Black Cat Chapter 155: The House of Marquis Escalante

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 Novak, who serves as the coachman of the magic carriage of Viscount Lagart, is a good-natured goatkin and a man who likes to talk.


 He has been to the Royal Capital many times as a coachman, and he tells me many things.



 He also told me many rumors about the Marquis Escalante, who rules a territory adjacent to the Viscount Lagart’s. “The Marquis Escalante is a very good man,” he said.



“The Marquis Escalante is a family that has been the Knight Commander of the Royal Knight Order of Schrendl for generations, and the current head of the family, Ambris, is the current Knight Commander.” (Novak)


“The fact that he has served from generation to generation means that the position of Knight Commander is hereditary, right?” (Nyango)


“No, that’s not true. In the first place, you know that a Royal Knight is not chosen unless he or she is a skilled knight. The role is to unite that group of talented people, so of course you must have the ability to do the job. ” (Novak)


“The Marquis Escalante’s successive heads of the family have been chosen as heads of the knight order because they were recognized for their abilities? That’s amazing…” (Nyango)


“Well, when you become a knight commander, you have to be able to stare down the nobility, and a commoner can’t serve as the knight commander. Then, if you are from a noble family and excel in martial arts…” (Novak)


“Ah, I see… There are no nobles more devoted to the martial arts than the Marquis Escalante, are there?” (Nyango)


“Well, that’s what it is.” (Novak)



 Most of the nobles learn swordsmanship and spearmanship as a hobby, but only as an apprenticeship for the children of the nobility.


 The Escalante family, on the other hand, has been training from an early age, and it is impossible for other nobles to compete with them.



 While Novak was talking with me, he was moving his right hand back and forth.


 It seems that he is using a lever in his right hand to turn on and off the supply of magic power to the mixing magical tool that powers it.



 When climbing a hill, he keeps it “ON” for a longer period of time, and conversely, when descending, he keeps it “OFF” with his hand on the brake lever.


 The lever that collapses to the left or right in front of Novak seems to play the role of a steering wheel for the magic carriage.



 From my knowledge of my previous life in Japan, the brakes seem poor, but the brakes on the carriage are similar, and the speed of the magic carriage is not very fast, so this is probably sufficient.


 The route from Ibouro to Kilmaya, a town in the Escalante territory, has been visited once by a request for an escort from the Furniture Workshop Diaco, and the border of the territory has been patrolled when the wyverns were defeated.



“Now that you mention it, were the Killer Bees subjugated?” (Nyango)


“Ah, the killer bees are no longer attacking travelers. The killer bees are monsters that originally inhabit little higher areas.” (Novak)


“Is that so?” (Nyango)


“Yeah, this time they attacked livestock and travelers because they were chased out of their homes by wyverns and had to build new nests, and they needed sustenance to do so.” (Novak)


“I see…” (Nyango)



 Novak also tells stories about monsters, but he has never been an adventurer, nor does he have any confidence in his abilities.


 All of these stories are not based on actual experience, but rather on hearsay from taverns and other places.


 Well, it was a good way to pass the boredom on the road, and it would not be a problem if I only listened to half of what he had to say.



 The coachman’s seat of the magic carriage is enclosed to keep out the cold.


 There are boards under our feet and a glass window at eye level.



 There is no need to use void magic to cover it, and the vibrations are well suppressed, as is expected of a nobleman’s magic carriage.


 On top of that, I’m using a special void magic cushion, so the ride is extremely comfortable.



 In other words… I am starting to feel sleepy.


 Rather than being immature as an adventurer, this is a problem with a catkin’s physical constitution, which makes us sleepy at any given moment.



 I am a guard, so I can’t just relax and sleep.


 Conversation with Novak is very helpful in keeping me away from sleeping.



 On the third day of the itinerary, we stayed at the Marquis Escalante’s house.


 They are going to rent lodging for the night in the form of a courtesy visit to a lord’s house on the way to the Royal Capital.



 The elderly Jaguarkin who greeted the group of Viscount Lagart’s family is Alvaros Escalante, the previous lord and the previous head of the Knight Order.


 He must be in his sixties by now, but he has a peculiar grace in his gait that gives him the aura of a strong man.



“Hello, Frederick, I am glad to see you. It is a pleasure to see all of you. I’m glad to see that Brigitte is doing well. Ah, Aida has grown up beautifully.” (Alvaros)


“Thank you for your hospitality.” (Frederick)


“Hey now, no need for formal greetings, just make yourself at home. Come on, it’s getting cold, let’s go inside…” (Alvaros)



 I had heard that he was the former knight commander, so I imagined him to be a scary person, but in fact, Alvaros seemed to be a friendly and kind person.


 Along with Alvaros, another Jaguarkin boy welcomes the Viscount and his family.



 According to what Novak told me on the way here, he is Derrick, the fourth son of the current head of the family.


 He is the same age as Aida, and Derrick will also be leaving for the Nest Leaving Ceremony in the Royal Capital.



 He has a nonchalant smile on his face for the viscount and his family, but the condescending look in his eyes when he looks at us suddenly makes me feel that he is an uncouth fellow.


 I felt that he was an unpleasant guy, but he seemed to be well-trained, and his body was in much better shape than Miguel’s. I was surprised that Viscount Lagart and his family were so happily welcomed at their residence.



 While Viscount Lagart and his family were entering the mansion, we were going to line up next to the magic carriage and see them off, and then move to the dormitory where the household members would be staying.


 However, Alvaros, who had invited the Viscount and his family to the mansion, suddenly turned around and looked at me.



“You must be Nyango. I’ve heard about you from Thalberg.” (Alvaros)



 Speaking of which, I heard that Thalberg, a bodyguard for my client, at the furniture workshop where I was in charge of escorting, seemed to be on good terms with the previous lord.


 Alvarus’s grinning, loose-lipped gaze, unlike the one he had directed at the viscounts, is the eye of a ravenous beast that aims at its prey.



 The hairs on my back stood up all at once, and alarm bells were still ringing in my head, but I tried not to let them know and answered calmly.



“Yes, nice to meet you, sir. My name is Nyango.” (Nyango)


“Hmm, I hear you have some interesting magic. I heard you killed a wyvern.” (Alvaros)


“Yes sir, but that was only possible with the help of those around me, and it was a deed not solely made by me.” (Nyango)


“I see… well, that’s fine, come with me. Tell me a story to comfort my boredom.” (Alvaros)



 When I looked at Viscount Lagart, who turned around on the way into the mansion, he gave me a small nod.



“Yes sir, let me accompany you.” (Nyango)



 Together with the butler and the head maid, I followed Viscount Lagart into the mansion.


 The residence of the Marquis Escalante is so magnificent and vast that it should somehow be called a palace.



 The entrance is lined with sculptures with martial arts motifs as if the area is famous for its martial arts, and all of them are so elaborate that they seem to be ready to move at any moment.


 Armor and weapons from the past are also on display, but they seem to have been carefully cared for and are ready to be used in actual combat.



 While guiding Viscount Lagart as host, Alvaros’ gaze occasionally falls on me.


 His gaze seems to be on my feet.



 After entering the parlor and inviting the Viscount and his family to the sofa, Alvaros walks up to me as I stand by the wall with the butler.



“Hmm, is that void attribute magic?” (Alvaros)



 The floor of the parlor was covered with a long, fluffy carpet, and while a normal person would have sunk their feet into the carpet, my feet, which were using the steps, remained afloat.



“Yes sir, I am using void attribute magic to solidify the air and use it as a foothold.” (Nyango)


“Is that to keep your feet clean?” (Alvaros)


“No sir, it’s already a habit… I made the same one here, so please try it out.” (Nyango)


“Oh… Yes, I see… it’s possible to do this.” (Alvaros)



 Alvaros’ eyes widened in amazement as he touched the non-slip, cushioned steps.



“Hmm… if you can make it here, does that mean you can make it any height you want?”


“Yes sir, just like this…” (Nyango)



 Alvaros smiled again like a ferocious beast as I used [Step] to raise the foothold position on the spot.



“Interesting, really interesting… Nyango, sit next to me.” (Alvaros)


“huuh…” (Nyango)


“Hey, there’s no need to worry about etiquette. Don’t worry, I won’t take advantage of this moment.” (Alvaros)


“Yes sir…” (Nyango)



 I couldn’t help it once he said that, so I thought I’d follow behind, but Alvaros suddenly grabbed me.


 Instead of being held up like a princess like Ms. Leila, I was carried under his arm and taken away.



 Alvaros’ arms were thick, and even through the fabric of his clothes, I could see that he was a mass of muscles.


 I wondered how much training he had to put into his arms.



 My arms feel like they would have been snapped off between his fingers.


 When Alvaros sat down on the armrest of the sofa, Derrick, who was sitting diagonally across from me, gave me a blatant look of disapproval.



 Whether he realized it or not, Alvaros broached the subject of the Nest Leaving Ceremony.



“Now that Miss Aida and Derrick are going to receive the Nest Leaving Ceremony… Derrick, what attributes do you desire?” (Alvaros)


“Of course, I prefer fire attribute like Father and Grandfather.” (Derrick)


“I see… But only the goddess knows what attributes she will be given, and there is nothing we can do about it. Even if both parents have fire-attributes, the child may have wind-attribute or water-attribute. …And there are those who are given the rare magic of the void attribute.” (Alvaros)



 All eyes around the table are on me, and I feel very uncomfortable.



“I have to admit that I have always thought that the void attribute is useless, and I have never seen anyone actually using it. But what do you think? Nyango here has used his talent to transform the void attribute into an excellent magic. Interesting, very interesting.” (Alvaros)



 Alvaros strokes me roughly with his mitten-like hand.


 In my previous life in Japan, I understood why the cat looked annoyed at being stroked by an old man.



“Derrick, if you don’t get the attribute you want in the Nest Leaving Ceremony, don’t ever look down. And if you get the fire attribute you want, don’t become too proud. You have the same Escalante blood as me and Ambris. Don’t be afraid to fail, face it, be ingenious, and it is not impossible that you, the fourth son, will surpass your brothers.” (Alvaros)


“Yes!” (Derrick)



 Derrick’s eyes sparkle under Alvaros’s words.


 What am I supposed to do, while stuck in between them?


 I have no choice but to be a cat ornament. 




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