Black Cat Chapter 117: Report to the Guild Master

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 On my way home from school, I stopped by the Adventurers’ Guild on a whim.


 I remembered that Guild Master Cordobas had told me to let him know if I had seen any incident with the magic gun.



 I wondered if the Adventurers’ Guild would be closed during the New Year’s holiday, but then I saw people coming and going through the front door.


 Maybe the tavern was open for business.



 When I opened the door and went inside, I saw that there were adventurers, albeit sparse, in front of the counter, and that the guild employees were also working.


 Still, the number of people there appeared to be about half the usual number, so they must be working in so-called shifts.



 As I approached the counter, I saw Ms. Jessica, who is always assigned to me.



“Hello, Mr. Nyango. Isn’t Chariot on vacation?” (Jessica)


“Yes, we’re off as a party, but I just showed up at Academy for a bit.” (Nyango)


“Then, did you receive any requests?” (Jessica)


“No, I didn’t… but I came to talk to the Guild Master, but I know I can’t just show up on a moment’s notice.” (Nyango)


“No… I think you’re probably okay.” (Jessica)



 Ms. Jessica asked another staff member to take care of counter duties and accompanied me to the Guild Master’s room.



“Mr. Nyango, could it be about the magic guns?” (Jessica)


“Yes, I went to a cake shop near the Academy with some students earlier, and the robbers we encountered there were some using magic guns.” (Nyango)


“Yeah! What happened to the robbers?” (Jessica)


“I caught them. All five of them were tied up and handed over to the authorities.” (Nyango)


“You alone…?” (Jessica)


“Yes, even if there are five of them, they were all amateurs.” (Nyango)


“But they were carrying weapons, right?” (Jessica)


“Even if they have weapons, the opponents are amateurs, so there is no problem.” (Nyango)


“*Exasperated Sigh*…” (Jessica)



 Ms. Jessica looks unconvinced, but since [Shield] can protect me from attacks and restrain them, I am not afraid unless they are an adventurer with a much higher rank.


 We took the stairs to the second floor, knocked on the heavy door at the far end, and Ms. Jessica called out.



“It’s Jessica. Mr. Nyango says he has something to discuss with you…” (Jessica)


“Wait a moment…” (Cordobas)



 After the sound of something being put away was heard from behind the door, a low, rumbling voice called out again,



“Come in…” (Cordobas)


“Excuse me.” (Jessica)



 As I entered the office through the door Jessica opened for me, I could smell the aroma of cigars.


 I glanced over and saw the remains of a cigar butt that had been rubbed out in an ashtray on the table.



 Although it might not be visible from Ms. Jessica’s eye level, there was a two-meter-long staff-shaped object wrapped in a cloth lying under the sofa.


 I am not clairvoyant, but I guessed it was a spear of some kind.



“Hello, Nyango. What can I do for you?” (Cordobas)


“Sorry to bother you while you are busy. I’m here to talk about magic guns…”  (Nyango)



 Cordobas greeted me with a smile, but his expression tightened at the mention of the magic gun.



“Are you talking about the bandits you encountered while escorting the Furniture Workshop Diaco?” (Cordobas)


“That’s part of it, but the robber I just encountered was using those magic guns too mentioned.” (Nyango)


“What the… well, sit down and tell me more. Jessica, I’d like some tea.” (Cordobas)



 We moved to the reception couch and sat across the table from each other.


 This is the second time I’ve faced Cordobas, but the former A-rank adventurer is still intimidating.



 It’s not so much when we’re making small talk, but when it’s serious, I can’t help but feel nervous.



“First of all, can you tell me how it all started?” (Cordobas)


“Yes, today I went to say hello to Professor Lembolt at the Academy…” (Nyango)



 I told him the story of how I encountered the robbers at the cake shop I went to with Olivier and Claudier, and how I ended up turning them into the authorities.



“Hmm, a lightning magic circle huh… can that suppress the opponent in an instant?” (Cordobas)


“Yes, it can. But you have to be careful not to increase the power too much or you could end up taking a life.” (Nyango)


“I see. At any rate, it’s quite a feat to restrain five robbers so effortlessly.” (Cordobas)


“No, even if I say robbery, it was not a big deal. They looked like amateurs.” (Nyango)



 Of course, I said this with some humility, but Cordobas frowned.



“I don’t think you’re completely aware of what you’re capable… or you don’t seem to have any awareness.” (Cordobas)


“Eh, what awareness?” (Nyango)


“Yes, awareness. You say it is not a big deal, but even if they are amateurs, it is not easy to neutralize an armed opponent. And it’s not easy for a catkin with their lesser stature to take on five robbers in a situation that might endanger those around him.” (Cordobas)


“Ah, I see…” (Nyango)


“Hmm? What’s wrong?” (Cordobas)



 I realized after Cordobas told me that I was so preoccupied with subduing the robbers that I wasn’t paying any attention to anything to do with the customers around me.


 Even though I had been ridiculed by a rich customer just before that, this would have disqualified me as an adventurer.



 When I honestly told this to Cordobas, he nodded his head a few times.



“I see. It was certainly a bit rash for an adventurer to do. It seems to me that the robbers were only after money and had no intention of hurting the customers. In that case, we must put the customer’s life before money. But still, Nyango, you were able to subdue them, right?” (Cordobas)



 Certainly, the result would have been the same even if we had surrounded the robbers with a wall made of void magic and then used a lightning magic circle.



“Yes. But I failed to take that into consideration today. I’m still not good enough…” (Nyango)


“Fufufu, there are few people your age who can think that far. In the first place, if you don’t have the skill to suppress, you can’t even accumulate such experience. I hope you will make the most of your experience and do even better next time.” (Cordobas)


“Yes, I will do better next time.” (Nyango)



 Cordobas nodded in satisfaction with a grin on his face, but his expression immediately tightened.



“Even so, it’s a little worrying that magic guns are used even in robberies at that level.” (Cordobas)


“I don’t know much about the price of magic guns, but I heard the price is equal to a house built in the Royal Capital.” (Nyango)


“That’s right. If you want to get a well-made magic gun, you need to accumulate a lot of gold coins.” (Cordobas)


“There were quite a few magic gun armed bandits who attacked when I was on the furniture workshop request.” (Nyango)


“Perhaps they are distributing prototypes at low prices.” (Cordobas)


“Could they be from the slums?” (Nyango)


“That’s the most likely possibility… but there’s also the possibility of something different.” (Cordobas)


“A different possibility…huh?” (Nyango)



 Cordobas nodded once, moistened his throat with cold tea, and then began to speak.



“Nyango, what do you think is the reason for distributing the magic gun in the first place?” (Cordobas)


“Eh, isn’t it to let people use them for crimes… like robberies and other crimes so they can make some rough money?” (Nyango)


“The academy hostage-taking the other day and the break-in robbery you encountered today are possible examples of this. If you offer something cheaply and get the profit back, you don’t lose anything. …I think that the people who benefit from the spread of the magic gun are behind it.” (Cordobas)



 Apparently, Cordobas seems to think that there are people other than those in the favelas who are involved in the manufacture of low-quality magic guns.


 But who would benefit from the spread of low-quality magic guns?



“Don’t tell me that adventurers are involved in order to increase the number of requests for escort requests…?” (Nyango)


“Haha, I doubt it. If they have the means to prevent fireballs like you, they might be pleased to see an increase in requests for escorts, but for the run-of-the-mill adventurer, no matter how weak the weapon is, Flame Bullets are still a threat.” (Cordobas)


“That’s right…” (Nyango)


“Actually, today is not the first time that a burglar armed with a magic gun has attacked a store where the rich gather.” (Cordobas)


“Eeeee… there have been other incidents?” (Nyango)



 According to Cordobas, there have already been three robberies using magic guns.


 All of the robberies have been at stores that attract rich customers, and in addition to the store’s sales, customers’ money and pieces of jewelry have also been taken, he said.



“The culprits have not been caught so far, but thanks to Nyango, the authorities will be able to proceed with their investigations.” (Cordobas)


“I hope so, but if there are other robbers besides those five, there must be someone else pulling the strings… they’re from the slums, aren’t they?” (Nyango)


“Nyango, what do you think the rich will do when these robberies increase?” (Cordobas)


“I think they will hire guards…” (Nyango)


“Well, that’s the most solid action. …Recently, there is a man who visits rich people’s houses and sells them Salamander coats.” (Cordobas)



 Salamanders are fire-breathing earth dragons, and their leather is said to be fireproof.



“You don’t think he’s behind this, do you?” (Nyango)


“I don’t know yet, but I’m hearing that among some rich people, a trend for some very expensive salamander coats is rising.” (Cordobas)



 Cordobas grinned and drank his cooled tea.


 The search for the mastermind behind the magic gun and the arrest of the robbers are not under the jurisdiction of the Adventurers’ Guild, but information must be passed on to the members of the guild who are contracted to do the escort work.



 The meeting ended when I was told to keep passing on any more information…



“Master. Even if we get a request to take down a wyvern, the members have priority, and I won’t allow the Guild Master to be away from the guild for days at a time.” (Jessica)


“Wha-What are you talking about, Jessica? Wyverns, or so I recall, I received news from the Viscount…” (Cordobas)


“There’s a lot of noise in the city about the magic gun, so please stay quiet and do your job.” (Jessica)


“I know…” (Cordobas)



 After being questioned by Ms. Jessica, who has a smile but was not smiling, Cordobas gave up going out.


 I knew it, Ms. Jessica, you are the scariest…





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