Black Cat Chapter 107: Thief

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 On the second day of our escort, today we pass through the most dangerous part of our itinerary to Kilmaya.


 It is said that once every few years, wyverns’ nest in Mount Bule.



 However, the road goes around the base of Mount Bule.


 It is far from the summit of the mountain, but it is also far from settlements, making it a place where bandits are likely to appear.



 The carriage of the Furniture Workshop Diaco left the inn early in the morning and arrived at the town of Nacote before noon.


 After an early lunch break here, the coach will pass through the foot of Mount Bule.



“Nyango, watch out for suspicious people.” (Shure)


“Suspicious people?” (Nyango)


“The bandits will be looking for a particular carriage in the town ahead of us. Watch the carriages and see if anyone is watching.” (Shure)


“I understand.” (Nyango)



 I said, “Okay,” but there are so many people coming and going in the streets of Nacote, that if you are suspicious, they all seem suspicious to you.


 Shure was sitting on the coachman’s stand with a good view, looking blankly ahead.



 At first glance, her eyes appear unfocused and sleepy, but in reality, she is actually widening her field of vision to watch for anyone moving strangely.


 She is probably monitoring an area of about 200 degrees in front of us, but even Shure cannot cover 360 degrees.



 Then I would try to cover the missed area.


 While sitting on Shure’s lap, I tried to deploy the void magic detection particles in a 200-meter radius around me, but there were too many reactions for my brain to process.



 I tried limiting the area where I deployed the surveillance bits to about 50 meters the street behind the coachman’s seat.


 This still produced too many reactions for my brain to process.



 Next, we tried to simplify the recognition of each reaction.


 Instead of recognizing each reaction as a human figure, we replaced it with a simple circle and tracked only the movement.



 This somehow made it possible to follow the movements, but since there are more than 200 reactions at a rough count, it is impossible to follow all of them.


 So, instead of focusing like Shure, I decided to look at the whole scene as if I were looking down from above.



 Then I could see that most of the reactions were moving straight in the target direction.


 Those clustered near another carriage were probably carriage passengers or related parties.



 Among those reactions, there were a few that did not move.


 A reaction that is still and unmoving is diagonally behind the carriage of the Furniture Workshop Diaco.


 They had stopped a short distance from the entrance to the alley, but suddenly began to move toward the back of the alley.



 Somewhat curious, I followed the reaction, and it proceeded at a near-trotting speed.


 There was only one reaction, and it was not being chased by anything.



 The reaction became one with another larger reaction on the other side of the alley and began to move at an even faster speed, moving out of my detection range.


 It is a somewhat worrisome movement, but I did not tell Shure about it because I am simplifying my detection, so I do not know the details.



 After leaving the city of Nacote, the carriage began to move at a slightly faster pace than it had been before.


 This is not limited to the carriages of the Furniture Workshop Diaco, but other carriages on the street are also quickening their pace.



 This seems to be due to the fact that this is a place that is prone to attacks.


 Shure looks the same as usual, but Haig, who is the driver, has a look of tension on his face.



“Haig, you’re going a little too fast…” (Shure)


“Eh, ah, yes… I was lured by the guy in front.” (Haig)



 I didn’t notice it either, but at Shure’s suggestion, Haig slowed the carriage down a bit.



“I’m going to get separated from the carriage in front of me, is that okay?” (Haig)


“It’s bad if we can’t run when it’s most important… Always leave some stamina behind…” (Shure)



 Hearing Shure’s laid-back tone, Haig nodded twice, three times as if to warn himself.


 About an hour after leaving Nacote, Mount Bule on the right came into view.



 It is quite a well-shaped mountain, with a much gentler slope than Mount Fuji.


 The reason why there are not many tall trees on the mountain is because it is a volcano, and its base is a lava plateau.



 The road is flanked by spacious meadows, and wild horses raised here are said to fetch a high price when captured and tamed.


 The horses grazing in the distance are probably wild horses.



 While I was distracted by the tranquil scenery, something unusual happened.


 Behind the carriage of the Furniture Workshop Diaco, another carriage was running about 100 meters behind, but it suddenly slowed down.



“Shure, the carriage behind us has pulled away.” (Nyango)


“Be careful, Haig.” (Shure)



 Immediately after Shure’s warning, a fire was seen diagonally ahead on the right side.



“[Shield]!” (Nyango)



 The flames suddenly appeared and approached us in increasing numbers but hit the deployed [Shield] in front of the carriage and burst.


 Immediately afterward, another fireball came at us from the left front.



“[Shield]!” (Nyango)



 The fireballs themselves were probably not very fast, but they seemed to be approaching rapidly as the carriage continued to run.


 [Shield] blocked the fireball, but thick logs were thrown out in front of them, blocking the road.



“That’s dangerous!” (Haig)



 Haig hurriedly pulled the reins, but the large carriage was heavy and could not stop suddenly.



“I will make a path! [Floor]!” (Nyango)



 Climbing over the logs that had been thrown out, I used void magic to create a road.


 In addition to all-out compression and hardening to withstand the weight of the horses and the weight of the carriage, I also engraved anti-physical magic circles.



 The horse pulling the carriage stepped on an empty foothold and almost lost its balance, and the carriage shook greatly as it climbed the steps.


 From the cabin came the screams of Elisa and the maid.



 On the coachman’s seat, where a normal person would have been thrown out even if sitting down, Shure stood up, holding me in her left hand, and with a dagger drawn, fired a sideswipe toward the front.


 With a rumbling sound, the wind blew through the air and blew away the second wave of fireballs that were approaching from the front.



“Haig, run!” (Shure)


“I can’t, the horses are scared!” (Haig)



 The carriage was not overturned, but the horses were afraid of the fireballs that came flying in from the front, one after the other, and they stopped.


 A fourth wave of fireballs was fired, but this time I blocked them with my [Shield].



“Shure, this is the magic gun I saw.” (Nyango)


“Nyango, can you surround the whole carriage?” (Shure)


“Of course, [Wall]!” (Nyango)



 I built a solid wall around the carriage, about two meters radius with void magic.


 The bandits were coming out from the side of the road, and I had finished walling us before we could be closed in by the bandits.



“Damn, what the hell is this!” (Bandit)


“What’s going on, I can’t get close.” (Bandit)



 The bandits who surrounded the carriage of Diaco’s furniture workshop punched and kicked at the walls made with void magic, but I was not intimidated by that degree of force.



“Nyango, can I go outside alone?” (Shure)


“I can’t. I can’t partially dispel it. If I dispel it, they will attack us.” (Nyango)


“Do you think you still have enough magic power?” (Shure)


“Yeah, if it’s just for a while… but hours long might be difficult.” (Nyango)



 Maybe it’s because I put all my strength into building the road to avoid being toppled by the logs that fell on the road. Although it was good that I protected the carriage and surrounded it, it didn’t seem like it would last very long.



“Hey you! Give up and come out!” (Bandit)


“If you come out now, you can keep your life!” (Bandit)


“If you don’t come out quietly, I’ll kill all your men and sell your women after I’ve had my fill!” (Bandit)



 The bandits surrounding the carriage were banging and screaming against the walls of void magic.


 There must have been more than fifty people in total, and seven or eight of them began to try to break down the [Wall] with the logs.



“Shure, we can’t go on like this…” (Nyango)


“Don’t be hasty. If you buy time, other carriages and knights will come on patrol. These guys are much more impatient.” (Shure)



 Indeed, as Shure said, the bandits are desperate to break down the [Wall].


 Shure, who had climbed to the roof of the cabin with me in her arms, looked around and then held out her dagger in front.



“Nyango, can you defeat that bearded man? With all the flair and ruthlessness you can muster…” (Shure)


“Yes, all right.” (Nyango)



 The man Shure pointed to with the dagger stood with his arms crossed in front of the carriage, watching the other bandits struggle to break down the wall.


 Maybe this guy is the boss of the bandits.



“[Pulverize]!” (Nyango)



 On the back of the boss, who was folding his arms in a pompous manner, I created a pulverization magic circle with the maximum power I could allocate besides the [Wall] surrounding the carriage.


 With a boom, the torso of the bandit boss is blown away.



 The bandits, startled by the sound and turning around, were showered with the entrails and flesh and blood of the blown-off boss.


 The boss, whose torso had been blown off, was lying in two pieces, one from the chest up and the other from the waist down.



“Waaa!” (Bandit)


“Boss!” (Bandit)


“Get out here! How dare you!” (Bandit)


“Come out, you bastard! I’ll kill you!” (Bandit)



 Unfortunately, Shure’s hypothesis… Eliminating the boss, the top of the organization, would disrupt the chain of command and the bandits would fall apart, which seems to have been a misstep.


 The bandits began pounding on the [Wall] even harder, and if I ran out of magic, I would be in trouble, but Shure was looking far away, not around the wagon.



“Shure…?” (Nyango)


“Nyango, you must fortify the wall and never let it break down.” (Shure)


“No, of course not, but…” (Nyango)


“They’re coming…” (Shure)



 A black shadow seen in the sky of Mount Bule, which Shure was looking at, was approaching towards us.



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