Black Cat Chapter 114: Doping

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 When I returned from escorting the Furniture Workshop Diaco, the town of Ibouro was all decked out in preparations for New Year’s Eve.


 In this world, holidays around the spring and autumnal equinoxes are longer and more grandiose, but it is still the beginning of a new year, so there are 10 days off during the New Year’s holiday.



 The owner of the Furniture Workshop Diaco, Borzi, gave us a good evaluation.


 It was only natural since we had protected the carriages from bandits and killer bees and prevented kidnappers from attacking.



 Since Shure and I complained about the lack of strength, it looks like the entire Chariot will be requested next time.


 The option was to be paid in full or more, and both Shure and I felt our pockets getting heavier.



 The chariot will also be inactive for 10 days over the New Year’s holiday.


 During this break, I intend to get some personal stuff taken care of.



 The first thing I decided to solve was the problem concerning my brother Fawkes.


 While I was away from the base escorting the furniture workshop, my brother was steadily practicing earth magic.



 It’s just pulling out the weeds in the front yard of the base and leveling and hardening the surface, but he works on it silently day in and day out.


 However, due to his low magical power index as a catkin, he can only do so much at a time, and it is difficult for him to perform magic in succession.



 So, I went to the market to buy some ginger.


 I was sure I could find ginger in the kitchen of the base if I looked for it, but I didn’t want to get in trouble for asking too many questions, so I bought it myself.



“Big brother, I’m sorry it’s sudden, but let’s go out for a while tomorrow.” (Nyango)


“Going out? Where are we going? We just got back from Atsuka.” (Fawkes)


“Yeah, I want to show you some of the places I’ve been to, like the clay pit.” (Nyango)


“I see. You told me you were there the other day.” (Fawkes)


“Yeah, well, you might need it when you start your own work.” (Nyango)


“Okay, I look forward to your help.” (Fawkes)



 Perhaps because my brother has gotten used to living in the base, he seems to have calmed down and his personality has become kinder.


 His nutritional condition has improved, and he now bathes every day, so his fur is shinier.



 Well, it can’t compete with my shiny, fluffy fur, but I’m sure Shure will be satisfied with him.


 As the days get colder from here on, I’m going to ask my brother to act as Shure’s hot water bottle.



 I, of course, intend to curl up in my own futon to my heart’s content.


 My family in Atsuka complained a lot about it, but the magic of the futon is irresistible.



 The next morning, I headed to the west gate of Ibouro with my brother.


 The pottery workshop was closed for the vacations, so there were only guards at the west gate before it opened.



 While we were waiting for the gate to open, a guard who had some free time came to talk to us.


 It was probably unusual to see two catkins together.



“Good morning, are you going back home?” (Guard)


“No, we’re going to visit the clay pit for a bit.” (Nyango)


“Oh, are you guys related to the pottery workshop?” (Guard)


“No, we’re not…” (Nyango)



 The guard nodded repeatedly when I told him that my brother was about to start his new job and that I thought it would be better to get good-quality soil…


 While the guard and I were talking, my brother was also next to me, but his face was tense with nervousness as he only answered yes or no.



 He has become much more comfortable talking normally with the chariot members, but he still has a hard time talking to strangers.


 He will need to improve in this area if he wants to start working.



 The gate opened, so I walked with my brother to the mining site.


 We kept walking as long as we could see the gate, and when the road turned and we could no longer see Ibouro, I got my off-road bike ready.



“You can’t see it, big brother, but we have our ride here.” (Nyango)


“A ride? Meow… what’s this?” (Fawkes)


“I’ll ride first, so you’ll ride behind me. Ah, please carry my rucksack on your back.” (Nyango)


“Oh, oh, like this?” (Fawkes)


“There’s something for your feel right there…” (Nyango)


“Oh, oh, found it.” (Fawkes)


“All right, hold on tight as we move.” (Nyango)


“Yeah, oooh…” (Fawkes)



 I slowly start the off-road bike, which has an extended seat so that my brother can also ride on it.


 This is the first time for two people to ride together on this thing, so let’s start off with a gentle ride.






 With a high-pitched cry, the wind magic circle worked, and the off-road bike started to move, causing the older brother to scream in surprise.



“Meow-Nya-Nyango, we’re moving.” (Fawkes)


“Well, it’s a tool for transportation, so it’s only natural that it should move.” (Nyango)


“Oh, oh… This is nice, this thing.” (Fawkes)


“Right, I’ll speed up a little more, so hold onto me properly.” (Nyanngo)


“Ooh, I understand.” (Fawkes)



 If I increase the number of wind magic circles that are activated, the high-pitched sound will become even louder, and the speed will increase exponentially.



“Meeeeooow! Fast, fast, Nyango, too fast!” (Fawkes)


“Nyahahaha! This is so fun, big brother!” (Nyango)


“Fu-fu-fun… Funeoooow!” (Fawkes)



 The journey that would have taken about two hours by horse-drawn carriage at the pottery workshop was completed in a little over half an hour by off-road bike.


 It had been a while since I had been on the motorcycle, and I felt great, and I thought my brother had enjoyed it, too…



“I thought I was going to die. How can you ride such a scary thing without a care in the world?” (Fawkes)


“I’m sorry. I thought you were having fun too, so I speed up a little too much. Teehee~.” (Nyango)


“Don’t Teehee me… you already shortened my life.” (Fawkes)



 My brother was complaining, but he was surprised to see the mining site.



“Woooah… amazing, the shape of the mountain is changed.” (Fawkes)


“Brother, go closer and see how the soil feels.” (Nyango)


“Oh, oh, that’s right…” (Fawkes)



 My brother’s tail wagged happily as he walked toward the quarry.


 If he can use the soil here, he will be able to do more.



 I’ve been there myself, and it’s nice to realize that what I can do is slowly increasing.


 After going down to the digging site, my brother immediately began kneading the soil.



 He dug out a small amount of soil, and as usual, he tried to make a disk, evened out the ground, and hardened it, apparently experimenting with things that I, with my void attribute, could not understand.



“It’s amazing, Nyango. It’s totally different from the soil in the front yard. It has a fine texture, it’s sticky, and it hardens beautifully when you channel magic power through it. …amazing, incredible!” (Fawkes)



 I see, the quality of the soil is totally different since it was jointly developed by the pottery workshops.


 After about half an hour of watching my brother tinker with the clay, the guest who I had been waiting for showed up.



“Giigya…” (Goblin)



 A herd of about ten goblins gathered with a roar that sounded like an old creaky door.



“Nya-Nyango! Behind! Behind you!” (Fawkes)


“Yeah, it’s alright, I know, and it’s okay.” (Nyango)


“It’s okay…” (Fawkes)



 Since we arrived at the clay pit, I’ve had detection particles scattered around the perimeter.


 The reason I didn’t bring the iron ring to drive the monsters is because I wanted to lure them in.



 The goblins approached us at a distance of about 20 meters and cheekily spread out to surround us.


 It seemed that the slightly larger individual in the center was the leader of the pack.



“Nya-Nyango…” (Fawkes)


“It’s okay brother, stay behind me.” (Nyango)


“I understand.” (Fawkes)



 My brother stopped playing with the dirt and came running up to me and hugged me from behind.


 Yeah, this kind of thing is better for cute girls.


 Also, my brother’s hands are covered in mud.



“Giigya!” (Boss Goblin)



 Suddenly, a goblin, the boss of the group, screamed and stretched its body.


 I had set up an extremely powerful lightning magic circle at the spot where the boss was advancing.



“[Burner].” (Nyango)


“Gigyaaaa!” (Goblins)



 The goblins were confused by the sudden fall of the boss, and when the [Burner] was directed toward them, they screamed and ran away.


 I scared them off further with a burst of pulverization magic circle.



“Well, big brother, let’s go.” (Nyango)


“Go, where?” (Fawkes)


“Upstream the river there.” (Nyango)



 I bound the fallen boss goblin with a void attribute rope, made a [Cart], and had my brother help me.


 My brother grew up in the countryside, but this is the first time for him to see the goblin so up close, so he sticks snugly to the handle I made for the cart and tries to get as much distance as he can.



 I made a path with void magic and descended through the woods to the riverbank.


 I went down slowly and gained some distance, which should have kept me away from the mining area.



“Nyango, what are we going to do?” (Fawkes)


“I’m going to make my brother eat this goblin’s heart.” (Nyango)


“Eeeeeh! What? Why would you make me do that?” (Fawkes)


“It’ll make your magic index go up.” (Nyango)


“Eh… could it be that you…?” (Fawkes)


“I’ve had it too. But this is a dangerous thing. So I don’t want to force you to do it, but we catkins can’t do it with our natural magic index.” (Nyango)



 Next to the Boss Goblin who was rolled on the riverbed, I pressed my brother to prepare himself.



“H-how dangerous is it?” (Fawkes)


“The amount of magic power going through your body will increase so rapidly that you’ll have to keep using magic.” (Nyango)


“You mean I have to keep using magic until I run out?” (Fawkes)


“Yes, big brother, try doing things that you can’t do with your normal amount of mana, such as building a giant wall of earth or hardening it like a rock.” (Nyango)


“Wow, I understand. I’ll do it… I’ll eat it.” (Fawkes)



 My brother made up his mind, so when I tried to take out the heart, the boss goblin awoke and started rampaging.



“Guyii! Giyiii!” (Boss Goblin)



 It was noisy, so I gave it a second electric shock, then dunked its head in the river to choke it out.


 I cut open its chest and removed the heart and the organ that contained the magic stone.



“I’m surprised you’re calm.” (Fawkes)


“If I can’t do this, I can’t be an adventurer.” (Nyango)


“Well, I guess so, but…” (Fawkes)



 The heart is washed with water from a magical circle made with void magic and sliced into thin slices.


 Fortunately, this goblin doesn’t seem to have any parasites either.



 When the heart is thinly sliced, I grate the ginger I brought with me and add it to the heart.


 The goblin is now ready to eat.



“Come on, enjoy.” (Nyangop)


“So, I’m going to be all right, right?” (Fawkes)


“Maybe.” (Nyango)


“Maybe… that sounds dangerous!” (Fawkes)



 Big brother wrapped some ginger in a thin piece of goblin heart and tossed it into his mouth.



“Meow, meow… yummeow? Isn’t this pretty good?” (Fawkes)


“Come on, there’s more.” (Nyango)


“Yeah, yeah, it’s pretty good, this is… guu!” (Fawkes)


“Brother, use magic, a big magic!” (Nyango)


“Uuuu……Meeooooow!” (Fawkes)



 Suddenly my brother began to suffer, and when he put his hand on the riverbank to activate his magic, a wall about two meters high and three meters wide rose up.


 It was a wall of a size that my older brother would never have been able to create.



“Nya-Nyango, my body’s magic power…” (Fawkes)


“It’s okay, it’s okay, use magic! And eat!” (Nyango)


“Meeeeoooowww!” (Fawkes)



 After this, I made him eat and use magic repeatedly until he collapsed from exhaustion.


 Probably, this will solve his lack of magic power. 





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