All-rounder Healer Chapter 94: This and That and Something New…

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“…Aa …Aaa” (Ghost)


“[Light Ball]” (Rook)



 The [Light Ball] I shot as I turned hits the ghost and it explodes brightly.


 The ghost involved in the explosion disappeared, leaving behind a magic stone.



“Phew.” (Rook)



 I thought to myself, “I can’t get used to ghosts no matter how many times I fight them,” as I picked up the magic stone and wooden mug that had fallen to the ground.



 Today, I continue to dive into dungeons, hunt monsters on the 20th floor and scavenge for dropped items.


 A few days have passed since then, but my days haven’t changed. What has changed is that I’ve started calling Lizzy regularly. I can’t call her every day, but I try to call her once every few days when I can.


 When I started to call Lizzy again, I realized that the time I spent with her was very important to me. It’s hard to put into words, but I feel like I’m more mentally stable.


 But that’s what I felt when I first invited her over to visit… I had forgotten all about it. I was so absorbed in the dungeon that I forgot about it.



 It is possible that I unconsciously thought of her as something that could conveniently provide me with healing. Since I had summoned her with my summoning magic.



“I’m a little disgusted with myself for thinking that way…” (Rook)



 I felt a sense of guilt creeping up from an invisible place in my heart.


 I shook my head to shake it off and started walking again.



“Yes, let’s prepare something sweet next time.” (Rook)



 Fairies have an image of being fond of sweet treats and such, don’t they? I mean, I’ve never thought of… giving her sweets or anything like that before. No, before that, I hate the idea of trying to do things just to make the guilt go away because it’s so wrong…



“…Well, I can’t help it. That’s who I am.” (Rook)



 The first thing to do is to notice.


 If you think it’s a bad habit, you can work hard to change it.


 And not noticing is no good. And it’s even worse to not try to change it even if you do notice it.





 I continued to walk while looking at the map, my footsteps echoing steadily in the space where silence and darkness reigned.


 After walking for a while, a wooden door appeared on the left side of the passage, illuminated by the magical light of [Light Source].



 Inside the dungeon, there are rooms of various sizes. Some of them are empty, some have monsters inside. In this dungeon, it seems that people use these rooms as toilets or sleep in them.


 As for using the rooms as toilets, if you leave something in the dungeon, it will be absorbed by the dungeon after a certain amount of time, so there is no problem even if you leave excrement in the room.


 The people who sleep in dungeon rooms are mainly low-rank adventurers who haven’t earned enough money, and high-rank adventurers who are diving into deeper levels. It seems that monsters don’t generally appear near people, and if someone is inside the room, it’s safe because monsters won’t spawn inside the room.



 I pushed open the door and went inside.


 This 20th floor is a place where few people come. Naturally, there are no adventurers defecating or sleeping in the room.


 The only people here are…



“…Aaa …A…” (Skeletons & Ghosts)



 —Of course, they are monsters.


 There was a skeleton and a ghost in the room.


 The moment I saw them, I dashed to close the distance between me and the skeleton and chanted a spell.



“Sacred Flame, bringer of silence [Holy Fire]!” (Rook)



 I shot a ball of white fire at the skeleton, and as soon as it landed, it exploded while saying the words “Explosion”.


 The Holy Fire spread around the skeleton, burning it to the ground. Then, while running toward the ghosts who were cowering from the white flames, I unleashed my next spell.



To the impure, may your soul rest in peace, [Purification]!” (Rook)



 The glowing aura from my right hand enveloped the ghost, turning its body into white smoke.



 There was silence in the area again.


 In the past, I used the most magic-efficient Light Ball on the ghosts and smashed the skeletons with a thrust. That was the most efficient way. But it’s not enough training to fight the same way all the time, and if you don’t use different magic in actual combat, you might get overwhelmed when you need something different. I’ve been trying out different ways of fighting and different kinds of magic in actual combat lately.



“…Hmm?” (Rook)



 At my feet. I looked at the spot where the ghost disappeared.


 —A dark blue book had fallen to the ground.



“Oh? Oh!” (Rook)




 When I picked up the book, I felt the usual sensation in my hand. This is definitely a Sacred Magic Grimoire.



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