Black Cat Chapter 135: The Devil’s Whisper

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 A banquet celebrating the subjugation of the wyvern was held at the Viscount Lagart’s camp.


 Cattle that had been used as decoys were offered as ingredients for the banquet and were served on skewers or stews.



 As the adventurer who had killed the wyvern, I was made to sit at the head of the table and repeatedly toast with the many knights and adventurers.


 It is said that if you toast with someone who has the ability and luck to kill a wyvern, you will receive a share of the luck.



 They thought I would be taken advantage of if I went alone, so Laius and Serge stood by me on both sides.


 I was grateful for that, but I wondered if the fact that they were guarding me from the sexy female adventurers might have been an order sent by Ms. Leila or someone like her.



 The feast was attended by knights and adventurers from the Marquis Escalante’s side.


 Although they were competing with each other for the subjugation of the wyvern, there was a sense of solidarity among them, as they had fought the wyvern to death together while sacrificing their comrades.



 Basically, they were all friendly people, but among them, there were also those who were hostile, or who were showing a rebellious air.


 A short while after the feast began, the man who appeared was a bearkin who was nearly 2 meters tall.



 Even before he approached us, he had a presence that set him apart from the others, he was accompanied by several adventurers who seemed to be his followers, and I heard whispering rumors.



“It’s the Red Bear of Escalante…” (Adventurer)


“Is he the guy who dealt with ten orcs alone?” (Adventurer)


“I heard he crushed a goblin’s head.” (Adventurer)



 It was hard to tell whether the rumors were true or false, but he was big enough to be the subject of such rumors.


 He looks muscular even over his clothes, and his body language is devoid of weakness.



 His auburn hair is shaggy and the lower half of his face is covered with a beard.


 The large scar on his right cheek is probably caused by a sword, not the claws or fangs of a monster.



“I am Delius, A ranker from Escalante. Which one of you finished off the wyvern?” (Delius)


“That’s me…” (Nyango)


“Oh… are you saying that you shot that powerful magic?” (Delius)



 Delius’ words sounded like he was mocking me, and his cronies let out a giggle, but getting angry here would be just what they wanted.


 I replied in a cool, nonchalant tone of voice.



“Yes. What do you want?” (Nyango)


“I can’t believe that a catkin like you can use such powerful magic?” (Delius)


“I’m sitting in this seat because I showed I can use it in front of the captain of the Knight Order.” (Nyango)



 If you disagree with the decision of the Knight Order, it is as good as showing your intention to throw offense at the house they serve.


 Even if it is a house that rules a territory to which you do not belong, it is too risky for an adventurer to pick a fight with the nobility.



 Delius, who clicked his tongue in a bad mood, changed his attack.



“I see… so you let us set the table for you, and you just took a bit of the last delicious part.” (Delius)



 As expected, well, as I was going to respond, but Serge opened his mouth before me.



“I’m sure you regretted that Nyango was the one with the achievement, but you should have brought down the Wyvern at least once before saying anything about setting things up.” (Serge)


“What is it, are you ignoring that the frontline brought down the wyvern?” (Delius)


“No, it was Nyango who brought down the wyvern the night before and again this afternoon. The reason you were able to attack from across the river was thanks to Nyango setting it up.” (Serge)


“Oh, you mean to tell me that this little catkin brought down the wyvern?” (Delius)


“Yes, that’s right. Yes, with the approval of the Knights of Lagart.” (Serge) [T/N: Just let Nyango cook some Roast Bearkin.]



 When I was questioned about the subjugation, I also explained the lightning and pulverization magic circle to Basilio of the Knight Order.


 I explained to him how I set the trap and dropped it the night before last and how I dropped it during the daytime, and he was convinced.



 However, Laius, who accompanied me, asked me to put a limit on the information I could disclose, as it would be risky to reveal all my tricks to other adventurers.


 So, although the knighthood is convinced that I dropped the wyvern, I guess they don’t know the how part.



“Hmph, well… I don’t know how much money you used to bribe them, but remember… That won’t work on those from Escalante.” (Delius)



 Delius brought his face close enough to send his breath my way while showing an expression of intimidation, but he didn’t seem to notice that I was blocking his spit from flying with a [Shield].



“Heh, let’s go…” (Delius)



 I was not happy to let him go home with all the accusations he wanted to make, so I made sure his steps were slippery as he walked away.



“Woah!” (Delius)



 As soon as his foot slipped, he twisted his body to prevent himself from falling off his back, a move that would have qualified him as an A-rank. But his foot still slipped even as he tried to regain his stance, he had no choice but to crawl on the muddy ground where the snow had melted.



 The adventurers who were watching the scene burst into laughter.


 Delius, his beard covered in mud, stared at me with veins bulging on his temple.



“You did this, Pussycat!” (Delius)


“Could you first stop yourself from falling, before making an accusation? I’m not your mother.” (Nyango)


“You brat!” (Delius)



 Delius crawled to his feet, and tried to run towards me from a crouching start position, but slipped again, this time falling face-first into the muck.



“Hey, are you drunk already?” (Adventurer)


“Escalante’s A-rank isn’t a big deal I guess.” (Adventurer)


“They called us useless on the first day, what did those from Escalante do?” (Adventurer)



 Although they were friends who fought the wyvern together, after Lagart’s side was ambushed before dawn on the first day, the Escalante side threw around words that made fun of them.


 It seems that some of them still hold a grudge about that time.



“Even the people in front aren’t very useful!” (Adventurer)


“Yes, yes, because the one who defeated him was a Lagart adventurer.” (Adventurer)


“You can’t even thank them for all the support they gave you!?” (Adventurer)


“We didn’t ask you…” (Escalante Adventurer)



 It didn’t take long for the drunken, heated words and brawls to break out.


 The food is going to be spoiled and fire is dangerous, so let’s surround the hearth with a void wall.



“Prepare yourself, damn–gigigiii!!!!” (Delius)



 Delius, who tried to rush in, was paralyzed with a lightning magic circle and tumbled over.


 There was an adventurer trying to rush into our place as well, so I blocked this one with a void attribute wall as well.



“Well, it’s gotten lively.” (Nyango)


“What are you talking about, you’re the one who started the fire.” (Laius)


“You’ve got some serious balls, taking shots at an A-ranker.” (Serge)



 But both Serge and Laius throw some reproachful words, but there are still smiles on their lips.



“But he doesn’t look like an A-ranker at all…” (Nyango)



 Delius, who fainted because of the lightning magic circle, is in a terrible state after being trampled by the rioting adventurers.



“Well, looking at how you behaved just now, it doesn’t look like you’re completely bluffing. If he is that big, can use body reinforcement, and has mastered a certain amount of martial arts, he should be able to rank A, you know?” (Serge)


“Serge is right, you should avoid going head-to-head with him.” (Laius)


“Yes, I’ll be careful.” (Nyango)



 I’ve heard that martial arts are popular in the Escalante territory, so he’s probably very skilled because he rose to A-rank there.


 Even Shure is B rank, so it’s dangerous to look down on him.



 It would be better to always wear full armor until we leave the relay station.


 The brawl ended with the Escalante adventurers walking away after a gradual decline.



 The adventurers on Lagart’s side have raised the battle cry of victory and are beginning to drink again, but most of them are covered in mud.


 How in the world are these people going to sleep?



 Beyond the camp where the feast is being held, a bonfire is also lit around the wyvern that has been slain.


 The members of Bored Men will take turns keeping watch tonight, and the Knights of Lagart will also dispatch observers in turn.



 There will always be personnel in case of any trouble, and just having the knights there in their knightly attire is a deterrent.


 Even those who want to get their hands on the wyvern scales can’t touch them with the knights present.



 And my plan, which I have been thinking about all the time during the banquet, is not likely to be put into action.


 The wyvern I had killed had a hole in it, piercing the trachea and spine, but the heart seemed to remain intact.



 Even an orc’s heart had such an increased amount of magic power, but what would happen if I ate the wyvern’s heart?


 Of course, if I ate a large amount, I might die, but if it was just a little bit, I might be able to increase the amount of magic even more, and I might be able to shoot a wyvern down in one hit, like the magic circle that I used to defeat the wyvern.



 Should I secure the wyvern’s heart when I have the chance during the dismantling that begins tomorrow?


 Or is this the devil whispering to me? I couldn’t stop thinking about the wyvern’s heart until I returned to the carriage and went to sleep. 




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