Black Cat Chapter 147: A Request by the Waterside

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 There is only one reason why I learned about the oscillation magic circle…


 To make a super vibrating blade.



 It is a single-edged sword made with void attribute that is 3 mm thick, 50 cm long, and 10 cm wide.


 From the length blade to the tip of the blade, there is a magic circle of vibration built into the blade.



 A total of 8 oscillation magic circle s will cause the sword body to vibrate super… Meow!


 It vibrates, it does, but only about 60 times per second.



 At this vibration rate, it is not even a good massage tool.


 Naturally, there is no way to improve the sharpness of the blade, and it is nothing more than a weird sword that shakes slightly.



 The reason why a super vibrating blade cannot be realized is that the vibration frequency of the magic circle is proportional to its thickness.


 The size of the magic circle also has no effect on the vibration frequency.



 On the contrary, it seems that the accuracy of the magic circle has almost no effect on the frequency.


 I don’t know why it has such a characteristic, but it is very convenient for use in clocks,



 According to what I heard from a craftsman at the Caritalan Trading Company, if a clock is made to a certain level of precision, it will vibrate at a fixed pace, but there will be differences in the number of magic stones consumed, durability, and deviation when used over a long period of time.


 It seems that the craftsman carves the magic circle with high precision and adjusts the speed of the clock by adjusting the thickness.



 If I practiced hard, I could probably make a magic circle of high-precision oscillation, but that alone would not fulfill the function of a clock.


 Only with a complex internal structure can the time be displayed.



 I am able to make a magic circle with high precision, but as I said, I am not able to make even the contents of a clock even with void magic.


 It is probably because of these characteristics that Professor Lembolt had a slightly subtle expression on his face when I asked him to teach me about oscillation magic circles.



“Huh…I think I can make a massage magic tool, but I wonder if I can make a super vibrating blade?” (Nyango)



 I was a little disappointed because I had quite high expectations.


 If a super vibrating blade could be realized, I was planning to apply it to the Death Choker and evolve it into a Type WR…



 After a three-day break, Laius received an order to take down a target in the village of Raje.


 The village of Raje is located southwest of Ibouro, on the way to Viscount Lagart’s castle.



 It is located on the shore of a large pond, where fishing is thriving, and the fish pen in the pond was apparently destroyed by someone.


 Originally, there should be no big monsters living in the pond, so it is possible that they came from somewhere or someone is harassing them.



“It seems Raje Village is making a lot of money from Malur…” (Laius)


“Laius, let’s go quickly. We can’t forgive anyone who gets in the way of Malur’s fishing.” (Nyango)



 If I ever lose the chance to eat that tender white fish, I will make them regret having been born.



“Nyango, it’s all well and good to be enthusiastic, but in some cases, you’ll be fighting a big underwater monster. There may be facilities related to fishing nearby, and it will be different from the way things are done on land, so please be prepared for that.” (Laius)


“Yes, I understand.” (Nyango)



 But the means to attack the enemy in the water are limited.


 If part of its body is above water, I can attack with a magic gun or a pulverization magic circle, but if it dives underwater, my attack will not be able to reach it.



 Water resistance is nothing to laugh at.


 Even if you shoot a bullet from the surface of the water, it will rapidly lose speed after advancing one meter.



 Even if I use a magic gun magic circle, I will have to make it very large in order to get the desired effect. 


 The magic circle of lightning may be powerful, but it cannot be used if there is a fish pen of Malur nearby.



 It would be a complete disaster if Marul, who should be protected, was electrocuted.


 At any rate, let’s think about various things until we arrive at the village of Raje.



 My brother and Miriam are going with us to the village of Raje.


 My brother will be useful in setting up the base there, and we can’t leave Miriam alone since she just arrived at the base.



 Well, two more catkins would not be too much for one strong adventurer, so it would be fine.


 Shure is holding my brother and Miriam with both arms, her expression is blinding.



 If she has that look on her face, she looks like a very dangerous person, so I want her to stop it outside the carriage.


 Leaving Ibouro in the morning, we were able to arrive at the village of Raje in the early afternoon.



 When we went to the client’s place, he offered us a fisherman’s hut as a place to stay.


 It is a little cramped, but it has a cooking area, and we no longer need to make almost any preparations for the encampment.



 My brother, who had less work to do, was a bit disappointed, but at Laius’ request, he happily began to make a bath for us.


 The fishermen’s huts had cooking facilities but no baths.



 Miriam stared at my brother, who was humming a tune as he went about his work, with a confused expression on her face.


 Give up, it is impossible for you to escape from the Shure now.



 Leaving Gad, my brother, and Miriam to prepare the fisherman’s hut, we went to see the broken fish pen.


 The fish pen was located where a spring-fed creek flowed into the area.



 There are other places where the creek flows beside this one, and the water around them looks clear, but the water around the center of the pond is muddy because the water is not springing up inside the pond.


 Malur are said to live on the muddy bottom of the lake, and after they are caught, they are kept in fish pens for a few days to let the mud drain out before shipping.



 One of the fish pens had been cruelly destroyed.


 It seemed that they had tied nets to floating logs and released the fish in the area enclosed by the nets, but some of the logs had been snapped off by some great force and the nets had been torn apart.



“Laius, with that kind of damage, isn’t it more likely to be a monster?” (Nyango)


“Well, that’s true. But don’t just assume it’s a monster. It might be the doing of a person who wants to make you think it’s a monster.” (Laius)


“I see…” (Nyango)



 Laius said that just to be sure, but the claw marks left on the logs were very unlikely to have been made by human hands.


 Laius and our party carefully examined the shoreline around the area where the fish pen was located but could find no tracks of any kind.



“Laius, would you like to go around?” (Serge)


“Yeah, let’s take a look today.” (Laius)



 At Serge’s suggestion, we took a look around the pond.


 The area where there were no fish pens or boat docks was covered with reeds that had withered over the winter, and it seemed like a good place for something to hide.



“Nyango, walk over the reeds and see if you can find any unnatural places where they have fallen over.” (Laius)


“Yes.” (Nyango)



 With the Laius, I would have to step into the pond to check, but I could use [Step] to observe from above.


 After about 20 minutes of looking and walking, I found a place where reeds had fallen down.



“Laius, the reeds have fallen over here. It seems to have started from the shore.” (Nyango)


“Where is it? Ah, here it is… Nyango, does it continue all the way to the water?” (Laius)


“Yes, it’s continuing.” (Nyango)


“Which way are the reeds at the water’s edge falling?” (Laius)


“It looks like it’s falling toward the pond.” (Nyango)


“Okay, I understand. Let’s move on!” (Laius)



 There were several other places where these reeds were lying, but they were all facing the pond.


 According to Laius, they were the remains of people who had gone into the pond to catch small fish and shrimp.



 We started from the north side of the pond and were about a third of the way around when we came to a creek leaving the pond.



“Nyango, come back here for a minute!” (Serge)



 When Serge called me back, I found that Laius and Shure had also gone down to the riverbank to examine the trail.



“Laius, this way…” (Shure)


“Where is it? Ah, there’s no doubt about it.” (Laius)



 Shure was pointing to a naturally formed dam, where there were claw marks that must have been made when it climbed over it.


 Serge saw this and sighed in dissatisfaction.



“Damn… A turtle monster…” (Serge)


“Turtle monster…?” (Nyango)


“Oh, look at the sides of the claw marks. There are probably marks left from dragging its shell.” (Serge)



 The ground was indeed gouged out between the claw marks as if something had been dragged across them.



“Turtles and archers have the worst compatibility…” (Serge)


“Isn’t this really huge?” (Nyango)


“I guess so. It’s the one who destroyed that fish pen. There’s no way it’s small.” (Serge)



 The distance between the claw marks that remain clearly visible is farther than I can hold my hands out.


 In the previous life in Japan, turtles would be hibernating in such a cold season, but such a common sense is not applicable to the monsters.



“Rock Turtle, or Bite Turtle… Either way, we’ve got to figure out a way to drag it up to land. What are you going to do, Laius?” (Serge)


“Well, I’d like to see the real thing first…” (Laius)



 The turtle-type monsters move surprisingly quickly in the water, but once on land, their movements become slow due to the weight of their bodies.


 Usually, when subjugating such monsters, it is common to drive them out of the water and burn them with fire magic.



 The best way to defeat them would be to cut off their heads with a single swing of a sword, but it is said that if you don’t trap kill off quickly enough, they will retreat into their shells and not come out.


 Once it is locked in its shell, it is almost impossible to kill it alone, unless you are a master.



“Is it really that hard?” (Nyango)


“My bow will only get it repelled, and the only way to kill it is to roast it. Oops, this time Nyango is here, so I guess we’ll be able to get a lot of the materials.” (Serge)



 The shell is prized as a material for armor, as it can’t even be damaged by half-baked attacks, but it loses its value when burned.



“Nyango, use that magic that defeated the wyvern to create a hole in its shell.” (Laius)


“For that reason, we have to drag it onto land.” (Serge)



 On the way back to the fisherman’s hut, Laius and Serge continued to discuss a plan to lure out the monster they thought was lurking in the water. 




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