Black Cat Chapter 131: The Weather

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 Shure and Serge, who were blown away, and Laius, who was fighting at a distance, were in terrible shape, covered in dust, but fortunately, they were not seriously injured, only bruised.


 I also got my tail covered in dust, but thanks to my full void armor, I was uninjured.



“I thought I was going to die…” (Shure)


“It’s a pity that we wasted the chance Nyango created for us.” (Serge)


“Serge probably isn’t the only one who thought that, maybe everyone who took part in the strike was thinking it.” (Laius)



 As Laius said, many of the adventurers who returned to the encampment expressed their frustration.



“I never imagined it would shed its skin and escape…” (Shure)


“Is it really that easy for them to shed their skin?” (Nyango)


“I don’t know. In the first place, the ecology of wyverns is not well known…” (Shure)



 Molting to escape seems to have been unexpected even for Shure.


 Normally, when you talk about molting, you think it’s like peeling off a thin layer of skin, but the Wyvern seemed to have shed a thicker layer of skin.



 I don’t know if that was a unique ability as a monster or not uncommon for creatures in this world, as I have not studied biology.


 I’ll ask Professor Lembolt when I get back to Ibouro.



 Chariot’s members are eating the rest of their meal, which was halfway eaten after the dust had cleared.


 The dust had settled on the encampment as well, but once hidden, my brother had left a lid on the pot-au-feu pot.



 Thanks to him, the pot-au-feu simmered down a bit and became more flavorful, and it was not covered by dust.


 Good job, brother.



 When the meal was over, Laius asked me my impression of the fight.



“Well, Nyango. How does it feel to actually fight the wyvern?” (Laius)


“Yes, it does. It seems to be harder than the bronze wolf, but our attacks are not completely ineffective.” (Nyango)



 The pulverization magic circle and lightning magic circle seemed to have a certain effect, but I had the impression that the wyvern was tougher than that.



“Do you think you can drag it down?” (Laius)


“I think I should be able to drag it down, depending on how I do it, but the question is how to keep it down.” (Nyango)


“Will the same method as today work?” (Laius)


“I think so. However, it uses a lot of magic power to maintain the traps, so there is no time to spare in the crucial battle.” (Nyango)



 It was hard to maintain multiple magic circles, such as moving multiple light magic circles with my mind, setting up multiple lightning magic circles in the sky above, and activating the pulverization magic circles when there was a reaction.



“Then what do you think we should do next?” (Laius)


“If possible, I could drop them with a powerful lightning magic circle or a powerful pulverization magic circle, and then attack with a magic gun magic circle without any restraint, we would have a chance to win…” (Nyango)


“Can’t you just do what you did with the Bronze Wolf?” (Laius)


“I think I can use the Flame Lance and Rubber Ring, but the wyvern’s strength is more than I expected, so I’m a little worried about being able to restrain it.” (Nyango)


“I see… Well, we won’t know what kind of situation it will be until we actually go into battle, so let’s just make preparations so that we can move flexibly.” (Laius)



 Chariot plans to have Serge and I attacking from a distance, and Shure will move at a distance as much as possible, mainly using magic attacks.


 The two others are basically close combatants, but in the case of a joint strike like this one, it is often the case that people are clustered around the prey.



 If we can defeat the weakened monsters as it is, there is no problem, but there is a possibility that the wyvern will shed its skin to protect itself from damage and fight back.



“We shouldn’t approach it carelessly until they are bleeding profusely, have had their tails slashed off, or have no way to fight back…” (Laius)



 Laius and Gad began a careful discussion between them about when to approach.


 No matter how many achievements you take, it’s nothing if you lose your life.



 That night, I was exempted from night watch and was told to give priority to recovering my magic power.


 Although it was entirely on a hunch, I had a feeling that the wyvern would not appear tomorrow.



 The molting probably drained its strength, and I have a feeling that its new skin would not be as hard as before.


 In that sense, it would be better for us if it attacked tomorrow, but I don’t think the wyvern would be stupid enough to attack knowing the disadvantage.



 When I told them what I was thinking, Laius and the others agreed with me.


 We would keep a lookout, but Chariot was going to move more conservatively tomorrow.



 We can’t go on for days at a time, from before dawn until late at night, being prepared to put our lives on the line.


 Chariot’s members left the guards behind and went to sleep early, though they did not drink just to be safe in case of an attack.



 The next day, the sun had not yet risen when I woke up to the sound of the adventurers.


 Apparently, the adventurers were suddenly motivated by the fact that they had almost caught it last night.



 If there was one word to describe the encampment that day, it was high-spirited.


 This was true not only on the Lagart side but also on the Escalante side.



 The morale of the adventurers was high, but the sky was covered with a cloudless gloom.


 As we were about to return to the wagon after taking care of business at the riverbank, it began to drizzle and by the time we got back to the wagon, it was pouring down hard.



 The entrance to the shelter we had built under the carriage had a roof over it before we knew it, and the stairs were one step higher than the surrounding area.


 It looks a little distorted, but this way we don’t have to worry about rain pouring into the shelter.



 The inside of the shelter was also remodeled before I knew it, and a fireplace was made.


 The chimney was properly made so that the smoke wouldn’t get stuck.



“Nyango, is it raining a lot outside?” (Fawkes)


“Yes, it suddenly started to rain very hard. At this rate, it will rain all day today.” (Nyango)


“Oh, it’s raining hard…” (Serge)



 At this time, Serge, who was on watch duty, also came back with his hair wet.


 It seems that the subjugation will be canceled today due to the rain.



“What are you going to do when the wyvern comes?” (Nyango)


“We’ll just pray they leave without attacking our place.” )Laius_



 Laius replied jokingly, but apparently, he was serious.


 On a day when it is pouring, the power of fire magic is reduced, and Chariot does not have anyone with a water attribute.



 Thinking about it, if I used a lightning magic circle in a downpour, I might get electrocuted too.


 The pulverization magic circle would be activated without any problem, but there would be little to be gained by forcibly fighting while the power of the other means of attack was reduced.



“Hey, could it be that you made a roof over the entrance?” (Laius)


“Eh… ah, yeah… it’s still clumsy.” (Fawkes)


“It’s great. Yes, it’s a little warped, but it keeps the rain out.” (Laius)


“Well, I remade it many times, but…” (Fawkes)


“Is that a fireplace too?” (Laius)


“Ah… yeah.” (Fawkes)


“That’s amazing, big brother. It looks great.” (Nyango)


“Is that so…?” (Fawkes)



 Having been praised by Laius and the others, my brother looks embarrassed.


 Until now, he hasn’t received many compliments from people, so I guess he doesn’t know how to react.



“Yeah, Fawkes is also talented…” (Shure)


“No, no, I still have a long way to go…” (Fawkes)



 Yeah, it’s kind of cute to see my brother embarrassed when Shure is petting him around.


 I think I’ll fluff him later on, too.



 The rain looked like it was not going to abate at all even though it was almost noon.


 I tried to use the detection particles to see what was going on outside, but the raindrops were blocking the view from the noise, and I couldn’t capture any shape because of the rain.



 The sound-collecting microphone made with void attribute also became noisy and difficult to hear when the surface got wet, or raindrops hit it.


 It seems that the only way to detect the approach of something is to string a very thin thread with void magic, but no matter how transparent and invisible the thread is, if a drop of water gets on it, its presence will be revealed.



 In this way, rain may be an obstacle to void attribute.


 Since it is raining, we would like to try to devise various ways to make it rain, but we must conserve our magical power in case a wyvern appears.



 Wrapped in a blanket, I repeatedly simulated various situations, and before I knew it, I was asleep.


 By the time Shure woke me up to tell me that lunch was ready, the rain had stopped.



“Has the rain stopped…?” (Nyango)


“No, it’s still raining.” (Shure)


“Huh? Oh, is it snowing?” (Nyango)



 I hadn’t noticed because I was holed up in the shelter I had built under the wagon, but the temperature had dropped dramatically as the rain intensified.


 I used the detection bit to probe the outside and found that the noise was different from before.



“As expected, if it was snowing, that bastard wyvern wouldn’t be coming out either.” (Serge)



 Everyone nodded in agreement with Serge’s words, but more than thinking they wouldn’t come, they honestly didn’t want them to come.



“But still, it’s a good thing we built this shelter.” (Serge)


“Thanks to Gad and Fawkes, it’s not cold at all, even though it’s snowing heavily outside.” (Laius)



 It seems that the snow is starting to pile up outside, and the screams of the adventurers whose tents have been crushed can also be heard.


 With this, I don’t even know if I can subdue them after tomorrow.



 Serge and the others were lying on their backs, taking a good rest, but if we stayed too long, we would run out of food.


 If we asked the Knights of Lagart, they might be able to provide some food, but I don’t think they would be able to take care of all the parties participating in the subjugation.



 I would be able to use [Step] to get around, but if the snow melted and the ground became muddy, the adventurers would be slowed down and slowed to a crawl.


 The wyvern’s advantage of being able to fly freely in the sky would become even greater.



“Even if we focus on it, we can’t do anything about the weather. Instead of thinking about useless things, just go to sleep.” (Serge)




 I didn’t plan on following Serge’s words, but I couldn’t resist the after-dinner sleepiness, so I wrapped myself in the blankets again and left for the dream world.




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