Black Cat Chapter 119: Jessica

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 The boat is swaying, swaying, swaying.


 I’m feeling a little queasy, but I wonder if it’s because I’m seasick.



 When did I get on a boat?


 No, I must be dreaming of traveling on a boat.



 My head seems to be resting on something soft and warm.


 I don’t know what it is, but it feels good.



“Even if you press against me like that, my Mt. Fujis won’t come out.” (Voice)


“Meow?” (Nyango)



 I hear a familiar soft voice in my ear.


 Um, who are you? I try to remember but I can’t get my head around it.



 My chest is aching, and I can’t think straight, all due to seasickness.


 I wondered if my seasickness would get better if I just stayed buried in the soft things and slept like this.



“Fufu, you’re being a spoiled child this morning… Mr. Nyango.” (Voice)


“Meow? Mister… Nyango?” (Nyango)



 Finally, my head started to work a little.


 This soft feeling is slightly different… but I remember it.



 However, in this situation, there is no way that my name would be called with “Mr.”.


 As soon as my head starts to spin, I start to break out in a cold sweat.



 It smells so good, but I don’t remember it either.


 Fearfully, I open my eyelids and look up.



“Good morning, Mr. Nyango.” (Jessica)


“Oh, good morning… Ms. Jessica.” (Nyango)


“Last night was very intense…” (Jessica)


“Meoow! Eh, uh… uh…” (Nyango)


“Maybe you don’t remember, Mr. Nyango?” (Jessica)


“Uh… um… I’m sorry!” (Nyango)



 I can’t remember at all, and I’m not wearing pants or underpants.


 I mean, I don’t think Jessica is wearing anything either…



 This is like a situation in which a man must take responsibility…


 It’s like I’ve climbed the stairs to adulthood without even knowing it…



 But why don’t I remember anything?



“Will you… take responsibility?” (Jessica)


“R-responsibility… eh, um…” (Nyango)


“But. Please clean up the bathroom properly.” (Jessica)


“B-but… The bathroom?” (Nyango)


“You really don’t remember, do you? That’s a big problem.” (Jessica)



 According to Jessica, berry milk is a cocktail made from wild berry liqueur.


 I thought it was a juice and drank it in big gulps, and as a result, I was drunk as a skunk.



 It’s dangerous to let me go home alone, so it’s good that Ms. Jessica brought me to her own apartment, but it seems that I used a magic circle in the bathroom and made a big mess.



“You were saying things like ‘laundry…’ and ‘jacuzzi something…’ and spraying hot water all over the place, making a big mess in the bathroom. Please clean up properly.” (Jessica)


“Yes… I’m sorry.” (Nyango)


“You are very good at washing women’s bodies, where did you learn that?” (Jessica)


“Meow, that’s…” (Nyango)


“If you get drunk and give someone that kind of service, you will really have to take responsibility for it. Please reflect.” (Jessica)


“Yes…” (Nyango)



 It seems that I got too excited in the bathroom and showed off my warm air magic circle and my washing technique that Ms. Leila taught me.


 I mean, in my drunken state, that full course of washing was not good…



 I got out of bed quickly, put on my pants and trousers and peeked into the bathroom.


 Oh… this is terrible, there are traces of bubbles splashed from the wall to the ceiling.



“Um, Ms. Jessica, can I have a rag… Meow! I’m sorry.” (Nyango)



 Ms. Jessica was in the process of getting out of bed and putting on her underwear, and I saw many places.



“Excuse me, the rag is in the door under the sink. Also, we took a bath together yesterday, but now it’s too late.” (Jessica)


“Yes…” (Nyango)



 I borrowed a rag from under the sink and cleaned the bathroom from ceiling to floor.


 I can’t reach it as it is, but [Step] make it easy to clean the ceiling.



 When I had finished cleaning the bathtub, windowsills, and everything else, I asked Ms. Jessica to check my work.



“Yes, thank you. Thank you for your hard work.” (Jessica)


“Sorry for the mess.” (Nyango)



 I was sweating profusely and cold, and the wobbly feeling in my head left me, probably because I had cleaned the bathroom.


 At the same time, my stomach *Growl* *Rumble*… it was complaining loudly.



“Ufufufu, you must be hungry. Shall we go have breakfast?” (Jessica)


“Yes, I apologize for the inconvenience, so please let me treat you.” (Nyango)



 I heard that the guild works shifts, I think, and Ms. Jessica is off today.


 Today Ms. Jessica is wearing a white fuzzy sweater, a brown knit skirt, and warm suede boots on her feet.



 She looks younger than in her usual guild uniform, perhaps because of her soft atmosphere.


 Speaking of which, how old is Jessica.., I don’t really have to ask.



 Ms. Jessica took me to a coffeeshop near her apartment that was a bit trendy and relaxed.


 Yeah, I have to know the time and place and act like a good man…



“Yummeow! The bagels are chewy, the lettuce is crunchy, the cheese and ham are rich, yummeow!” (Nyango) [T/N: Zero points.]


“Ufufufu, the bagels won’t run away, Mr. Nyango.” (Jessica)


“Meow… yeah, they’re pretty good, Ms. Jessica.” (Nyango)


“Fufu, that’s right.” (Jessica)



 I wasn’t going to act like an adult man… or rather, I was trying to act like an adult, but I can’t drink Calfe black, and it’s no good at all…



“Nyango-san, how far do you remember?” (Jessica)


“I remember the part where I started drinking the berry milk, but after that, it was like I felt like I was stumbling.” (Nyango)


“I think you have to be with someone you trust when you drink.” (Jessica)


“Yes, I’ll be careful…” (Nyango)



 It was my first time to drink alcohol and I suddenly made a blunder, which was shameful.



“Mr. Nyango, you are going to become more and more famous from now on, so you really have to be careful.” (Jessica)


“Yes… Come to think of it, I think you were talking about that yesterday. I think you were talking about the Viscount Lagart and Marquis Escalante…” (Nyango)


“That’s the part I need you to remember, so I’ll explain it to you again.” (Jessica)



 The territory of Viscount Lagart, where Ibouro is located, and the territory of Marquis Escalante, where I went out as an escort for the furniture workshop the other day, are neighboring territories, and it seems that these two families are competing with each other.


 The Escalante family, which has served as head of the Knight Order, is said to be superior in terms of status as a nobleman and position in the country, but it is said to be a kind of battle of wills that transcends their status.



 For example, the fact that there are equal numbers of knights from the Royal Knights and the Viscount Lagart stationed at the Bisreus Fort, where I went to ask for help during the Bronze Wolf attack, seems to be the result of a battle of wills.


 On the other side of the border across from the Royal Capital, there are places where only the Royal Knights are guarding the area.



 On the border between Viscount Lagart’s territory and the Marquis Escalante’s territory is Mount Bule, where wyverns are said to reside.



“Are the two families going to fight over the wyvern subjugation?” (Nyango)


“Not a fight, but a competition. Probably, at the beginning of the year, they will have a competition to see who can kill the wyvern first! I think it will be something like that.” (Jessica)


“Will Chariot be sent there as well?” (Nyango)


“Maybe… because you made a name by subjugating the Bronze Wolf.” (Jessica)



 The Lagart family and the Escalante family began to compete not from the time of the current lord, but from the previous generation, the generation before that generation, the generation before that generation, the generation before that generation.


 And, just as the Escalante family’s predecessor has been getting information about the world from Thalberg, a former A-rank adventurer, it seems that the Lagart family’s predecessor has been getting information about adventurers, too.



“Eh, could it be that my information…?” (Nyango)


“Finishing Bronze Wolf while an F-rank, playing an active role as a member of Chariot, defeating C-rank and B-rank adventurers, and wiping out the criminals who occupied the Academy… there’s no reason why they wouldn’t have heard about you.” (Jessica)


“Umm… I’m sorry…” (Nyango)


“Mr. Nyango, did you do something dangerous again?” (Jessica)


“Yes, actually…” (Nyango)



 When I told her that I had melted down an iron target at the school shooting range, Ms. Jessica gave me a big sigh.



“Mr. Nyango, they might send a request for you personally, not Chariot.” (Jessica)


“Yeah… what if I refuse…” (Nyango)


“You can’t do that. You can refuse to serve the Lagart family, but you can’t refuse a request unless you have a good reason to do so.” (Jessica)


“Eeeeeh… it’s a little bit too much for me if I go alone…” (Nyango)


“Haa, it can’t be helped. If Mr. Nyango receives a request personally, I’ll try to make them send the request to Chariot instead.” (Jessica)


“Thank you, Ms. Jessica.” (Nyango)



 As I expected, you may be a little scary but very dependable, Ms. Jessica.



“In return, I will ask you to wash me in the bath again. This time, when you’re not drunk…” (Jessica)


“Eh… I understand.” (Nyango)


“It’s good you understand… Ufufufu.” (Jessica)



 I don’t know if she’s serious or not, but I’m getting more and more confused about Ms. Jessica, and I’m sure she’s getting more and more charming. 





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