Black Cat Chapter 115: At the Shooting Range

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 The day after the goblin’s heart was fed to him, my brother was in a terrible hangover-like state.


 The members of Chariot found out, but they didn’t say anything negative.



 Laius and the others seem to know the merits and demerits of eating a monster’s heart.


 I was told by Grandma Carissa that it was almost a superstitious method, and although it is forbidden in the Fatima religion to eat raw monster meat, it is apparently more widely known among adventurers than I thought.



 So, they knew what I, a catkin, had been doing when they saw me firing a series of powerful magic, even when I had void attribute.


 Even so, they don’t talk about it openly because it is a dangerous method.



“So, what do you think? Did Fawkes’ magic power increase?” (Gad)


“I don’t know how much it has gone up, but it has definitely gone up.” (Nyango)



 Gad, who has the same earth attribute, has been teaching my brother from time to time and was also concerned about his low magic power.



“The size of the magic index is not everything, but 10 and 100 are different, and 10 and 1,000 are incomparable to each other.” (Gad)



 The value I measured after the Nest Leaving Ceremony was 32, which was quite low since the average value for an adult male is around 120.


 Horacio who was recruited by the Knight Order, was over 450, so even though I knew it, I was still depressed.



 When my brother registered as an adventurer, his was 53, which has been considerably higher.


 But when I thought about it, a sudden increase in the magic index would only arouse suspicion.



 I think it’s probably best that neither my brother nor I measure our magic index anymore.


 My brother, who has been groaning, is going to be resting in the attic today.



 I headed off to Academy to run some errands, although I was more than a little worried that Shure had said she would take care of him.


 During the New Year’s Eve break, the Academy is also closed, but for a shorter period than the spring and fall breaks, and students don’t go home because the snow can make the roads impassable.



 Even though classes are closed, being stuck in school may not be much fun.


 Since the attack, the security at the school gate has allowed me to pass through without seeing my face.



 Or rather, as I approach the school gate, a crowd of security soldiers gather around me, asking me to shake hands and pet me.


 Shaking hands is still fine, but I honestly don’t want to be petted.



 The reason I came to the school today was to report to Professor Lembolt on the usability of the magic gun’s magic circle.


 I haven’t used it in an actual subjugation yet, but I’ve practiced at the guild’s shooting range, so it’s at a practical level.



 Well, it would be better to keep quiet about the fact that I broke the guild’s iron target, but there would be no problem showing off at least a normal level of shooting. 


 Professor Lembolt’s laboratory was as usual without a place to set foot, and when I brought up the matter of the magic gun, he asked me to go to the shooting range.



“I see, I see, isn’t it useless to blindly increase the magic circle?” (Lembolt)


“Yes, if you make it too big, it seems to use an overwhelming amount of magic power to shoot, and the speed of the flame bullets will be reduced.” (Nyango)


Can’t we change the thickness or compression ratio as you call it, Nyango?” (Lembolt)


“I think so… if you do it on a large scale… but I’m a little hesitant to experiment with it.” (Nyango)



 As a former vandal who destroyed the iron target of the guild, I hesitated to use magic that was too powerful.



“I don’t know, Nyango. The shooting range here has the perfect defense, so why don’t you try it once?” (Lembolt)


“No… that’s…” (Nyango)



 On the way to the shooting range, Professor Lembolt kept asking me to use the magic circle of the magic gun on a large scale, but I refused with slurred words.


 The school’s shooting range is a facility shared with soldiers on guard duty, and today there were both soldiers training and students practicing on their own.



 The soldiers were using the area to the left of the target, and the students were using the area to the right.


 Naturally, the level of magic is different, so the student’s side of the target was about a third of the distance from the soldier’s side.



 The difference in level is probably about the same as the difference between a proper magic gun and a poor-quality magic gun.


 In the first place, since those with strong magic power are recruited as soldiers in the nesting ceremony, it is only natural that such a difference should appear.



 One of the students practicing on the shooting range was Claudier.


 The fire magic she was firing was quite powerful, and the flame temperature and velocity seemed to be higher than that of a crude magic gun.



“Mr. Nyango, it’s been a while.” (Claudier)


“Hello, are you practicing magic even though it’s a school break?” (Nyango)


“Yes, I realized how inexperienced I am after the attack the other day, so I’m hoping to grow as much as possible.” (Claudier)


“Is that so? Please do your best.” (Nyango)



 The group behind Claudier also included Miguel and his friends, but they did not seem to have any plan to get involved, seeing that Professor Lembolt was with me.



“Um, Mr. Nyango, why are you at the shooting range?” (Claudier)


“Well… I’m just helping Professor Lembolt with his research.” (Nyango)


“Is that so? Oh, I’m sorry for taking up your time.” (Claudier)


“No, no, it’s fine.” (Nyango)



 While I was talking to Claudier, Professor Lembolt was talking to the soldiers so that he could use the center of the shooting range.


 Among the soldiers is Hugo, a knight cadet from the Viscount’s family.



“Hey, Nyango, we meet again.” (Hugo)


“Hello Mr. Hugo, I’m sorry to bother you.” (Nyango)


“What’s the experiment you’re doing today?” (Hugo)


“The other day, Professor Lembolt taught me the magic gun’s magic circle, and I’m going to show him the results.” (Nyango)


“Hou, the magic circle of the magic gun huh…” (Hugo)



 When I told him that I would use the magic circle of the magic gun, Hugo’s eyes narrowed as if aiming for prey.


 My information has been passed down among the soldiers, and the students are also paying attention to me because I was having a friendly conversation with Claudier.



 It was a very difficult situation, but when I saw the expectant look on Professor Lembolt’s face, I had no choice but to do it.


 The distance from the shooting position to the target is about one hundred fifty meters, twice the distance of the guild, but I don’t have to worry that I might not be able to reach the target and fall in the middle of the distance.



 The Flame Bullet, which was shot out with a dry crackling sound, rushed through the shooting range at a speed suitable to be called a bullet, hit the steel target, and burst into a large flame about three meters in diameter.



“Oooh… that’s quite powerful.” (Soldier)


“A few steps ahead you, huh?” (Soldier)



 The soldiers were stunned to hear that the fireball from the magic gun’s magic circle was more powerful than they had anticipated.


 The students are a bit surprised at the difference in power between the two.



“Amazing! As always, you’re amazing, Nyango.” (Lembolt)



 Professor Lembolt, who saw the results, was as excited as usual.



“So, Nyango, how far can you increase its power?” (Lembolt)


“No… if I increase the power too much, the target will break…” (Nyango)


“Show me.” (Hugo)


“Eh……?” (Nyango)



 Suddenly, a request for more power came from the side, and I looked over with Professor Lembolt to see Hugo.



“It’s okay, the target here won’t break easily.” (Hugo)



 Hugo, having said that, swung his right hand down sharply immediately after a short chant.



 *Boosh*… With a sound heavier than mine, a fireball larger than mine hit the target and scattered in flames that seemed to exceed five meters.



“What do you think, the target did not break even with this much magic. If it does, I’ll take full responsibility.” (Hugo)



 Indeed, as Hugo said, the target did not seem to be affected at all.


 Perhaps the target is more durable than the ones I used at the guild.



“Okay, then, let’s raise the power a little more.” (Nyango)


“Hoho, I’m looking forward to it.” (Hugo)



 Well, as for Hugo, he probably doesn’t like the fact that a single catkin adventurer uses more powerful fire magic than he, a leopardkin and also a knight candidate.


 The last time I broke the guild’s target, it was a magic circle with five times the thickness and compression ratio.



 Perhaps increasing the thickness and compression ratio would increase the bullet velocity and penetration, so instead of increasing the diameter by another 3 times, I kept the thickness and compression ratio at 3 times and activated the magic circle.



 “*Shabam*!”, With a heavy thud, a flame bullet one size larger than Hugo’s was shot out, but I felt that the bullet velocity had increased way too much.


 When it hit the target, it burst into flames that filled the entire wall of the shooting range, and I could even feel the heat here.



“The target… oh, good thing it’s still standing.” (Nyango)



 The target that was hit by the flame cannon was red hot but still retained its original shape.



“Good, it didn’t break… Meoooow!” (Nyango)



 The moment I patted my chest in relief, the target, which had been red-hot radiating light, bent and collapsed.


 But nothing to worry about, it didn’t penetrate this time, so the embankment behind it and, of course, the walls were probably not scorched.



“Wonderful! It’s wonderful, Nyango, that target is said to block even advanced magic. Could you possibly make it more powerful?” (Lembolt)


“Meee-nyooow, I can’t go anymore. I can’t do it because it’s dangerous.” (Nyanbgo)



 If I were to comply with Professor Lembolt’s wishes, I might break the walls of the shooting range.


 No matter how well the Professor is treated, if I break the wall, I might be asked to pay for it.



“Well, I’m sorry, but I’ll give up. Hugo, isn’t it okay if I ask you to take care of that target?” (Lembolt)


“Wuh, yeah…” (Hugo)



 Hugo stared absent-mindedly in the direction of the target until Professor Lembolt called out to him.


 I wonder how much that target will cost.



 I wonder if I’m going to get a lot of resentment from Hugo for the unnecessary expense, or the report, or whatever…


 *Sigh*… Professor Lembolt, please feed me a good lunch. 





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