Black Cat Chapter 152: Reason for Request

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 After the launch, I was taken home by Ms. Leila as usual.


 I go to Ms. Leila’s apartment under the vindictive stares of most adventurers, from the young to the veteran.



 And this is where my little-known business labors.


 After dropping stepping in the entrance lobby, Ms. Leila pulled out the key to her room from her deep valley.



“Well then, Nyango. Please…” (Leila)



 As soon as she handed me the key, she relaxed, and I held her in my arms and laid her on the cushion I had made with void magic.


 With my catkin physique, I can’t support Ms. Leila, who is so bountiful.



 In other words, it was like putting her on a comfortable stretcher.


 Using the cushion as a support, I carried Ms. Leila in my arms in a princess carry.



 At this time, if I say something like “I can do this…” I will lose points.


 A man who will do this must carry her as easily as if I was carrying a bird’s feather.



 This is an impossible task for an ordinary catkin, but with the combo of Body Enhancement magic and weight reduction magic circle, I cleared the task.


 I had to go up to the third floor, but each step of the staircase was too high for me as a catkin, so I used [Step] to create a foothold.



 I use both attribute magic and body enhancement magic, and even use multiple magic circles at the same time, pretending to be at ease, but in reality, I am using all my guts.


 I brought Ms. Leila off in front of the room, opened the door using the key, and carried her into the living room.



“Fu…” (Nyango)


“Hmmm… that’s too bad, I would have given you a perfect score if you hadn’t sighed just now.” (Leila)


“The scoring is too strict.” (Nyango)


“Nyango, water… And then the bath…” (Leila)


“Yes, yes, I’m on it.” (Nyango)



 I went to the kitchen and poured water into a glass.


 Of course, the water is chilled through the cooling magic circle created by void magic.



 Next, I went to the bathroom, ran the bathtub with hot water, and as I was drawing water at an appropriate temperature, Ms. Leila came in with unsteady steps.



“Nyango, take off my clothes…” (Leila)


“Yes, yes, I’m ready…” (Nyango)



 After undressing Ms. Leila, I used void magic to create a warm shower.


 Ms. Leila likes to take a lukewarm shower and then soak in hot water.



 Once Ms. Leila is in the hot water, I take off my clothes and throw them into the drum-type washing machine made of void magic.


 It’s a new version using the mixing magic circle.



 While doing the laundry, I step into the soapy bathtub and wash Leila thoroughly.


 Carefully wash, wash, wash every corner…



 While Ms. Leila was washing me, I used the washing machine to rinse, dry using a void fan, and then switched to hot air for drying.


 After getting out of the bathtub, I took a lukewarm shower to rinse off the bubbles with Ms. Leila, then wiped her with a bath towel before warm air drying.



 When I finished drying Ms. Leila, I unplugged the bathtub, and while the water was running, I fluffed up my own body with warm-air drying.


 After the bathtub was drained of hot water, I rinsed it with boiling water and drained the water with a wiper made with void attribute magic.



 When I returned to the living room after folding the dried laundry, Ms. Leila had cold milk ready for me.



“Here Nyango.” (Leila)


“Thank you… mmm, yummeow!” (Nyango)



 Milk after a hard day’s work is the best kind of milk.


 After finishing the milk, Ms. Leila picked me up and took me to the bedroom, where I was to be her cuddle pillow until morning.



 Well, it would be only during the winter season that I would be used as a cuddle pillow like this.


 Although it is my prided fluffy and shiny fur, but it is not suitable for a summer pillow.



 But if I am still taken home in the summer, I will have to use the cooling magic circle to create an air conditioner.


 As long as it’s in an air-conditioned room, it seems alright to be used as a cuddle pillow. …I have accepted it.



 The next morning, I slip out of bed so as not to wake Ms. Leila, who is still fast asleep, and leave the apartment wearing the clothes I already washed last night.


 The city had already woken up and was bustling with the same bustle as usual.



 I exchange greetings with the apartment guard, who has become a familiar face, and go to the guild’s tavern for breakfast.


 The peak of the crowds seemed to have already passed, and we sat at a table in the back and ate slowly from the usual menu.



 No one is coming, getting involved, probably because there have been talks about wyvern subjugations, killing Rock Turtles, and all sorts of other things.


 Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Bode or any of his minions recently, but I wonder if they have moved to another town.



 By the time I finished my breakfast, the crowd in front of the guild’s counter had cleared up.


 While I was at the guild, I decided to check a little about Viscount Lagart’s request to accompany him to the Royal Capital.



 I heard that it was supposed to be in the form of an escort, but since not only the viscount but also his wife and daughter Aida would be accompanying him, of course the knights of the viscount’s family would be his escort.


 It would be fine without me, but this request was made as an excuse to take me along.



 It’s a good deal for me, but I’m afraid of what will happen if I take advantage of the favor, so I want to make sure I won’t be forced to serve as a vassal.


 I went out after making sure the waiting line was cleared, but somehow Ms. Jessica seemed to be in a bad mood.



“Good morning, Ms. Jessica.” (Nyango)


“Good morning, Mr. Nyango, it looks like you had fun last night…” (Jessica)


“Mewhat? I wouldn’t say it’s fun…” (Nyango)


“You came from Ms. Leila’s apartment, right?” (Jessica)


“Meow! N-no… That’s true, but…” (Nyango)


“Ah, I wish I was off duty…” (Jessica)



 Jessica didn’t attend last night’s party, it seems she was on duty.


 But that’s not my fault…



“So, what kind of business do you have this morning? I’m on duty at the moment, so I can’t step out with you.” (Jessica)



 I wanted to ask if it would be ok to do it outside of work, but I’ll stop there.



“Umm, regarding Viscount Lagart’s request…” (Nyango)


“Is this a request for an escort to the Royal Capital?” (Jessica)


“Yes, that’s it.” (Nyango)



 When I frankly told her that I was feeling vaguely uneasy, I was approached not by Ms. Jessica but by another person.



“Nyango, I’ll explain that to you. Come with me…” (Cordobas)


“Mr. Cordobas…?” (Nyango)



 Mr. Cordobas, the Guild Master who called out to us from behind, lifted his chin and motioned for us to follow him, and then started walking with a big step toward the stairs.


 I ran away from Ms. Jessica and followed Mr. Cordobas, but our strides were so different that I felt like I would be left behind if I didn’t move a little faster.



 We faced each other on the reception set in the office, and when I expressed the concerns I was feeling, Cordobas nodded and then began to speak.



“Quite simply, there’s no need to be concerned, my friend. Just accept the favor and go see the Royal Capital. And Nyango, you will be a fine asset to the escort. There is no need for you to be suspicious.” (Cordobas)


“But if I go to the Royal Capital and say that I will not return to the viscount’s territory… because I long for the life in the Royal Capital, the meaning of taking me there might be lost.” (Nyango)


“That’s right. Even so, the Viscount will have no regrets. Even if you disappeared from Lagart territory, you will still be a citizen of the kingdom. As long as you develop your talent and become a foundation of the country, that’s fine. I think.” (Cordobas)



 Although he has a troubling side, such as competing with the Marquis Escalante, who rules a neighboring territory, to subjugate the wyvern, he is basically a good lord who loves his country and his people.



“Nyango, do you know why he is a viscount and not a marquis or a frontier count, even though the Lagart territory borders other countries?” (Cordobas)


“No, I don’t know.” (Nyango)


“Originally, the Lagart family was a frontier count, but five generations ago, a former Lagart lord admonished the then king over the invasion of neighboring Estore, which caused displeasure and led to his demotion to a viscount.” (Cordobas)



 The king insisted on invading Estore, but the then Count Lagart strongly insisted on peace.


 The reason why he strongly insisted on peace despite the fact that it was the territory that had suffered the greatest damage in the war is said to be because the war had continued for a long time and the people’s lives had become exhausted.



“But wouldn’t the territory be moved to a different location if it were demoted?” (Nyango)


“Well, usually, yes. But the admonition at that time resulted in a better outcome than the king’s decision, and there has been no war between the two countries since then.” (Cordobas)


“Then, wouldn’t it be better to return them to being a frontier count, like before?” (Nyango)


“That’s right. In fact, I heard that the Lagart family had an offer to revert to the status of frontier count, but they refused.” (Cordobas)


“Even though they expressed the right opinion, they were left kneeling and remained demoted…?” (Nyango)


“Hahahaha… or maybe they did. I heard that the Lagart family had arranged a deal whereby the king would listen to their admonitions in exchange for staying on as a viscount.” (Cordobas)


“Isn’t that like asking the king to listen to the people…?” (Nyango)


“That’s right…” (Cordobas)



 Cordobas nodded in satisfaction at my words.



“The Lagart family has acquired the right to speak to the king, but they have strictly told their successors not to be full of hubris. Everything they do should be done with the country and the people in mind…” (Cordobas)


“If they act with the people in mind, why not hold the Nest Leaving Ceremony in Ibouro rather than in the Royal Capital?” (Nyango)


“I heard that Viscount Lagato, four generations ago, proposed that the nobles live in the Royal Capital, and the commoners live in the big cities. Before that, the priests used to go around the villages to perform the rituals.” (Cordobas)


“Wouldn’t that be less expensive that way?” (Nyango)


“Yes, it is. But some of the poorest people never leave the village, do they?” (Cordobas)


“I see…” (Nyango)



 It is true that there are people in Atsuka village who have never left the village except for the Nest Leaving Ceremony.


 Without the Nest Leaving Ceremony, they would have spent their entire lives without knowing the outside world.



“Viscount Lagart, the fourth-generation head of the family, insisted, ‘No great person is born from a person who knows only a small world. Even if it ends in one lifetime, doesn’t that leave us with memories?’” (Cordobas)


“Well… That’s certainly true.” (Nyango)


“The Lagart family is asking you to come and expand your knowledge. Don’t hesitate to come and see the capital.” (Cordobas)


“Yes, I will see it with my right eye.” (Nyango)



 On this day, I officially accepted Viscount Lagart’s request and decided to go to the Royal Capital. 




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