Black Cat Chapter 116: Time and Place

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“It’s hot, it’s hot! Royu shrimp is sweet and plump, with this white sauce and crunchy batter… yummeow!” (Nyango)



 The lunch Professor Lembolt treated me to was a shrimp burger with a cream croquette made with plenty of small shrimps called Royu shrimp sandwiched between buns.


 The white sauce is just used to hold the Royu shrimp together, and the crunchy inside is a Royu shrimp paradise.



 The burger is so hot that you have to “Foo, foo” while eating it, but freshly fried shrimp are the best.


 I was so engrossed in my shrimp burger, foo, foo, crunchy, foo, foo, plump, that when I finished eating it, I was the center of attention from the student side of the area.



 Even though I was the center of attention in the streets of Kilmaya, I could have just dismissed it as embarrassment during the trip, but it was a little more embarrassing to be the center of attention in a place where my identity was known.


 Yeah, it might have been a bad attitude if I was a good-looking man.



 Among the students who are paying attention are Claudier at the shooting range and Olivier at the cafeteria.


 Other than that, there were figures like Miguel and Jasper.



“As expected of the hero who saved the school from a crisis is the center of attention, right?” (Lembolt)


“Heh? Me, a hero…?” (Nyano)



 When I asked him about it, Professor Lembolt nodded his head.



“That’s right. You saved Claudier’s life and captured all the attackers, so it’s appropriate to call you a hero.” (Lembolt)


“Oh no, it just so happened that the odds were in my favor.” (Nyango)


“Even if that were true, I don’t think it would change my opinion of you, Nyango.” (Lembolt)



 Come to think of it, I was engrossed in the shrimp burger, but I think Claudier was talking about the events at the shooting range in an engrossing manner.


 Well, it was that situation, so there was no point in keeping my mouth shut or anything, but I don’t want her to spread the word too much that I broke the target.



 I don’t want any expensive bills to arrive at Chariot’s base via the guild.


 Even if it wasn’t a bill, it would be troublesome if I was summoned. [T/N: Flag. Nyango forgot his life as a former otaku.]



 After lunch, we returned to Professor Lembolt’s laboratory, where he showed me the mixing magic circle.


 This magic circle, as the name suggests, is used to mix liquids.



 In the actual magic tool, the mixing magic circle is placed in the bottom of the vessel, and after the item to be mixed is put in, magic power is applied from the outside of the vessel.


 It seems that there are several types of magic circles with different outputs, and they are used according to the viscosity of the mixture.



 This time, the magic circle is something that is beginning to be widely used in the world, so they don’t want me to think of new ways to use it.


 As for me, the only use I can think of is for a washing machine.



 I thought about putting it in the bottom of a bathtub so that I could fit myself in, but it would spin me around in circles and make me dizzy.


 Then, it would be more comfortable to submerge the wind magic circle in the bathtub and use it as a jacuzzi.



“Actually, I’m having a prototype dryer made, based on Nyango’s idea of using it. I think it will be ready early next year, so maybe you can take a look at it when it’s finished?” (Lembolt)


“Yes, if I can help you…” (Nyango)


“Well, I look forward to working with you next year.” (Lembolt)


“Thank you very much.” (Nyango)



 I left Professor Lembolt’s laboratory and was about to return to the base when I was ambushed.




“Mr. Nyango, when are you going to take me out?” (Olivier)


“Mr. Nyango, can you tell me about the fire magic you just used?” (Claudier)



 Olivier and Claudier, even Miguel and Jasper, and the others are there.



“Um… I’m sure you need permission to go out, right?” (Nyango)


“It’s fine as long as Nyango is with me.” (Olivier)


“No, but…” (Nyango)


“You promised me to take out.” (Olivier)


“If you go out, I’ll come with you too…” (Claudier)



 Again, even this time… nothing seems to work, so in the end, I decided to go to a sweets shop recommended by Claudier, not too far from the school.


 I’m being dragged along with Olivier holding my left arm and Claudier holding my right arm.



 I can use [Step], so I’m fine, but if I were a normal catkin, I’d be hanging above the ground.


 The soldiers guarding the school gate are looking at me warmly.



 I mean, even Miguel and the others are following us from a distance.


 I have no choice but to keep an eye on Miguel, Jasper, and the other three with the detection particles.



 Don’t you realize that people around you see you as rich kids when you’re in Academy uniforms?


 I don’t remember being contracted to escort you guys.



“What is your life like Mr. Nyango?” (Olivier)


“Usually? I live with my brother in the attic at the party base.” (Nyango)


“You have a brother?” (Olivier)


“Yes, my big brother is preparing for a new job.” (Nyango)


“Really…” (Olivier)



 Olivier is talking in a good mood, but behind him, I hear Miguel complaining.


 Apparently, it seems that I’m misunderstanding that I’m making Claudier attend me as well.



“I’ve heard that Mr. Nyango has the void attribute, but how come you can use fire magic?” (Claudier)


“Umm… when you make a magic circle with void magic, it activates the Engraving Magic. What you just saw was a magic circle of a magic gun.” (Nyango) [T/N: LOL weak to honey traps.]


“Then, if you use other magic circles, you can use other kinds of magic?” (Claudier)


“Yes, I can.” (Nyango)


“Amazing……” (Claudier)


“Yes, Mr. Nyango is very amazing.” (Olivier)



 Yes, it’s amazingly pathetic to look like I’m being kidnapped by two beautiful girls.


 The restaurant recommended by Claudier was a 15-minute walk from the school.



 It is surrounded by a garden with trees planted around it, and ornate restaurant tables in the center of the garden.


 It looks like a cake shop where you can eat and drink on the terrace in the garden or inside the store.



 It has been more than two months since I came to Ibouro, but this was my first visit to a cake shop.


 There was no such fancy cake shop in Atsuka village, so this is my first cake shop since my rebirth.



“Meow, there’s a lot of cake…” (Nyango)


“Amazing, which one do you want, Mr. Nyango?” (Claudier)


“Um… Uh…” (Nyango)



 The display cases were not as big as those at Japanese cake shops, but there were still so many different kinds of cakes that I couldn’t stop looking at them.


 In the end, I couldn’t decide and chose a shortcake filled with cream and a fruit tart.



 I chose one of the cakes from the display case and they brought it to my seat with a cup of tea.


 After entering the store, I noticed that it seemed to be a somewhat expensive store, and the customers seemed to be all well-off people, judging from their attire.



 Among them, a group of people in school uniforms seemed to stand out a little, but I stood out even more.


 I feel uncomfortable because I’m being stared at with a contemptuous gaze that is not usually directed at me in the guild bar or the town cafeteria, where I usually hang out.



 At a table for four, Olivier sat next to me, and Claudier sat across from me.


 Miguel and others sat at the table next to us, and a distraught Jasper sat next to Claudier.



“I won’t lose next time.” (Jaspoer)


“It won’t be that easy.” (Claudier)



 When I met him, he was proud of being the best in his class, but now I feel like his feet were swept from under him.


 Or rather, we’re in a restless state with the cakes in front of us.



 When I insisted that both the shortcake and the fruit tart were mine, the waitress chuckled at me.


 Still, the magic of cake is unbeatable.



“Yummeow! The combination of rich cream and fluffy sponge cake is yummeow! The tart is the perfect combination of sweet and sour fruit and custard cream, yummeow!” (Nayngo)


“Mr. Nyango, would you like to try a bite of mine too?” (Olivier)


“Meow! Can I?” (Nyango)



 I accepted Olivier’s kind offer without a second thought.



“Here, Mr. Nyango, aah…” (Olivier)


“Ah… yummeow! The chestnut flavor is so rich, yummeow!” (Nyango)



 I was sharing a shortcake with Olivier in return, and Claudier offered hers too.



“Mr. Nyango, how about trying mine?” (Claudier)


“Can I?” (Nyango)


“Yes, aah…” (Claudier)


“Ah… yummeow! The sweetness of the berries perfectly matched the tartness of the yogurt, yummeow!”



 I was so engrossed in the cake that I didn’t notice, but there were giggles and creeping laughter coming from everywhere.



“What a despicable creature…” (Snotty Audience)


“I know they’re their pet, but they gave it no discipline…” (Snotty Audience)



 I felt as if I had been doused with cold water on my back.


 Since I came to Ibouro, things have been going so well that I may have been getting a little carried away.



 The people who know me now treat me as an adventurer, but to strangers, I am nothing more than a catkin child.


 And in a place where rich people gather, it’s no wonder they despise me if I get carried away and make a fuss.



 I don’t mind being ridiculed on my own, but it’s not cool to get Olivier and Claudier involved.


 I was feeling a little depressed.



“Hiii…” (Voice)



 A scream could be heard from behind the display case, and a flame bullet flew across the store and bounced off the wall.


 With wild footsteps, four masked men burst into the store.



“Be quiet! If you make noise, I’ll kill you! Give me all the money you got! …Giiiiiii!!!” (Robber)



 The man who had been shouting loudly, firing a crude magic gun with a handle attached to a metal tube, suddenly stiffened and collapsed, his eyes white.



“Hey, what’s going on…” (Robber)



 The man who rushed to his friend who suddenly collapsed also stiffened and collapsed.


 Of course, both of them touched the lightning magic circle I made with void attribute magic.



“You’re bold to rob people in the middle of the day.” (Nyango)


“What the f*ck, pussycaaaaa–Guaaaa, hot, it’s hot!” (Robber)



 The man who fired the magic gun at me screamed as he was hit squarely by a flame bullet that exploded in front of him.


 If you shoot without noticing that you’re trapped in a narrow space with a void magic wall, it’s only natural that this would happen.



 When the man rolled over and the fire on his clothes went out, I silenced him with a lightning magic circle.


 One more robber.



“What’s going on… oouch!” (Robber)



 The last one abandoned his friends and tried to run away, so I blocked his way with [Shield] and hit him in the face as hard as I could.



“Do you really think you can escape in this situation?” (Nyango)


“Pussycat… This is your doing!” (Robber)


“Well, I don’t know what you’re talking about… I haven’t moved from here.” (Nyango)


“Damn it, die!” (Robber)



 The last one pulls out a knife hanging from his waist and tries to stab me…



“Gihiiiii …” (Robber)



 He ran into the lightning magic circle and collapsed, electrocuted.


 I thought that was all, but there was another fellow at the entrance of the store, so I silenced him with the lightning magic circle as well.



“Don’t move! Everyone should just sit down.” (Nyango)



 I told Olivier and the others not to get up from their seats and asked the shopkeeper to inform the authorities.


 After about 20 minutes, one of the officials who appeared at the restaurant was Hugues, who had been present during the subjugation of Zozon.



“Hello, Mr. Hugues.” (Nyango)


“Ah, the one at that time… umm, did you defeat them?” (Hugues)


“Yes, they had magic guns, a crude one, but I had to restrain them because they are dangerous.” (Nyango)



 The masked men were tied up with the help of a shopkeeper before Hugues arrived.


 Of course, neither the store nor its customers were harmed.



“Well, you are indeed a member of Chariot. We’re always short on staff at this time of year because of the increase in the number of violent criminals, so you are quite the help.” (Hugues)



 It is said that during this time at the end of the year, more and more people are chased down by debt collectors and they turn to crime to make up the missing money.


 If they cannot pay back the money, they will sink into the darkness of the slums.



“Mr. Hugues, can I leave them to you? I have to escort the students over there to the Academy…” (Nyango)


“Yeah, leave it to me. Thank you for your cooperation.” (Hugues)



 The sky was beginning to turn red by now, so I should drop Olivier and the others off at the Academy and go home.


 The owner of the restaurant shouldered the bill for my help.



 And when I left the store, not a single customer looked down on me.





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