All-rounder Healer Chapter 82: Skeleton, Purification and Something New…

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 I dodge a horizontal slash with a backstep, parry a downward swing from the side with my spear, and then step back after delivering a thrust.


 Go around the other side of the orc to prevent any other monsters from coming out if I step back too far, sidestep the orc’s thrust, and thrust back again.


 Stepping back and zigzagging to dodge the Orc, I flicked the attack with my spear and gave another thrust.


 None of the attacks were fatal because they were too shallow. However, the damage seemed to be accumulating, and the orc’s body was stained with blood and it was breathing hard.



 After a few more spears, the orc dropped its rusty sword and fell to its knees on the ground.



“Is it over?” (Rook)



 I approached the orc from the opposite side of where the rusty sword had fallen and thrust my spear into the neck of the breathing orc.


 The orc made a small “buu…” sound and collapsed to the ground, before disappearing.

 Leaving behind a magic stone, a lump of meat, and a rusty sword, and at the same time, light swirled around my body and was absorbed into me. This was supposed to be the eleventh Goddess’ Blessing.



“…I can see why this place is less popular than the fifteenth floor.” (Rook)


 Perhaps this rusty sword that the orc was carrying was a skeleton drop item.


 If you leave something in the dungeon, it will be absorbed by the dungeon and disappear. But the time it takes to disappear is quite long. It’s not the same as the monsters you kill that disappear immediately.


 So the adventurer kills the skeleton, leaves the rusty sword behind, and the orc who finds it picks it up. I guess this is the cycle on this floor.


“It’s quite nasty… but–” (Rook)


 It can be good training.



 I picked up the items that the orcs had dropped and started walking again, looking for a skeleton.





 After another ten minutes of walking, I found the skeleton.


 Now, the next magic I’m going to try, I’m going to try purification.


 [Purification] is not offensive magic. But then again, so is [Holy Light], and [Holy Light] was effective against the undead. If so, [Purification] may also have an effect on the undead… I mean, I feel that the Sacred Magic has some effect on the undead.



 I chant the spell, trying to activate it before the skeletons approach from the darkness with a clatter.



To the impure, may your soul rest in peace.



 And then, as the skeleton emerged from the darkness, I reminded myself to activate the spell.


 But – for some reason – I didn’t feel like the magic was working.



“Eh, what? …oh, oh!” (Rook)



 In the meantime, the skeleton approached right in front of me and swung its sword down.


 Hurrying and parrying it with a spear, I felt that the magic can now be activated.



“I don’t know what’s happening! [Purification]!” (Rook)



 At that moment, a shining aura shot out from my right hand towards the skeleton, enveloping its entire body and making it glow divinely. Then white smoke billowed out from the skeleton’s entire body.


 A few seconds later, the skeleton’s bones were scattered on the ground.



 As I stared at the bones, I tilted my head in question.



“Hmm … I wonder what was going on just now?” (Rook)



 I bent down in front of the skeleton and took a closer look.


 The bones that had been blackened and yellowed earlier, giving them an unpleasantly powerful appearance, were now clean and white after the purification, looking like skeletal specimens in a science lab.



“…Something strange.” (Rook)



 For some reason, I don’t feel that the bones on the ground were human.


 I’m not sure if skeletons really come from human bones or not. It’s possible that they were created by some kind of magic… In addition, in the case of a mysterious space like a dungeon, where monsters suddenly spring up and disappear when defeated, the rules of the world seem to be fundamentally different from the outside world.



 …well, let me put aside the issue that I wouldn’t understand even if I think about it, but it’s more important why [Purification] couldn’t be activated earlier.


 It couldn’t be activated at first, but it could be activated when the skeleton approached. in short—



“Ah, maybe it’s because of the range.” (Rook)



 When I think about it, I think I’ve only ever used purification on things that are close to me. In the first place, as long as Sacred Magic is kept secret, I cannot use it openly, so I had the opportunity to use it only in the small room of the inn.



“If so, wouldn’t it be difficult to use this in battle?” (Rook)



 Well, it can’t be helped.


 Besides, purification consumes a lot of magical power. I don’t feel like I’m consuming magical power as much as before, probably because my level has risen, but I still feel that I’m consuming about 20% of my capacity.


 Overall, Sacred Magic consumes a lot of magical power. I can’t complain because it’s magic that has the effects that are worth it.



 When I look at the bone while thinking about that, the bone disappears so that it can be absorbed by the dungeon, leaving behind a magic stone and a rusted sword, and–



“Holy Fire Grimoire”


“Sacred Magic Grimoire”



“Oh, oh! They appeared!” (Rook)




 The grimoires were left behind.


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