Black Cat Chapter 138: Fawkes’ Diary (Fawkes)

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~Fawkes’ Purrspective~



 After returning from defeating the wyverns, Chariot went on vacation for a week.


 My brother Nyango seemed to have been wandering around for the past three days, but when he came back, he suddenly approached me.



“Brother, about tomorrow, let’s go to the clay pit.” (Nyango)


“Eh, you can’t…” (Fawkes)


“I’m not going to feed you any more goblin hearts, so don’t worry.” (Nyango)


“No, am I going to ride that invisible vehicle?” (Fawkes)


“No, no, no. I’m going to be part of a pottery workshop escort job, and you’re welcome to come along and observe.” (Nyango)


“Oh, can you see the work of people with similar attributes? I’ll go.” (Fawkes)



 I have been to the clay pit, which is jointly managed by several pottery craftsmen, once at the end of last year.


 I was made to move at great speed in an invisible vehicle magically created by my brother, which chilled my bones, and I was made to eat goblin heart and use magic until I collapsed.



 On that day, I thought what a terrible thing he had done to me, but after that day, my magical power increased dramatically, and I was able to use magic more extensively and strongly than ever before.


 I heard that my brother had also strengthened his magical power by eating the hearts of monsters, and I was impressed that someone serious about becoming an adventurer is different.



 However, on an expedition, I accompanied him on the other day, as soon as an adventurer ate the heart of a wyvern killed by his brother, blood gushed out from his whole body, and he died in agony.


 When I asked him if he thought it could have been like this when I ate the goblin’s heart, he said it wasn’t, but he was probably lying because his tail was twitching.



 He did tell me up front that it was dangerous and advised me to use my magic as much as I could if things got dangerous, but he also threw a thinly sliced heart into my mouth.


 Well, it actually helped my magic index, but Nyango, you need to think a little more before taking action.



 The next morning, before dawn, we went to the west gate, where three young adventurers were waiting for us.


 They were a party called Trackers, with whom my brother had gone on a previous mission.



 It seems that it was difficult to explain various things at the end of the year when making a request together this time.


 I don’t know how it all went down, but the three of them were grateful that my brother was able to participate and accept the request.



“Karlot, Fuller, Bellucci, good morning. This is my brother.” (Nyango)


“Oh, good morning. I’m Fa-Fawkes” (Fawkes)


“Nice to meet you, Fawkes.” (Karlot)


“Nyango’s been a big help to me.” (Fuller)


“Nice to meet you.” (Belucci)


“T-Thank you…” (Fawkes)



 The three from Trackers, who seemed to be one or two years older than me, approached me in a friendly manner, but I couldn’t reply properly.


 I was so nervous that my mind went blank since I didn’t know them.



“Since my brother has earth attribute, I brought him here because I thought it would be great if he could observe the work of the pottery workshop. I’ve already spoken to our employers.” (Nyango)



 Apparently, my brother is doing a lot of work without my knowledge.


 While my brother was talking about the wyvern subjugation and I was just nodding like an ornament, a large horse-drawn carriage approached us.



 The carriage belonged to the pottery workshop Ilsara, and the four men who got out were all strong, beefy men.


 It’s not something I say, but my little brother would be fine, is it okay to say that the three from Trackers are smaller than the craftsmen in the workshop?



“Good morning, good day to you.” (Karlot)


“Good morning, I’m Zeluca from the pottery workshop Ilsara. You must be Nyango. I heard you killed a wyvern.” (Zeluca)


“Yes, with the help of my companions and other adventurers.” (Nyano)


“Haha, you’re quite modest. Adventurers usually don’t talk like you…” (Zeluca)



 Zeluca checked the guild cards of all of us.


 The three trackers were Karlot and Fuller, D-rank, Bellucci, E-rank, and of course me, F-rank, and my brother had been promoted to B-rank.



 Seeing my brother’s B-rank card, the four from the pottery workshop looked wide-eyed.


 A B-rank for a catkin, at my brother’s age, is not something one would normally think of, but I feel that my brother’s behavior, confidently looking back, is an endorsement of his rank.



 Zeluca holds the reins of the carriage, Karlot is next to the driver’s stand, and Bellucci and Fuller seem to be watching the rear of the carriage from the back.


 My brother and I sit across from the three men from the pottery workshop as we are rocked into the carriage.



 My brother has magically created a kind of air blanket over my seat and around my body, so I don’t feel cold even though it is the middle of winter.


 On the contrary, it is so warm that my eyelids feel as if they are about to close, aided by the rocking of the carriage.



“Brother, you can sleep until we reach the clay pit.” (Nyango)


“No, I’ll be the only one sleeping…” (Fawkes)



 I would have said no, but the three men in the pottery workshop were already asleep.


 Once they arrive at the site, they will be working on the mining all day long, so now is the time for them to rest and recuperate.



 Even though the three men in the pottery workshop are asleep, my brother seems to be using magic to keep an eye on what is going on outside.


 I can’t imitate him, but I thought I would at least stay awake until the mining site… in the end, I fell asleep because the condition was perfect for sleeping.



“Brother, we’ll be there soon.” (Nyango)


“Funya… Meow, I’m sorry, I fell asleep.” (Fawkes)



 Sleeping curled up on my younger brother’s lap, the dignity as an older brother, which I didn’t have before, sinks into the ground.



“I’m sure my brother practiced all day yesterday in the front yard of the base. You’re going to learn a lot today by watching the real professionals in action.” (Nyango)


“I’m sorry… from now on, I’ll open my eyes and learn everything.” (Fawkes)



 It seems that the three from Trackers will watch the perimeter of the site, while my younger brother exterminates the monsters that are far away.


 This year, it is said that the number of monsters appearing at the clay pit has increased, so it is necessary to reduce their numbers.



 However, since all of Ibouro’s top parties have been out on expeditions to take down the wyvern, the usual requests to take down other monsters have been piling up.


 Therefore, there were no takers for the request to escort them to the clay pit.



 This escort request is a little different from other requests. In order to keep monsters as far away from the mining site as possible, monsters cannot be killed within a certain range and cannot be brought inside.


 In the case of subjugating orcs, the amount of meat sold is much higher than the request fee for subjugating orcs.



 Since the meat cannot be brought back, it is not a popular request.


 It seems that the reason why my younger brother accepted this request was because the three from Trackers alone were considered insufficient in terms of strength to accept the request.



 Many of the usual requests for defeats come from the village of Cabane, east of Ibouro, and the three from Trackers, who do not have their own carriage, could not accept the request.


 So, they wanted to add my brother to the team and bring me to show me how to work in the clay pit.



“Well, I’ll leave this to you. If you need anything, just shout.” (Nyango)


“I’ll do my best not to rely on Nyango, but if it looks like we’re in trouble, I’ll call for help right away.” (Karlot)



 After meeting with the three from Trackers, my younger brother ran through the air and into the mountain.


 He was using magic to create a platform, and the four members of the pottery workshop, seeing it for the first time, were surprised to see him running in the air.



 The three from Trackers scattered to their posts, clanging the iron rings that kept the monsters away.


 The four workers from the pottery workshop also began to prepare for their work, listening to the clanging of the iron rings.



 After placing a plank on the back of the wagon to create a ramp for loading, they went down to the digging area to check the condition of the soil.


 I couldn’t tell the difference, but I heard that the quality of the soil differed slightly depending on where they were digging.



 After checking the soil, the three men who had fallen asleep on the road began to work hard.


 They put their hands on the ground and walls of the clay pit and used magic to harden the soil into large disks.



 After hardening the soil, they rolled it into the carriage.


 The disks were as wide as I was tall and quite thick.



 I tried my hand at making one myself, but it consumed a lot of magic power to shape it and harden it further.



“Oh, did you make this?” (Zeluca)


“Yeah… um, what do you think?” (Fawkes)


“Well, it’s a great job. You’re obviously not used to it, so the shape is a little distorted, but if you can do this well for the first time, it’s a big deal.” (Zeluca)


“Oh, thank you very much.” (Fawkes)



 After the excavated soil is brought back to the workshop, it will be kneaded again to remove the air, and then it is shaped into pottery.


 So, even if the shape is a little distorted at this moment, it does not matter.



“Okay, brother, help me out a little. I’ll buy you a drink when we get back.” (Zeluca)


“Is it alright?” (Fawkes)


“Of course, come on.” (Zeluca)



 The craftsmen in the workshop quickly made the disks, hardened them and carried about four of them back to the wagon.


 It takes me a long time to make one, and I can barely carry them one at a time.



 Still, this is the first time in my life that someone needs me for work.


 Anyway, I worked on the clay disks with all my heart, trying to be as useful as possible.




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