Black Cat Chapter 102: Rematch

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 I think people are wrong about me.


 It is very difficult for a catkin to wash every inch of Leila’s voluptuous body.



 Of course, it is out of the question for me to scratch her body with my fingernails, and I have different requests on how to wash her body depending on where I wash her.


 Well, I’ll leave it to your imagination where and how I washer.



 It has become a pattern that after being washed at Leila’s apartment, completely washing her back, and serving as a cuddle pillow for the night, I have breakfast at the guild’s bar.


 When I get back to the base, I’ll ask my everyone about their plans, and tell Chariot about me making plans to go home with my brother.



 I need to go shopping for souvenirs, but if I am too slow, I might not notice the snow season coming.


 While I was enjoying my breakfast thinking about when I would return to Atsuka village, an uninvited guest appeared.



“Hey, you cheating pussycat! Let’s fight!” (Bode)



 Looking down at me from across the table was Bode with a bunch of his cronies.



“Huh… you want me to embarrass your ugly mug again?” (Nyango)


“Screw you! I know you’ve played some dirty trick on me!” (Bode)


“Huh? What are you talking about?” (Nyango)


“You can only use shabby fire attribute magic, right? I heard it, you cheater!” (Bode)


“That thing…” (Nyango)



 The first time I practiced the magic gun magic circle at the shooting range, someone who saw that they were only able to produce a shabby power probably told Bode that I was cheating.



“If only that bastard Laius wasn’t with you, you wouldn’t be able to cheat. …I’m sending you to the other side this time.” (Bode)


“*Sigh*… it can’t be helped. I’ll play with you after I finish my meal.” (Nyango)


“What the hell are you saying–don’t look down on me!” (Bode)


“Don’t do that, Bode. Let him eat his last meal of life slowly.” (Jinton)


“Mr. Jinton… I understand.” (Bode)



 Jinton, who stopped Bode, is an oxkin adventurer in his 30s with a natural curly perm that reminds me of a buffalo.


 He was probably a “B-ranker” or better, judging from his body language and atmosphere, but he seemed to have some peculiarities.



 In addition to Jinton, Bode is accompanied by the three men who tried to sneak up on me down in the back alley and were beaten back, as well as a timid-looking male sheepkin who works for the guild.


 I guess Jinton was the referee and this male employee was the guild’s witness.



 I felt uncomfortable with all the staring, so I finished breakfast early and headed for the training grounds.


 Of course, I had put up a shield between me and Bode, and the others, just in case.



 As I was heading toward the training area, I was approached by an unexpected person.



“Oh, is a rematch…?” (Cordobas)



 The voice belonged to Cordobas, the Guild Master.



“Good morning, Mr. Cordobas.” (Nyango)


“Hey, Nyango. I heard you worked hard yesterday.” (Cordobas)


“No, I was the one who caused trouble first.” (Nyango)


“No, not at all. I don’t mind having you training hard, but be careful… and take care of yourself.” (Cordobas)



 Cordobas glanced at me while talking to me.



“I understand. I’ll be very careful.” (Nyango)



 Mr. Cordobas patted me on the shoulder and turned to go upstairs to his office.


 It seems that Bode and the others did not know that I had broken the iron target, nor that I had accompanied Tracker on their escort request as a penalty for that.



 Jinton looked away from Cordobas with a bitter expression on his face.


 Perhaps he has experienced some sort of punishment from the guild.



 The training ground was filled with more spectators than in the previous confrontation, but there was no sign of the chariot members.


 On the contrary, they seemed to have been gathered by Bode, and the atmosphere was that of a complete me against the home team.



“You cheating pussycat!” (Adventurer)


“Bode, do him quick!” (Adventurer)


“You’ll pay for having Ms. Leila all to yourself!!” (Adventurer)


“I’ll have you stuffed when you’re dead!” (Adventurer)



 Well, for those of you who have seen me being toyed with by Ms. Leila so much in the past, it’s understandable that you would want to support Bode.


 And when you add in stories like the one about cheating, it’s only natural to want to smack me in the face.



“Mr. Jinton will be the referee. Saudaris will be the witness.” (Bode)


“Don’t be hasty, Bode.” (Jinton)


“Why are you stopping me, Mr. Jinton?” (Bode)


“Look carefully, isn’t this guy unarmed?” (Jinton)



 Bode drew the great sword he carried, threw away the sheath, and was ready for battle, while I was dressed like a kid on a field trip, as usual.



“Hey, what are you planning? Get ready quickly!” (Bode)


“I don’t need anything. I won’t make excuses for losing because I didn’t have a weapon—Also I won’t lose in the first place.” (Nyango)


“You, pompous, cheating pussycat…” (Bode)



 Jinton stepped in and stopped Bode, who was about to grab me.



“Is it really not necessary for you to prepare?” (Jinton)


“Yes, I’m the type to fight with magic, so it doesn’t matter if I don’t have a weapon.” (Nyango)


“Is that so, then let’s start…” (Jinton)



 We faced each other at a distance of about ten meters, with me on the right hand and Bode on the left, from the viewpoint of Jinton, the referee.


 It was the opposite position from our previous match.



“It doesn’t matter what weapons, magic, or anything else you use. The winner will be decided once one of you loses consciousness or admits defeat, or if I decide that it is too dangerous to continue. If you cannot abide by my decision, be prepared to make me your enemy. …Are you ready?” (Jinton)



 Both Bode and I nodded silently, and Jinton slowly backed away.


 Bode has his greatsword on his shoulder and seems to have already activated his body enhancement magic, but I am ready as well.



“Start!” (Jinton)


“Uraaaa!” (Bode)



 Bode roared at the same time as Jinton’s signal and tried to charge at me, but when three even larger pillars of fire flared up than the last time, he hurriedly jumped back, where he froze and grunted.



“Ugh… Gah…Gii…” (Bode)



 At the place where Bode had fallen back, I had prepared a lightning magic circle.


 If he staggers in one place, he will be electrocuted by touching another lightning magic circle.



 The lightning is so strong that a single hit should be as powerful as a stun gun.


 After three consecutive strikes of the lightning magic circle, Bode’s movement stopped completely, and I gave him a rubber string snap to knock him out.



“Bugiiii…” (Bode)



 A terrible snap echoed, and Bode was blown away, nose splattering blood everywhere.



 While the people in the audience were watching Bode blow up with his mouth half open, Jinton was looking at me with an astonished expression on his face.


 At the same time as the signal to begin, Jinton’s right hand swung down and released a wind attack magic towards me, but the [Shield] I had prepared in advance repelled it.



 Since wind magic would be invisible, it would damage me as soon as it started, and before I could get back on my feet, Jinton would attack me and decide the game… No, I think he was going to kill me.


 That’s why he had Jinton take up a position so that he would be on my left side, my blind spot.



 This must be what Cordobas was telling me to watch out for.


 I was so angry at his childish and cowardly behavior that I beckoned Jinton to come at me.



“Don’t look down on me, pussycat! Bugyaaa…” (Jinton)



 He pulled out the sword from his waist, but the rubber string snap struck Jinton in the face.


 A crack echoed, and Jinton was blown away.



 The audience was silent as neither understand how Bode nor Jinton happened to fall on the ground with white eyes.


 Saudaris, the witness, came out of the crowd and shouted,



“The winner is Nyango! We have confirmed an illegal attack by Jinton on Nyango right after the end of the match. We will report this to the Guild Master and take the appropriate action.” (Saudaris)



 Saudaris made a firm decision as if he was a witness at Bode’s behest.


 Hearing that Jinton had made a cowardly attack, the audience began to clamor.



 To begin with, these people were brought together under the pretense that I had cheated last time.


 It was obvious that I had not cheated, since I had overwhelmed Bode with the same fire magic that I had used last time.



 The atmosphere in the auditorium changed drastically when Jinton then cheated to give Bode an advantage, who had made the false accusation.



“Tsk, in the end, it was Bode’s pathetic loss, huh?” (Adventurer)


“Jinton even cheated to get revenge!” (Adventurer)


“Look, the Bent Nose has become even more bent!” (Adventurer)


“No, no, no, maybe it will heal nicely this time!” (Adventurer)



 Amidst the voices taunting Bode, the three underlings were silent, trying to hide their presence.


 Yeah, yeah, that’s a good feeling. …Now I’ll be recognized by everyone, too.



“That’s not right, damn you Bode… But Nyango, you can’t do it in front of us!” (Adventurer)


“I won’t allow you to monopolize Ms. Leila! Go bald!” (Adventurer)


“If you lay a hand on Ms. Jessica, I will kill you!” (Adventurer)



 Eh… is this how it ends?


 Saudaris spoke to me, seeing my shoulder droop in disappointment.



“You did a great job, Mr. Nyango.” (Saudaris)


“Oh, thank you…” (Nyango)


“I will report the end of the rematch to the Guild Master. Be assured that Jinton and Bode will receive justice, and we will impose a strict penalty, so don’t worry…” (Saudaris)


“I understand. Now, can please you give a message to the two guys lying there?” (Nyango)


“Message? What is it?” (Saudaris)


“If they try to attack me in the shadows outside the guild, tell them I will attack them with no mercy.” (Nyango)


“Haha, you’re holding back with that match. …Okay, I’ll be sure to let them know.” (Saudaris)



 I shook hands with Saudaris and left the training ground, receiving abuse from the audience.


 I’ve completely wasted my time, so let’s get back to the base and make plans to return home as soon as possible. 





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