Black Cat Chapter 110: Accident

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“Hey, Nyango. Can you take care of this place? I’ll go check the front of the store.” (Thalberg)


“Yes, thank you very much.” (Thalberg)



 After the meal, the business meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Eugen ended without a hitch.


 We will take a carriage from the front of the store, drop Mr. and Mrs. Eugen off at their trading company, and then head to the next business meeting.



 We all had to wait in front of the store until Haig brought the carriage around, so we needed to check for any suspicious people beforehand.


 The fact that I couldn’t think of such a thing showed my inexperience, and the fact that he casually had me cover this place was a sign of the composure of the veteran Thalberg.



 While waiting for the carriage in front of the store, I now have to be alert to my surroundings, but my nose twitches at the delicious smell wafting from the box.


 I sit on the coachman’s seat, and as soon as the carriage starts moving, I quickly check the contents and devour them.



 While I was anticipating the contents of the aroma wafting from the box, the street suddenly became noisy.


 I looked in the direction of the screams and shouts and saw a large black horse galloping toward us.



“Get down!” (Thalberg)



 The Thalberg had already thrown out his takeout box and was poised in a position to protect Mr. and Mrs. Eugen.


 I, on the other hand, had been distracted by the contents of the box and was completely behind, but I could still make up for it.



“[Wall]!” (Nyango)



 I set up a wall at an angle with void magic so that the horse would be deflected by his charge.


 The horse ran past us, its body scraping against the wall.



“Again, [Wall]!” (Nyango)



 On the opposite side of the horse, another wall is added so that the front gradually narrows.


 I add another wall to restrain the rampaging horse, soon it slows to a stop, sandwiched by an invisible wall.



 I deposited the takeout box with Keane and ran over to the horse, which had a cut on its rump that looked like it had been cut by a blade and was bleeding.


 Apparently, this was the cause of its rampage.



 The horse was still very agitated, and it was difficult for me to get him to move in an orderly manner.


 While I was wondering what to do, Thalberg, who had caught up with me, called out,



“Hey, don’t get too close!” (Thalberg)


“It’s okay. It can’t move because it’s surrounded by void attribute walls.” (Nyango)


“What the…” (Thalberg)



 As he approached the horse, Thalberg saw the thick wall and grinned.



“I see, so that’s the thing I hit.” (Thalberg)


“Mr. Thalberg, can you hold the reins and hold the horse down? I get looked down upon by horses, so…” (Nyango)


“Hahaha! Even though you have the power to easily stop its rampage?” (Thalberg)


“Yes. I don’t think I’m good with horses.” (Nyango)


“Fine. I’ll take the credit for this one. Hahahaha…” (Thalberg)



 Well, no one would expect me, a catkin, to be able to stop a rampaging horse, so I don’t really care about the credit.


 Thalberg just stared at me and made the horse quiet.



 Once the [Wall] was released, Thalberg grabbed the reins and pulled the horse in the direction it had come running.


 The people of the city who witnessed the runaway shouted their admiration for Thalberg.



“Amazing, Thalberg. He’s calmed that horse down.” (Audience)


“Even though he’s retired, he’s still an A-rank adventurer.” (Audience)



 Apparently, Thalberg is a well-known former adventurer in Kilmaya.


 He gestured to the people in town to stay away from the horses, and said these surprising words,



“Don’t get me wrong, it was Nyango over there who seized the horse. I’m just taking care of the horse.” (Thalberg)



 Huh? I thought you were going to take all the credit.


 I mean, the gazes of the townspeople who turned their heads my way, looked past me.



 Apparently, they are looking for a big, muscular guy who can catch a rampaging horse.


 No, I’m not looking to be honored, but this might be a little sad.



“Where did this horse come from? Do you know whose horse it is?” (Thalberg)



 When Thalberg called out, we saw a middle-aged dogkin man running breathlessly in the direction the people in town were pointing.


 From the way he was dressed, he appeared to be a nobleman’s butler or squire.



“Haahaa…that horse belongs to the Escalante family. Haa…thank you for catching it.” (Dogkin)


“You’re the squire of the fourth son, aren’t you?” (Thalberg)


“Yes, did something happen?” (Dogkin)



 The middle-aged dogkin stared at Thalberg with a grim expression, as if he did not like the fact that he was called the fourth son’s squire.


 If he was the squire of the lord’s son, he would have a certain status, but is Thalberg okay with such a slovenly way of speaking?



“What is with the wounds on its buttocks? Isn’t this the cause of the rampage?” (Thalberg)


“Th-that kind of thing… it has nothing to do with you. Give me back the horse!” (Dogkin)


“Hmph… well, I’ll let the former lord hear about this.” (Thalberg)


“What the—do you think you’re going to get away with that!?” (Dogkin)


“When, one of us caught the horse that had rampaged in town, and it had a knife wound on its rump, and Master Derrick’s squire came to take the horse away in a panic.” (Thalberg)


“Kuh…” (Dogkin)


“Look, it still hasn’t completely calmed down yet. Hold it tight so it doesn’t escape.” (Thalberg)


“Thalberg… I’ll remember this.” (Dogkin)


“You’ll only find more trouble if you try anything stupid.” (Thalberg)


“Tsk, damn you, you former adventurer… come on, hey, move!” (Dogkin)



 The horse that had been rampaging earlier was obedient to Thalberg, who looked like a former adventurer, but it didn’t move easily when the middle-aged dogkin tugged on the reins.


 Oh, yeah, when I try to pull the reins, it’s like that.



 But, by the way, from the way Thalberg was talking, he seemed to have some kind of connection with the previous lord.


 Huh? As I recall, the head of the Escalante domain has served as the head of a knight order, right?



 A retired Knight Commander will accept news from a former A-rank adventurer who has also retired from active duty… well, that’s kind of cool.


 Thalberg waved his hand and began to break up the people who had gathered in the street.



 The crowd is so dense that Haig can’t get the carriage pass through.


 I mean, can’t I eat now? I feel like it’s losing its freshly made warmth and deliciousness…



 Thalberg called out to me when Borzi and Elisa got into the cabin with Mr. and Mrs. Eugen.



“I know you don’t have time today, but if you ever come to Kilmaya for anything other than a request, come visit me. I’ll buy you a drink.” (Thalberg)


“I’m not that close to Kilmaya.” (Nyango)


“I don’t care. Don’t forget when you visit…” (Thalberg)


“Yes, I will remember.” (Nyango)



 For me, I’d rather have a beautiful older lady, but I’m sure I’ll hear some interesting stories from a former A-rank adventurer.


 If I have a chance to come to Kilmaya, I will remember to visit him.



 We went up to the coachman’s seat, and when the carriage started to move, I finally had my lunch.


 The box contained fried white fish, bread, and dried persimmons.



“Yummeow! Fried Malur, fluffy, crispy, Yummeow!” (Nyango)


“This fried fish is the best fried fish I’ve ever tasted.” (Thalberg)


“Freshly fried… very hot… but still yummeow! This bread has walnuts and is crunchy and chewy, yummeow!” (Nyango)


“Hahaha… Nyango, people on the street are looking back to see what’s going on.” (Haig)


“It’s okay, yummeow things are yummeow things. Wow, this dried persimmon is also yummeow! They are so sweet and sticky, yummeow!” (Nyango)



 As one would expect from the owner of a large business, the takeout menu was all excellent.


 I feel like I’ve been waiting for too long, but I’ll put up with it if I can have a delicious free meal.



 In the afternoon, we had a business meeting with a trading company called Mylanis.


 Mylanis Trading Company deals in cheaper products than Graz Trading Company, but it seems that they don’t simply compete on cheap prices, but they have a wide range of reasonably priced tasteful products.



 The furniture ordered by Graz is more expensive than that ordered by Mylanis, but the number of orders is larger and Mylanis’s sales sometimes exceed Graz’s. Mylanis’s products are less expensive than Graz’s, but Mylanis’s products are more than Graz’s.


 If the Graz Trading Company is a high-class private store, the Mylanis Trading Company looks like an ordinary commercial store company.



 There was a guard at the gate to the property, but the owner did not seem to have any bodyguards.


 Thanks to this, I did not get looked down on or messed with, and that was enough for me.



 The business meeting was not conducted by the owner alone, but by three or so people in charge of the business meeting, who were present to make detailed requests.


 I suppose different clientele have different ways of doing business.



 The craftsmen in the furniture workshop also seemed to be making various suggestions rather than listening to the requests.


 Rather than selling their products, they seem to be working together to create a better product.



“Mr. Nyango, Ms. Shure can’t come back tonight, right?” (Borzi)


“She probably won’t be back until noon tomorrow but leave your protection to me.” (Nyango)



 In between business meetings, Keane, the butler, confirmed that if I put up [Shield] at the entrance and windows of the inn room, we would have full security even when I was asleep.


 In the meantime, I have already explained the situation to Borzi this morning, but I will explain it in detail again at the dinner table.





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