Black Cat Chapter 144: Picked Up?

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 Viscount Lagart has officially sent a request addressed to me.


 I will be leaving for the Royal Capital at the beginning of March, which is still about a month and a half away.



 Until then, I will be fulfilling the usual requests as a member of Chariot.


 After the invitation from the Viscount, I completed two requests to subjugate two orcs.



 One of them was a black orc, which was bought at a high price because of the perfect post-processing.


 These days, it seems that the buyer will pay a good price for the orcs that Chariot kills, without Serge having to demonstrate his negotiating skills.



 After a good series of subjugation requests, I visited Professor Lembolt as I was on my day off from my activities as a chariot for three days.


 I had not yet told him about the wyvern subjugation.



 Without being taught about magic guns and pulverization magic circles, the wyvern would not have been killed.


 I should have visited him during the break immediately after my return, but I have given priority to my own convenience.



 One of the reasons I have been away from the school is the way the soldiers guarding the school gate have been treating me.


 Since I helped to solve the case of occupation by the ruffians from the slums, I was allowed to enter the school with just a look, but I shook hands with them and was patted by them.



 It would be fine if Ms. Leila and Ms. Jessica were petting me, but I had been hoping that I would not be petted by the big guys, this day was a little different.


 I was given a face-pass as before, but instead of shaking hands or patting me, I was given a stiff salute.



 It was a little embarrassing, but not patting me was fine.


 Perhaps the fact that I had subjugated a wyvern had an effect?



 When Professor Lembolt came back from class and noticed me in front of the research building, he ran towards me at great speed.



“Hey, Nyango, you finally showed your face.” (Lembolt)


“I’m sorry it’s been so long.” (Nyango)


“Come on, let’s go to my room. I have something I want you to see.” (Lembolt)


“Is this something you want me to see?” (Nyango)


“Yeah, it’s a prototype of a warm air heater. I think it’s pretty good.” (Lembolt)



 What I was shown in a room with so many documents and other materials that there was barely a place to step was a new type of magic tool that was based on the magic circle I was making with my void magic.


 Wind magic tools existed in the past, but most of them were made by filling the grooves in the shape of magic circles engraved on a stone tablet or metal plate with powdered material that easily allows magic power to pass through and then harden it.



 With this form, the wind blows out from the plate, so it was difficult to stack them to increase the output or combine them with another magic circle.


 On the other hand, the magic circle I am making with void magic is a hollow tube shape, so it can be stacked several times to increase its output or combined with other magic circles.



 The hair dryer and futon dryer are made by stacking a wind magic circle and a temperature control magic circle.


 This prototype was made to mimic my method.



 The magic circle is made into a cylindrical shape, and the parts that need to be supported are made of a material that does not conduct magic power to maintain its shape and strength.


 The prototype, which contained the magic circle for wind and temperature control and was fitted with a handle, was about the size of a hair dryer I had used in a previous life, only stiffer.



“Set the magic stone here, and push it in to activate it.” (Lembolt)


“Oh, it blows warm air.” (Nyango)


“How is it? It’s quite a thing, isn’t it? The company that made the prototype says they will make a few more improvements before releasing it for retail.” (Lembolt)


“I see… This is something you use to dry your wet hair, right?” (Nyango)


“Yes, but is there a problem?” (Lembolt)



 The product is a functioning hair dryer because it produces a decent amount of warm air, but in terms of usability, it’s not just good, it’s not even good enough.



“This one uses one wind magic circle and one temperature control magic circle, but I think it would be better to use three for wind and two for temperature control.” (Nyango)


“Increasing the number of magic circles… Why?” (Lembolt)


“That way you can adjust the strength of the wind and the temperature, which should make it easier to use.” (Nyango)



 When I explained the dryer with the actual situation of using it, Professor Lembolt seemed impressed.


 Since hair dryers did not exist in the first place, he had no idea of setting hair by applying warm air to it.



 As a test, I set Professor Lembolt’s unkempt head with a brush made from the void magic and a warm air magic circle, and he was very impressed.



“Nyango, this is a revolution! Once the improved version of the warm air magic tool is completed, I would advise you to present it to the lord… No, the royal family. Well, it looks like you’ll be busy…” (Lembot)



 I heard that Professor Lembolt is going to compile and present a paper on the hollow magic circle himself.


 My name will be listed in the paper as a co-researcher.


 After this, I explained about the magic gun magic circle used to kill the wyvern and taught me about the magic circle of vibration, and then we headed home.



 Chariot members eat together on weekdays, but on weekends they go out on their own so that they can eat freely.


 As I was moving along the rooftops of Ibouro in the evening, thinking of somewhere to eat with my brother when I got back, I saw Shure heading toward the base.



 I knew that if I suddenly jumped down too close, I might get injured, so I dropped down to street level at a slight distance and called out to her.



“Is Shure going home too?” (Nyango)


“Yeah, that’s right…” (Shure)


“Um, what about that?” (Nyango)


“I picked them up…” (Shure)



 Shure was carrying a catkin with dirty gray fur.


 She was wearing a skirt, so apparently she was female.



“You said you picked them up… What are you planning to do with them?” (Nyango)


“First… Clean.” (Shure)



 Indeed, there were some dust bunnies tangled in the gray fur, and she smelled sour when I got close.


 It’s no wonder that Shure, who usually holds me and my brother up when he lifts us up, is hanging by the back of her skirt.



 I don’t know the details of the situation, but I have some idea of what’s going on because of my brother’s example.


 The suspended catkin girl was quiet, glancing at Shure and me.



 When we returned to Chariot’s base, Shure went straight to the bathroom.



“Nyango, come with me.” (Shure)


“No, no, it would be wrong if I were with you.” (Nyango)


“You’re going in with Leila and Jessica, so you shouldn’t be acting embarrassed…” (Shure)


“Well, yeah, but…” (Nyango)



 The catkin girl started jittery when she found out that even I, a man, was going to be in the bathroom with her.



“Ah, uh… So, there’s a guy with me too…” (Catkin)


“You promised to do whatever I said…” (Shure)


“Oh, that’s true, but…” (Catkin)


“Accept it…” (Shure)


“Fumyaaaaaa…” (Catkin)



 I’m a man, and it would be a crime if I did it, but Shure stripped the catkin girl naked without question and then released the clothes and underwear she was wearing, as well as the small backpack.



“Nyango, wash all her clothes and underwear. And dry her when I call you when I’m done with the washing.” (Shure)


“Yes, yes, I understand.” (Nyango)



 Shure quickly stripped herself naked and, with both hands wiggling, approached the catkin girl who had been thrown into the bathtub.


 Well, I guess I’ll do the laundry outside…



“Fumyaaaaa! Nyoooow! Don’t meow there! Nyooo!” (Catkin)



 Yeah, this is what it’s like to wash a cat who doesn’t like taking baths… I remember seeing it on a video site in my previous life.


 After about an hour or so, Shure called me to the bathroom, and to my surprise, there was a catkin with white fur.



“Wow… Shre was a white catkin? How dirty was she?” (Nyango)


“Hmph, this is my work. Now, dry her…” (Shure)


“Yes, yes, I understand. Then I’ll make warm air.” (Nyango)


“Meo-meow this is, the wind is strong…” (Catkin)



 The confused catkin girl is completely naked, but she looks almost like a cat, so I’m not affected.


 I mean, Shure, who is puffing out her chest with a smug look on her face, is also completely naked, and I’m having trouble keeping my eyes off her unless she gains some modesty and hides herself a little bit.



 When the catkin girl was finished drying off, Shure immediately picked her up and buried her face in her stomach.



“Yeah, well…” (Nyango)



 I don’t know what’s going on, but I want you to stop looking at me suspiciously.


 When I returned to the living room from the bathroom, all the members of Chariot were there.



 Well, with all that noise, it’s only natural to wonder what’s going on.


 Stared at by the three burly adventurers and my older brother, the catkin girl seemed to be scurrying about with her eyes downcast, looking for a place to escape, but it would be impossible for her to escape if she was being held by Shure.



“Hey, Shure, are you trying to build a harem of catkins?” (Serge)


“Hmph, I won’t share with Serge.” (Shure)


“It’s not okay in the winter, and I’ll also refrain in the summer.” (Nyango)



 I adamantly refuse to sleep with Serge even in winter.



“For now, sit down and tell us the story.” (Laius)


“Alright…” (Shure)



 At Laius’ urging, Shure took a seat with the catkin girl in her arms.



“Let’s start with our names, I’m Laius, this is Serge and Gad, that’s Nyango and Fawkes, and they’re brothers.” (Laius)


“My name is Miriam…I just came from Toroza…” (Catkin => Miriam)



 According to Shure’s story, she was on her way back from the guild when she rescued her backpack from being snatched in the back alley.


 The reason she was a little stinky and dirty was that she had come to Ibouro and found no work and had no money on hand, so he was camping out in the field.



 Probably, if Shure had not brought him here, she would have ended up in the slums sooner or later.


 Big brother stared at Miriam without saying anything, but perhaps he was comparing his own past with Miriam’s.



“I understand what’s going on, Shure, but what are you going to do with Miriam?” (Laius)


“Miriam… will be my disciple.” (Shure)


“Meow… Y-your disciple?” (Miriam)



 Miriam couldn’t hide her confusion as she was being held by Shure, who was puffing out her chest with a smug look on her face.



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