Black Cat Chapter 134: Ownership

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“I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to give way to the man who was instrumental in defeating the wyvern.” (Serge)



 Naturally, there was a crowd of people around the subjugated Wyvern.


 If I stick to Serge who pushes through the crowd and marches forward, the eyes of the gathered adventurers pass me by.



  They all looked further behind me and tilted their heads when they saw that no one was there.


 Well, I’m deliberately trying not to attract attention.



 Laius and Gad are camped beside the wyvern, and next to them is Basilio, the captain of the Knights of Lagart.


 Furthermore, the members of Bored Men were also in attendance nearby.



 Just like with the Bronze Wolf, we were the ones who subjugated them… I thought there would be people who were trying to steal the credit, but it seems that there weren’t any this time.


 The reason seems to be the wounds left on the Wyvern.



“Hey, there you are, Nyango.” (Laius)


“Here I am… oh, did it get through it?” (Nyango)



 The magic gun shot, which focused on penetrating power, made a hole with a diameter of more than 20 centimeters in Wyvern’s chest.


 The snowfield behind the wyvern was apparently blown away for this reason.



 If someone claimed that they had defeated the wyvern, they must be able to reproduce an attack that pierced through the hard scales and left such a wound.


 No matter how much the liar claims credit, as soon as the real one reproduces the attack, the lie is exposed.



“Laius, you don’t mean to tell me that this catkin here is the one who defeated the wyvern, right?” (Basilio)


“Nyango was definitely the one who defeated the Wyvern, but… what is it?” (Laius)



 Laius replied in a tone that seemed to ask Basilio what he was surprised about.



“You’re not lying to me, are you?” (Basilio)


“That wouldn’t do us any good, sir.” (Laius)


“That’s right……” (Basilio)



 Basilio turned his gaze to me when he saw Laius, who wasn’t breaking his calm expression even when he asked in a tone filled with displeasure.


 After looking back and forth from the tip of my ear to the tip of my tail, as if he was sizing me up, Basilio gave me an order.



“Nyango. I’m sorry, but could you fire that magic again that you just did?” (Basilio)


“I don’t mind, but where should I aim?” (Nyango)



 The shot from my magic gun burst through the wyvern in the snowfield, creating a small crater.



“Well… can you see the angular rock over there?” (Basilio)


“You mean on the right side behind the place where the bullet landed earlier?” (Nyango)


“That’s right, aim at it and shoot.” (Basilio)



 Basilio specified a rock about 200 meters away that looked to be about three meters high.


 To be honest, I was just about to try it myself to see how powerful it was.



 When I was aiming at the wyvern, I was pretty nervous and focused on triggering it, but now I had some leeway.


 So, I imagined the diameter, thickness, and compression ratio to be the same as before, but the magic circle was now even smoother.



 The crude magic guns used by the group that occupied the school in Ibouro were inferior in the accuracy of the magic circle.


 The accuracy of this magic circle would affect the power of the Engraving Magic.



“Here it goes!” (Nyango)



 After a booming sound that reverberated in my stomach, the rock, which was connected to the magic circle, suddenly exploded and was blown away by a streak of flame like a tracer bullet.



“Oh…” (Basilio)



 A gasp of surprise and disbelief spread through the crowd of onlooking adventurers.


 Basilio, who folded his arms and waited for the cloud of dust to clear before checking the impact, shook his head and looked incredulous.



 Well, there’s no way a normal catkin can use such powerful magic.



“It looked like a fire-attribute attack magic just now…” (Basilio)


“No, that was an application of the Engraving Magic on magic guns.” (Nyango)


“That’s Engraving Magic…?” (Basilio)


“I’m going to spare you the details, but do you believe that I’ve put the finishing blow?” (Nyango)


“Yeah, I’m convinced it’s powerful enough, but if it was that powerful, wouldn’t you have been able to take them out much faster?” (Basilio)


“It’s very powerful, but it takes a little time to activate, and it takes a little time to aim…” (Nyango)


“I see, I understand. I recognize that it was Ibouro’s party, Chariot, who killed the Wyvern. From now on, the ownership of the Wyvern shall belong to Chariot.” (Basilio)



 Basilio made the declaration loudly, and the assembled adventurers burst into applause.



“Amazing, catkin bro.” (Adventurer)


“Thank you for avenging my friends!” (Adventurer)


“Good job defeating it. Now the city of Nacote is safe.” (Adventurer)



 I had expected to hear more jeers and criticism, but it seems that they are more conscious of the fact that they are friends who stood up to the wyvern and challenged it to a fight together.


 This time, in particular, there seemed to be because of the many sacrifices that had to be made before the wyvern could be defeated, and the fact that we could not touch it until it fell to the ground.



 After this, Laius and I will be asked about the details at the knights’ headquarters, but it seems that Gad and Serge will watch over the wyvern with the members of the Bored Men.


 Wyvern scales are hard but light, so they are traded at a high price as a material for armor.



 We’ll borrow their help… It seems like they’ll be guarding it all night so that there are no unscrupulous people.


 Tomorrow, everyone will strip off scales, and strip off materials such as fangs, claws, and wing flaps.



 Since it is such a huge creature, it is likely to take quite some time, but it is basic for adventurers to dismantle it and strip it of its materials after subjugations.


 Well, since the surrounding area is all snowy, there seems to be plenty of time before the corpse decomposes.



 Guided by Basilio, we entered the knight’s area and were greeted with thunderous applause.


 Knights from both the Viscountcy of Lagart and the Marquisate of Escalante greeted Laius with applause and respectful glances.



 After shaking hands with two or three of the knights who greeted him, Laius seemed to realize something was wrong.



“Ah… I’m sorry. It wasn’t me who killed the Wyvern, it was Nyango.” (Laius)


“Whaaat?!?!?!” (Knights)



 Every single knight in the room was surprised when Laius pushed me forward from behind, and then turned his gaze to Basilio.



“Oh, no doubt. He actually shot the attack that stopped the wyvern earlier. There is no doubt in my mind that he defeated the wyvern.” (Basilio)



 Basilio stated clearly, and the knights looked at each other, unsure of how to react.



“This way, Nyango, Laius. Follow me.” (Basilio)



 Basilio urged us to go to the room where they were to be interviewed, but there was an uncomfortable, subtle silence in the air.


 As we faced each other across the reception table, Basilio bowed his head.



“I apologize. There is no doubt about Nyango’s achievements, but those of us who haven’t actually seen him can’t believe that you, a catkin, could use that much attack magic. I really do ask for your patience.” (Basilio)


“Well, it can’t be helped that I wouldn’t have been able to use that kind of magic if I hadn’t discovered that void attribute magic also activates Engraving Magic when the air is solidified into the shape of a magic circle.” (Nyango)


“Eh, what did you say just now? Solidify the air in the shape of a magic circle?” (Basilio)


“Yes, the air contains magic elements, so if you make it into a magic circle, it will be activated.” (Nyango)


“Oh…” (Basilio)



 When I showed him the magic circle of light, Basilio seemed to be convinced.



“But where on earth did you learn the magic circle for magic guns?” (Basilio)


“I received a request from Professor Lembolt of the Academy in Ibouro, and as a reward for helping him with his research, he taught me magic circles that I didn’t know about.” (Nyango)



 Basilio listened attentively when I told him that in the battle the night before and in the battle today, I had attacked the wyvern with a combination of light, lightning, pulverization, magic gun, and other magic circles.



“So it was Nyango who knocked down the wyvern both times?” (Basilio)


“I wish I could subdue it more smoothly, but it was my first time fighting a wyvern, and I couldn’t even imagine how hard it would be until I actually fought it.” (Nyango)


“No, this Wyvern seems to be quite strong and intelligent even when compared to past records.” (Basilio)



 According to Basilio’s information, the wyverns in the records stated that they had attacked the bait cattle and were killed during that opening.


 They didn’t expect it to be so smart and cunning.



“We had prepared a decoy cow, but the adventurers were the only ones who suffered, and to tell the truth, we knights were having a hard time wrapping our heads around the situation.” (Basilio)



 Last night, when we missed it by a hair’s breadth, the knights were very disappointed.



“As I told you at our first meeting, in the spring our grazing livestock will start birthing, and wyverns and other monsters will hunt their tender meat. I heard that wyverns and other monsters like to eat soft juveniles, and if the juveniles don’t grow up, the livestock farmers won’t be able to make a profit. I am so glad we were able to finish the slaughter early.” (Basilio)



 In the meadows that stretch at the foot of Mount Bule, livestock farming and dairy farming are thriving, both in Viscount Lagart’s domain and in the Marquis Escalante’s domain.


 For these industries, wyverns are a threat to their survival.



“So the two families are competing against each other to protect their industries?” (Nyango)


“No, it’s just a battle of wills between the lords of the two families.” (Basilio)


“Eh, is that so?” (Nyango)


“Well, my lord will probably call for you soon, so you’ll know when you meet him.” (Basilio)




 While there was some information that made me a little worried, Basilio quickly put together reports and procedures regarding the subjugation and dismissed me and Laius after the quick meeting.




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