Black Cat Chapter 126: Departure for Subjugation

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 On the fifth day after the start of the new year, the request to subjugate the Wyvern was finally made public.


 The location for the request is a stopover on the road at the foot of Mount Bule, on the border between the territories of Viscounts Lagart and the Marquis Escalante.



 The knight order head quarter, which is jointly operated by both families, is surrounded by a large grassy area, so there is no shortage of places for adventurers to set up camp.


 However, it is said that there are still sporadic attacks by killer bees, so those who take part in the fight against them must be prepared.



 The knights may be hoping that the adventurers who come in droves will be able to clean up the Killer Bees as well.


 Chariot received a request to participate from Guild Master Cordobas.



 In addition to the original fee for subjugating the wyvern, Chariot was to be paid for their participation.


 The request was for participation in the request and prompt action.



 When it came to wyverns, many adventurers would participate even without a request, which could slow down the original logging operations in Ibouro and surrounding areas.


 So, the adventurers were asked to quickly subjugate the wyvern and then quickly return to the normal requests.



 Chariot’s wagon left the south gate of Ibouro early in the morning of the 5th, and began to make its way along the road toward the intended stopover point.


 At that point, the request to defeat the wyvern had not been made public, but Cordobas had contacted us in advance.



 It was like a privilege to receive the request, but on the flip side of the urging to defeat them as soon as possible, but we were also fully prepared to take advantage of that privilege.


 Rather, Chariot is always ready to go as long as the people are in good condition.



 Most of the equipment is loaded onto the carriage that is well-maintained, and the horses are always kept in good condition by Gad.


 As long as Serge and Gad are not hungover from heavy drinking, we are ready to go at any time.



 Brother Fawkes will also be accompanying the party during the subjugation.


 At first, there was a plan for him to stay at home, but we decided to fulfill my brother’s wish to watch a subjugation.



 Of course, he would only be going to the campsite, not actually going out to kill the wyvern.


 Even so, I think it will be useful later if he knew the atmosphere such a request.



 Chariot’s carriage goes forward with Gad holding the reins and me sitting to his right.


 My role is to protect the carriage from the wind and to watch the front right side of the carriage.



“Thanks to Nyango’s presence, being coach is less painful, even in the middle of winter.” (Gad)


“If you need protection from the wind, you can count on me.” (Nyango)


“Today we have a tailwind, but we will have a headwind on the way back. I will ask you to take good care of it.” (Gad)



 On the way out, the wind was from the north as we headed south along the road, but on the way back, it was naturally a headwind.


 On the way back, I plan to build a windbreak to cover the entire carriage to ease the horses’ burden.



 Since we had left so early Laius and Serge seemed to be sleeping, leaning against the back of the carriage.


 Shure is watching the rear of the carriage with my brother on her lap.



 My older brother was kneading the soil brought back from the clay pit in Shure’s lap.


 He would shape it into a disk, break it down, and then shape it into a disk again.



 After eating the goblin’s heart, he was puzzled by the increased magical power he could handle, but he has become much more accustomed to it.


 The disk, which was rough at first, can now be formed beautifully.



 The degree of hardening also seems to have increased. For example, if it is hardened into the shape of a knife, it seems to be able to be made hard enough to be used as a weapon, although it lacks durability.


 In line with this, Shure began to teach my brother how to throw projectiles.



 He continues to train in staff fighting in order to strengthen his body, but he has a disadvantage in a head-to-head fight with a larger opponent.


 So, she teaches him the art of throwing weapons.



 The main focus seems to be on keeping a distance from larger opponents, using throwing weapons to check them, and getting away from them.


 The school where Shure learned to fight has a fighting technique that uses small throwing weapons.



 They are about the size of an adult thumbnail and shaped like a horse’s hoof.


 I thought that such a small object could not do any damage, but she said that when a skilled person throws it at an enemy, it becomes embedded in the enemy’s body and cannot be removed from the outside.



 With a foreign object lodged in a limb, even a skilled person would not be able to make a full range of movements, thus increasing the chances of escaping.


 At the New Year’s Eve party, Bode and his friends went after him, and if he continues to do well in Ibouro, they will be jealous of him.



 I would feel safer if my brother had a technique to protect himself.


 Besides, if he can make himself a projectile weapon in an instant, he won’t have to worry about running out of ammunition.



 Huh? Maybe even my brother can be an adventurer and subjugate wyvern… or maybe it’s too difficult to go that far too quickly.


 I’m going to ask my brother to stay with the wagon while we go out to subjugate the wyvern.



 We will leave the horses at the relay point, so he will also be in charge of feeding and watering them.


 We are still worried about sporadic attacks by Killer Bees, but we plan to have him hide in a sturdy box on the back of the wagon.



 In the village where we stayed overnight on the way to the relay point, there was a lot of talk about the wyvern subjugation.


 The request was announced simultaneously this morning in Viscount Lagart’s territory, so it seems that some people have already departed for the relay point.



 Since we received a request from the Guild Master, we got to know the request a little earlier among those in the city of Ibouro, but in terms of getting there early, the geographical advantage is greater.



“The advantage of getting there early is that we get to keep a good spot in the encampment. I don’t think any of us would be able to subjugate a wyvern in as a lone party.”



 As Serge said, the wyvern, an A-ranked monster, is not so easy to kill.


 Compared to the B-rank Bronze Wolf, flying in the sky is makes it more troublesome.



 Anyway, we can’t attack it unless it gets close to us or comes within range of our attacks.


 And if they ran away before we could finish them off, we would have to start all over again.



“Nyango, that’s where you come in. Use the magic that restrained that Bronze Wolf and catch that wyvern so it doesn’t escape.” (Laius)


“That’s right… but this time, we might easily kill it.” (Serge)


“Oh, how reliable. However, don’t forget that the A-rank is not just because they can fly. They are also A-rank because of how dangerous they are. So, you can’t be lax.” (Laius)


“I understand. But flying in the sky isn’t just about strength, is it?” (Serge)


“Huh? What do you mean?” (Nyango)


“What happens if you’re up in the sky and suddenly you can’t fly?” (Serge)


“They would… I see, so they are going to take damage just by falling to the ground.” (Nyango)


“First, we’ll have it fall from the sky. If you restrain it on the ground…” (Serge)


“The rest is in the bag, right?” (Nyango)


“Yes, that’s right.” (Laius)



 After I heard about the wyvern subjugation, I thought of a number of strategies.


 I believe that mere [Walls] and [Shields] will easily be broken through, so I plan to make full use of pulverization, magic gun, and lightning magic circles to bring down the wyvern.



 No matter how powerful and how hard the monster is, an electric shock would work, and a shock or penetrating magic gun attack would pass.


 In order to help improve the status of catkins, I want to put a stop to them following the Bronze Wolf subjugation.



 At the inn, Laius and Serge will be in the same double room, Shure, me, and my brother will be in another double room, and Gad will spend the night in a carriage while keeping an eye on the horses.


 It was my brother’s first time in a town or village other than Ibouro, so he was nervous but also curious.



“Nyango, the world is so big.” (Fawkes)


“Brother, this is still just a small part of the world.” (Nyango)


“I guess so. But our brother and father who stayed at home, they will never know this village or the city, right? (Fawkes)


“Maybe. I promised Horacio that I would go to the Royal Capital someday.” (Nyango)


“The Royal Capital, I was surprised by Ibouro, but the Royal Capital must be even more amazing.” (Fawkes)


“I can’t tell from just hearing about it, so I’m going to see for myself.” (Nyango)


“The Royal Capital…” (Fawkes)



 I’m not surprised because I have memories of my previous life, but after leaving Atsuka village, living in Ibouro and now seeing another town and village, my brother has his own thoughts on the matter.


 But in this world, just traveling is a risk.



 If you have enough money to live on for the rest of your life, you can hire a good escort or caretaker for your journey, but it is difficult for a mere catkin to do so.


 It takes a lot of talent to travel, earn money wherever you go, and continue traveling.



 I plan to gain experience with Chariot and eventually make it to the Royal Capital, but I honestly feel that it will be tough for my brother.


 It feels different for me to be his escort and caretaker and take him all the way to the Royal Capital.



 And maybe I’m biased, but I have a feeling that the Royal Capital is a tougher world for catkins than Ibouro.



“The Royal Capital…” (Fawkes)



 While Shure was taking a bath, my older brother was muttering repeatedly as he rolled on the fluffy futon that I had removed the bed bugs.


 I washed him in the bath, fluffed him up with warm air, and offered him up as a pillow for Shure to cuddle with.



 Thus, I occupied one of the two beds by myself and was allowed to sleep until morning with a good night’s sleep.


 Forgive me, big brother…



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