Black Cat Chapter 154: Departure

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 The day has finally come for me to accompany Viscount Lagart to the Royal Capital.


 The journey to the capital will take about ten days, but this time, we have an important appointment, the Nest Leaving Ceremony for the young lady Aida, so we will leave with about five days allowance.



 On the day of departure, we leave Durkstein Castle early in the morning, so I visit the castle the day before.


 I came from Ibouro on my off-road motorcycle made with void magic, and I was surprised by the people I passed or saw me on the way.



 Since other people could not see my bike, which was made with air magic, I only looked like I was flying along the ground with the sound of a wind magic tool being used.


 I thought about flying to the castle, but I decided not to since the wind was currently on my face and my safety measures were far from perfect.



 At the castle, unlike the last time I was invited, I was given a room in the same dormitory as the knights who would accompany me to the Royal Capital.


 I was told that if I became a successful adventurer, I would have more opportunities to guard the nobility, and that the purpose of this was to show me how the knights who actually guarded the nobility moved.



 The simple knight’s quarters are more suitable for me than the luxurious interior of a noble’s room, but during my recent visit, I was questioned because I demonstrated the power of my magic gun magic circle.


 Since I could not reveal all my tricks, I told them that the magic circle is triggered when I create it with void attribute magic and falsely claimed that the rest is just ingenuity.



 At the time of the meal, the knights had gathered around me, but Joubert, who had performed magic with me, came from a distance, casting a dark look at me.


 I mean, he lost to me, but he can use fire magic with considerable power, so there’s no need to be so downhearted, right?



 Could it be that Aida said something to him after that?


 If so, it’s not my fault, and don’t take it out on me or anything.



 I heard from the knights who talked to me that 20 knights would accompany me to the Royal Capital.


 Two will go ahead of me as forerunners, eight in the front of the vehicle with the viscount and his family, and ten in the rear.



 Apparently, I’ll be in charge of security while riding in the coachman’s seat…


 And as for the vehicle in which the Viscount and his family will ride, it will not be a horse-drawn carriage, but a magic carriage.



 The reason why magic carriages are used is simple.


 In the case of a horse-drawn carriage, if the horses are attacked, they will be unable to move.



 For example, if the horses are attacked by Killer Bees, the magic carriage can secure the coachman’s seat and can continue to run without worrying about the safety of the horses.


 If the horses are attacked by bandits or monsters, there is no need to worry about the horses being injured and stranded.



 It is said that the emblem of the Viscount Lagart family is carved in large strokes on the side of the magic carriage.


 Attacking a nobleman is an outrageous act in itself, but it is said that attacking a carriage with a crest on it is considered an act of treason against the country and is treated more harshly than ordinary banditry.



 In other words, it is considered to have damaged the prestige of the country.


 For this reason, it is rare for a nobleman’s carriage to be attacked.



 Since thorough investigations, investigations, and subjugations are carried out, it is not worth it for the bandits.


 Rather, it is usually their relatives or opposing forces that attack the carriages of nobles.



 At present, the royal family is said to be free of any disputes over the succession to the throne, but when there are disputes, it is not unusual for the nobles to split into factions and fight each other.


 In such cases, the leading nobles are said to move around secretly in carriages that do not bear their crests.



 It is a very troublesome story, but it is said that there is no such concern for this trip to the Royal Capital.


 In other words, the 20 knights who will accompany them are, to put it mildly, just for decoration.



 On the day of departure, when I went to the knight’s meeting place, I found that the knights who were going with us were dressed up in glittering costumes.


 I was told that I was to accompany them as a guard, so I was obviously inferior to them in my clean but unremarkable work cargo pants, work shirt, and backpack.



 I asked Hailwood, the second captain of the Knights of Lagart, who was in command of the escorting knights, if I should change my clothes since I had brought clothes just in case.



“No, you can leave them on. We are, as it were, a spectacle for the people. This is our role as knights, but we don’t expect adventurers to fulfill that role, so don’t worry about it.” (Hailwood)



 In my previous life in Japan, when dignitaries came to Japan, they were often met by crowds of spectators as they moved about the country.


 In a world where entertainment is scarce, watching the procession of aristocrats is a kind of entertainment.



 The village of Atsuka, where I grew up, is located at the edge of the country, so I never had a chance to see such a procession of nobles.


 I decided to sit on the seat with the feeling that I would be told to jump in and join a parade at a theme park.



 Come to think of it, Joubert was not among the knights accompanying us.


 This may have been the reason why he was glaring at me last night.



 Unlike the knights of the Royal Knight Order, the knights of the Viscount Lagart are not nobles.


 Perhaps Joubert might want to get on with Aida and obtain a noble status.



 As the time for departure approached, I greeted the viscount and his family beside the magic carriage, together with the coachman, the accompanying butler, and the head maid.


 The Lagart family were also dressed in luxurious clothing that would identify them as nobles at a glance, even though they were preparing for a trip.



“Good morning, Nyango. Take good care of me on the way.” (Frederick)


“Good morning, Viscount Lagart. I will dutifully repay your trust.” (Nyango)



 When they boarded the magic carriage, Lady Brigitte smiled at me, but Aida just gave me a glimpse with a sour look, wrinkled her brow, and turned away.


 I mean, it’s not my fault that Joubert can’t go with us.



 Or rather, isn’t this a ploy by Viscount Lagart, who doesn’t want to give Aida away as a bride?


 After the Nest Leaving Ceremony, I heard that she will be registered at the Royal Academy and live in a boarding house, so some nobleman’s son will probably woo her sooner or later.



 I guess the finalization of the marriage will depend on the family’s situation, and I feel sorry for her that she can’t have a free love life, but I guess it can’t be helped since she is leading a good life as a nobleman.


 Still, I prefer the life of a carefree adventurer.



 I wonder if Horacio, who is continuing his training in the Royal Capital, will get a nobleman’s daughter like this for his wife when he becomes a knight.


 He was living a better life than catkins, but could Horacio, who grew up in Atsuka village in the countryside, live a life like a nobleman?



 Or, would I be able to meet Horacio when I went to the Royal Capital?


 I have no contacts in the knight order, and I don’t even know where to ask him.



 This time, Viscount Lagart is going to the Royal Capital to witness Aida’s Nest Leaving Ceremony, but he is also planning to meet with royalty and nobility, and will stay in the Royal Capital for up to 10 days.


 They have requested me to protect them on the way there and back, and during their stay, I am allowed to walk around freely.



 During those 10 days, my biggest mission is to somehow reunite with Horacio.


 In order to get to know the Royal Capital, I intend to locate Horacio without the help of the viscount’s family for the first five days and request a visit.



 If after five days there is still no prospect of a meeting, I will use the Viscounts’ connections to try to arrange a meeting.


 It is the way of an adventurer to use everything available to achieve their goals.



 In addition to the reunion with Horacio, I also wanted to confirm the treatment of catkins in the Royal Capital.


 Rumor has it that the larger the city, the further you go to the center of the country, the greater the degree of discrimination.



 Even in the village of Atsuka, there were times when I was belittled because of my size, but I never felt such blatant discrimination as I did at the clothing store in Ibouro.


 Of course, as a mere adventurer, there is no way I can do anything to eliminate racial discrimination in the Royal Capital, but if I am able to make a name for myself as an adventurer in the future, I would like to at least try to create a stir.



 Well, this is just my imagination, and the catkins may be living normally as a normal race.


 It might be easier to find out if I went to the Adventurers’ Guild in the Royal Capital.



 If I go to the Adventurers’ Guild, I will ask them to introduce me to some of the restaurants in the city that serve delicious local specialties.


 I am looking forward to eating and walking around in the Royal Capital.



 This is also a rumor, but it is said that there is rice in the Royal Capital.


 Atsuka and Ibouro are both located in the north of the country, so they do not produce rice.



 However, I hear that rice is grown in the southern part of the country.


 If possible, I would like to eat freshly cooked short-grain rice instead of long-grain rice.



 Side dishes can be anything, such as Malur meuniere or grilled Black Orc skewers.


 Feed me some freshly cooked white rice.




 And I mustn’t forget to bring a souvenir for Ms. Leila.


 Of course, if I buy a souvenir for Ms. Leila, I have to buy one for Shure and Ms. Jessica, too, else I’m afraid of what will happen later.



 I have no idea what to buy, but I will think about it when I arrive at the Royal Capital and ask around.


 In a previous life, I walked around the Tokyo metropolis as a matter of course, so it won’t surprise me a bit, but I am only looking forward to seeing the Royal Capital.




 The royal capital is only 10 days away, I can’t wait to get there…




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