Black Cat Chapter 111: Abduction

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 The business meeting at the Mylanis Trading Company was successfully concluded, and the carriage headed for the Merchant and Craftsman Guild in Kilmaya.


 Here, they deposited the money they had collected today into an account, and that was the end of our day’s schedule.



 After getting off the carriage in front of the guild, Borzi and Elisa walked side by side, and Keane and I walked behind them.


 We headed for the counter, with [Shield] already deployed in the rear and ready to deploy in the front and on either side at any time.



 It is said that inside the Merchant Guild, there is indeed less danger, but even so, I will not let my guard down.


 This was a tasty job that Shure had brought me, and I couldn’t afford to lose it because of my failure.



 I was relieved when they safely deposited the collected money and returned it to the carriage.


 However, I could not let my guard down until we returned to the inn.



 Even after returning to the inn, I could not completely relax, but it was still safer than in the city.


 Returning to the room where they had been staying since yesterday, Borzi and Elisa changed from their socializing clothes to their normal clothes.



 After taking a rest and checking for tomorrow’s business meeting, it was time for the much-anticipated dinner.


 The dinner was served in the dining room of the inn, where all the members of the furniture workshop gathered to eat at together.



 For a man as rich as Borzi, it is common for the owner and his servants to eat at separate tables, but at the Furniture Workshop Diaco, everyone eats the same meal at the same table.


 Borzi, the craftsman, Keane, the butler, and Haig, the servant, all eat from the same menu.



 This alone shows that Borzi cares about the people who work in his workshop.


 And I was served the same menu at the same table.



“Yummeow! Orc spare ribs, Umya! The sauce soaks into the meat so well, yummeow!” (Nyango)


“Hahaha… Nyango eating enthusiastically is fine, come on, don’t hurry and try to eat it calmy.” (Borzi)


“Yes, thank you. Yummeow, this sausage is also yummeow!” (Nyango)


“Oh, that’s red-winged duck blood sausage. The one made with fresh blood tastes good and has no smell.” (Borzi)


“Blood sausage… it’s thick and juicy, yummeow!” (Nyango)



 If someone only listens to this conversation, I will seem only like a glutton, but I’m also doing what I’m supposed to do right.


 Before we go our separate ways, Shure tells me to be careful.



“When you’re eating, be careful who you’re with……” (Shure)



 Borzi and Elisa, the two men being escorted, are instantly recognizable as rich people by the way they dress and behave.


 And since they are traveling in a furniture workshop carriage, they are even more likely to be targeted by unscrupulous people.



 She brought a large amount of cash to the Craftsman and Merchant Guild, but this was of no concern to the kidnappers, who were after ransom money.


 For the kidnappers, it is a matter of how to abduct an important person.



 Naturally, they say, reconnaissance is done before they go ahead with the plan execution.


 Rather than when they are on the move, they target the dinner table, where they can observe the situation more closely.



 Even in the dining room of an inn, one cannot be too careful, and the kidnappers may enter as guests.


 In addition to the group from the furniture workshop, there are two other groups of guests in the inn’s dining room.



 A man and a woman in their fifties are sitting across from each other at an open table.


 They appear to be well-to-do by the way they are dressed, and they seem to be a married couple.



 At the far table, two middle-aged men are spreading out what looks like jewelry.


 They appear to be conducting a business meeting or preparing for tomorrow’s business meeting.



 According to Shure, it does not matter if they notice us looking at them.


 Rather, it is better to show that we are watching them and alert them to our presence.



 Our eyes met with a middle-aged woman sitting at a table in the row, so I lightly bailed her out and she smiled back.


 The middle-aged man at the table in the back noticed my glance but looked away with a dubious expression on his face.



 The middle-aged man and woman were apparently on their way to see their grandchildren, the children born to their daughter who had married in Ibouro. [T/N: Aww… that’s kind of nice.]


 The reason I know what’s going on is that I set up a void magic microphone on their table and listened to their conversation. [T/N: I guess privacy is out of the window when being a bodyguard.]



 And at the table in the back, a disturbing conversation was taking place.



(Tsk, the pussycat was staring at me.) (Man 1)


(Hmph, because you’re showing off that ring.) (Man 2)


(Ah, I see… so the disguise backfired.) (Man 1)


(Yes, the brat must be the black pantherkin woman’s pet. She probably didn’t want to eat her meal while that brat kept wailing.) (Man 2)


(Looks like she won’t coming home tonight.) (Man 1)


(For now… but if she doesn’t come back, we’re going to start the plan.) (Man 2)



 It seems that these guys have had their sights set on Borzi and the others for some time.


 Until now, Shure had been close as their escort, so they seemed to have been deterred, but since Shure hasn’t been seen with us, they probably decided to carry it out.



 It seems that if you are going to work as a bodyguard, you need to have a strong appearance like Shure or Laius, or else you will be targeted.


 After we finished dinner, the guys stayed in the dining room drinking, so I left the void microphone there and went back to my room.



 All the rooms for lodging are on the second floor of the inn, with three four-person rooms and five two-person rooms across the hallway.


 The Furniture Workshop Diaco is staying in three four-person rooms.



 Going up the stairs, the first room is for the craftsmen and Haig, the middle room is for Borzi, Keane, and me, and the innermost room is for Elisa and Lyrica. It’s also near Shure’s room.


 The two rooms are for two people, the couple at the very front, and the suspicious middle-aged men, I don’t know which room they are in.



 From what they said, it seems that they are targeting Elisa, but it is also unclear what procedure they are going to use to kidnap her.


 And it seems that there are others in the group.



 I went back to the room and consulted with Borzi, but he said it would be difficult to do anything about it at this stage.


 I told him what I heard, but if he says he think much about it, that’s the end of the conversation.



 If there was something like a voice recorder from a previous life in Japan, it would be evidence, but I have never heard of a magical device that records sound.


 Still, I decided to block the entrances using [Wall], there was no way we could be attacked without my knowledge.



  For safety, we gathered everyone in the furniture workshop in one room, shielded the windows and doors, and Haig and I headed for the dining room.


 The suspicious middle-aged men were still drinking.



 Haig is in charge of yelling for the innkeepers if I’m about to be put at a disadvantage, but I’m the only one who makes contact with the kidnappers.


 As I walked up to them, the man who had averted his eyes earlier gave me an ill-fitting, amiable smile.



“Good evening, may I bother you?” (Nyango)


“What is it? Are you curious about the products we sell?” (Man 1)



 The man picked up one of the rings on the table and held it up to me.



“No, I’m not interested in your goods. What I’m interested in is your main job.” (Nyango)


“My main job? What do you mean?” (Man 1)


“Well, I suppose you would say that. But if you think you’re going to get away with it because we don’t have the black leopardkin girl, you’re going to get hurt.” (Nyango)


“Wha… what are you talking about… Black Leopardkin girl? Who are you talking about?” (Man 1)



 Only his words are acting as their cover, but his face is twitching really hard.



“If you say you don’t know, that’s fine, but if you’re going to do it, I’ll take appropriate measures.” (Nyango)


“What are you talking about? It seems like you got the wrong person.” (Man 2)


“Is that so… Well, I warned you. Good night.” (Nyango)


“Yeah, good night…” (Man 2)



 Both the guy talking to me, and the other guy had fake smiles on their faces, but they didn’t seem to be hiding their irritation.


 I put on full [Armor] and deployed my [Shield] just in case, but when I turned my back, their gazes pierced me.



 The men looked away silently, but as if waiting for me to leave the dinning room, they opened their mouths.



(Is he a wind user?) (Man 2)


(I guess. They must have picked up our voices from the air.) (Man 1)


(When are we going to do it?) (Man 2)


(Idiot, how can you attack someone whose preparation you don’t know?) (Man 1)


(Are you going to run away after being down on like this?) (Man 2)


(Did you not see how calm that pussycat was just now? He must be very confident.) (Man 1)


(Tsk, the lodging fee has been wasted) (Man 2)


(You’ll be able to sleep the night in a much cleaner room than the mess we’re going to get in, so give it up.) (Man 1)


(Hehehe, that’s right… what about the other guys?) (Man 2)


(Rabbi will come soon, so pass him the message.) (Man 1)


(And they’ll be okay with that?) (Man 2)


(We don’t owe them that much…) (Man 1)



 It seems that these two have given up, but there is still a danger that the others who are not here will run wild.


 When I returned to my room and told Borzi about the situation, Elisa, who was listening beside me, expressed her concern.



 Originally, Shure, who was supposed to stay in the same room as Elisa, wasn’t there.


 Lyrica, the maid, also learned martial arts, but her skills are not as good as Shure’s. “Father, just tonight,” she said, “I’m going to stay here with you.”



“Father, can’t I ask Mr. Nyango to share the room with me just tonight?” (Eliza)


“Hmm… that’s alright, I guess…” (Borzi)



 Borzi is probably still worried about her unmarried daughter spending the night in the same room with a man, even if he was a catkin.


 That said, there is no other woman who can serve as an escort.



 In the end, I ended up in a room with Elisa and the maid Lyrica, and the rest of us gathered in one room to spend the night.


 The men will be in a five-person group staying in the four-person room, but the other four except for Borzi will take turns to make sure that one of them stays awake.



 In the meantime, multiple [Shield] will be deployed on the doors and windows of both rooms, so I will be aware if anyone tries to break in.


 Then, when Elisa was ready for bed, I entered the room to guard her.



 For the time being, I’m going to enter the women’s room, so I’m feeling sweaty and in need of changing clothes.


 Also, a sharp and heavy glare came from Borzi.



“I’m going to lie down on this side of the bed and guard you… Meow!” (Nyango)



 I was about to take up a position on the bed at the end, when Elisa picked me up.



“Mr. Nyango, I’m scared, so please stay close.” (Elisa)


“Meow, meow, too close…” (Nyango)


“I’m scared too, so I’ll stay near the young lady.” (Lyrica)


“Meow, meow, meow… also too close?” (Nyango)



 Even if it’s a semi-double bed, it’s too small for 3 people to sleep.


 I was caught between Elisa and Lyrica in the bed, and because they were both wearing nightgowns, I was left feeling soft and suffocated…



 I want to at least get my head out of the covers, but they’ve pressed tight against me, I can’t get out.


 I mean, don’t you care about the kidnappers or whatever, didn’t you just want to use me as a hot water bottle?



 Fluffy, wuu, arms… Guu, sandwiched between the two pairs of Mount Fujis is… painful…


 The job of an escort is such a tough job, isn’t it?





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