Black Cat Chapter 151: Catkin in Both Arms

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 I returned to base, took a bath, and took a nap in the attic.


 I was worried about Rock Turtle’s stew, but I must have been tired from continuing to use the weight-reduction magic circle, so I fell asleep as soon as I curled up on the futon.



“Nyango, it’s time to wake up. It looks like we’re going to the party.” (Fawkes)


“Meow! Stew!” (Nyango)


“I’m not stew… Hey, don’t fall asleep and fall down the stairs.” (Fawkes)


“Ah… brother, ah, I was asleep…” (Nyango)



 I crawl out from under the covers and stretch my sleepy legs to clear my head a little.


 When I got changed and went down to the first floor, everyone had already gathered and was getting ready to go out.



 Once again, we had accomplished our mission without anyone getting hurt, and we had made a big profit.


 Let’s go to the party with our pride open.



 Miriam is held by Shure, and brother is sitting on Gad’s shoulder.


 Apparently, my brother did a good job as Gad’s right-hand man when setting up the hunting grounds.



 He has learned to use magic at a normal level after eating a goblin heart, and his steady practice in the front yard of the base is probably beginning to pay off.


 The guild in the evening was crowded with adventurers who had finished their requests, but when they spotted Chariot, the young men made way for us.



 The young adventurers’ gazes as they look at Laius and the others seem to carry a sense of longing.


 I have also fulfilled my role as a member of Chariot, so I join them with pride…



“Funyaaa…” (Nyango)


“I caught him. You haven’t played with me at all these past few days.” (Leila)


“Ms. Leila…” (Nyango)



 It’s strange… I didn’t think I was not alert to my surroundings, but once again, Ms. Leila easily approached me, held me up, and carried me around like a princess.



“Oh my, there’s one more person, hm?” (Leila)



 Hearing Ms. Leila’s words, I turned my gaze to see Shure holding my brother and Miriam in both arms, her chest puffed out with a smug look on her face.


 I mean, when did she swipe my brother from Gad’s shoulders?



 Miriam’s eyes asks my brother what’s going on, but my brother tells her to give up.


 When brother turns his eyes toward Gad, he also tells him with his eyes to give up.



 Well, it’s only during the party and I’m not being abused, so give it up.


 I mean, me too…



 In the guild’s bar, Mr. Jill and the other members of the Bored Men were there.


 They were joining the party after returning from the orc subjugation.



“I heard you killed a Rock Turtle, Laius.” (Jill)


“Well, we did the preparation, but the ones who finished it off were Nyango and Shure.” (Laius)



 The main party of Ibouro had gone out to subjugate the wyvern, and it seems that the requests that had accumulated during the wyvern subjugation have been settled.


 And there are more new faces in the bar than I’ve seen in the past.



“There are more and more kids who have graduated from school and started working as adventurers. There are still no rookies as active as Nyango, though.” (Jill)


“I see… Indeed, the only faces I haven’t seen are the youngsters…” (Laius)



 Once they have completed the Nest Leaving Ceremony and are able to use magic, they can register as adventurers, but many of them do not actually begin their activities until after they graduate from school, according to the guild.


 It would be good if they could make it on their own as adventurers, but if they give up on being adventurers, it is easier for them to find another job if they have graduated from school.



 Although this is not a society founded on academic background, the amount of time and effort required to teach vocations is probably different between those who have learned general knowledge at school and those who have not.


 I started working as an adventurer at the beginning of the year, and it seems that I’m at the stage where I’m getting used to life a little bit, and I’m about to set foot in the tavern…



 Some of them are pointing at me and exchanging some words among themselves.


 Most of them probably think that I am Ms. Leila’s pet.



 Still, it’s cute compared to the old guys who stare at me and probably cursing me to death… even though they’re older than me.


 I wonder if they look at me with such resentment because they don’t know that I have a lot of work waiting for me after the party, like carrying, washing, and being used as a cuddle pillow.



“So, Chariot and Bored Men, here’s to a toast to the successful completion of our requests!” (Laius)



 The party begins with a toast from Laius.


 Everyone in the tavern shares the toast.



 The more times we make a big profit and serve it to everyone, the more times we sell our name as an adventurer and as a party.


 Well, in my case, I choose milk for my toast.



 The milk sold in Ibouro is very rich and delicious.


 I don’t know where Ms. Leila is from, but this milk must have helped her to grow so mature.



“Yummeow! A drink after the subjugation is yummeow!” (Nyango)


“Look, Nyango. You have a white mustache.” (Leila)



 Ms. Leila wiped my mouth, but I felt that Miriam laughed at me through her nose.


 I mean, it’s not noticeable because her hair is white, but even Miriam has milk around her mouth.



“Here, Nyango, Ah~” (Leila)


“Ah… Yummeow! What is this? So yummeow!” (Nyango)


“It’s smoked polarikke.” (Leila)


“It’s lightly baked with a smoky aroma and has a very bold taste. It’s yummeow!” (Nyango)



 My brother and Miriam, who are sitting across the table from me, seem to also be crazy about the smoked Polarikke.


 The spoons they are alternately shoveling in their mouths are like parent birds raising their young.



“Hey, Ms. Layla. Even though the food for dinner is delicious, why is the breakfast here only so-so?” (Nyango)


“Oh, it’s because the cooks are different. We share the place and have different cooks for the morning and afternoon snacks and the evening tavern.” (Leila)



 The snack bar is open from morning to evening, and the tavern is open from evening to midnight.


 If the same person were to operate both, he would be in line for death from overwork, so she says he works in what is called shifting.



 The tavern’s taste is important, but it is also important as a place to have breakfast after being released from Ms. Leila, so I really want the staff in charge of breakfast to improve their skills.



“Speaking of which, Nyango is going to the Royal Capital, right? What souvenirs are you going to buy for me?” (Leila)


“Nya? Even if you ask about a souvenir… I don’t even know what’s in the Royal Capital…” (Nyango)



 Information dissemination and communication are not as advanced as it was in Japan, so the only information about the Royal Capital is what you hear in the rumors.


 It may be just a big city with a big castle, but the only way to tell what it looks like is through pictures.



“I’m sure Nyango will buy you some nice souvenirs, right?” (Leila)


“Umeow… I’ll try my best but don’t expect too much…” (Nyango)


“A good man must be able to choose the right gift for a woman.”  (Leila)


“I’ll do my best…” (Nyango)



 A little after the party began, the Rock Turtle dishes was brought in.


 The first dish to arrive was a cold salad.



 It seemed to be made by boiling the Rock Turtle’s tripe (stomach), cutting it into small pieces, and mixing it with white onion in a vinegar-based sauce.



“Yummeow! Crunchy, crispy, yummeow!” (Nyango)


“I sometimes like them dried, but I think they taste better when cooked fresh.” (Leila)



 The next dish was stir-fried liver.


 In my previous life, I had made a hot pot with liver, and it had a sweet and spicy flavor.



“This is also yummeow! It’s not as peculiar as I thought it would be, and it’s got a nice, robust flavor. Yummeow!” (Nyango)



 I wanted to gobble it up, but I had to save my appetite because the stew was not yet served.


 The next dish was Rock Turtle cutlet.



“Hot, yummeow, hot! Crispy batter, tasty juices from the inside, hot, but yummeow!” (Nyango)



 Ms. Leila blew the food, but I had a hard time blowing before swallowing.


 Then, the long-awaited stew finally arrived, and it was thick…



 The boiling sauce was cloudy white with a thin layer of fat floating on the surface.


 The aroma alone, mixed with the smell of ginger, is so rich that I could eat about three bowls of white rice.



 I don’t know what part of the meat was floating in the soup, but it seemed to be rich in gelatin, making it jiggle.


 My brother, Miriam, and I were all looking at it and our noses were twitching, but it looked so hot that we didn’t think we could eat it.



“Ms. Leila, can you at least give me some sauce…” (Nyango)


“Wait a bit. Fu… fu…” (Leila)


“It’s hot, but it’s so sweet! The fat is also sweet! It has a wilder taste than chicken, but it’s so yummeow!” (Nyango)



 The flavor is as rich as the tonkotsu soup, but the fat is closer to that of chicken, and the aftertaste is not too strong.


 Ms. Leila gave me a plate to nibble on, and she cut the meat into pieces after it had been removed from the soup and cooled.



“Yummeow! Soft, tender, collagen-y, yummeow!” (Nyango)


“Collagen-y…?” (Leila)


“Eh, umm, it means rich and has a good amount of salt… Yummeow!”



 Collagen should not be known in this world, but I was so impressed by the taste that I couldn’t stop myself from saying it.


 I’ll try to cover it up by screaming “yummeow, yummeow!”




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