All-rounder Healer Chapter 83: Holy Fire and the Unexpected…

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 As I picked up the grimoire, I felt a sensation in my hand that connected me to the grimoire, and I knew without a doubt that this grimoire was the real deal.



“…” (Rook)



 I check the surroundings while holding the grimoire.


 If I want to be safe, I should go back to the inn and use the grimoire… Nevertheless, right now I’m researching the effects of magic on the undead, and I’d rather learn [Holy Fire] now and research its effects immediately.



“Hmm… what to do… no, if you have time to worry here, I should use it instead.” (Rook)



 With that in mind, I opened the grimoire and started to read.


 I flipped through the pages a little earlier than usual, and the moment I finished the last page, the grimoire was engulfed in white flames and disappeared.


 And the information about magic remained in my mind.



“Hmm… a torch?” (Rook)



 Sacred Flame? I still have its image in my head, but as usual, I am not really sure about the detailed effects.


 I guess I’ll just have to use it for now.


 I hold my right hand up to the nearby wall and chant the spell.



“Sacred Flame, bringer of silence… [Holy Fire].” (Rook)



 As I chanted the spell, magic power flowed out from the depths of my belly, circling my body, and gathering in my right hand. Then a white, blazing fireball about 10 centimeters in diameter appeared from my palm.


 –and It stayed there.



“……? ……??” (Rook)



 I waved my right hand slowly from side to side, and the white fireball followed along with me.



“…” (Rook)



 I don’t know what to say. …… I thought it was going to fly away like a light ball, like attack magic, but apparently it stays in front of my palm by default.


 Then, I tried to remind the white fireball to move. For the time being, I reminded it to fly toward the wall I could see in the distance, and the white fireball flew toward the wall in a whirling motion and stuck to the wall. And it continues to burn just the same.



“…” (Rook)


 No, no, no, no, no, no. That’s not what I’m looking for!


 Not like that! Like something… like an attack spell, it should fly away and then boom–


 At that moment, the white fireball stuck to the wall exploded and scattered white flames in a space of about 1 meter from the center.



“Woooaaaah!” (Rook)



 I was so startled by the suddenness of the explosion that I jumped back and almost fell, but I managed to stay on my feet and looked at the center of the explosion, where I saw scattered white flames clinging to the walls and ground.



 The fire burned for about 10 seconds, and then the white flames slowly disappeared. I checked the walls of the blast center, but there was no trace of anything left behind. It seems that the dungeon is made of sturdy materials, as rumored.


 No, that’s not it…



“What’s this dangerous nitroglycerin-like spell…?” (Rook)



 It’s going to take some time before I can fully… or even safely use this.


 A little depressed, I decided to look for the next skeleton prey.





 As I walked around looking for skeletons, a question popped into my head.



“Come to think of it, why did a skeleton give me a [Holy Fire] grimoire?” (Rook)



 When I think about it, it feels quite weird.


 The drop items in this dungeon are basically things related to the monster. For example, an Elrabbit will give you Elrabbit meat and skin, and a Desert Cow will give you Desert Cow meat, milk, and hide.


 However, the undead skeleton and the grimoire of Sacred Magic seem to be the complete opposite, forget being related.


 But what does an orc have to do with an enhancement scroll? There’s none and in the first place …



“I don’t really understand the relationship between Orcs and rice paddles…” (Rook)



 Well, like the Enhancement Scroll and Rice Paddle, there may be a probability mechanism. Moreover, it makes unrelated item drops occur.



 When I was thinking about such things, I heard a familiar sound coming in front of me.


 It’s a skeleton.


 I found one. Let me try Holy Fire immediately.


 I pointed my right hand toward the darkness and began to prepare my magic.



“Sacred Flame, bringer of silence…” (Rook)



 I chant the spell and wait for the skeleton to become visible without activating the magic.



 After a few seconds, I see the skeleton appear out of the darkness and activate my magic.



“[Holy Fire]!” (Rook)



 The magic power that had gathered in my right hand was released from my palm. Then it turned into a white ball of flame that remained there.



“Well, that’s expected!” (Rook)



 It was as I expected, but I couldn’t help but chuckle a little.


 Now, here comes the hard part. I need to dodge the skeleton’s attack, send the fireball to the skeleton, and then get far enough away from the skeleton to avoid being caught in the explosion before it explodes. It’s hard to do other things while controlling magic, but I have to do it.



 That’s what I thought, and that’s when I tried to focus my attention on controlling the [Holy Fire].



 That’s when the skeleton took an unexpected action.


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