Black Cat Chapter 142: Unveiling

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 After explaining to the Viscount how he had defeated the wyverns, there was a sudden break in the conversation.



“Father, please let me have a hand-to-hand combat with Nyango.” (Aida)



 Aida asked the Viscount while glaring at me.


 I had half-expected this to be the pattern, but the Viscount gave a surprising reply.



“No. I will not do that. Nyango is my guest tonight, and I will not tolerate any disrespect.” (Frederick)


“But…” (Aida)


“But what? Don’t you believe the report from the knights?” (Frederick)


“No, that’s not the reason…” (Adia)




 Apparently, Aida is not convinced by the report that I, a catkin, put a stop to the wyvern.


 Well, it’s not surprising, since I just look like any other catkin anywhere.



“In a situation of confusing information during a war, it is necessary to be skeptical even if the news is coming from an ally. But if you doubt a report that has been thoroughly verified, you will not gain the trust of the knights.” (Frederick)


“Yes, I am aware of that.” (Aida)


“And you can’t use magic yet, since you haven’t completed the Nest Leaving Ceremony. Then, your weapons are limited to those using martial arts. And the difference in physique between you and Nyango is obvious. I will not allow you to make self-serving actions that would give you an advantage. The Lagart family may be a low-ranking noble family, but we are the family that rules this land. I will not tolerate any behavior that does not allow us to stand proudly before our people.” (Frederick)



 Aida had no choice but to remain silent in the face of the stern words of the viscount, even if he did not raise his voice.



“Well, even if you got what you want, you won’t win easily. If you can’t estimate your ability by looking at Nyango’s body language, Aida, you are still inexperienced.” (Frederick)



 The hairs on my back stood on end as the viscount, who had shifted his gaze from Aida, grinned at me.


 I don’t need to spar with him, he is definitely stronger than I am.



 Mr. Zeol, Shure, Mr. Cordobas, and the Viscount… They’re all extremely scary people.


 I’ve been skipping the sparing match with Shure while I’ve been on vacation, but I’m going to have to get back into swinging.



“I can’t allow you to fight, but Nyango, could you show me the magic that defeated the wyvern?” (Frederick)


“I don’t mind showing it to you, but it’s quite a powerful spell, so there’s a risk of destroying the target or the wall…” (Nyango)


“I thought you would say that, but I have a place prepared for you.” (Frederick)



 It may not have been a pre-dinner entertainment, but many knights and soldiers had gathered at the shooting range where the Viscount had taken us.


 The distance from the edge of the shooting range is about a hundred meters, and iron targets familiar to guilds and other groups are placed, and there is even a spare target placed a little further away.



“Nyango, two thick iron shields were placed behind the targets. Behind them is a pile of earth, an earthen wall fortified with earth magic, another pile of earth, another earthen wall, and finally a wall with reinforced magic resistance. If we take all these precautions, we should be fine.” (Frederick)



 The Viscount was very proud of his work.


 He was so proud that he believed in the contents of the report and wanted to boast that he had made all possible preparations.



“Joubert, let us give it a try.” (Frederick)


“Yes, sir!” (Joubert)



 Joubert, who was called by the viscount, is a lionkin knight who appears to be in his early twenties and seems to be quite a skilled warrior.



“Joubert is the young hope of the Lagart knights, and I think he will be the one to carry the knighthood in the future.” (Frederick)


“I see… That’s amazing.” (Nyango)



 Since he is in his early twenties and the Viscount is saying such words to me, he must have high expectations, and he must have the ability to do so.


 Joubert, who had taken his firing position, turned to me and asked the Viscount.



“Do you mind if I give my all, sir?” (Joubert)


“Of course. Just do it to your heart’s content.” (Frederick)


“Yes, sir!” (Joubert)


“Joubert, I’m looking forward to it.” (Aida)


“Yes, young lady. Please leave it to me.” (Joubert)



 Joubert bowed reverently to Aida and turned his sharp gaze on me before getting into a shooting stance.


 Probably, since the people of the Lagart Knights also participated in the scene of the wyvern subjugation, they are probably feeling a rivalry with me for being the one to kill it.



“In the name of the Goddess Fatima, Flame!” (Joubert)



 With a theatrical gesture, Joubert raised his right hand, and a fireball that looked to be five meters in diameter appeared above his head.


 Immediately thereafter, the red-hot fireball condensed into a blue fireball about 50 cm in diameter.



 The hot air rushing forward even seemed to increase in temperature rather than decrease as the fireball condensed.



“Oooooooooooo!” (Joubert)



 Joubert swung his right arm down with a yell, and the blue fireball shot out with tremendous force.


 The fireball hit the target and lost its shape, but it scorched the surface of the mound of earth behind it with the same momentum with which it flew.



 My brother, who was surprised by the power of the magic, squeezed my hand.


 I wish it had been a pretty girl, but it’s okay, brother because it didn’t fly this way.



 The power of the magic was surprising even to his fellow knights and soldiers.



“Oh, the target…” (Knight)


“I didn’t expect that iron target to turn out like this…” (Soldier)



 The target, which had been red-hot from a direct hit, could not support its own weight and bent over and collapsed.


 I see, they had prepared a spare target because they had anticipated this.



“That’s amazing! As expected of Joubert!” (Aida)


“Thank you, young lady.” (Joubert)



 Aida clapped her hands in delight, and Joubert got down on one knee and bowed his head.


 Aida is very happy to see the success of the knight she has her eye on.



 I guess she is happy to see the knight she has her eye on doing so well, but the picture-perfect sight of the princess and the knight irritated me again.



 Since I came to Ibouro, I have been getting along well with beautiful people like Ms. Leila, Shure, and Ms. Jessica, so there should be no reason for me to be jealous.


 But I still feel annoyed, perhaps because of my previous life as an otaku.



“Now then, Nyango. Are you ready?” (Frederick)


“Yes, anytime…” (Nyango)




 After the changing of the target, the Viscount urged me to take the firing position in place of Joubert.


 That Joubert gave me a smug look as we passed each other, but I guess he forgot that I had put a stop to the wyvern.



 I wonder why even Aida is looking so smug.


 I guess a man who can read the atmosphere and keep the power at a moderate level is a man who can do that, but I don’t plant to read the atmosphere, so I shoot without reducing the power.



“Here I go!” (Nyango)



 I fired with the same awareness of the accuracy of the magic circle as when I put a stop to the wyvern, or rather, as when I verified it afterward.


 With a heavy boom, the magic circle of the magic gun and the new target that had replaced it were connected by a line of flame.



 The fireball, which penetrated both the target and the two iron shields, blew off the first mound of earth, penetrated the earthen wall, and seemed to stop when it bit into the second mound of earth.


 When the chunks of blown-away soil fell to the ground in pieces, the shooting range became quiet as if it had been hit by water.



 The expressions on Aida and Joubert’s faces, which had been looking smug until just now, have disappeared, and on the contrary, Shure looks exactly the same, with a smug look on her face that makes me think she might fall backward.


 The Viscount’s loud laughter broke the silence.



“Hahahahahaha! Wonderful, wonderful, Nyango!” (Frederick)


“Thank you. As expected, I couldn’t blow it up to the second mound, milord.” (Nyango)


“What are you talking about? There are two iron shields behind the iron target. Thought it’s like punching a hole through paper, right?” (Frederick)


“The wyvern’s scales are tough, so I formed a magic circle and shot it to increase its penetrating power, milord.” (Nyango)


“I see. Anyway, I can’t believe that just one person can cast such powerful magic… You would be one of the ten most powerful in the kingdom in terms of simple individual attack power.” (Frederick)


“Eh… me, milord?” (Nyango)


“Who else is there? That’s how powerful you are, Nyango.” (Frederick)


“Well, even if you say that, it doesn’t really feel like it…” (Nyango)



 Even if I was suddenly told that I had one of the top ten offensive skills in the kingdom, it still didn’t make sense to me.


 More than that, I feel that I lack experience in how to make full use of my offensive power.



“Yes, you should go to different places, see different things, meet different people, and accumulate knowledge and experience.” (Frederick)


“Yes, milord, there is so much I don’t know.” (Nyango)


“When you’ve seen and experienced enough, why don’t you become my son-in-law?” (Frederick)


“Nya? S-Son-in-law…?” (Nyango)



 Since it was so sudden, I couldn’t understand what was being said, but I caught up with him when I saw Aida’s face contorted in a way that was not typical of a noblewoman.


 Does she hate it so much that ruins her face?



“What do you think, Nyango?” (Frederick)


“No, the young lady seems to be very uncomfortable with it, so I’ll decline.” (Nyango)


“Hahahahahaha! Well, you’re not old enough to talk about things like marriage yet. However, when Aida goes to the Royal Capital, I’ll request you to accompany her. It’s my job to help the adventurers in my territory grow.” (Frederick)


“Yes, we will consider it positively.” (Nyango)


“Well, then, it’s time for us to eat.” (Frederick)




 At the Viscount’s invitation, we moved to the dining room, and it was time for an enjoyable dinner.




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