Black Cat Chapter 108: A Swarm

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 The black shadow that appeared in the sky in the direction of Mount Bule gradually grew larger and seemed to be approaching us.



“What is that? No way, a wyvern?” (Nyango)


“No, but it’s dangerous, so don’t let the wall go down.” (Shure)



 The bandits, noticing that we were looking in the other direction regardless of the commotion around the carriage, also began to turn their eyes in the direction of Mount Bule.


 And the black shadow that approached us in a flash was not a single creature, but a group of creatures.



“Run! Killer Bees!” (Bandit)


“Stop, help me… Gyaaaa!” (Bandit)



 The large black shadow was a swarm of giant bees.


 Their bright green and black striped bodies were at least thirty centimeters long.



 They began to attack the bandits using their sturdy-looking jaws and poisonous stingers on their buttocks.



“Shoot, shoot, shoot them down!” (Bandit)


“Eat it, eat it, Ugyaaaaaa…” (Bandit)



 The killer bees were also burning down when they were hit by the magic gun’s flame bullets, but the bandits also gradually slowed down and fell down when they were stabbed by the poisoned needles.


 On top of that, it seems that the magic gun is actually increasing the damage, because of friendly fire from the panic, and accidentally firing beyond the durability limit of the magic guns.



“Killer bees are carnivores and have powerful poisonous needles in their tails. If they sting you, you won’t be able to move, and if you crush them, the smell agitates their companions, and they go berserk.” (Shure)



 The loud buzzing of their wings digs deep into my body and unearths a deep ancient fear.


 Killer Bees swarmed the fallen bandits and began devouring the corpses.



 While wasps make meatballs of their prey and bring them back to their nests, killer bees are much cruder.


 They bite at the joints, elbow to elbow, and elbow to shoulder, and then fly away with the body in their arms.



 Once the body is cut into pieces large enough to be carried to their nests, the Killer Bees carry it in their arms and fly away.


 It took them less than 10 minutes to tear a whole human being into pieces and bring it back home.



“Shure, what if I use pulverization magic circle–” (Nyango)


“No, don’t touch them… they will be gone in a little while, so just try your best to keep the wall up until then…” (Shure)



 There is a shadow of tension in Shure’s face, who was calm even when dealing with bandits.


 If you manage to escape from the first attack, the Killer Bees will just concentrate on collecting food and not attack after that.



 Indeed, as the Killer Bees return with their meat, the buzzing of their wings around us has lessened.


 The remaining energy available for other purposes besides maintaining the [Wall] is dwindling, and it is probably better to wait for them to disappear than to try to excite them by interfering with them.



 I sit down on the coachman’s seat, close my eyes, and concentrate on maintaining the wall.


 A few moments later, Shure descended from the roof.



 It seems that she is checking around the perimeter of the carriage.


 From the back of the wagon, the craftsmen from the furniture workshop also dismounted and seemed to be looking around, and I could hear them talking.



 After finishing checking the surroundings, Shure called out to them,



“Everyone get back into the wagons and we’ll be on our way! Nyango, you can dispel the wall.” (Shure)


“Understood, it’s gone.” (Nyango)


“Haig, get the carriage moving. Slowly.” (Shure)


“I got it.” (Haig)



 Haig gave the signal, and the carriage slowly started to move.


 There were blood stains all over the road, but there are no bandits or Killer Bees in sight.



 Shure remained standing for a while, looking around warily, but when she lifted me up, she sat down on the coachman’s seat.



“Haig, you can run normally. Good job, Nyango.” (Shure)


“*Sigh*, I’m really tired.” (Nyango)


“If Nyango had not been there, the situation would have been much more difficult. There were a lot of bandits, and they were using magic guns. I think we would be dead if a Killed Bee stings any of the horses.” (Shure)



 Haig nodded vigorously at Shure’s words.



“I was about to give up when the first fireball hit us.” (Haig)


“Haig, that was too early…” (Shure)


“But then again, no bandit can get close to us, no Killer Bee can get close to us, I didn’t know the void attribute is such a great magic.” (Haig)


“Yes, people say it’s empty, but I think it’s more amazing than any other attribute.” (Nyango)


“Yeah, Nyango is super, super, super talented.” (Shure)



 As the carriage began to drive at its normal speed and away from the point of attack, I felt the tension in my body begin to unravel.


 I wasn’t aware of it myself, but I was apparently quite tense.



 After about an hour of driving, we stopped for a rest near the river.


 This is a stopover point between Nacote and the next town, Lugashima.



 Viscount Lagart and Marquis Escalante share a knight garrison here.


 The area up to this point is Viscount Lagart’s territory, and from here onward it is the Marquis Escalante’s territory.



 When Haig stopped the carriage, the cabin door was violently opened and Borzi stepped out.


 Does he need to go to the bathroom?



“Nyango, Nyango! Thank you very much, you’ve done a wonderful job.” (Borzi)


“Y-You’re welcome…” (Nyango)



 Borzi bent down to look me in the eye and thanked me by shaking both my hands and waving them in the air.



“Well, I’d heard about you from Shure, but I have to admit I was skeptical. But it’s great! I never thought I’d get through being attacked by bandits, then by killer bees, all without sacrificing anything.” (Borzi)



 Borzi’s praise continued while Shure and I were reporting to the knight garrison, and the knight in charge even smiled.


 The knight in charge’s face clouded when he heard that magic guns were used in the attack and that there was also a Killer Bee attack.



“I have a bad feeling about Killer Bees at this time of year…” (Kight)


“What do you mean?” (Nyango)



 When I asked the bearkin knight who seemed to be a nice person, he explained the reason.



“Usually, most reports of Killer Bees occur between late spring and summer, when new nests are being built.” (Knight)


“So, if there are attacks at this time of year, it means a new nest has been built, right?” (Nyango)


“Yes, but usually new nests are not built during this period, so if a nest is built, it is most likely that the original nest was destroyed. We haven’t had any major earthquakes recently, and we haven’t had any heavy rains that could cause landslides. There are only a few entities in nature that would destroy a Killer Bee nest…” (Knight)


“You mean a wyvern?” (Nyango)



 The bearkin knight nodded.


 Wyverns are resistant to Killer Bee venom, they feed on killer bees themselves, and they also like to eat the larvae.



“There have been no sightings yet, so we can’t be sure, but you guys should be careful on your way home.” (Knight)


“But there’s no way to be careful if you’re attacked out of the blue, right?” (Nyango)


“Hahaha… That’s true, but there are also cases where people escaped under the carriage on the spur of the moment and were saved. Be sure to pay attention to the things above as well.” (Knight)


“Yes, I will.” (Nyango)



 The carriage departed from the relay station and proceeded smoothly toward Lugashima.


 Shure continued to watch the road ahead with a dazed look on her face, as usual, but she seemed to be enjoying herself somehow.



“What’s something nice in Lugashima?” (Nyango)


“Nothing. However, since the raid was safely repelled, we can expect a bonus for the escort request this time…” (Shure)


“Is that so?” (Nyango)


“The contract for the escort request is a base fee for an uneventful incident, plus a bonus for an unexpected attack…” (Shure)


“Are you saying that a bandit attack and a Killer Bee attack are separate rewards?” (Nyango)


“Of course, they are separate, and since there is zero damage, we’ll take the full reward. Good job Nyango.” (Shure)



 The reward of escort requests is much higher when an attack is repelled than when there is none.


 This is apparently to make it easier to make requests by lowering the base amount and increasing the danger bonus in case something happens.



 And, it is said that clients who are reluctant to pay the optional fee are disliked by adventurers, who will not accept the escort request from the stingy client or will abandon the client when an attack appears.



 Borzi is a trusted client who pays well, and many adventurers want to work with him, but ever since his daughter, Elisa, started accompanying him, Shure has been his exclusive escort.



“I stopped hiring male adventurers because I was worried that Elisa would be followed by pests, but honestly I felt we were lacking in strength…” (Borzi)



 For the time being, in addition to Shure, the butler, and the maid have martial arts training, but even so, there are only three of them.


 Shure also advised him to increase his strength, but Borzi change his mind.



 I was allowed to participate this time because I am a catkin who is physically small and unlikely to become a pest, and also because of Shure’s strong recommendation.



“I’m sure this attack must have chilled Borzi to the core and made him keenly aware of his lack of fighting strength. Maybe next time he will send requests for everyone in Chariot.” (Shure)



 Among the thieves who attacked us this time, there weren’t any who were as skilled as Laius and Shure, so I was able to protect them, but if there were some who had enough attack power to break the [Wall], the worst would happen, we would have faced the worst possible outcome.



“My Master is very protective of the young miss, so… I’m sure he’ll hire male adventurers if it hinders his ability to protect his precious daughter.” (Haig)



 Borzi’s idiotic fatherly love is apparently well-known in the furniture workshop.


 Haig says that the Furniture Workshop Diaco offers the best benefits to its craftsmen among its peers, including non-monetary benefits.



“If Master or the young miss is in danger, I and the craftsmen in the back of the carriage will take it upon ourselves to protect them.” (Haig)



 Borzi’s gaze at me with a mixture of hostility and suspicion was only because he was worried that I might touch Elisa, and he was justifiably appreciative after we had fought off the attack.



“He sounds like a good workshop owner.” (Nyango)


“Ah, Master has us workers, that’s why the workshop exists. He always says that when times are good, we laugh together, and when times are hard, we endure together… That’s his favorite saying.” (Haig)



 I thought he was just a doting idiot parent, but Borzi seems to be a good customer and businessman.


 For Chariot’s future, I’ll be his escort until he returns to Ibouro.





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