Black Cat Chapter 12: Basic Training Continues

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 Attribute magic is called the Goddess’ magic, Engraving magic is called the Scholar’s magic, and Body Enhancement magic is called People’s magic.


 Attribute magic is given by the goddess, and one can begin to use it without being taught, although the degree of improvement depends on an individual’s training.



 Engraving magic, which uses magic circles, is the magic of scholars since it cannot be used without going to school and acquiring specialized knowledge.


 And Body Enhancement magic is passed down from person to person, so it is called People’s magic.



 After beginning training, I learned that while attribute magic is activated by circulating magic elements in the magic veins, Body Enhancement magic is used by flowing magic elements into the blood vessels.


 It seems that the process of flowing magic elements into the blood vessels cannot be grasped without learning the feeling.



 The training started with flowing the magic element from the right hand to the left hand, then from the right hand to the right foot, from the right hand to the left foot, from the right foot to the left hand, and so on, and I was made to learn the sensation of having it circulate throughout my entire body.


 I knew the logic, but it was moved inside my body, and no matter how many times I did it, the hairs on my body stood on end.



“If we neglected this step, the possibility of physical injury would increase. I know it’s unpleasant, but you have to persevere.” (Zeol)



 Currently, Mr. Zeol is operating from the outside to make sure the magic element flows smoothly, and once it is flowing without any problems, I will be able to move on to the next stage.


 Before and after the training, I was also taught about magic.



 Attribute magic and Body Enhancement magic require different flows of magic elements and consume more magic elements when used together, so it is difficult to use them together.


 Even among higher-ranked adventurers, there are few who can simultaneously use both, and most of them switch quickly between the two.



“Before entering battle, you need to fill your body with magic elements. If your veins are filled with magic elements, you can quickly switch between them.” (Zeol)


“Is it really difficult to use both at the same time?” (Nyango)


“Is there a reason you want to use both at the same time?” (Zeol)


“Yeah, well…” (Nyango)



 The first step has already reached the level of completion, but I told Mr. Zeol that I was still in the training stage, but I wanted to use it for escaping while using the Body Enhancement.



“Well, that’s interesting, using air as a foothold.” (Zeol)


“Hopefully it will be useful for escaping as it will allow me to cross rivers and move to the other side of cliffs…” (Nyango)


“That’s right. If you’re going to run away, it’s better to be able to use Body Enhancement at the same time. Then, try to improve while practicing by yourself. If you start training at your age, you may be able to use it properly.” (Zeol)



 After all, it is said that Body Enhancement magic improves more quickly and to a greater degree if practiced from a young age.


 As someone with a small body, I definitely want to master the combination of Body Enhancement magic and attribute magic.



“Speaking of which, what kind of training do knight candidates do?” (Nyango)


“I remember one person when I was your age became a candidate for the Knight Order. The first step for those who want to become knights is basic training. They are made to run with weights on their backs, do strength training, and then cast magic until they collapse.” (Zeol)


“Ueeee… What about the etiquette and behavior of knights?” (Nyango)


“You don’t get to do that until you’re a knight. You need to improve your basic skills first, second is fighting skills, lastly is etiquette.” (Zeol)



 I have the most magical training in the village of Atsuka, and I thought I was the most skilled among my age, but it seems that Horacio is far ahead of me since he went to the Royal Capital.


 I don’t intend to lead a rigid life like a knight or become a burly fighter, but it would be aggravating to see the difference when I meet Horacio again.



“What, you’re going to compete with a guy who was recruited by the Knights? You should be satisfied with the degree to which you were able to get Miguel. More is not worth talking about. In the eyes of those who aim to become knights of the kingdom, once they are become, candidates. Miguel becomes just an insect or a pebble on the side of the road. Even you… At best, you’re an abandoned cat.” (Zeol)


“I’m not particularly satisfied…” (Nyango)



 We were far behind from the start, so I don’t intend to compete for head-on, but it is frustrating when confronted with reality.


 The truth is that there are people who have talent and are working hard. Someone like me, who is not blessed with talent, will never be able to catch up to them without a lot of effort, sweat, and blood.



“I know you don’t want to lose to your childhood friend, but don’t neglect the basics of Body Enhancement. Basic training is tedious, and the effects are hard to see, but if you build a solid foundation, you will have a different growth potential later on. Take your time and work at it first.” (Zeol)


“Yes……” (Nyango)



 That said, the basic training for Body Enhancement magic is plain.


 Holding hands with Mr. Zeol, we repeated the practice of circulating magic elements in my blood vessels.



 The first time, Mr. Zeol was moving the magic element, but in the next stage, I’m moving it.


 I am still holding hands with Mr. Zeol, but now I feel that he is the one monitoring the movement of the magic elements.



 The magic elements taken in from the outside flow into the blood vessels to circulate, but it cannot be done as smoothly as it is circulated in the magic veins when using attribute magic.


 Probably, Body Enhancement is achieved by intentionally circulating the magic element in the blood vessels, even though it was not originally intended to flow through the blood vessels.



 Furthermore, if it wasn’t working easily, I try to remember the knowledge from my previous life and remembered the capillaries, which led me to get stuck.


 The magic element that had been flowing in a certain way before, because I had only been aware of the thick blood vessels, suddenly stopped flowing.



“Mr. Zeol, do you have any tricks?” (Nyango)


“Hmph, it’s in your body. You’ll have to find it yourself.” (Zeol)


“Haa…” (Nyango)



 Even though I asked Mr. Zeol for advice, everything was going horribly, and it seemed that I had no choice but to figure it out on my own.


 If it came to this, I decided that I had no choice but to do it thoroughly, and started with my right hand first, and concentrated so that the magic elements would flow through the thin blood vessels of my whole body.



 Once the image of pushing the magic element into the large blood vessels and then diffusing, permeating, and circulating it through the small blood vessels became solidified, the flow gradually became smoother and smoother.


 Rather than creating a fast flow, it was better to create a flow that could be slow and even, so that it could travel to every corner of the body without stagnation.



 While repeating the trial-and-error process, Mr. Zeol would only nod his head lightly or shake it sideways, but would not give me any specific advice.


 I suspected that he was catastrophically inept at teaching, but he said that it was a sensation thing and I would have to devise a way to get a grasp of it.



 The reason why Mr. Zeol is holding my hand and keeping an eye on me is to forcibly restrain the flow of magic elements in my blood veins in the event that it gets out of control.



“What happens when the flow of magical elements gets out of control?” (Nyango)


“The blood veins may rupture and blood may gush out, or the heart may rupture and you may die.” (Zeol)


“Ueeee… Are you serious?!” (Nyango)



 This man said something outrageous without hesitation.


 I had heard of serious aftereffects, but not to the point of death.



“Then do you want to stop training?” (Zeol)


“No, I’m not going to stop.” (Nyango)


“The Knight training on Body Enhancement begins in the third year of training. Until then, the time is spent training to build a strong body without having to rely on Body Enhancement.” (Zeol)


“So, I have a better chance of being able to use my Body Enhancement successfully?” (Nyango)


“Yes, but that is up to you. Even if you are skilled in Body Enhancement magic, you cannot compete with someone who has the basic physical strength that surpasses you.” (Zeol)



 Even Body Enhancement magic has its limits, of course.


 If a person with 10 strength uses Body Enhancement that doubles his strength, his strength will increase to 20.


 A person with only 2 strength would have to use Body Enhancement magic to increase his or her power tenfold in order to compete.



“Using magic, to what extent can one’s physical strength be enhanced?” (Nyango)


“Well… usually it’s 30% more, if you’re good it’s 50% more, and only a handful of people can double their strength.” (Zeol)



 Even if I get to be able to strengthen twice, Horacio can still strengthen himself by 30% or more.


 Considering the difference in physical ability from the beginning, it will not be possible to win in a simple power match.


 After all, Body Enhancement magic should be used for increasing speed.




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