but I guess not everyone.




[Vision 1]

 Aptitude to distinguish between what the eye sees and what it does not.


[Hearing 1]

 Aptitude for distinguishing sounds.


[Tactile 1]

 Aptitude to distinguish between objects that are touched.


[Taste 1]

 Ability to distinguish between tastes.


[Smell 1]

 Ability to distinguish between smells.


[Sixth Sense III 1]

 Aptitude to detect energy such as magic.



 Is this an ability related to the five senses plus the sixth sense?


 Do my senses become sharper when I take this? It takes only a single point, and I may try to take them.


 …… No, if I do not take this, I might lose that sense. Alternatively, the ability can be significantly reduced, will not it? No… No…


 This is a common development in manga. A mob character who did not notice the hidden land mine died before the game even started! It is like…


 I am afraid it is possible.


 …… On the other hand, am I thinking too much? I did not have them to begin with, and if they were a problem, they would have already had a negative impact when I was on Earth.


 Let me look at the following.



[Blacksmithing 5]

 Aptitude for metallic materials. Aptitude for metalworking.


[Sewing 5]

 Aptitude for textile materials. Aptitude for textile processing


[Leatherwork 5]

 Aptitude for animal materials. Aptitude for leather processing


[Woodworking 5]

 Suitability of plant materials. Suitability for wood processing.


[Sculpting 5]

 Aptitude for mineral materials. Aptitude for stone processing.


[Alchemy 5]

 Aptitude for inanimate materials. Aptitude for refinement.


[Cooking III 5]

 Aptitude for living materials. Aptitude for cooking.



 This would be crafting abilities.


 I have cooking up to II, but nothing else. I wonder whether I am suitable to be a crafter instead.


 I am not sure if it is a good comparison for a crafter or not, but from the description, it sounds like this crafter ability, like the combat abilities, will only be effective when combined with multiple abilities.


 For example, the [Aptitude for living materials] in [Cooking] is likely to affect [Woodworking] and [Leatherwork], and if the fibers are from a living creature, it is likely to affect [Sewing].


 Considering that, SP 100 seems to be many and few at the same time. At first, I thought that specializing could make me the strongest in that aspect because I could get four abilities to the maximum with 100 points, but I think doing that is not enough at all.



 “Well, what should I do?” (Rook)



 I had looked at various abilities, but I realized that I had not fully sorted out what direction I wanted to take. Let us take a moment to calm down and sort out what is going on in my head.


 First, my abilities from the start are magic-based and I am more of a rear-guard, so I am sure I should lean towards a magic-based build. I would like to get some kind of attribute; I am going to be a healer, just like in the game. I think the [Light Attribute] is good for recovery. However, as I discussed with Masa, I also want to have the ability to be a vanguard so that I can face the enemy directly. It would be too scary if I became a rearguard, like in a game where I would need a vanguard to protect myself to survive.



 If I was attacked by an enemy.


 A stray bullet could slip through from the side of the vanguard.


 I will die.


 That is it. Game over. Thank you for playing.



 …… It is only in the game that I can laugh when something similar happens… If I die in real life, I cannot complain that it is the vanguard’s fault for not protecting me from the attack.


 I also want the familiar appraisal ability, but I cannot find an ability that can be considered an appraisal ability. The abilities [Heavenly Dragon’s Eye] and other eye-based abilities are appraisal-like, but I cannot conclude for sure.


 Another one. Ability to store the so-called “item-box”-like skill. Maybe it does not exist here, and I cannot find an ability like that. However, there is a thing called [Magic Bag] in the [Item] section, and this seems to have an effect similar to “item-box”. However, the consumption points are huge from 5, 10, 15… It can be said those are fairly rare in that world. However, I basically do not want to take things that are likely to be available locally.


 I also searched for so-called “Template” abilities that would move my heart, but I could not find any. It is a little disappointing because cheat-like abilities, such as depriving people of their abilities and becoming invincible do not exist, but that is a relief too.


 Is there anything else? Hmm … I cannot think of it now.


 All right, let me get acquire some [Ability].




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