All-rounder Healer Chapter 9: The Cracking of the Dream

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 I suddenly became curious and looked around.


 Groups of people were scattered throughout the white space, but the number of people seemed to be decreasing from the beginning.


 As I slowly looked around, the entire group next to me seemed to be enveloped in light and disappeared in an instant.


 In the distance, there were also people who were enveloped in a faint light and disappeared.


 It seems that they have been reincarnated.



 After a lot of brainstorming, contemplating, and rethinking, I finished my point distribution, which was similar to the time when I finished solving a test quickly, finished reviewing, and could not even go out of the classroom even though I had nothing to do.


 It is like that feeling of being released from the shackles of tension and brainstorming after a long day of work, and then all of a sudden, the tension is gone and I am in a state of tranquility.


 Relaxed and comfortable, I was able to take my time and look at my surroundings.


 Watching the other people in the group reincarnating in a pale light that could be described as mystical, I just thought it was beautiful. Such a phenomenon could not happen in reality. I thought to myself, “This can’t happen in real life,” and then I realized once again how unrealistic this situation was and thought it was strange that I had adapted to it.



“Are you all ready?” (Masa)



 Masa asked while looking at everyone’s faces.


 Everyone seems to have finished spending their points, and everyone nods.


 I also silently nod and return.



“It seems to be okay. Okay, then, we are going to reincarnate now. Select [Reincarnation] from the window. Next, select [Tranquista Castle] as your [Reincarnation Destination].” (Masa)



 Everyone starts to operate the window all at once with Masa’s words.


 I also tap [Reincarnation] and go to [Tranquista Castle] from the item [Reincarnation Destination] that appears.

 No, wait a minute.


 Something is wrong.


 An unfamiliar and fierce sense of discomfort runs through my body from my brain to my toes.


 What? What is going on?


 What did Masa say now?



-Select [Tranquista Castle] as the [Reincarnation Destination].



 Why did he decide the [Reincarnation Destination] in no time after tapping [Reincarnation]? It is as if it had been decided from the beginning…


 Certainly, Masa told Tanupon, “For now, it is best not to touch the word [Reincarnation] until the very last second. I do not think it is designed to be user-friendly, judging from that guy’s attitude. It is possible that the moment you touch it, you’ll be reincarnated with or without asking.” Even so, should we be touching [Reincarnation]?


 Something clicks in my head.


 No, it could be that he was prepared to take the risk of checking it out after the character-making process was over. Masa is the type of person who does his homework and tries to move smoothly, so it should not be that strange.


 No, no, no. Wait a minute. That is more important. Now that I think about it, why did Masa say those things?


 Why did he say that at that moment?



―― why do not we work together as we did with ListAge?



It is okay to say, “Let’s do it together.” However, why did he think we could do it together in an instant? There was no explanation on the window screen to indicate that we could reincarnate together with someone.


 Probably because he found someone, he knew. Therefore, he just said it. He may have inferred that it was possible from the fact that that “person” had placed the people he was related to in close proximity and led them to notice it.


 This is also too conclusive.


 However, my suspicion did not disappear, and something clicked in my mind and became a single strand of thought, connecting the dots of my doubt.


―― the usually cautious Masa is proceeding on the assumption that he will be reincarnated in this strange situation. Is that not strange? Normally, he would be more suspicious or think of other possibilities, wouldn’t he?


 I remember Kanon’s words.


 Certainly, Masa was different from usual. When I think about it, Masa was strange from the very beginning of our stay here.


 Nevertheless, I decided not to care about it… I feel something unpleasant.


 In addition, something clicks in my head.


 …… No, wait. I am not sure what [Reincarnation] means in the first place. I have heard of it. Does not it mean to be born again? If so, would we not start as babies? Yet, we all set our [Reincarnation Destination] to [Tranquista Castle]? Does it say that pregnant women such as elves and half angels and others are conveniently inside [Tranquista Castle]?


 I looked for an appropriate town in the [Reincarnation Destination] section, making sure that the reincarnation did not start immediately after I selected it, and then selected [Tranquista Castle].



[Tranquista Castle]

 A castle in Tranquista, the capital of the Azzar Empire.




 I do not know, but I have a feeling that something is wrong.


 Something inside me is ringing warning bells.


 If I think about it carefully, I should not be able to set [Age] in [Avatar].


 I can choose my age even though I am to reincarnate. I become more and more doubtful.


 Something cracks in my head.


 …… There are many strange things. However, the strangest thing among them is “Why didn’t I notice so many strange things”?


 Once pointed out by Kanon, I noticed something strange. However, I felt “unpleasant” and stopped thinking about it.


 It was not Masa who was strange.


 What is wrong is not Masa, but “everyone” in this room.


 All of us are somehow being guided to go in some “predetermined direction” to prevent our consciousness from going in an “unnecessary direction”.


 I have seen a few other groups reincarnate, but they did so together as a group as if it were a matter of course. Normally, there should be at least one person who would want to go their separate ways, but as far as I saw, I do not think there was anyone like that.


 I remember the man’s words, “If you have a mission, do your mission.


 Is that man guiding us to make us fulfill some “mission”? If so, the character-making that I thought I had decided on my own initiative might have been influenced by some kind of guidance.


 To begin with, I thought everyone here was a member of the Nine of Dawn who I played with in the MMORPG ListAge, but we have never met in real life. We do not know each other’s faces, and we do not know each other’s backgrounds in detail.


 I wondered if everyone here was really the same people, I had played with at ListAge. Is it possible that they are all just strangers with similar voices?


 With that in mind, everyone here seemed to be mysterious.




 When I think about it now, everything I have set up in this window seems strange.


 Why did I choose [Quarter Angel]?


 When I think about it again, I realize that the charm of the Quarter Angel that I felt so much at the time is fading away.


 There is no doubt that I wanted to raise my overall status and make my magic-related skills stronger, and that has not changed. However, I had other requirements. Other races seemed to meet the requirements with fewer points exist. There were the [Silver Fox Beastman] and the [Dhampir]. However, when I saw them, I thought, “There’s something off about them,” and eliminated them from the list before I could even think about it.


 In the first place, I had to make do with the few points I had, and to spend 50 points to gamble on a [Race] that I didn’t know exactly what the benefits would be, I must have been crazy.


 I can hear my heartbeat loudly.


 Blood circulates throughout the body, my heart beats faster, and my whole body gets hot, but only the inside of the head is strangely clear, and I can see for myself that I am concentrating.


 …… There must be something else. Something I need to be aware of, now.

 I go back to the abilities page and reconfirm the acquired abilities.

 Check quickly and carefully from the beginning–



“-Ah … it was.” (Rook)



 I instinctively speak out.


[Heavenly Luck III]

 Good luck. A fate bestowed by the heavens.




 This is … this is too much. I am not sure if I am supposed to be happy about the fact that this is the first time, I have seen this kind of thing. This is exactly what the man said.


 This seems to represent the very “mission” that the man was saying.


 But why did I not notice “this”?


 …… No, I noticed. I remember seeing the [Heavenly Luck] ability when deciding on an ability. I noticed it but “I was not thinking”. I was watching but I was not trying to see it.


 The only way to explain it is to say, “I was doing it subconsciously.”


 However, what happens if I notice this? It does not make sense if I cannot deselect it…



“Eh … I can unlock it?” (Rook)



In the ability explanation column of [Heavenly Luck]. I can see the word [Release] near the edge.


 It should not have been there a while ago. …… No, it may have been there. I could not believe my feelings and memories anymore, and I did not understand everything perfectly.


 I hurry up and tap [Release] to deselect [Heavenly Luck].


 Then SP changed from “0” to fifteen.



“Eh… The SP returned…” (Rook)



 I turned my gaze to the side and glanced at the time display.


 Now I realized the possibility that I could have deselected the abilities I had from the beginning and increased the points. It should have been noticed much earlier, but this can only be explained as “I was doing it subconsciously “.


 …… However, it is already near the time limit. Only a few minutes left. It is impossible to rearrange the abilities from now on.


 When I returned my eyes to the [Ability] section again, I saw the word [Luck] above [Heavenly Luck].



[Luck 5]

 Good luck.



 Did I have such an ability? I did not notice it at all. If I find something that looks interesting like this, I should check it out, but I do not remember.


 I almost sighed, but I swallowed it, hurriedly tapped [Luck], got three stages, and consumed 15 points.


 Perhaps I can find other abilities, but I did not notice until now, but I do not have time and I have only this.



 …… What else can I do—?



“Bishop. What is wrong with you? We do not have time. We will be reincarnated.” (Masa)


“Masa …” (Rook)


“What happened?” (Masa)



 Masa asked with a puzzled look on his face.



“I can’t go with you guys to…” (Rook)



 Everyone was surprised at my words.



“I’d like to explain it, but I do not have any proof that I can convince everyone, and I do not have time to explain it anymore. I do not know if it is right for me not to go with you, but I want to trust my instincts.” (Rook)


“Hey! Wait a minute” (Masa)



 Masa reaches out, but I did not stop and tapped [Reincarnation].



“I am really sorry, everyone. I will be back some…” (Rook)



 Before I finish saying it, my body is wrapped in light. Then my consciousness went dark.

“I have confirmed a new [Reincarnation]”


“Reincarnating the subject”


“Confirming [Race] of the target person. Selecting a donor … Selecting a donor … Selecting a donor”


“Confirmed. ?? ? ■? Reconstruct the mind and body of the reincarnated person by receiving more factors.


“Gives reincarnated person racial bonus.”


“Gives the reincarnated person the selected [Ability]”


“Grants the reincarnate a skill.”


“Confirmed escape from mental corruption. Special bonus rewarded.”


“Building [Items].”


“The [Reincarnation Destination] specified has been located.”


“Transfer reincarnated person to the southern village of the Kingdom of Karim.”


“Item to be transferred to the southern village, Kingdom of Karim.”



“All operations are complete. Have a nice trip.” 



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