Black Cat Chapter 122: New Year’s Eve Party Part 1

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 Even on the last day of the year, the so-called New Year’s Eve, there were no special events when I was in Atsuka village.


 The days were the same as usual, except that on the first day of the new year, my father went to the village chief’s office to greet him.



 We were poor and could barely survive on the food we had saved for the winter, so we did not have time to celebrate the New Year.


 But New Year’s Eve in Ibouro was very different from that in Atsuka.



 Chariot plans to go to the guild’s bar in the evening.


 Immediately, I thought about the clothes I bought the other day for going to other places, but when I heard about it, it seemed like it would be better to stop with new work clothes.



 The guild’s tavern is where the main parties and adventurers show up to drink all night long, and brawls are not uncommon.


 My brother was reluctant to join, but I felt lonely staying at the base by myself, so I forced him to pull me along or rather… I asked Shure to carry him with us.



 I feel better looking if I can dry my brother, who was washed whole by Shure, fluffed up with warm air and put him in new underwear, new work clothes, and new shoes.


 Well, it’s not as good as my jet-black glossy fur, but it’s pretty good.



 As we were leaving the base after everyone was prepared, Serge whispered in my ear.



“Don’t let you brother out of your sight.” (Serge)


“Eh, why?” (Nyango)


“Today, all kinds of people will be here. Bode and the rest of Red Storm will be there.” (SErge)


“Is my brother going to be targeted…?” (Nyango)


“If they can’t stand up to Nyango, they might even think of targeting people around you.” (Nyango)


“Okay. I’ll be careful.” (Nyango)



 If Serge had not warned me, I would have been so preoccupied with the New Year’s Eve feast that I would not have even remembered about Bode.


 Well, as long as he’s in Shure’s arms, I don’t think they’ll interfere, but just in case, I’ll be careful.



 Once inside the guild, as expected, the bar alone was not enough to accommodate everyone, so chairs and tables were lined up in the lobby in front of the counter where people usually wait for requests and purchases.


 At a quick glance, it seems that the lobby is for younger people and the bar is for more experienced people.



 The banquet was fee-based, and the money would be deducted from the guild’s account.


 I asked them to deduct my brother’s fee from my account.



 The Chariot members naturally went into the bar, but I decided to go my own way.


 I told Laius no, and after a little work on my brother’s shirt, I headed for the lobby, where the younger crowd was gathered.



“Bellucci, long time no see.” (Nyango)


“Nyango!” (Bellucci)


“How are you Karlot and Fuller?” (Nyango)


“Yeah, we’re fine.” (Karlot)


“Nyango looks good, too.” (Fuller)


“Yeah, I went to Kilmaya in Escalante the other day.” (Nyango)


“Seriously? So nice…” (Bellucci)



 The three people who approached me were three D-rank party Trackers who had been contracted to escort me to the pottery workshop.


 They were drinking with other adventurers of their generation, so I thought I would ask them to join us.



 As I thought, most of the people around the three from Trackers were adventurers who had just risen to D rank or E rank.


 Only Tracker and another party have fulfilled the escort request, and it seems that the subjugation is finally at the level where their party can defeat the orcs.



 These young adventurers were earning their daily wages by carrying goods to warehouses and other locations, while accompanying veteran adventurers they met at the guild’s training grounds when they were asked to take down orcs.


 They are told that they share some of their rewards, experience, and knowledge by doing menial tasks such as carrying luggage and preparing the encampment.



 I thought that someone of this rank would be interested in my story about escorting a carriage to a furniture workshop, but the response to both the fight with the bandits and the fight with the killer bees was not just one, but three times slower than I had expected.


 Apparently, they didn’t believe my words.



“Surrounding the carriage with void attribute…” (Bellucci)


“It also blocks the attack of the magic gun…?” (Karlot)


“Do you mind a horde of killer bees?” (Fuller)



 I don’t think any of these people have seen me fight with Bode, and they don’t seem to believe that I’m a C-ranker.


 To be honest, I had a skeptical mind to show off a little, but the atmosphere of the place became more delicate when they suspected so much.



 I had memories from before my reincarnation, but I was bullied for being an otaku, so I had no idea how to liven up the place or anything, and I was at a loss as to what to do, when I was held up.



“Fumya!” (Nyango)


“I found you… So, you were in a place like this.” (Leila)


“Ms. Le-Leila.” (Nyango)


“What is this? Were you trying to increase the number of friends of the same age as you?” (Leila)


“Well, something like that.” (Nyango)



 The subtle atmosphere that existed earlier was blown away by the appearance of Ms. Leila, the idol of the bar, and everyone is turning up their noses at her.


 Tonight, Ms. Leila is wearing a bright red dress with a wide collar that makes her plump Mt. Fujis spill out, but the back of my head is stuck in the place everyone wants to see.



“What were you talking about?” (Leila)


“Well, we were talking about the escort we went to on the other day…” (Nyango)


“Ah, Shure was boasting over there. Nyango is super, super, super talented.” (Leila)


“No, it would have been a bad situation if I let my guard down, so I was already absorbed in it.” (Nyango)


“You’ve been very active, and I’m sure you’ve been busy, but haven’t you been a little cold lately?” (Leila)


“Nya, no, no… that kind of thing is…” (Nyango)



 Ah, ah, my throat is… weak…



“You never show up at the bar, but you’ve been going on dates with Jessica, haven’t you?” (Leila)


“Me-meow, ah, that was… it wasn’t a date, it was late, so I just walked her home…” (Nyango)


“Heh… You walked with her, but you stayed the night.” (Leila)


“Meow! I-I… You see… see…” (Nyango)



 The delicate atmosphere from before has gone somewhere, but I feel like it’s becoming more brutal.


 While being held by Leila, talking about being taken home by Jessica, or… isn’t that like selling a fight to young adventurers?



 Even the three from Trackers who had been following me around even seemed to have their eyes lifted up when I said the words that people around me were suspicious…



“Oh, I see you’re sitting in place again tonight, Mr. Nyango.” (Jessica)


“Meow! Ms. Je-Jessica?” (Nyango)


“Yes, thank you for all your help this year.” (Jessica)


“Nyo, nyo, thank you very much for your help.” (Nyango)


“It really is. I was drunk as a skunk in the bathroom, I was so drunk that I had a big row in the bathroom.” (Jessica)


“Meow, that’s…” (Nyango)



 Ms. Jessica appeared out of nowhere and seemed to be having a staring match with Ms. Leila. Sparks seem to be exploding.



“Oh, Nyango, it’s no use. You have to wash every inch of her properly. Didn’t I teach you how to wash people?” (Leila)


“Oh, I knew that you were trained by Ms. Leila. …You even washed me very carefully, even though you were drunk.” (Jessica)


“Nyaa! T- th-that is… er, er…” (Nyango)



 I don’t know why this happened, but even though it’s only a few hours away from the New Year, I’m getting stares filled with bloodlust, and I don’t feel like I’m alive.



“Hey, Nyango. Tell me more about that story.” (Karlot)


“Karlot?” (Nyango)


“Yes, I think this is a guild-wide problem.” (Fuller)


“Fuller?” (Nyango)


“Yeah, we all think so, don’t we?” (Bellucci)


“Bellucci?” (Nyango)



 I was thinking of asking Laius to work with Tracker… but I don’t think is the right situation to talk about it.



“No, no, even if you asked me to elaborate, I was drunk, and my memory is a little fuzzy…” (Nyango)


“Oh, that’s too bad. …Ms. Jessica, has quite a good style.” (Leila)


“No, no, I’m no match for Ms. Leila.” (Jessica)


“Oh, yeah? Oh, but you weren’t drunk when you were with me, so you remember me correctly, don’t you?” (Leila)


“Mya! I also remember that.” (Nyango)


“Then, you should remember that time with me as well.” (Jessica)


“Myamya! That’s…” (Nyango)



 I know it’s something like an all-you-can-drink deal because of the membership fee, but isn’t everyone pitching in too fast?


 I hope you don’t drink up with such vigor and stare at me with bloodshot eyes like I’m your parent’s murderer.



 Absolutely piercing, like cutting down someone someday… What? Where? I wonder if it’s better not to ask.


 It’s not the time to relax under Ms. Leila’s petting technique.



“Yes, Jessica. You can stay at my place tonight.” (Leila)


“Good. I guess I should do that…” (Jessica)


“Um, um… I’m about to head over to Chariot’s…” (Nyango)


“Then let’s go with, Ms. Leila.” (Jessica)


“Yes. Let’s go, Nyango.” (Leila)



 Of course, I’m not going to be able to run away from Ms. Leila, and if the location changes and the same situation arises, everyone’s going to be even more hostile toward me.



“Be-Bellucci, Karlot, Fuller, take care of me again next year…” (Nyango)


“Yeah, good-luck-this-year!” (Bellucci)


“After the new year, you’ll tell us all what happened to you.” (Karlot)


“Maybe you can join us again…” (Fuller)


“Meow, that’s right…” (Nyango)



 The young adventurers’ tightly clenched fists sent me to the table where the Laius were being taken away by Leila.



 No, it’s no laughing matter, Ms. Jessica.


 Isn’t it the duty of the staff to keep the peace in the guild?





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