Black Cat Chapter 136: Those Who Accept the Devil’s Temptation

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 The day after the wyvern was subjugated, the dismantling work began in the morning.


 Already the night before, members of Bored Men had continued the process of removing the scales while keeping watch.



 Large scales were used as material for armor and weapons, while smaller scales were popular as ornaments and amulets.


 Sharp claws and bones are said to be used as materials for weapons and magic tools.



 Monster fangs and bones are said to have a property that allows magic power to pass through them easily and materials from large monsters such as wyverns are said to have good conductivity.



 Tendons that connect muscles and bones are also valuable materials.


 In the case of wyvern, the tendons in the arms that move their wings are well developed, and when carefully processed, they become the material for bows that are firm and resilient.



 Thin tendons are said to be untwisted and twisted to make bowstrings.


 The skin is also tanned for use as a material, and the meat is edible.



 Wyvern meat is so tasty and rare that many adventurers who participated in the slaying of wyvern bought it as a souvenir.


 Instead of being cut into loin, filet, or other parts as in Japanese butcher shops, the meat is cut into large pieces and exchanged for cash.



 This time, there was still snow around, so the adventurers would gather snow and pack it into boxes, which they would then wrap in cloth and bring back home with the wyvern meat.


 When all the scales had been removed and the limbs detached, a large hole was dug near the wyvern.



 Apparently, the hole was for removing the internal organs.


 Once scaled and skinned, the wyvern is just another lump of meat.



 If the organs are damaged, the value of the meat will decrease, so the belly is carefully cut open.


 The smell of blood had been in the air around them until then, but when the internal organs were exposed, the smell clearly changed, and most of the workers frowned at the dense, fishy odor.



 The crotch is cut open and the perineum is cut around the anus to gouge out and drag out the intestines to prevent the contents from spilling out.



 The bladder, kidneys, and liver are pulled together while the parts attached to the peritoneum are removed.


 The center of the chest is cut open and a slit is made along the shoulder blades, and the ribs are opened by a team of six adventurers.



 Between the huge lungs was a large heart and a trachea containing a magic stone.


 After being dragged out of the chest, the magic stone was cut out.



“Oh, that’s huge…” (Fawkes)


“Well, how much does that thing cost?” (Nyango)



 A handful of magic stones are translucent with a deep green tint, and when it comes to this size, it seems that the value as a decoration is higher than its value as a magic stone.


 They are probably sold at auction through guilds, where nobles and rich people bid on them in droves.



 The eyes of everyone present were drawn to a wyvern magic stone that had been washed in water and was now shining brightly.


 A dogkin adventurer rushed to the guts of the wyvern and, wielding a knife threw a piece of meat into his mouth.



 Needless to say, what was cut out was part of the heart.


 The adventurer, a member of Bored Men, ran straight out of the circle of onlookers and into the snowfield.



“Oh, wow! With this, I too… Guuuee!!!” (Adventurer)



 The dogkin adventurer, who thought he had let out a cry of joy, collapsed to his knees the next moment, vomiting copious amounts of blood.


 Blood gushed out from his eyes, nose, ears, and pores… staining the snowfield red.



 The dogkin adventurer, who had fallen on his back, convulsed violently and then stopped moving.


 Looking at the amount of fresh blood that had spread across the snowfield, it was obvious to everyone that there was nothing that could be done about it.



“You idiot! If you eat a wyvern’s heart, of course it will kill you!” (Jill)



 Jill, the leader of Bored Men, kicked at the snowfield, scratched his head, and spat.



“Pull the wyvern’s body over there. We’re going to incinerate the entrails we took out, so those of you with the fire attribute, lend a hand.” (Laius)



 The wyvern was moved instantly with Laius’ words, and the adventurers burned the entrails that had been dropped into the hole with fire magic.


 I also created a fire and wind magic circle with my void magic and used a high-heat burner to help incinerate the entrails.



 To be honest, I wasn’t sure whether I should eat the wyvern’s heart or not.


 If I had, I would have bled to death, covered in blood.



 Since I had already acquired the power to defeat a wyvern with a single blow, I should not try to increase my magical power any further.


 My brother seems to be able to use magic as well as anyone else, so I’ll stop feeding him the hearts of monsters now.



 Instead, I secured a gaggle of tasty-looking wyvern meat.


 From that moment on, my job was to refrigerate the meat.



 If I brought this guy back to Ibouro, he would fetch a better price than the Black Orc.


 Above all, I wanted to taste the meat myself, it’s as marbled as A5 Wagyu beef.



 And that opportunity came sooner than I had expected.


 The dismantling work, which began in the morning, was completed in the evening.



 Chariot brought back to Ibouro the magic stone, scales, claws, skin, bones, tendons, and meat, and sold off the parts we could not bring back in cash settlement.


 By offering them at a lower price than the market price, we shared the profits with the adventurers who had participated in the hunt.



 Even so, the gold coins gathered under Serge, who was in charge of accounting.


 This money is deposited into Chariot’s account at the Adventurers’ Guild in Nacote and is then distributed upon its return to Ibouro.



 And when the demolition work is done, I would like to say that we will have a banquet with the members of Bored Men… but first, a bath.


 I have been struggling with the wyvern carcass for almost a day, and the smell of its blood has seeped into my clothes and body.



 Someone with earth magic made a bathtub and poured hot water into it to create an instant open-air bath.


 I was about to take a bath too… when Shure grabbed me.



“Nyango, over here…” (Shure)


“Meow, where are you taking me…?” (Nyango)



 The few female adventurers who had been taken were gathered in an earthen enclosure.


 Among them was my brother Fawkes.



“Brother, what are you doing here?” (Nyango)


“Well, Shure said she wanted a bathroom with an enclosure…” (Fawkes)


“Nyango, make hot water…” (Shure)


“*Sigh*, it can’t be helped…” (Nyango)



 The bathtub, which is smaller than those for male adventurers, is filled with hot water using a combination of temperature control and a water magic circle.


 The Nyango hot springs were flowing directly from the source… That’s what it feels like.



“Done, the hot water will continue to run for a while, so with this, I will… Meow, hey, Shure!” (Nyango)


“When the hot water is filled, we should get in… Nothing’s wrong with that…” (Shure)


“No, no, there are other people here besides Shure…” (Nyango)



 When I finished filling the bathtub with hot water, Shure grabbed me and peeled my clothes.


 I tried to run away, but I gave in to the resentful gaze of my brother who was telling me not to run away on my own.



 Besides Shure, there were four other women, all of whom were well-built enough to be adventurers.


 I mean, the oxkin miss is a bomb. Doesn’t that get in the way of fighting?



 As expected, I wasn’t even put on cleaning duty today, but I felt like I was caught between mountains rather than soaked in the bath because I was in the narrow bathtub with others.


 Well, it’s better than getting squished with the old men and other guys.



 After getting out of the bath, I dried myself off, changed into clean clothes, and headed for the banquet hall, where the people in charge of cooking were already in motion and a good smell was wafting in the air.


 The aroma of grilled wyvern skewers wafted through the air.



 The fatty parts of the wyvern are cut into dice, skewered, and roasted over a long fire, seasoned simply with salt.



“Yummeow! Wyvern is super yummeow! When you bite into it, the savory flavor of the meat juices and fat, the grilled surface and moist inside are exquisitely grilled, yummeow!” (Nyango)



 It looked like high-quality Wagyu beef meat, but it still tasted different from beef.


 It is not a domesticated animal, but a wild and powerful one.



 Wyvern meat is not only delivered to Viscount Lagart and Marquis Escalante but will also be presented to the royal family jointly by the two families.


 Royalty and nobility are truly blessed because they can eat delicious meat without having to risk their lives in the field.



 But I’m sure that after being checked for tampering in various ways, there will be repeated poison testing, and by the time it enters the royal family’s mouth, it will be cold.


 After finishing eating, they will wonder if wyvern is just good for Viscount Lagart… or something like that.



 Speaking of royalty, I wonder if Horacio, who went to The Royal Capital as a knight candidate, is doing well.


 I’ve gotten better after subjugating a wyvern, Horacio.



 When we meet again in the Royal Capital someday, I will boast of my success in subjugating a wyvern this time.


 I don’t know if he’ll believe me when I tell him that I did it with a magic gun magic circle and it burned a hole.



 In this subjugation, I saw many adventurers sacrificed, but all the members of Chariot survived safely.


 Now, let’s go back to Ibouro.




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