Black Cat Chapter 137: To the Sky

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 After three days on a horse-drawn carriage, we returned to Ibouro.


 We took the carriage to the guild and asked them to buy the wyvern materials we had brought back with us.



 Scales, bones, tendons, and meat.


 The freshness of the wyvern’s meat was far superior to that of the rest of the party since it had been kept refrigerated with void magic for the three days from the encampment to Ibouro.



 With the huge buy-in, plus the reward for the request, Chariot had enough profit to play with for about six months.


 Then it was time for a grand launch.



 After returning to the base to sweat it out and change clothes, all of Chariot returned to the guild’s tavern, but… my eyelids were heavy.


 I guess I’m tired from maintaining my refrigeration magic tool and void container all the way to Ibouro.



 I was not aware of it, but I was under a lot of strain while I was defeating the wyvern, and I felt that fatigue was accumulating immediately.


 Once again, Ms. Leila and Ms. Jessica held me in their arms and made me sit in the in-between, but I had no energy to moan or squeal and spent the entire party battling sleepiness.



 As it was, Ms. Leila took me home, washed me whole in a half-asleep state, took me to bed, and I may or may not have been making biscuits around in my sleep until morning, meow-meow…


 After falling asleep until almost noon, I had lunch with Ms. Leila and then returned to the base.



 Chariot, who had profited handsomely from the wyvern-killing, decided to take an extra week’s vacation.


 During this time, each of us was free to spend it as we pleased, whether it be taking it easy or taking on individual requests.



 On the first day of the vacation, I left the base early in the morning and went out of town through the north gate.


 I walked away from the town and went off the road into an empty grassland.



 The reason I went out of town was to think of new ways to use my magic.


 When I was fighting the wyvern, I thought about the advantage of being able to fly.



 The main reason why it was so difficult to defeat the wyvern was because it was a flying monster.


 They fly freely in the sky at speeds reminiscent of jet fighters.



 The adventurers’ attacks were unable to hit the wyvern with any satisfaction.


 In other words… I wanted to try flying too.



 In this world, since I was reincarnated in the body of a catkin, I had only once experienced flying in the sky, and it was only when I got high by eating a goblin’s heart and flew from the top of the mountain to the foot of the mountain with a void magic hang glider.


 If I didn’t do it well, I might have fallen to my death.



 This time, I intend to fly safely and in a calm state of mind, and my goal is not inertial flight but powered flight.


 I envision vertical takeoff and landing, horizontal flight, like an osprey.



 Power is from a wind magic tool, but I use it every day in my hair dryer and futon dryer, so I am more proficient with it than when I built my off-road bike.



“First, let’s start by floating…” (Nyango)



 I made two containers to become magic tools, connected them with rods, and made and installed two wind magic circles of the same size.


 The rod is positioned against my stomach, just like when using the iron rod.



 Huuuuuu… I heard the sound of the wind blowing, but I didn’t feel my body lift up.



“Too weak, stronger… meow!” (Nyango)



 I thought the wind magic tool was too small, so when I increased the size by 5 times, I was launched into the sky.


 I hurriedly erased the magic too and supported my body with [Step], so I was fine, but I was thrown up to the height of a third-floor building in an instant.



“Yeah, I have to be more careful…” (Nyango)



 After repeated trial and error, I finally found the line where my body was just barely but nit falling, but it was unlikely that I could control my ascent and descent with a single magic tool.



“Could it be? Should I make it like the power source of the off-road bike?” (Nyango)



 The off-road bike, which is also powered by a wind magic tool, the output is controlled by increasing or decreasing multiple magic circles.


 If you use the same method, you should be able to control the rise and fall of the bike.



 I immediately changed to the method of layering wind magic circles and was able to control the speed of the ascent, but this time, the direction was not stable.


 Since the case containing the two magic tools is connected with a stick, if the case is tilted, the direction of the ascent becomes unstable.



“Hmm… it’s not going very well.” (Nyango)



 After all, I wonder if it would be easier to leave the lift to the wings like a hang glider and create only the propulsive force with the wind charms.


 It seems that it will be possible to increase the speed and extend the cruising distance.



 However, it is not without concerns.


 In the event of a crash, I might die, and even if I survive, there is a possibility of serious aftereffects.



 The problem is the height and speed.


 A fall from a height of tens or hundreds of meters would result in instant death, and a slam at a speed of hundreds of kilometers per hour would result in instant death.



“For now, let’s save both height and speed until we can come up with a safety plan.” (Nyango)



 Anyway, until I get used to flying, I will stop at just floating in the air.


 If it was not stable with two, I increased the number of magic tools to four, and it became much more stable.



 The magic tools are made with void magic, so they are invisible to ordinary people’s eyes, but the image is like a quad-rotor drone.


 However, I have to increase or decrease four magic tools at a time, and it is quite difficult to maintain a total of twelve magic tools.



 Also, since I still have a temporary seat that looks like a baby walker.


 It is undecided whether to go with the drone style as it is, but I’ll make my official version with a seat that is motorcycle-like.



 After much practice, I am now able to ascend and descend steadily, but hovering is difficult.


 Currently, the floating is adjusted by increasing or decreasing the magical tool, so fine-tuning does not work.



 I can only adjust the floating at three levels: just barely hovering, hovering, and hovering quickly.



“I mean, it just floats and doesn’t move forward, and there’s too much room for improvement.” (Nyango)



 If I just want to float, I don’t have to rely on the wind magic tools, there are other ways.


 I tried to make an airship with void magic.



 The airship is about six meters long and less than two meters thick, with a seat that looks like a small bathtub under the fuselage.


 On either side of the fuselage, I attached a container that holds wind magic circles to serve as propulsion and a rudder.



 Once seated in the bathtub-like seat, I used the temperature control device to warm the air inside the fuselage, and it began to float in the air.



Oh, this is much easier because I don’t have to worry about floating.” (Nyango)



 As I gradually gained altitude, I felt more and more scared because the seat was transparent, but the wind was only carrying me along and I wasn’t going fast, so at worst I could dispel everything and stand up on [Step].



 The airship flies eastward in a gentle breeze.


 To the east of Ibouro is the village of Cabane, dotted with many ranches.



 As a member of Chariot, I had visited there for the subjugation of orcs, but the scenery looked different from the sky.


 Right now, the pastures are still a wintery brown but come spring, the whole area should be a carpet of green.



 As we climbed higher, the wind shifted to the south.


 As the nose of the airship turned south, I could see Mt. Bule in the distance.



“Oh, I wonder if the scenery that Wyvern saw was like this.” (Nyango)



 The sense of fear I had immediately after getting into the air disappeared, and I began to enjoy the walk in the fluffy, floaty sky.


 To avoid gaining too much altitude, I turned off the temperature control magic circle and moved into a level flight.



 While continuing south on the wind, I used the wind magic tool to continue westward.


 I crossed over the city road heading south from Ibouro, and as I continued further west, I saw a lake.



 A large castle standing on the shore of the lake is said to be the residence of Viscount Lagart.


 I was afraid people would say it was disrespectful to look down on the castle, but since I was flying quite high, they wouldn’t notice me.



 I turn the rudder over the lake and point the nose of the airship to the north.


 There are several ponds of various sizes scattered around the area, where fish are farmed.



“I wonder which pond can catch Malur… I want to eat Malur.” (Nyango)



 The airship was slowly lowering its altitude as I turned off the temperature control magic circle.


 Another gentle breeze was drifting me in an easterly direction.



 If I keep flying like this, I think I will be able to return to the area where I left off.


 Today, I happened to be blessed with the right wind direction, but the airship’s float in the sky was more enjoyable than I had expected.



“Meow? Meow, meow, meow? Was it faster than I thought?” (Nyango)



 I didn’t notice it when I was flying high in the sky, but it seemed to be going faster than I expected, and the scenery below us was drifting by at a considerable speed.


 Besides, the rate of descent seemed to be too fast.



“Bu-[Burner]! And reverse thrust!” (Nyango)



 The burner rapidly warms the air in the fuselage, and then I revers the wind magic circle forward to slow down my speed, but the ground is closing in on me fast.



“Meeeeow! I’m falling… Escape!” (Nyango)



 At this rate, the airship would likely hit the ground, so at a height of about 30 meters, I dispelled the airship, switched to the drone-type wind magic tool, and attempted a quick deceleration.



“Get up, get up, get up! I can’t, [Airbag]!” (Nyango)



 The impact was cushioned with a “Pooofff” as I donned a full armor and plunged into the [Airbag], but I still had to roll around on the grassy ground.



 I did not think that the [Airbag] I had made to catch Bronze Wolf’s blow would be useful in such a situation.


 After all, to enjoy a cruise in the sky, it might be better to prepare a parachute.




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