Black Cat Chapter 105: A Delightful Meal

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 On my way back to the village after subjugating goblins and kobolds, a flock of red-winged ducks tried to cross over my head.


 Quickly deploying a [Shield] in front of the flock, the red-winged ducks collided one after the other and fell unconscious.



 Because the shield was transparent, the red-winged ducks did not notice it until they collided.


 The principle is the same as when wild birds run into glass and faint or die.



 A [Shield] catches the falling red-winged ducks and sends them down by creating a course like a slide.


 I got seven red-winged ducks in all, two of which I will keep and five of which I offered for tonight’s celebration.



“Whatever others say, you’re really kind Nyango.” (Zeol)


“I can only come home once in a while, so let me do this much for you, Mr. Zeol.” (Nyango)


“Then, get ready to eat a lot.” (Zeol)



 After putting down the red-winged ducks, Mr. Zeol returns to the village chief’s house, and we split up with the old men of the village and return to my house.


 The old men in the village were delighted to see the red-winged ducks.



 Usually, red-winged ducks are very cautious, and although they taste good, they are difficult to hunt.


 I left one bird at home and headed for Grandma Carisa’s house with the other bird, along with Shure.



“Nyango really loves Grandma Carisa…” (Shure)


“Yes, she taught me a lot of things.” (Nyango)



 The food situation in my parents’ house was poor, but I was fed by Grandma Carisa, so I think I was less hungry than my brothers and sisters.


 She gave me snacks such as a kind of bread with wild vegetables as a filling, a kind of scone with honey on it, and other treats in addition to the money she gave me for buying medicinal herbs.



 Maybe Grandma didn’t want to miss out on someone who would go to the top of the mountain to get herbs for her, but for me, it was a purely pleasant reward.


 As I walked toward Grandma Carisa’s house, I heard a familiar voice.



“Nyango, Nyango!” (Ines)



 It was my childhood friend Ines, who came running up to me, waving her hands in the air.


 She must have heard about the red-winged duck from somewhere.



“Welcome back, Nyango.” (Ines)


“I’m home, Ines.” (Nyango)


“Nyango, who is this lady?” (Ines)


“Nyango’s…” (Shure)


“A member of my party, Shure. She is a B-rank adventurer.” (Nyango)



 Shure is a little annoyed that the wife’s joke is blocked.



“B-rank…” (Ines)



 Ines looks surprised, but there are no adventurers in Atsuka Village to begin with, and I’m sure she has no idea how great a B-ranker is.


 It looks like it’s normal to be surprised… A surprised face like that.



“Nyango, where are you going?” (Ines)


“I was thinking of going to Grandma Carisa’s place to eat some red-winged duck with her…” (Nyango)



 When I brought up the red-winged duck, Ines picked me up and shook me.



“I’m going too! It’s okay, hey, it’s okay right?!” (Ines)


“I understand, I understand, I understand, so please put me down.”  (Nyango)


“Fufufu… a duck, a duck, a duck meal…” (Ines)


“Huh… Ines is still the same, huh?” (Nyango)



 Ines grabbed my hand and walked off in a good mood, humming an impromptu song.


 She still seems to be more of a glutton than seductive.



“Grandma, I caught some red-winged duck, let’s eat them together.” (Nyango)


“Oh, my, that’s a great haul, isn’t it?” (Carisa)



 As usual, when I called out from the back door, though Granny Carisa seemed surprised at the strange combination of me, Shure, and Ines, but she immediately invited us in with a smile.



“I’ll take care of it, Nyango sit down…” (Shure)


“I’ll help too!” (Ines)



 I wouldn’t have to worry about Shure, but would Ines’ culinary skills be up to the task?


 I was a little nervous, but I decided to wait and have a cup of tea with Grandma Carisa.



“Did the subjugation go well?” (Carisa)


“Of course, we cleaned up two nests today.” (Nyango)


“I’m very proud of you. Now we can welcome the winter in peace.” (Carisa)


“Grandma, is there anything else you want? If I can afford it, I’ll get it from Ibouro.” (Nyango)


“I already have enough. I’ve received so many things… I’m sorry for making Nyango spend so much money.” (Carisa)


“No problem, the place I live in is free because it’s our party’s base, and I have a good reputation that I get nominated requests.” (Nyango)


“I see, I see, Nyango is a serious and kind child, so everyone will love you.” (Carisa)


“Yes, they’re good people, and I’m very grateful for them sharing their knowledge and experience.” (Nyango)


“I see, I see, I’m glad you met good people…” (Carisa)


“Yeah, even in Ibouro, every day is fun.” (Nyango)



 I was having a nice chat with Grandma Carisa when I heard some disturbing noises coming from the kitchen.


 With a sigh, Grandma Carisa headed for the kitchen.



“Look, both of you, move back here! Oh, you almost ruined the red-winged duck.” (Carisa)



 I should have finished the preparation and asked Grandma Carisa to do the cooking.


 When Grandma Carisa entered the kitchen, instead of disturbing noises, I heard the rhythmic sound of a knife and smelled a good aroma wafting through the air.



 Surely, the red-winged duck would taste good without being ruined.


 Grandma Carisa made a red-winged duck cream stew.



 Duck slices were later added to the cream stew with potatoes and carrots because overcooking the duck loses its flavor and makes it hard.



“Yummeow! The flavor of the meat and the sweetness of the fat are in harmony… Yummeow!” (Nyango)


“Nyango caught it for us, and we ate a lot of it.” (Ines)



 Another dish was stir-fried offal.


 The liver, kidney, heart, gizzard, etc. are drained of blood, cut into cubed, and stir-fried with chopped garlic, ginger, etc., with a thick, sweet, and spicy flavor.



 It is served on steamed bread that looks like a flat Chinese bun and is eaten with winter lettuce.



“Yummeow! Squishy, spicy, meaty, yummeow!” (Nyango)



 The offal has different textures and tastes depending on the part, and the crunchiness of the lettuce combined with the softness of the steamed bread makes for an amazing taste.



“Hmm… it’s delicious! I really want Nyango to stay in the village.” (Ines)


“Ines, you actually want delicious meat instead of me, right?” (Nyango)


“That’s not true… I can’t eat meat without Nyango…” (Ines)


“In the end, it’s meat…” (Nyango)



 Oh well, Granny Carisa and Ines are eating happily, so I guess it’s fine.



“Hey, hey, Nyango. How’s Miguel?” (Ines)


“Well? He hasn’t been kicked out of school, but I don’t know because I don’t go to see him.” (Nyango)


“I see. …What’s the school like in Ibouro?” (Ines)


“The school in Ibouro used to be a military fort, it’s a big, rugged stone building.” (Nyango)



 When I was talking about the situation when I was sent Mr. Lembolt’s request, Shure started talking about the incident the other day.



“The Academy was taken over by a bunch of ruffians, and they almost took a lot of money with students as hostages, but Nyango solved it all by himself…” (Shure)


“Eeeeeee… Nyango single-handedly took out the bad guys in the city?” (Ines)


“He rounded up 60 people. Nyango is super talented…” (Shure)


“Oh wow… 60 people?” (Carisa)



 To the surprise of Ines and Grandma Carisa, Shure proudly puffs out her chest.


 Well, as a member of the same party, she must be proud.



“Nyango, when did you become so strong?” (Ines)


“I guess it’s the result of my training with Mr. Zeol…” (Nyango)


“But Nyango is a womanizer…” (Shure)


“Meow! Meow did you say, Shure?!” (Nyango)


“Even though I am near, you’ve dragged Leila at the tavern and Jessica, the receptionist.” (Shure)


“Meoway! I never dragged anyone!” (Nyango)


“Nyango… please sit down.” (Carisa)



 Ugh, Grandma Carisa’s eyes are dark.



“Look me in the eye and tell me what’s going on.” (Carisa)


“Meow, it’s a misunderstanding, grandma.” (Nyango)


“Nyango has been staying in Leila’s room, taking a bath together, and sleeping together.” (Shure)


“Nyango!” (Carisa)


“Meow, Ms. Leila is like an idol of the guild’s adventurers, and if I refuse—” (Nyango)


“These days, he only bathes with me once in a while…” (Shure)


“Nyango, is the worst…” (Ines)


“Meow, no, it’s a misunderstanding Ines. Shure is the one forcing me to bathe with her!” (Nyango)


“No excuses!” (Ines)


“Mew…” (Nyango)



 I was supposed to be having a good time eating delicious red-winged duck, but I ended up being lectured by Grandma Carisa.


 Isn’t it weird that even Ines came along and joined the lecture?



 It took me a long time to convince Grandma Carisa, and it was more tiring than the goblin subjugation.





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