Black Cat Chapter 145: Disciple

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 The foundation of Shure’s fighting technique is her ever-changing footwork.


 As if sliding on ice, she approaches rapidly, changes direction, and moves away without making a sound or preliminary move.



 Her kicking technique is also difficult to predict.


 Front kicks that are thrust out like spears, spinning kicks that change their trajectory drastically, heel drops, and hanging kicks that come at us immediately after we evade them.



 I had to do my best just to avoid them because their long, slender legs flexed like a whip, not the short legs of us catkins.


 Even so, for my attacks to reach her, I had to jump into the gap between Shure’s storm-like attack.



 Even though I dodged a right roundhouse kick and knocked her pivot leg away with my staff, Shure floated in the air as if she were in outer space, and immediately followed with a powerful roundhouse kick to the back.


 I jumped back, using my staff to block her leg, and even though I had thought I had taken some distance, I was immediately sent a series of front kicks.



“Fu, meow, meowww… Your feet are too dangerous!” (Nyango)


“Hmph, I guess you can handle this kick as well… So, next one…” (Shure)


“I’m not going to get hit all the time. Take thi-nyaaa!” (Nyango)



 Although I killed a wyvern and was promoted to B-rank, I am still no match for Shure in close combat.


 Even if it’s a half-baked blade, I’d like to keep adjusting and polishing it before I leave for the Royal Capital.



“Mya, meow! Mya, meow! Mya, meow!” (Fawkes)



 Beside me and Shure, my brother is swinging his staff with all his heart.


 When he first came to the base, he was a bit unsteady and unreliable, but since then, he seems to have continued to do so without slacking off, and he’s gotten pretty good at it.



 Now, he is repeating the swinging back and forth and left and right with his legs, and in a little while, she may be able to teach my older brother how to do the same.


 The way Shure teaches seems to be different from Zeol’s, but still, it’s the same in that she doesn’t neglect to make a solid foundation.



“Myaa… Fumeow… Myaa… Fumeow…” (Miriam)



 Further outside where the brother is practicing, Miriam continues jogging along the fence that surrounds the front yard of the base, but this one has been sluggish right from the start of the run.


 She was still looking more than half asleep when Shure dragged her out of bed and began to make her run, whipping her buttocks with a whip, and I don’t mean figuratively.



 A catkin’s body has excellent flexibility and instantaneous power but lacks endurance.


 When it comes to endurance, they lack mental endurance in addition to physical.



 This is due to the catkin’s fickle nature.


 Miriam had done little exercise even when she was in the village of Toroza, so she decided to start with physical training.



 While Shure was having a spar with me, she quickly approached Miriam and cracked the whip when she tried to slack off.


 She allowed Miriam to rest along the way, but she kept her running, even if it was at a walking pace.



 When Shure finished her spar with me, she finally allowed Miriam to finish jogging, but Miriam was sitting in the path, breathless and unable to move.



“You did a great job. Now, let’s take a bath and wash off sweat…” (Shure)


“No, I got in yesterday…” (Miriam)


“You can’t deny it while you’re all sweaty like that… Let’s go.” (Shure)


“Fumya, I… I… Meow…” (Miriam)



 There’s no way she can run away in a state of complete exhaustion when she can’t run away even when she’s in perfect physical condition, so she should just give up from the beginning…


 When she was picked up by Shure yesterday, Miriam was so dirty that I thought she had gray fur.



 I thought it was inevitable. After all, she had been living in the wild because she had run out of money, but there was also the added aspect that she didn’t like to bathe.


 Many catkins don’t like to bathe, and my father and mother would only bathe once every three days, even though they sweated from their farm work.



 One of the reasons I was noticed by Shure was because I was taking a bath at the Hawk Eye Pavilion, humming a tune.


 She was looking for a catkin who likes cleanliness because she wants to fluff catkins but can’t stand small, dirty, smelly things.



 Could it be that the hint for the improvement of the status of cat people is in the bath?


 Since my brother came to the base, he has been taking a bath every day… or rather dragged by Shure, so he doesn’t smell as bad as he used to.



 It seems that my big brother is still practicing his earth magic using the ground in the front garden.


 I use [Step] to move while floating in the air, but Shure’s foot work feels smoother than before, probably because the ground is less uneven.



“Brother, haven’t you improved your skills a lot?” (Nyango)


“Meow? Oh, this. Well, it’s better than before, but it’s not there yet.” (Fawkes)



 The ground in the front yard is being repeatedly leveled and hardened by my brother for practicing earth magic.


 Since his amount of magic power was low before, the area that could be hardened and leveled at a time was small, and the unevenness was noticeable.



 Later, he increased the amount of magic by feeding him goblin hearts, so the area he could handle at once has increased and the finish has improved.


 At this rate, I think he can do more than just plugging rat holes.



“Hey, what kind of work do you really want to do, brother?” (Nyango)


“I wonder what kind of job… To be honest, I’m a little confused. Since I started living here, I feel like I’m growing every day, and that’s why I’m getting greedier and greedier.” (Fawkes)



 The first time I saw him, he was in the slums, he felt helpless, and he just did as he was told.


 Then, as his magical power increased and he became able to use magic as much as anyone else, he began to think about what he wanted to become.



“I’m sorry that you, my younger brother, are moving straight ahead toward your dream of becoming an adventurer, and I, your older brother, am just sitting around, but… I’m finally able to look ahead and look up a little bit, so I’m going to think it over and make a decision.” (Fawkes)


“I see… Well, there’s no need to rush, just think about it.” (Nyango)


“Thank you, I’m sorry for having you keep taking care of me.” (Fawkes)


“What are you talking about? We’re brothers, it’s natural.” (Nyango)


“I see. By the way, now that the screaming has stopped, shouldn’t we get going?” (Fawkes)


“Oh, yeah, right. Then, let’s go dry Miriam off.” (Nyango)



 My brother and I also worked up a sweat and then had breakfast, but Miriam was tired and eating half-asleep.


 She was held in Shure’s lap, so she couldn’t escape her meal.



“If you don’t exercise hard and eat lots, your body won’t grow…” (Shure)


“Meow… I have no intention of becoming an adventurer…” (Miriam)


“So, can you still get a job as you are now?” (Shure)


“Meeew… That’s…” (Miriam)


“If you want to go back to Toroza village, I’ll give you money for a carriage.” (Shure)


“That’s impossible! I can’t go back to the village…” (Miriam)


“In that case, you should be ready. You will not be able to live in Ibouro if you do not train your body and mind to work at least as hard as the rest of the other races.” (Shure)


“I understand……” (Miriam)


“What catkins lack is ambition. If they have the desire to grow as greedily as Nyango, catkins can work just as hard as any other races.” (Shure)



 As Shure says, catkins lack the will to work.


 Because of their small size, they do not need large houses.



 They have their own fur, so they don’t need much clothing.


 The only things that motivate them are eating and sleeping.



 My father and mother seemed to have no complaints about the small, old house, and the clothes they were wearing were hardly clean.


 I could see that now, after being I was away from the village, but it was no wonder others underestimated me.



“I’ll let you take a nap after breakfast. In exchange, you will practice your attribute magic when you wake up.” (Shure)


“Yes…” (Miriam)



 Miriam’s expression lit up when she heard she’d get to take a nap, but then her shoulders dropped in disappointment when she heard that it was before magic practice.


 I was interested when I heard that they were practicing attribute magic, so my brother and I decided to take a look.



 Miriam seems to have the same wind attribute as Shure, but as I expected, she has never used magic because of her low magic power.



“First, I’ll show you an example… Wind!” (Shure)



 Just after Shure waved her hand lightly at me, my brother, and Miriam, who was lined up next to her, she was almost knocked over by the gust.


 Shure must be an excellent magician because she is so powerful without having to shape the wind into a solid mass or a blade.



 An invisible blade of wind is a threat to most enemies, and just being knocked out of position by a strong wind would be a fatal opening against Shure.



“Now, Miriam, try it…” (Shure)


“Yes… In the name of the Goddess Fatima, let the wind soar!” (Miriam)



 Compared to Shure, Miriam seemed to be waving her arms with all the force she could muster, but what was blowing was only a gentle breeze.



“Yes, I understand your power now. Next…” (Shure)



 Shure advised on how to channel magical power and how to reduce unnecessary power and then ordered Miriam to try it again.



“W-wind!” (Miriam)



 When her arm swung out sharply rather than with force, the wind blew a little stronger than before, and Miriam smiled happily.


 The wind was stronger than before, but it was only medium strength at best for a fan with three levels of adjustment.



 Still, Shure nodded two or three times in recognition of the results.



“Yeah, it’s better. Next…” (Shure)



 Wind attribute magic seems to be magic that grasps the flow of wind and magic power.


 It may be a bit similar to the void attribute, which senses the presence of air and magic elements.



 According to Shure, with practice, it is possible to detect and attack enemies in invisible positions through the flow of the wind.



“Nyango is super skilled, but even Miriam can become skilled depending on how she is trained. One of the bad things about catkins is that they do not practice magic because of their low magic index. Even if the wind attribute is a weak attribute magic, it can be powerful depending on how you use it.” (Shure)


“E-even me…” (Miriam)



 Miriam, who was made aware that she too had dormant potential, immersed herself in practicing magic and collapsed, running out of magic power as expected. 




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