Black Cat Chapter 123: New Year’s Eve Party Part 2

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“Ms. Leila, there are scary men staring at me.” (Nyango)


“Oh my goodness, that’s not right…” (Jessica)


“Ms. Jessica, I think there’s too much discrimination against catkins.” (Leila)


“That needs to be fixed…” (Jessica)



 Yeah, I’m desperate now.


 If I’m going to have grudges no matter how I do it, why don’t I do it as hard as I can?



 I’m sitting on the lap of Ms. Leila and Ms. Jessica, who are sitting next to each other, with my head resting on Ms. Leila’s left Mt. Fuji and Ms. Jessica’s right Mt. Fuji.


 I’m going to enjoy this strange, subtle difference in feel.



“Here, Nyango, aah…” (Leila)


“Ah… Yummeow! This chicken is so yummeow!” (Nyango)


“Roasted Aurodori. Roasted Aurodori is a must for New Year’s Eve in Ibouro.” (Leila)



 While I was being fed by Ms. Leila from the right, Ms. Jessica from the left offered me a cup.



“Here, Mr. Nyango, milk~” (Jessica)


“Oh meow! This milk is too much… is this alcohol…?” (Nyango)


“No, it doesn’t have any alcohol in it. I don’t want you to get drunk because you’re going to wash me thoroughly afterward.” (Jessica)


“Mimimeow, Ms. Leila and Ms. Jessica, it’s going to be hard to wash both of you…” (Nyango)


“Oh, it’s all right. Nyango is very good at washing and very efficient.” (Leila)


“I see… Ms. Leila, how did you tech Mr. Nyango?” (Jessica)


“I’ll demonstrate it later in the bathroom. Hey, Nyango.” (Leila)


“Funya… I’ll do my best.” (Nyango)



 It’s a New Year’s Eve party, but instead of being festive, the atmosphere is heavy and ready for a bloodbath.



“What’s going on, is he going to take Jessica with him?” (Adventurer)


“Shure has another catkin.” (Adventurer)


“He’s her disciple, and if someone puts their hands on him, they’re not going to get away with it.” (Adventurer)


“Why are catkin so popular?” (Adventurer)


“Idiot, that pussycat is good enough to toy Bode around.” (Adventurer)



 If you want to be a ladies’ man, you should go somewhere else, not to a party of adventurers like this one, the unfortunate old men gritted their teeth.



“Ohoho, you’re quite the big man, having flowers on both hands…” (Cordobas)


“Oh, Mr. Cordobas, I caused a lot of trouble this year.” (Nyango)


“Far from making a fuss, I am grateful that you have been very active. Otherwise, Jessica wouldn’t have given you such great service.” (Cordobas)


“Is that true, Ms. Jessica?” (Nyango)


“I don’t know about that… but there is no doubt that Mr. Nyango is this year’s number one rookie.” (Jessica)



 I don’t know if there is a pecking order among rookies, but as for me, I’ve just been doing the best I can.


 Besides, there are probably more things I couldn’t have done on my own, and while I’ll be careful not to be too complacent, I’m going to have to keep the beauties all to myself for today.



“I don’t know about number one, but I’ll do my best next year with every request I get.” (Nyango)


“Oh, he’s reliable. Laius, please don’t do any big requests in the new year.” (Cordobas)


“Understood. Is it Mount Bule?” (Laius)


“Yeah, if we don’t get it cleaned up quickly, other subjugation requests will pile up.” (Cordobas)



 Right now, the request to subjugate wyvern has not yet been officially submitted, but if it is presented, the situation will be similar to what happened at the time with the Bronze Wolf.


 Everyone wants to have a wyvern killed in order to make a name for themselves as adventurers.



“Well, we’ll get the next one, too.” (Serge)


“Serge, you’ve made a mistake.” (Jill)


“What’s the matter, Jill, you got a secret plan?” (Serge)


“No, that’s not it. Nyango wasn’t a member of Chariot when he killed Bronze Wolf.” (Jill)


“Oh, that’s right. Then, this time, Chariot will finish them off. …You have no complaints about this, do you?” (Serge)


“No, no, this is a big deal. Next time it’s our turn to finish it off.” (Jill)


“Don’t get carried away and get knocked down.” (Serge)


“I’m gonna come out here and rip its guts out.” (Jill)


“Wouldn’t it be upside down from above the sky?” (Serge)


“That’s… I’ll do something and get the guts.” (Jill)



 No, no, no, you can only manage a few meters with their guts.


 I mean, no matter how big the wyvern is, it can’t swallow Jill whole, can it?



 The New Year’s Eve party was what you might call a rude party, and the Guild Master, Cordobas, loosened his collar and started drinking.


 He is a former A-rank adventurer, so he seems to be accustomed to such a table.



 As the hours ticked by and chaos began to break out at every table, my brother got off Shure’s lap.



“Brother, where are you going?” (Nyango)


“Sorry, bathroom…” (Fawkes)



 As expected, Shure wouldn’t be able to follow him to the restroom.


 I was a little lost, but I thought I’d be in the bathroom with him.



“Ms. Jessica, Ms. Leila, I’m also…” (Nyango)


“Please come back quickly.” (Jessica)


“If you don’t come back…” (Leila)


“Don’t worry, I’ll be right back.” (Nyango)



 My big brother’s figure is hidden behind the big adventurers.


 It was going to be hard to go through them, so I used the steps to excuse myself over their heads.



 If I don’t get there soon, it looks like he’ll be in a bit of a pinch.


 In the pocket of the brother’s shirt, there is a sound-collecting microphone made with void magic.



 I’ve also placed a bit for detection around the microphone.


 When the brother left the bar, four or five people followed him.



 I couldn’t make out their faces, but their physiques indicated that they were adventurers.


 There were too many people to be an escort group, and it was odd that two of them remained at the entrance to the hallway where the restrooms were located.



 It was also bad timing that one of them left at the wrong time and the only one in the bathroom was my big brother.



“Nya–is that you Nyan…” (Fawkes)


“It’s not Nyan… Gah!” (Adventurer)



 The moment I heard the angry roar of the unidentified man through the sound-collecting microphone, I separated the two with a void magic [Wall].



“Damn it, pussycat! Where are you?!” (Adventurer)



 the man who had been hit in the face with [Wall] howled.


 The voice was probably Bode’s.



 As I approach the bathroom, I recognize the two men standing guard at the entrance to the hallway.



“Big brother, you’re protected by a wall, so you can go to the bathroom in peace.” (Nyango)


“Nyango, where are you?” (Fawkes)


“I’m on my way. It’s okay. Don’t pee on your pants.” (Nyango)


“Okay. It was a close call, but I’m fine…” (Fawkes)



 When the two people who were blocking the entrance of the corridor faced each other, three men jumped out from the toilet.


 As expected, one of them was Bode.



“You’re no match for me, so you’re aiming for my brother… how pathetic.” (Nyango)


“Shut up, you f*cking cheater!” (Adventurer => Bode)


“Huh? You’ve beaten me twice and you still don’t get it?” (Nyango)


“Hmph! Talking to you is a waste of time. If I send a [Fireball] from here, one roasted pussycat will be ready. Most likely, it’ll be overcooked and turned into charcoal.” (Bode)


“Please, go ahead, if you can, please try.” (Nyango)



 It is true that if Bode shot a [Fireball] with all his might into the cramped bathroom, it would normally lose its escape route and become charred.


 But as we speak, the entrance to the restroom is blocked by a wall made of void magic.



“You don’t think I won’t do it, do you? At New Year’s Eve parties, it’s not uncommon to get into a brawl with magic. I’m so drunk my hands slipped.” (Bode)



 Bode was completely oblivious, but the cowkin next to him saw that I wasn’t in a hurry and checked the bathroom entrance.



“Oh no Bode, this place is blocked too.” (Cowkin)


“What!?” (Bode)



 No, no, I didn’t block the entrance to the bathroom, I built a wall around the three of them.


 If Bode had used his strongest fire magic, the three of them would have been scorched to a crisp.



“Shit, let us out!” (Bode)



 As the three of them began to flail around inside the wall, a new wall was built and the other two were placed inside the same enclosure.



“Brother, I made it so that you can pass by the wall, so you can come out.” (Nyango)


“Are you sure?” (Fawkes)


“Of course, it’s okay, you’ll be fine.” (Nyango)



 Fearfully, I told my brother to come out of the bathroom and go back to Shure’s place, and I went into the bathroom to do my business instead.



“Stop this joke! Let us out!” (Bode)


“Please wait a moment. I’m almost done…” (Nyango)


“Hey! Don’t look down on me!” (Bode)


“Shut your mouth… why don’t you realize that you’re an existence so tiny that I can look down on you?” (Nyango)


“Hey, pussycaaaa! Damn it! Let us out!” (Bode)



 I threatened Bode and his friends, who were all yelling and lacking in polite vocabulary, with fire magic circles and drove them into a cubicle in the toilet.


 As one would expect with five men in a cubicle, things were pretty tight.



“Then, please cool your head inside there.” (Nyango)


“What the hell is happening… it’s f*cking cold, damn it, you f*cker!” (Bode)



 The walls were put up inside the private room, leaving a small gap in the ceiling, and the bottom of the room was tightly sealed to the floor, activating a cold shower inside the enclosure with a cooling magic circle and a water magic circle.



“It’s cold, damn it, let us out!” (Bode)


“That’s why I told you not to mess with that pussycat.” (Adventurer)


“It’s cold… it’s cold…” (Adventurer)



 The cold water that poured down from the top of their head accumulated under their feet and flowed over the rim of the toilet bowl.


 Soaking wet and up to their knees in cold water, Bode and the other five were shivering and shaking.



 The door to the cubicle was open on the outside, so we could see inside well.


 Let’s expose them here for a while.



“Damn, let me out, let me out, let me out!” (Bode)


“Please cool your head there for a while. If I don’t forget, I’ll let you out later.” (Nyango)


“I’ll kill you someday!” (Bode)


“You know… you should know that I’m going to go easy on you. And kill me? If you’re serious, I won’t take it easy on you either.” (Nyango)



 The five of them fell silent when I said this with a slightly lower tone.



“Then, happy new year…” (Nyango)


“Wait, hey! Whoa!” (Bode)



 Bode and the others were still yelling, but of course, I wasn’t going to let them out, and I was busy because I had to wash Ms. Leila and Ms. Jessica from head to toe.



 So, they’ll have to forgive me for forgetting about them until I got to Ms. Leila’s room.





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