Black Cat Chapter 133: Bombardment

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 The wyvern did not dive by folding their wings; they descended by flapping their wings to increase their momentum.


 The wyvern was at least 500 meters away, but with only two flaps of their wings, they had reached the encampment.



“[Heavenly Pillars]!” (Nyango)



 On my left, where the wyvern’s right wing would pass, I set up a pillar that I solidified with all my might using void magic.


 It is one meter in diameter, five meters high, and tilted slightly to the left, the result of repeated simulations.



 Pillars [T/N: Mihashira 三柱] is originally a word that represents the gods, but this time I want to stop the wyvern even if it means praying to the gods.


 The pillar made with void attribute responded to my thoughts.



“Kyeeeee!” (Wyvern)



 With a high-pitched cry, the wyvern raised its head from its lunging posture, thrust its sharp claws toward me, and suddenly turned sharply to the right and slammed into the ground.


 It was forced to turn around because of its right wing, which had collided with a void attribute pillar, as a fulcrum, and hit the ground with the momentum of its dive, rolling away and overturning the snowy landscape.



 To assess the result, he ran back to the top of the carriage using [Step].


 The wyvern, which continued to roll as its outstretched wings hit the ground and bounced up, finally came to a stop more than 100 meters from the point of impact.



“It’s down!” (Nyango)


“Yeah!” (Adventurers)



 In response to my shout, the adventurers ran toward the wyvern, screaming and yelling.


 I could see Shure at the head of the group, followed by Laius, Serge, and Mr. Jill.



 The wyvern was knocked to the ground, but of course that was not enough to knock it out.


 It didn’t move for about 10 seconds, and after shaking its head to clear the snow from its side, it began to raise itself up, wobbling and shaking.



 Looking around with unfocused eyes, the wyvern spotted the adventurers rushing toward it spread its wings, and added a threatening screech.



“Kishaaaaaa!” (Wyvern)



 The arrow that pierced his right eye must have been shot by Serge.


 The wyvern tried to flap its wings with its outstretched wings, but its body shook and stopped moving.



 Upon closer inspection, the right wing was bent in a strange direction from the middle.


 It must have hit the void pillar and was fractured as it rolled on the ground.



 Wyvern, with a look of anguish on his face, was showered with fireballs from the adventurers who rushed toward it.


 Although the power of each shot was limited, the violence of the numbers hurt the wyvern.



 The wyvern’s scales burst into large flames, probably from an attack by the Knights of Lagart.


 The adventurers attack the wyvern with everything they have, not only with fire magic but also with bows and arrows, throwing spears, and other weapons.



 Fireballs flew in from the other side of the river, from the Escalante side.


 One of them, a huge fireball, hit the wyvern just as it had the day before.



“Gyeeeee!” (Wyvern)



 The wyvern was engulfed in flames, but the fire was not as vigorous as the day before yesterday.


 Once the wyvern was engulfed in flames, it rolled around, and the fire was extinguished by the snow that had fallen.



 A follow-up fireball was immediately fired, but the wyvern’s wet body prevented it from being as effective as it could have been.


 The wyvern, having extinguished the flames on its body, came barreling toward the adventurers, who had gathered in a frenzy, unable to fly.



 In addition to being densely packed, it seems unlikely that the adventurers will be unable to dodge successfully as the snow piled up on their feet.



“[Pulverize]!” (Nyango)



 I activated a pulverization magic circle on the left side of the head of the wyvern that rushes in.


 With a booming explosion, the Wyvern tilted as if it had been hit by a boulder on the head, and then slowly fell over.



“Meyeah! I got a good hit!” (Nyango)



 I feel like I’ve taken down the Wyvern with a right hook.


 In boxing, he would have been knocked out at the count of 10, but the wyvern was not as soft.



 Above all, since its life is at stake, it would resist desperately.


 Last night, the wyvern escaped from this situation by molting.



 It is not possible for a wyvern to molt twice in such a short period of time, and since its right wing is broken, I believe it should be done today, but the common sense of Japan and Earth does not necessarily apply to creatures from our world.


 If that is the case, all we have to do is give them a deep wound that will choke them to death.



 What we need is a penetrating power that will not be defeated by stubborn scales.


 I imagined a magic gun magic circle that was five times thicker and more compressed than when I broke the target at the school shooting range.



 Aim not at the head, which moves violently, but at the torso, which moves less.


 The timing was the moment the wyvern got up.



 I was timing the activation of the magic circle of the magic gun from the top of the canopy, but some adventurers rushed to the wyvern before I could do so.


 They drew their swords and carried spears, seemingly trying to put a stop to him directly.



 A tigerkin adventurer tried to stab the neck of the wyvern that had fallen sideways with the longsword he was holding in his reverse hand, but the hard scales repelled it and the tip of the sword only slightly pierced it.



“Damn, it’s too hard to stab!” (Adventurer)


“Put it through the gap between the scales!” (Adventurer)



 A void microphone, which had been set up to listen to the scene, echoed with the voice of an impatient adventurer.


 Another dogkin adventurer thrust his spear into the wyvern’s belly, slipping it through a gap in the scales.



 At first glance, this one seems to have stabbed deeply, but the angle is so shallow that the attack does not seem to reach the internal organs.


 When the adventurers were attached like cicadas to a large tree, the wyvern began to move.



“It’s getting up, move away!” (Adventurer)


“Gyaoooooo!” (Wyvern)



 The dogkin adventurer, who had a spear thrust into his belly had been struck down by the left wing and was bounced around like a puppet.


 A swing of its tail sent several adventurers flying through the air.



 The adventurers who tried to fight in close combat seemed to have given the wyvern time to recover, rather than putting a stop to it.


 But I was given time, too.



“Kishaaaaaa!” (Wyvern)



 The wyvern spreads its wings wide, and just as it cries out a warning cry to the adventurers, I activate the magic gun magic circle I have been preparing. 


 Explosions that sounded like a bombardment, and in an instant the magic circle and the wyvern’s chest were connected by a line of flame.



 However, it was the snowfield behind Wyvern that blew up with a thunderous sound.



“Meow! Did I fail?” (Nyango)



 The wyvern stopped moving with its wings outstretched.


 The adventurers were also surprised by the explosion that occurred in the snowfield and froze mid-action.



 After a brief moment of silence, a strong gust blew across the snowfield.


 The wyvern’s left-wing spread wide caught the wind, and with a slight twist, the wyvern’s body fell on its back.



 A large hole had appeared in its chest.


 With a cloud of snow, the wyvern fell down and stopped moving.



“Meyeaah! The wyvern, we’ve killed it!” (Nyango)



 Moved by the joy of having put an end to a difficult foe, I thrust my hands up on the top of the carriage and shouted with all my might.


 I shouted, “Meyeah, meyeah, meyeah,” about ten times before I came to myself and saw all the adventurers in the snowfield looking at me.



 The difference in mood between the adventurers who were surprised and me who was having fun alone is terrible.


 Yeah, this is pretty embarrassing, isn’t it?



 Leaving the adventurers who couldn’t swallow what was happening, I saw Shure and Serge running toward me.


 I wondered if the reason why Laius and Gad didn’t come back was to show off the chariot’s achievements.



“Nyango! Nyango!” (Shure)


“You did it, Nyango!” (Serge)



 I greeted the returning pair by jumping down from the top using [Step].



“I did it! I used a magic gun magic circle and blasted it!” (Nyango)


“Talented, Nyango is super, duper, ultra, mega, hyper, ultimately talented!” (Shure)


“Alright, thanks to Nyango, we can drown ourselves in liquor tonight!” (Serge)



 As Shure and Serge were fluffing me, my brother heard the commotion and came out of the shelter.



“Nyango, are you done?” (Fawkes)


“Yeah! We killed the Wyvern!” (Nyango)


“You did it, Nyango!” (Fawkes)


“We did it, big brother!” (Nyango)



 I was so happy I was holding hands with my brother, and then the two of us ended up being lifted together by Shure.



“Hmm… there’s no need for guarding tonight, so I’ll have it all to myself until morning.” (Shure)


“Meow… that’s a little…” (Nyango)


“Nyango, you’re not going to run away by yourself again, are you?” (Fawkes)


“Nyoo, th-th-that’s not my intention…” (Nyango)


“Don’t worry, Nyango will definitely be the star of tonight’s party. Even Shure won’t have him all to herself.” (Serge)



 Serge was right, there would be a feast tonight, and I would be hearing a lot about it from adventurers other than Ibouro.


 But thinking about it, wouldn’t it be more comfortable to be carried around by Shure than to be surrounded by a bunch of old, gruff men?



“Now then, Nyango. Let’s go check the results of the subjugation with our own eyes. The Laius should be in position. Shure, Fawkes, and I’ll ask you to stay with me.” (Serge)


“It can’t be helped, I’ll just wait to have Nyango to myself after night…” (Shure)



 I don’t know if that will happen, but I certainly want to be close by to see the results of the subjugation.


 Besides, if we don’t show off the results of Chariot properly, it seems that our share of the materials will be very different.



 Unlike at Bronze Wolf, many adventurer parties from cities other than Ibouro are participating.


 Selling one’s name here means selling one’s name to the entire Viscountcy of Lagart and even to the Marquisate of Escalante.



 If we sell our name, we will receive good-paying jobs and high-paying commissions, and our pockets will be rewarded.


 Our work as adventurers does not end with subjugating the monster. 




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