Black Cat Chapter 140: Rapid Fire

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 The day after visiting the clay pit with my brother, I visited the guild’s shooting range.


 The magic gun magic circle showed its power in the wyvern subjugation, but I felt that there was still room for improvement in its usability.



 If an opponent does not move, it is possible to strike with a powerful attack, but against a fast-moving opponent, it is difficult to even hit.


 The possible improvement is rapid fire.



 Today, the guild’s shooting range is deserted.


 It would be a shame to see such a valuable place go unused, but adventurers like to use it in actual combat, and most of them are probably out in the field right now with all the requests they’ve been wanting to take.



“Well, it’s a good thing I don’t get tangled up with weirdos…” (Nyango)



 This time, since it is an improvement in speed, I’m going to focus on activating it fast.


 First, I will increase the speed of two consecutive shots from a standby state.



 To make two shots in a row, even if I am not conscious of the first one, I will inevitably be conscious of it, so I can ensure more speed.


 But I can’t be aware of it until the second shot, so the time of pure activation appears.



 Bang… Bang…



“Woah, so slow…” (Nyango)



 The last time I broke an iron target, I practiced firing multiple targets at the same time, but not firing in rapid succession.


 There is too much of a pause between firing the first shot and firing the second shot, and this makes it unusable in close combat.



 The reason for this is that I started making the second magic circle after confirming the firing of the first shot.


 Since I am not yet accustomed to using the magic gun magic circle, I am conscious of trying to construct it without fail, which seems to be a factor that reduces the rapid-fire capability.



 So, instead of confirming the activation of the first shot, I concentrated on the activation of the second shot.



 Bang, bang…



“Yeah, much better than before.” (Nyango)



 It was just a slight change of mindset, but the firing sequence was greatly improved.


 Next, I increased the number of shots from two to five.



 Bang, bang, bang… Boof…


 Bang, bang… Boof, bang…



“Woah… this time there’s a misfire?” (Nyango)



 When I tried to continue the rapid-fire, my mind became impatient and the shape of the magic circle collapsed, and there were cases where it did not activate.


 Moreover, I feel that the power of the magic circle that was activated has also decreased.



 When the power is reduced, the magic is like that crude magic gun.


 It can be used to threaten, but neither the power nor the bullet speed is praiseworthy.



 I guess it is extravagant to want both speed and power.


 From here on out, I guess I’ll just have to practice steadily.



 I will repeat alternately five consecutive shots with a solid and powerful attack, and five consecutive shots with a speedy activation.


 Oh yeah and move to another target in the middle of the shot so as not to break it.



 bang, bang, bang, boof, bang…


 Bang, boof, boof, bang, bang…


 Bang, bang, bang, bang, boof…



 The misfire is finally gone, but the power is still unstable.


 The speed of rapid fire is still far from ideal, but I want to make sure that I can shoot five rounds in a row now, and then increase the number of rounds to ten or twenty.



 I kept repeating the same sequence of shots, moving to a different target from time to time, and when I managed to get to ten rounds in a row, I stopped and was being watched by the Guild Master, Cordobas.



“So, the wyvern subjugation is still not enough.” (Cordobas)


“Meow! Since when have you been watching?” (Nyango)


“A little while ago. You’ve got great concentration, but you’re still not very good at detecting presences.” (Cordobas)


“Uh… we’re inside the guild…” (Nyango)


“Yes. But there are people like Bode, so don’t be too comfortable.” (Cordobas)


“Right, I will be careful.” (Nyango)



 Cordobas smiled as if he were looking at his favorite toy, but his expression suddenly tightened.



“Nyango, the Viscount is summoning you.” (Cordobas)


“Eh… summoned?” (Nyango)


“Ah, I’m sorry. I should call it an invitation rather than a summons.” (Cordobas)



 During the wyvern subjugation, Viscount Lagart and Marquis Escalante were competing to see who could subjugate it first.


 Since it was on his side of the river that the wyvern was subjugated, the game should have been won by Viscount Lagart.



 It seems that he invited me to his castle in order to reward me for being the key player behind that victory.



“I, alone…?” (Nyango)


“No, he has invited the whole of Chariot. It would be a bit awkward for you to go alone, wouldn’t it?” (Cordobas)


“Of course. It’s safer to have everyone here.” (Nyango)



 Visiting the lord’s castle alone… just thinking about it makes my stomach hurt.


 If Laius and the others are with me, it will be reassuring.



“Nyango, I think the viscount will ask you to become a knight, but I don’t mind if you refuse. Or rather, refuse.” (Cordobas)


“Nya? Is it okay if I refuse?” (Nyango)


“It’s alright. It’s no exaggeration to call you the ace of the Ibouro’s guild. The knight’s role may be important, but the guild’s strength can’t be reduced.” (Cordobas)



 Chariot made a large profit from the wyvern materials, but it seems that the guild also made a small profit from the sale of the materials.


 The orc meat that Chariot has killed is sold at a high price, and it seems that the Bored Men who are copying our methods are also making money.



 When adventurers make money, the guild makes money.


 They don’t want me, the driving force behind this cycle, to be taken out.



 I cut short my practice with the magic gun and have lunch with Cordobas at the guild’s tavern.


 In my previous life, I would have run away from a meal with the organization’s bigwigs, but if I’m going to be an adventurer, it’s better to have a lot of connections.



“I heard that you had a very flashy day yesterday.” (Cordobas)


“Flashy… but if you don’t feel safe working in the clay pit, it affects people in a lot of ways, doesn’t it?” (Nyango)


“Well, that’s right. In recent years, the reputation of Ibouro pottery has risen. In order to solidify that reputation, it is necessary to have a stable supply of products.” (Cordobas)



 According to Cordobas, Viscount Lagart seems to be putting effort into promoting such local industries.



“Apart from pottery, there are furniture products, cheese, fishery, horse breeding… and many other things.” (Cordobas)


“Isn’t it simply to show off the territory?” (Nyango)


“Well, there may be some rivalry with the Marquis of Escalante, but it is certain that the more industry there is, the more people will be involved in it, and as a result, the more the territory will prosper.” (Cordobas)



 The number of residents is the best indicator of the wealth of a territory.


 The more inhabitants, the more tax revenue can be expected, and the more soldiers can be mobilized in case of emergency.



 In order to increase the number of residents, it is essential to develop the industries that build up the base of daily life.


 No matter how many people increase, it is meaningless if the number of people living in the slums continues to grow.



“The Viscount would like to have someone like Nyango on hand, but he would also like you to contribute to the promotion of the town, not as a knight, but as an adventurer. This invitation is like to see what kind of guy you are… something like that. If he invites you as a knight, you can decline, so don’t worry.” (Cordobas)


“I understand. I’ll be able to eat something delicious at the very least.” (Nyango)


“Hahahaha… The Viscount’s castle is located on the shores of a lake, and he is also researching the cultivation of a variety of fish. This time of year, I’m sure they’ll feed you some succulent fish.” (Cordobas)


“Well… it certainly sounds promising.” (Nyango)



 If there is a fish that tastes better than Malur, I would love to taste it.


 No, if I can eat delicious fish every day, it might not be a bad idea to become the Viscount’s knight.



 After lunch with Cordobas, I returned to the target range and resumed practice.


 What I was looking for was a rapid-firing performance comparable to a machine gun, and ideally, a high-speed continuous fire like a Vulcan cannon.



“Now that I’ve stabilized at 10 rounds, I’m ready for the three-point burst.” (Nyango)



 Instead of reducing the number of shots, I will further increase the rate of rapid-fire.


 The magic gun magic circle is now able to be activated without conscious thought because of the repeated practice of rapid fire.



 Now it is a matter of timing, but I increase the speed by imagining the sound.


 From “bang, bang, bang…” I will practice so it becomes “ba-ba-bang” then I’ll aim for “bababang”… and finally aim for “Brrr”…



 Originally, I didn’t need to hold the magic gun in position because I was just making a magic circle, but I somehow ended up holding it in a way that my right-hand grips the gun grip and my left hand is attached to it.


 I think it is important to have an image.



 Because I use void magic to create a magic circle, even though I imagine the size of a handgun, I should be able to fire a series of full-automatic shots in the future.


 I mean, wouldn’t a handgun-sized Vulcan cannon be good? And wouldn’t it be good to have two guns, one on each side, like gun fu?



 Riding alone into a goblin’s nest and destroying it by firing two guns at them. …Yeah, that’s a good plan.



 Imagining a slightly ridiculous future, I continued practicing my magic gun until the evening.




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