Black Cat Chapter 100: Backup

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 Almost as soon as my detection particles responded, Bellucci shouted in a bit of a panic.



“Ka-Karlot, Fuller, Orcs! There are… three!” (Bellucci)



 Karlot returned to the vicinity of the carriage at once and approached the three men from the pottery workshop and me.



“Mr. Ivor, please return to the carriage! Nyango, please protect the carriage.” (Karlot)


“Do you need help?” (Nyango)


“No, not yet… Let us do it until the last minute!” (Karlot)


“I got it!” (Nyango)



 Fuller also rushed to Bellucci’s aid, ringing the iron ring.


 Bellucci slowly retreated while ringing the iron ring.



 There were three orcs in all, but they were not large in size.


 They were probably young orcs, but one cannot be too careful.



 Karlot is holding his shield with his left hand and making noise by hitting it with a pebble in his right hand.


 Fuller holds a spear and an iron ring with his left hand and is timing the throw of the stone in his right hand while making noise as he hits the ground with a thrust.



 Bellucci also held a bow and iron ring in his left hand and sounded it while carrying an arrow in his right hand.


 The orcs looked displeased at the sound of the iron ring being played by the three, but unfortunately, Trackers did not seem to have any intention of stopping.



 The three men from the pottery workshop also hurried back to the wagon when they heard orcs appear.


 Ivor is sitting on the driver’s seat, ready to take the carriage out at any moment.



 In the case of an escort request such as this, it is essential for the adventurers to play an active role, of course, but it is also essential for the group being escorted to cooperate.


 For example, if the three men in the workshop were to run off in different directions, Karlot and the others would have no way to protect them.



 If the wagons and people gathered in one place and were ready to act at a moment’s notice, the escorts would only need to cover one place.


 For the three from Trackers, three orcs were probably more than they could handle, but they could not back down in order to protect the three people they were escorting.



“Nyango, if they are in danger, lend them a hand. I didn’t expect three orcs to appear in this area, it’s usually a lone orc.” (Ivor)


“I understand. I’ll keep an eye on them until the last minute, but if I think they’re in danger, I’ll cut in.” (Nyango)



 Trackers and orcs, three against three in terms of numbers, but Bellucci seems to be a little hesitant.


 It’s about 50 meters from the wagon to the three from Trackers, and the orcs are about 30 meters further on.



 There were several trees in between, but the orcs were moving slowly but surely toward us.



“Bufuuuu…” (Orc)



 When the distance was about 20 meters, the orcs stopped and began to threaten the three from Trackers.


 Three from Trackers were still ringing their iron rings, but it didn’t seem to have much effect.



“Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to hit them with the first shot and follow up right away.” (Karlot)


“Not yet, Karlot…” (Bellucci)


“Don’t panic, Bellucci, we’ll draw them in just in time.” (Fuller)



 Karlot and Fuller clutched their stones, while Bellucci drew his bow, each facing one orc at a time.



“Bumoooo!” (Orc)


“Now!” (Karlot)



 Karlot and Fuller hit the snout of their orcs, who were about to rush in with a roar, with their stone.


 Bellucci’s arrow also pierced his orc’s shoulder, but the orc’s charge didn’t stop.



 In his haste, Bellucci missed his second shot and dropped it.



“Bumoooooo!” (Orc)


“Bellucci!” (Karlot)



 Karlot threw the stone he had grabbed for the second throw, but in his haste, his aim was off and he missed.



“[Shield], and [Lightning]…” (Nyango)


“Buugiiii!!!” (Orc)



 The orc, which was facing Bertsch, staggered as it hit the shield, then screamed as it came into contact with the lightning magic circle.



“Karlot, pursue your target!” (Nyango)


“I got it!” (Karlot)



 The scream of the electrocuted orc caused not only the other orcs but even Karlot and the others to stop moving for a moment, but when I called out to them, they immediately resumed throwing stones.


 Bellucci also gave up on the unfamiliar bow and switched to throwing stones to begin his attack.



“Buggiii, Bugiii!!!” (Orc)



 The orcs didn’t like the throwing stones and turned their backs to the three from Trackers with their hands on their heads.


 The situation seemed to be in our favor, but when their backs were turned, the thick fat of the orcs made the projectiles less effective.



 Karlot and Fuller, judging that the effect had faded, ran up to the orc and thrust their daggers and spears into its back.


 Bellucci also shot an arrow through the orc’s back.



“Come on, go back to the mountains!” (Karlot)


“Bugiii!” (Orc)


“Stay slow and we’ll let you have it!” (Fuller)



 Looking closely, it seemed that both Karlot and Fuller were not attacking to kill the orcs, but to hurt them, an attack that the orcs did not like.


 Only Bertsch seems to be shooting his arrows recklessly and doesn’t seem to have time to think about how much he is going to shoot.



 Still, just when the three from Trackers seemed to be able to push through, a Kobold-sized presence appeared on the other side of the wagon, though I couldn’t tell what it was.



“Nine, ten, eleven… how many are there?” (Nyango)



 It seemed to be a larger herd than the Kobolds I had seen earlier, and the response was over 20.


 While keeping an eye on Trackers, I detected them and ambushed them with my lightning magic circles to keep them away from us.



“Gah!” (Goblin)


“Gau!” (Goblin)



 I couldn’t see them yet, but from the sound of their voices, they must be goblins.


 Hearing the screams that came in contact with the lightning magic circle, Ivor raised a worried voice.



“Nyango, what are those cries just now?” (Ivor)


“It’s just a goblin, but I’m trying to shoo them away so don’t worry.” (Nyango)



 While I was replying to Ivor, the goblins’ screams echoed through the area, and the speed at which the group was moving forward dropped dramatically.


 For the goblins, the electric shock must be a new experience, and since it is stronger than the one I tried on Professor Lembolt, it must be quite a shock.



 After about half of the goblins were hit by the electric shock, the goblin-like group came to a complete standstill.


 Although I was able to stop them in their tracks, it seems that the lightning magic circle are not effective enough to drive them back, perhaps because they have no visible effect.



“I’m afraid to use fire where I can’t see it… [Pulverize].” (Nyango)



 Boom… Boom… Boom…



 When I limited the direction of the blast and activated about three pulverization magical circles, several goblins nearby were blown away.



“Gyaaaaa…” (Goblin)



 Even the goblins who were not blown away seemed to feel the blast and ran away at once.


 The three men in the pottery workshop also seemed startled by the explosion, but the three from Trackers were too preoccupied with dealing with the orcs in front of them to have time to pay attention to them.



 The first to begin fleeing was the orc that had been hit by Bellucci’s fifth arrow, and when he saw that his companions were also struggling, he ran off at once.


 Once one of them escaped, the other two began to flee like sacks of potatoes.



“Urraaa! Don’t come here again!” (Karlot)


“We won’t forgive you next time!” (Fuller)



 Karlot and Fuller shouted curses and threw stones at the orcs, while Bellucci shot arrows in pursuit, completely driving them away.


 The three from Trackers seemed to have been watching for a while to see if the orcs would return, but suddenly remembering, they began clanging their iron rings.



 All three returned looking exhausted but with a look of satisfaction on their faces.



“Mr. Ivor… Haa, haa… We chased them away.”  (Karlot)


“Thank you for your hard work, everyone gets on the carriages. I’m going to call it a day and head back. Nyango, come down too!” (Ivor)


“I understand.” (Nyango)



 Karlot bowed his head apologetically when Ivor said he would finish the work and return to Ibouro.



“I’m sorry… We’ve taken up a lot of your time.” (Karlot)


“You’ve done your job. I’m not going to complain.” (Ivor)


“Thank you.” (Karlot)



 Karlot sat down next to Ivor on the coach seat, and I got in the back of the cart with the others.


 The back of the wagon was full when the rest of us got in because of the piles of dirt that had been mined.



“Thank you, Nyango. Nyango saved me, didn’t you?” (Bellucci)



 As soon as we were in the back and the wagon started moving, Bellucci spoke to me.



“Yeah, but I only helped a little.” (Nyango)


“I was in such a hurry that I dropped my arrow, and it would have been bad if it had been able to run into me.” (Bellucci)


“But you did well after that. With a little more practice, you’ll be fine.” (Nyango)


“I know. But until I get more confidence, I’m going to start hurting them with projectiles first and then switch to arrows after they get scared.” (Bellucci)


“Yes. That’s more reliable.” (Nyango)



 As if he was waiting for me and Bellucci to finish our conversation, Naebro spoke to me again.



“Nyango, how many goblins were there?” (Naebro)


“I don’t know the exact number, but I think there were more than 20 goblins. Are they usually this many?” (Nyango)


“No, there seem to be more monsters this year than usual. I’ll let the guild and other workshops know when I get back. If the escort is the same level as in previous years, there could be victims if the worst comes to pass.” (Naebro)



 Indeed, the three from Trackers were so preoccupied with the orcs that they would have allowed the goblin horde to approach if I had not been there.


 The three men from the pottery workshop were big enough to scare off two or three goblins, but it was doubtful they could defend themselves against a herd of more than twenty.



 I had to help them, but I think the three from Trackers handled their first escort request without a hitch.


 The band of goblins and the arrival of three orcs were unexpected, so it’s fair to say that they did a good job.



 However, on the way back, perhaps the tension wore off, as both Fuller and Bellucci fell asleep while being rocked in the carriage, and the two men from the workshop laughed at them.


 I became the escort until we get back to Ibouro, so this is an area that needs improvement.





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