Black Cat Chapter 139: Nyango’s Diary

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“Nyango, I’m useless…” (Fawkes)


“Brother?” (Nyango)



 When I returned from destroying a pack of kobolds and a nest of goblins one by one, I found my brother slumped in the lap of Zeluca, a potter at the pottery workshop where they were having lunch.



“Oh no, I’m sorry. I asked him to help us dig out the clay, but he overworked himself and ran out of magic power due to excessive use of magic. If you eat and rest, you’ll be up and about by the time we get back to Ibouro.” (Zeluca)


“*Sigh*… Brother, please think about your pacing properly.” (Nyango)


“Sorry…” (Fawkes)



 I heard that my brother had finished his lunch, which he shared with the craftsmen in the workshop, so I decided to borrow a blanket and let him sleep on the sunny coachman’s seat.


 Well, he can’t help but feel excited when he realizes how useful he can be.



 I have to tell him to be careful because this makes him want to work even harder when he realizes how much money he’s earned.


 After I finished my lunch quickly, I called out to the three from Trackers.



“Karlot, I’ll keep an eye, so take your lunch break!” (Nyango)


“Okay, Fuller, Bellucci, let’s eat!” (Karlot)



 While the three from Trackers were taking their lunch break, I looked around from a height of about twenty meters on [Step].


 The mountain to the north probably won’t have monsters coming down from it since I subjugated the other side of the ridge.



 If I cleared the mountain road along the east side of the road, the south side across the creek, and the upper reaches of the river on the west side, there should be no monsters approaching us for now.


 Just to be safe, I should also scatter the detection particles.



 Until now, I had scattered detection particles all over the area, but that would have limited the area I could cover all around the perimeter.


 Therefore, the particles were placed at a certain height and width, in the formation of a doughnut.



 For example, if the height is 30 to 60 centimeters from the ground and the width is about 10 centimeters, with a radius of 200 meters centered on me, I should be able to catch any passing monsters.


 Since the detection particles are invisible to the eye, there is no reason for them to go all the way across.



 With this, even if I make myself the center of the circle, I will still have enough magical power for detection, so if there’s a reacting, I should just focus on the surrounding area.


 It can’t handle flying monsters like wyverns, but it can cover monsters that walk on the ground.



 As soon as he finished his meal, Karlot tried to get into position, but I stopped him and let him rest a little longer.


 I asked him to rest with me until the pottery workshop craftsmen started their afternoon work, and when the three trackers were in place, I would take my break.



 After a half-hour break, we climbed up the south slope across the creek.


 I had agreed not to take down any monsters within a radius of about 500 meters from the clay pit, so I would use [Burner] and other magic to drive out any monsters I saw within that radius.



 While moving about ten meters above the ground with steps, I led a herd of about fifteen goblins that were within the range out of the range and killed them at a distance of more than one kilometer from the clay pit.


 Using a powerful lightning magic circle, I electrocuted them from one after another.



 Since electrocution does not cause bleeding, there was no need to worry about attracting other monsters.


 When a total of seventeen goblins had fallen, I surrounded them with a void magic wall and stabbed them in the neck with a void magic spear.



 Furthermore, I put on void magic work clothes and took out the magic stone from all the goblins.


 Since there is no human settlement nearby, I leave the corpses as they are.



 Checking the southern slope, we went up the creek and found kobolds nesting in a cave in the range.


 Probing with the detection particles, it seems that there are more than twenty kobolds inside the cave.



“Should I leave them alone as well…” (Nyango)



 After driving the three or so Kobolds near the entrance to the cave, I blocked the entrance with a wall made with void magic.


 With that in place, I moved a large burner from the entrance to the interior, burning all the Kobolds to death.



 It was a cruel move on my part, but time was short, and I had no choice.


 After setting up ducts with void magic and replacing the air inside the cave with wind magic circles, I worked to recover the magic stones.



 After finishing the recovery work, I used a pulverization magic circle to collapse and seal the cave.


 With this, no monsters should appear near the clay pit, except from the east side, but there is nothing I can do until an orc subjugation or something.



 My backpack was getting heavy with magic stones, so I was thinking of going back to the wagon when I heard Karlot’s voice.



“Nyango! An ogre!” (Karlot)



 As I hurried back to the clay pit, I saw an ogre approaching from downstream in the creek.


 Even though three from Trackers rang their iron rings vigorously, the ogre did not seem to plan on stopping.



 The craftsmen of the pottery workshop also stopped their work and gathered near the carriage.



“Hold on, Karlot.” (Nyango)


“What are we doing, Nyango?” (Karlot)


“We’ll drive them downriver and take them out when they’re far enough away.” (Nyango)


“Can we do that?” (Karlot)


“We’ve got to do it.” (Nyango)



 Ogres are smarter than orcs.


 Even if we drove them away, they would have learned that there were people here to eat.



 It is very likely that the ogre will reappear and attack people when other pottery craftsmen come to mine.


 When it was about 150 meters closer to the clay pit, I combined a fire magic circle and a wind magic circle to create a large fire pillar, blocking the ogre’s path.



“Guuoo!” (Ogre)



 The Fire Pillar I had used in my duel with Bode was powerful enough.


 When I aimed the Fire Pillar at the very edge of the ogre so that it would burn a little, the ogre covered its face with his hands and showed its back to me.



 I immediately scorched its buttocks and back with [Burner], and it screamed and began to run away.



“Karlot, I’m going out for a while, so please take my backpack.” (Nyango)


“Okay, take care!” (Karlot)



 Once I was lighter, I equipped myself with full void armor just in case and chased after the ogre.


 Using a Fire Pillar and [Burner], I chased the ogre downstream into the creek.



 The ogre stepped into the creek and splashed water on its body.


 Well, getting its body wet would not be enough to withstand the heat of the [Burner] roasting it.



 Unlike with Bode, there was no need to take it easy on this one, just let it walk on its own until it was out of range.


 The ogre picked up a rock from the riverbank and threw it at me while pretending to be drenched.



“[Shield].” (Nyango)



 The moment the stone left the ogre’s hand, it hit the [Shield] that was erected at an angle and was deflected wide.


 The ogre continued to fight back with stone throws, but it was no match for the flames of [Burner] and fled out of range.



“Well then, [Death Choker Type R].” (Nyango)



 Eight sharp spearheads made of void magic surrounded the ogre’s neck.


 Oblivious to the invisible spears, the ogre plunged himself in.



“Guu… Gah…” (Ogre)



 The ogre’s upper body is drenched with spurts of blood as it runs into the spearhead behind it, trying to escape the tip of the spear that is pierced through its throat.


 The ogre crushed two spearheads, but it collapsed to its knees in the creek and ran out of strength.



 The creek turned red with the blood that flowed from the ogre.


 After confirming that the blood had stopped flowing and that the ogre had completely stopped moving, I pulled it up to the riverbank and proceeded to remove the magic stone.



 Furthermore, I managed to cut off the horns growing on its forehead by striking the chisel made by void magic with a stone from the riverbank.



“Huh… I’ve been working hard since morning, I’m getting tired.” (Nyango)



 The creek downstream is under the cliff from the street and far enough away from the clay pit that I leave the corpse of the ogre behind.


 Burning or burying it would take too long and be impractical.



“But if I leave it here, monsters will come…” (Nyango)



 The corpse of the ogre was enclosed in a sturdy container made of void magic, and in that state, a pulverization magic circle was activated to make mincemeat out of it, and a water magic circle was used to flush it into the creek.


 I think this is terrible environmental destruction, but at present, this is the best way to avoid attracting monsters.



 I washed the horns and the magic stone upstream in the creek, shoved them in my pocket, and returned to the clay pit.



“I’ve subjugated it just now.” (Nyango)


“Already? That’s a B-rank.” (Karlot)



 At the mining site, Karlot and the others had returned to their guard posts, and the craftsmen in the pottery workshop had finished mining and were beginning to clean up.



“Welcome back, Nyango. Are you hurt?” (Fawkes)


“Yeah, I didn’t get hurt anywhere. I see you’ve recovered a little.” (Nyango)


“Oh, compared to Nyango, I’m not working much and I’m pathetic…” (Fawkes)


“Well, it can’t be helped because you were doing a job you weren’t used to. But wasn’t it a good experience?” (Nyango)


“Yeah, I learned a lot, including how to pace myself.” (Fawkes)



 After the craftsmen in the workshop finished cleaning up, the carriage started to drive toward Ibouro.


 The person holding the reins is a different craftsman from Zeluca, and the arrangement of Trackers is the same as in the morning.



 The back of the wagon is loaded with mined soil so that the space for people to ride is now limited.


 Well, in the middle of winter, it’s probably better to be this close together in the carriage for warmth.



“Bellucci, can I leave the lookout to you?” (Nyango)


“Okay, Nyango has been working since morning, so you can sleep until Ibouro.” (Bellucci)


“Thank you, please take care.” (Nyango)



 I rested my head on my brother’s shoulder and immediately fell asleep.


 I said something arrogant to my brother, but I still have a long way to go to learn pacing.




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