Black Cat Chapter 118: A Girls’ Night Out

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 It was completely dark when I was talking with Guild Master Cordobas.


 Because I was present at the meeting, Jessica had to work late.



“I’m sorry, Jessica. It was time for you to go home, right?” (Nyango)


“No, don’t worry about it. It is not unusual for me to work overtime.” (Jessica)


“But isn’t it dangerous to work so late…?” (Nyango)


“Well, would you like to escort me home, Mr. Nyango?” (Jessica)


“Eh, me? I don’t mind, but…” (Nyango)


“Then please wait at the entrance for a moment.” (Jessica)



 Having encountered a break-in robbery during the day, I felt that Ms. Jessica, an employee of the guild, might get in danger if she went home alone.


 Chariot’s base would start eating dinner when soon and clean up when they were done.



 Sometimes everyone eats out together, and the policy is that those who are not there at that time are free to eat on their own.


 If I went straight home, I would probably make it in time, but if I dropped Ms. Jessica off, dinner would already be cleaned up.



 On the way back from dropping Ms. Jessica off, I might go to the tavern where I had stopped by with Mr. Zeol before.



“I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Nyango. Shall we go then?” (Jessica)


“Yes, which direction?” (Nyango)


“This way.” (Jessica)



 Using the steps, I walked along, keeping eye contact with Ms. Jessica.


 I was a little disappointed that she didn’t reach for my arms like Olivier and Claudier did.



 Ms. Jessica is wearing a long blue coat with the guild crest embroidered on its back and chest.


 Apparently, that coat was provided by the guild.



“Is something wrong?” (Jessica)


“Well, that coat…” (Nyango)


“Oh, it’s a coat given to guild employees. Do you know why they give these coats?” (Jessica)


“Eh, why… for others to know you’re a guild employee…?” (Nyango)


“Yes, that’s right. It means that the person wearing this coat is an employee of the guild, and if you harm them, be prepared to make the whole guild your enemy…” (Jessica)


“I see… so you don’t need me escorting you, do you?” (Nyango)


“Fufufu… No, no, it’s very necessary.” (Jessica)



 Ms. Jessica walks from the main street to the back alley with a smile that feels more confident than when she was in the guild.


 It is a street lined with tavern and restaurants, and it seems to be a street that will become busier in the coming hours.



There are a few flirtatious older men here and there on the street who seem to be trying to pick up women, but there is no sign of them approaching Ms. Jessica.


 It is not that Ms. Jessica is unattractive, but that her coat with the guild’s emblem on it is effective.



“Here we are, Mr. Nyango.” (Jessica)


“Nya? Is Ms. Jessica’s house a restaurant?” (Nyango)


“No… Please go out with me for a while.” (Jessica)


“Okay…” (Nyango)



 Well, it’s Ms. Jessica who has always helped me, and it’s really scary when she gets angry, so I’ll just follow her quietly.


 I followed Ms. Jessica into the restaurant and heard a voice from a table in the back of the room.



“Oh, come in, come in, you’re late, Jessica.” (Deerkin)


“Sorry, sorry, I had to work late.” (Jessica)



 The voice was from a deerkin woman about Ms. Jessica’s age, and she seemed quite flamboyant.



“Huh? Who is this boy?” (Deerkin)


“I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Nyango, a C-rank adventurer, who is also my boyfriend.” (Jessica)


“Meoow! Boyfriend…?” (Nyango)


“Ahahaha, your boyfriend is frozen. This must be the catkin you told me about. I’m Regina, Jessica’s childhood friend.” (Deerkin => Regina)


“Hello, I’m Nyango.” (Nyango)


“Yeah, that’s quite a face, nice, very nice.” (Regina)



 Ms. Regina has a slender model-like figure in contrast to Ms. Jessica’s, but she has a rough tone that makes you want to call her bro.



“Umm… what catkin?” (Nyango)


“Jessica is talking about you. He’s very good… He’s unbelievable… He’s so adorable…” (Regina)


“Wait, Regina. I didn’t say you know?” (Jessica)


“Yeah–uh, you did say that then there’s, about the girl at the tavern and…” (Regina)


“Stop! That’s it.” (Jessica)


“Yes, yes, well, are you taking your time…?” (Regina)



 Yes, it seems like I’m going to be the side dish of Ms. Jessica and Ms. Regina’s drinks.


 Since it was my first time at the restaurant, I chose only the drinks and left the rest of the menu to Ms. Jessica.



 I looked around the restaurant again and found that most of the customers were women, with only one male customer other than myself.


 All the waitresses were women, too.



“You know, this is a place where men are not allowed unless accompanied by a woman.” (Jessica)


“Really?” (Nyango)


“Yes, there are no men here to bother us, so we can have a drink and a bite to eat with other women.” (Jessica)


“I see…” (Nyango)



 The only experience I had in my previous life was as an outcast in high school, so I don’t know anything about the flirting tactics used by men and women.


 The only thing that helps me a lot is that I don’t have to get tangled up with strange older men.



 There are no overly passionate old men in the store, and there are no flirty older men either, so the atmosphere is homey and relaxed.


 In such a case, it is necessary to behave maturely so I do not to spoil the atmosphere of the restaurant.



“Yummeow! What is this milk, yummeow! (Nyango)


“Ahahahaha… Good, you’re good, Nyango. You’re really good!” (Regina)



 Regina, who is sitting in the opposite seat, is rolling in laughter, and Jessica also has a wry smile.


 Oops… this milk is dangerous.



“This milk is pretty delicious…” (Nyango)


“Ahahahaha… it hurts, it hurts, my stomach hurts, you–!” (Regina)



 I feel like I’m going to be laughed at no matter what I do.



“It’s okay, Mr. Nyango. Now, don’t worry about it, eat up.” (Jessica)


“Yes…” (Nyango)



 Ms. Jessica says don’t worry about it, but I think the fact that I’m back to my usual mode, instead of the sad feeling I had earlier, shows how good my emotion handling is.


 However, I must work hard and learn to behave according to time and place…



“Hot! Yummeow! What’s this, it’s hot! Yummeow!” (Nyango)


“That’s freshwater oyster skewers.” (Jessica)


“The batter is crispy, the inside is soft and juicy, and the filling is rich, yummeow! So hot!!” (Nyango)


“Ahahahaha… Don’t worry, no one will take it so don’t rush it.” (Regina)



 It seems that this restaurant mainly serves fried skewers, so it’s tough to have two consecutive battles during lunchtime, but I thought I’d try my best with my well-trained foo-foo technique, but after thinking about it, I could create a small wind magic circle to cool it down. It’s fine.


 Nyango wins the battle with freshly fried hot food… It’s hot, but Umya!




“Hmm… sure he’s an interesting character, but he doesn’t seem as awesome as Jessica says he is.” (Regina)


“That’s because Regina doesn’t see things I do. Even today, he caught five robbers.” (Jessica)


“Huh? This kid? Are you kidding…?” (Regina)


“Are you kidding me? It was only because of Mr. Nyango’s work that we were able to arrest the sixty criminals during the Academy incident.” (Jesica)


“Hmmm, this kid who is going crazy from skewers? Arresting sixty criminals? Hmmm…” (Regina)



 I don’t care if you don’t believe me.


 More importantly, these cheese skewers are so crispy and hot…



“Meow, hot, yummeow, so hot, yummeow…” (Nyango)


“No, I can’t imagine it at all…” (Regina)


“It’s fine, it’s fine, eventually in Ibouro… No, he’s going to be an adventurer who represents the country, hey… Mr. Nyango.” (Jessica)



 Perhaps because of the alcohol, Ms. Jessica has a kinder atmosphere than usual, and I feel that the gaze that is directed at me is overflowing with motherly pride.



“Meow? Did you say meowthing?” (Nyango)


“Nothing, this is a deep-fried quail egg skewer. It’s delicious~” (Jessica)


“Meow? Can I eat it?” (Nyango)


“Of course, here.” (Jessica)


“Nya, hot, meow, meow, yummeow! Crispy batter, soft yolk, yummeow!” (Nyango)



 It seems that we have been completely baited, but we are no match for the magical power of skewers.



“An adventurer who represents the country… I wonder how…” (Regina)


“Oh, soon. He’ll be on everyone’s lips by the beginning of the new year.” (Jessica)


“Is there anything happening at the beginning of the year?” (Nyango)


“Yeah, maybe… Mr. Nyango, here’s some stuffed Porso mushrooms.” (Jessica)


“Meow, stuffed with meat… meow, hot, foo, foo, meow, meow, yummeow! The scent of Porso mushrooms, the crunchy texture, and the flavor of the meat combined, yummeow!” (Nyango)


“Oh, Mr. Nyango’s drink is gone. Here, more berry milk!” (Jessica)



 After a heated battle with the stuffed Porso mushrooms, a purple-pink drink was served.



“Meow? Meow this… yummeow! Sweet and sour, yummeow!” (Nyango)


“Berry milk, wild berries, and milk combined.” (Jessica)


“Berry milk…yummeow!” (Nyango)



 Afterwards, I enjoyed chatting with Ms. Jessica and Ms. Regina, who were full of delicious skewers and no men to tangle with.


 I think I even had some ice cream to finish off the meal, and I think I paid for it properly… Probably.



T/N: Jessica is sinking her claws on Nyango. Cute, fluffy and strong is a nice combo. However, two predators are also eying Nyango. 





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