Black Cat Chapter 124: The Beginning of the New Year

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 I made it.


 The New Year’s Eve party culminated with the ringing of the bells to ring in the New Year, and the party ended with a goofy ending, with the drunken crowd retiring.



 I left the party at the right moment and was taken home by Ms. Leila and Ms. Jessica.


 It was the beginning of the New Year, and I was booed by those who had not yet gotten drunk.



 At the time of my exit, all the members of Chariot were still alive and well, sitting around the table with Mr. Cordobas, the Guild Master.


 I asked Shure to bring my brother back, so it should be fine.



 When I arrived at Ms. Leila’s apartment diagonally across the street from the Adventurers’ Guild, the two who had been carrying me home transformed into cuddling beasts as soon as I entered the door.



“Nyango, carry me…” (Leila)


“Mr. Nyango, me too…” (Jssica)


“Eh…” (Nyango)



 I mean, I don’t think Ms. Leila was drinking that much tonight. ……


 I carried Ms. Leila and Ms. Jessica to the room on the third floor, in that order, prepared cold water, and got ready for the bath.



“Nyango, undress me…” (Leila)


“Me too…” (Jessica)


“*Sigh*…” (Nyango)



 I undressed them both, carried them to the bath, carefully washed them in every corner, washed them whole, showered them with hot water, dried them with warm air, and… tired them out.


 I’ve only had fragmented memories so far, but Ms. Jessica was awesome when she took off her clothes.



 I’ll leave it to your imagination what and how it was awesome.


 I… I washed Ms. Jessica’s fluffy tail to the base… I washed it.



 I should be praised for carrying them both to bed, preparing them cold water after their bath, and even serving as a cuddle buddy until nearly noon the next day.


 I woke up in the morning but was inescapably trapped between Ms. Leila and Ms. Jessica.



 Even on the night, I was on personal guard duty at the furniture workshop Diaco, I had to sleep sandwiched between Elisa and Lyrica, but even a single nightgown makes a difference in the degree of closeness.


 The volume was also increased, so it was very difficult to sleep.



 It would be absurd to say that I was envious.


 It was a life-threatening situation… and I only had a little bit of time to enjoy it.



 And when I woke up, I had to take care of the morning shower, wash, dry, and clean up the bathroom… Isn’t that too much work for the first day of the New Year?


 I mean, are women in Ibouro naked when at home? Is this the norm?



“*Sigh*… I’m Done.” (Nyango)


“70 points.” (Leila)


“Hey… the grading is too strict.” (Nyango)


“A good man should never let a woman see how tired he is. Right, Jessica?” (Leila)


“And he is dealing with two.” (Jessica)


“Somehow, I feel like this is not worth the jealousy of the people around me…” (Nyango)



 Maybe they won’t take me seriously if I tell them this, and they’ll just say I’m making fun of them…



“Oh, Nyango. You’ve been stepping up all night and spoiling me a lot.” (Leila)


“Funya?” (Nyango)


“I, too, have seen you stepping up a lot.” (Leila)


“Unya… that kind of thing… I can’t say for certain…” (Nyango)


“If you don’t remember, do you want to step up again?” (Leila)


“Do you want to step up?” (Jessica)


“Nah, that’s fine! Heh, both of you, please put some clothes on. You’ll catch a cold.” (Nyango)



 I really wish they would have some modesty.


 If they wagged their tails at me dressed like that, I would be tempted to play with them.



 It was almost noon without breakfast, and I was starving.


 I thought I would go somewhere to eat before returning to the base, but I heard that many restaurants are closed on the first day of the new year.



“It can’t be helped. I’ll treat you to dinner at my place. You too, Leila…” (Jessica)


“Thank you, I’ll take you up on your offer.” (Leila)



 The town was bustling with holiday activity when I left the apartment with the two after I finished changing my clothes.


 Most of the stores and restaurants will be open for business the day after tomorrow, but many stalls lined the square in front of the church.



 I am walking arm in arm with the two of them in such a town, but I am like a captured alien.


 I used [Step] to adjust the height, but if I couldn’t use void magic, I would have my arms stretched out.



 People would be envious to walk arm in arm with two beautiful women, but it is hard to keep pace with them.


 To begin with, catkins have small bodies and not long but short legs… so I have to walk at a very fast pace.



 If I wasn’t so busy, I might have thought that it’s better if I take care of it quietly, but there’s something called “standing your ground”.


 Well, looking from an outsider’s perspective, it looks like I am being held by both arms and my legs are swinging in the air.



 On the way to Jessica’s house, we stop by a church to offer a New Year’s prayer.


 In this country, the church dedicated to the goddess Fatima is the center of faith, but people do not pray very fervently.



 Many people gather for the nesting ceremony held on New Year’s Day and the spring equinox, but the atmosphere is similar to that of Hatsumode [T/N: New Year’s visit to a shrine in Japan].


 People kneel down at the altar with a statue of the goddess Fatima, fold their hands, and pray for good health for the year ahead.



 I don’t know if it will bring him good fortune in business, but I pray that my brother’s work will go well.


 Compared to Japanese shrines and temples, Fatima has a modest place, and there are no amulets or wooden tablets for sale.



 Some stalls sell statues of Fatima, but the church itself does not seem to be in business.


 I like the simplicity of the church, but as a former Japanese, I would like to draw a fortune on New Year’s Day.



 Speaking of which, I wonder if my parents in my previous life are doing well.


 My parents were in their 40s when I was bullied and pushed down the stairs to my death.



 If I reincarnated right after that, they would have been close to 60 years old by now.


 I felt sorry now that I died without thanking them for taking care of me.



 Since there is no way for me to go back to Japan, I should at least be filial to my parents in this world.


 I brought money back home the other day, so maybe next time I will return home around the time of the spring equinox.



 I hope my brother’s work will be in order by then.


 The Wyvern subjugation will also begin, and it looks like this year will be another busy year.



 On my way to Jessica’s room, I was asked for a necklace at a stall.


 Since it was a festival stall, it was probably a mixed bag, but if the two connoisseurs approved of the store, I would be sure of what I am buying.



 I bought a yellow necklace for Ms. Leila, a blue one for Ms. Jessica, and a red one for Shure.


 They didn’t seem to be fake, but they weren’t very expensive either, which was a relief.



 When we arrived at the apartment, the fireplace was lit and the room was warmed up, Ms. Jessica took off her clothes.



“Wait! Ms. Jessica, how far are you going to dress down!” (Nyango)


“Yeah… I don’t have any plans to go out anymore and look, I’m wearing the necklace that Mr. Nyango bought for me.” (Jessica)


“No, that’s not what I’m talking about. …you too, Ms. Leila.” (Nyango)



 When I noticed, Ms. Leila was also taking off her clothes.


 Is it possible that all the women of Ibouro are nudists?



“Hmm… let’s stay at Jessica’s place today.” (Leila)


“Go ahead, go ahead… Mr. Nyango too, of course.” (Jessica)


“Eh… that can’t be.” (Nyango)


“Thirty points. You shouldn’t look like that after being invited by two beautiful women, Nyango.” (Leila)


“Yes, that’s right. You bought a necklace for Ms. Shure too, so she’ll be fine.” (Jessica)


“Well, at least let me have something to eat.” (Nyango)


“Oh my, I’m going to be eaten by Nyango.” (Leila)


“Oh, I’m ready to be eaten, Mr. Nyango.” (Jessica)



 Instead, I want you to fill my stomach, which has been complaining for quite some time.


 I’m also having trouble deciding where to look!



 Both Ms. Jessica and Ms. Leila seem to be in full holiday relaxation mode.


 I hear that the guild gets busy after the vacations.



“Is that because of the wyvern?” (Nyango)


“No, it’s because more people come out looking for work now that the year is over.” (Jessica)


“Oh, so like my brother last year?” (Nyango)



 In this world, a new school year begins after the spring equinox, but a new year begins with the start of the new year for ordinary jobs.


 At the beginning of the year, second and third sons and daughters of farmers from surrounding villages come out to Ibouro in search of work.



 Most of the work is handled by the Merchant and Craftsman Guild, but the Adventurers’ Guild also becomes busy, as many people who have graduated from school want to become adventurers.



“We probably can’t hope for someone as competent as Mr. Nyango, but it would be helpful if they could at least have some common sense…” (Jessica)


It’s going to be troublesome when the veterans are out there subjugating the wyvern.” (Nyango)


“It’s… depressing to even think about it right now.” (Jessica)



 Many of those who leave their village to become adventurers in Ibouro are the strongest in their own village and have a little bit of a sense of pride, so to speak.


 Naturally, they often clash with the older adventurers in town over their strength or skills.



“Mr. Nyango, please subjugate the Wyvern quickly.” (Jessica)


“No, they can’t be subjugated that easily.” (Nyango)


Oh, Nyango, you’ll be fine, won’t you?” (Leila)


“Yes, Mr.  Nyango, you can do it. If you can make it quick, you can take them down…” (Jessica)


“If they’re willing to do the hard work for Ibouro…” (Nyango)


“If they are willing…?” (Nyango)



 After that, I stepped upped…. it was so fast.





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