Black Cat Chapter 153: Exhibition

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 After my meeting with the Guild Master, Cordobas, I left the guild and headed for the Caritalan Trading Company.


 This was because I had used the Super Vibrating Blade to dismantle the Rock Turtle, and I thought that the guild’s dismantling department would send out a request for the creation of magical tools.



 I explained the principle of the Super Vibrating Blade to Lowell, the chief of the dismantling department, but he kept twisting his head because he couldn’t see the tool because it was transparent.


 If the person making the request didn’t understand it, the person receiving the request to make the magical tool would have even less understanding of what it meant.



 It would be better to explain it from my own mouth so that there would be no confusion, and I feel that a craftsman who makes magical tools would be able to understand about Super Vibrating Blade.


 I told the sales clerk of my intention to visit the store, and he immediately took it up with Lucio, the owner of the trading company.



“Oh, Mr. Nyango. Welcome to our store. I heard that you are going to tell us about your new magical tool…” (Lucio)


“Yes, actually, I killed a Rock Turtle with my party the other day, and this is the magic tool I used to dismantle it…” (Nyango)



 When I told him about the performance and principle of the Super Vibrating Blade, Lucio rolled his eyes and listened in amazement as he leaned forward.



“I see… it cuts things by vibrating at super high speeds.” (Lucio)


“Yes, I’ll try to demonstrate if there’s something hard to understand…” (Nyango)


“Then let’s go to the workshop.” (Lucio)



 As they moved to the workshop where the magical tools were being made, Lucio approached a craftsman who was making the magical wheel and returned with a piece of wood.



“Mr. Nyango, this is Stolar Oak, the wood used for the frames of magic wheels and carriages. It is very dense and strong, but its hardness makes it difficult to work with.” (Lucio)


“Is it alright to shave it down?” (Nyango)


“Yes, it is a scrap piece of wood, so please try to cut it.” (Lucio)



 The five-centimeter-square, ten-centimeter-long Stolar Oak felt heavy and metallic when I tapped it with a stick made of void magic.


 Borrowing a vice from the workbench, I secured the wood scrap and made a Super Vibrating Blade with void magic to shave off the edge.



 The scrap was chipped away while feeling resistance that is as strong as the Rock Turtle’s shell.



“Oh, come on, you’ve got to be kidding me. It’s Stolar Oak, what’s going on?” (Craftsman)


“If we could cut things that easily, we would be able to make a lot more.” (Craftsman)



 The craftsmen in the workshop were amazed every time a piece of scrap wood was shaved.


 When I explained the principle and showed them how to use it with my own hands, their surprise grew even louder.



“Mr. Lucio, you should definitely make this.” (Craftsman)


“But how can you make a magic circle this thick?” (Craftsman)


“That’s exactly what we craftsmen are supposed to do. If we can make this, the field of craftsmanship will change dramatically.” (Craftsman)


“All right, let’s get started on the prototypes.” (Craftsman)



 It seems that the group working on prototypes of magical tools at the trading company is going to start developing a Super Vibrating Blade as soon as possible.


 Mr. Lucio offered to thank me for my new idea, so I asked him to deliver me something delicious to enjoy with everyone at Chariot.



 After leaving the Caritalan Trading Company, our next stop was the school in Ibouro.


 If I only gave the information to the trading company and forgot to contact Professor Lembolt, I would have to tell him or else he would be angry with me later.



 As I was waiting in front of the research building, Professor Lembolt, who had finished his morning class, spotted me and ran up to me.



“Hello, Nyango, what can I do for you today?” (Lembolt)


“Yes, I thought I’d let you know about a new magical tool called the Super Vibrating Blade…” (Nyango)


“What’s that? What is this super vibrating… blade?” (Lembolt)


“It’s like when you vibrate a knife at high speed, its cutting ability increases.” (Nyango)


“The blade’s cutting ability increases? It’s really interesting. Oh, it’s just lunchtime. Shall we hear the rest of the story over lunch?” (Lembolt)


“Yes.” (Nyango)



 I waited for Professor Lembolt to drop off the class materials, and then we went to the cafeteria together.


 No, I didn’t come here for lunch, it just so happens, it really just so happens, that from the guild, the Caritalan Trading Company was closer.



 Today’s recommendation was gouta eel in red wine.


 Gotha Eels are a longer and thicker species than the eels of old Japan, and if I eat them as they are, the small bones are distracting and the skin is tough.



 I was right in assuming that since this was a school for children of aristocrats and the wealthy, the eels must have been prepared more elaborately than those for the common people.



“Yummeow! The skin and small bones are softened, the meat is tender, and the oiliness has been removed, leaving only the umami flavor. Yummeow!” (Nyango)


“Yes, this is a gem that shows off the chef’s meticulous work. When I was a child, I used to hate this eel, so I was surprised when I tasted it braised in red wine at the cafeteria.” (Lembolt)


“It really feels like I’m eating a different eel dish. Yummeow, yummeow!” (Nyango)



 As a Japanese in my previous life, I have always thought that broiled eel is the best, but this is might be the best.


 While enjoying the eel braised in red wine and after-meal tea, I had just finished explaining about the Super Vibrating Blade when Professor Mendez, the gym teacher, walked up to me.



“Hey, Nyango, it’s been a while.” (Mendez)


“Long time no see, Professor Mendez.” (Nyango)


“Professor Lembolt, do you mind if I join you?” (Mendez)


“Please, please, we just finished talking, so it’s okay.” (Lembolt)


“That was just what I needed. Nyango, do you have some time after this?” (Mendez)


“What? I don’t have any plans after this, so it’s okay…” (Nyango)


“Actually, the preliminaries for the martial arts tournament are being held at the academy right now.” (Mendez)



 The academics are written exams and the martial arts are competitions, and they have a grade assessment before the long break twice a year.


 For martial arts, he said, there is a tournament for each grade level just before the break, and the rankings are taken into account in the grades.



 Jasper, who got involved with me when I first visited the school, said he was the previous grade school champion.


 He said he had changed his mind since then and was working hard and was expected to do well again this year.



“We’re in the qualifying rounds right now. Many people are coming to observe the games, not only those of their own grade but also those of other grades. Would you like to take a peek?” (Mendez)


“I see, that sounds interesting. I’d love to take a look.” (Nyango)


“Oh, I doubt you’ll get bored.” (Mendez)



 After the lunch break, I headed to the training area with Professor Mendez.


 The training area was filled with many students who wanted to catch a glimpse of their rivals and admired seniors in battle.



“So… why am I in the middle of the training ground, wearing protective gear and holding a staff?” (Nyango)


“Hahahaha, there are some people who will give up on the fight from the beginning if they feel physically inferior, so I thought I’d show them that should not be the case.” (Mendez)


“Ah… But between me and Professor Mendez, that’s not going to be a match.” (Nyango)


“So, Nyango, are you going to throw the match right from the start and get hit without putting up any fight?” (Mendez)



 The wolfkin, Professor Mendez, smiles with canine teeth flashing, reminiscent of his distant ancestors.



“Of course, I have no intention of losing so easily…” (Nyango)



 I looked up to Professor Mendez’s face with a fearless smile on my face.


 The majority of the students gathered in the training hall would not expect me, who is only about half their height, to be a decent match for Professor Mendez, who is the martial arts teacher.



“Nyango, you can use your magic on me if you like.” (Mendez)


“Oh, Professor Mendez, are you planning to make an excuse for when you lose?” (Nyango)


“Hoho, then there’s no need to go easy on me, is that right?” (Mendez)


“You don’t even have to ask.” (Nyango)



 Professor Mendez faced me at a distance of about 5 meters and laid his long sword sized wooden sword to the right side of his body and poised it at his waist.


 The expression on his face is that of a wolf stalking its prey.



 Since it was an exhibition, there was no referee, but there was no need for a signal to begin.



“Ha!” (Mendez)



 As he took a short breath, Professor Mendez closed the distance between me in an instant.


 At the same time, a strong side cleave was sent at my left torso.



 I jumped up with my staff, covering my neck as I dived and stepped forward, then swung my staff and threw a thrust at professor Mendez’s empty torso.



“Tsu!” (Nyango)



 Professor Mendez turned his body like a spinning top and avoided the thrust, and at the same time, sent a side cleave from right behind me.


 I ran through and avoided the wooden sword, spinning around like a spinning top, and then I took hold of the end of the staff and swung my foot at him.



 Professor Mendez stepped in with his wooden sword raised, pulled up his left leg, and struck with his right leg.


 I took a half step back to avoid the blow that came towards my head and swung the staff down to restrain the wooden sword.



 A dry clang echoed through the arena, and Professor Mendez’s torso shook, but only slightly.


 Seizing this opportunity, I stepped into Professor Mendez’s chest at once.



 The distance I’m away from is Professor Mendez’s reach, and the only way for me to find a chance of victory is to step into that distance where he can’t swing his long sword.


 Professor Mendez sense my intention, and his powerful right knee strike comes close to my face, but of course I have already taken that into account.



 Sorry, but it’s a step down compared to Shure’s vicious kicks.


 I duck the kick by twisting my upper body, and run past Professor Mendez with my staff swung back, hitting him hard on his left calf.



 When I looked back from a distance, Professor Mendez was crouching down, holding his calf with his left hand.



“Amazing…” (Student)


“Ooooh…” (Student)



 When Professor Mendez admitted defeat, there was a startled groan in the training hall.


 No, I myself was surprised at the result.



 I didn’t feel Professor Mendez cut corners, but my ability to effectively use my knowledge may have improved due to the daily sparring with Shure.



“I didn’t expect to be beaten. Nyango seems to have improved his skills, and I seem to have slowed down a bit.” (Mendez)


“I’ve been training with my party members, and I think it’s paying off.” (Nyango)


“I see… I guess I’ll have to mix it up with the knight order’s training. That’s one win and one loss. I’m looking forward to the next match.” (Mendez)


“I’ll be even stronger.” (Nyango)


“Then, I’m looking forward even more.” (Mendez)



 The training hall was filled with thunderous applause as I shook hands with the grinning Professor Mendez. 




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