Black Cat Chapter 156: Magic Gunner

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 Derrick is the youngest of four male and two female siblings.


 His older brother and older sister have already joined the Royal Knight Order or are attending the Royal Academy in the Royal Capital.



 The current head of the family, Lord Ambris and the Lady, also live in a mansion in the Royal Capital, and only the former heads of the family, Alvaros and Derrick, live in this mansion in the territory of Escalante.


 The children of the Escalante family spend their childhood here, and after the “Nest Leaving Ceremony,” they are said to live in the Royal Capital.



 The reason they spend their childhood here is to attend the territorial school, to have opportunities to meet the people of the territory, and to make connections with them.


 Some noble families entrust their children’s education to private tutors, have them spend their childhood in the Royal Capital, or cut off contact with the commoners, but the Escalante family seems to have the exact opposite policy.



 The Escalante family seems to have the opposite policy. This is said to be a pretext for commanding the people and moving them appropriately in case of emergency.


 For the people, there is a difference between being ordered by a lord whose face they do not know and being asked to do something by a lord whose childhood they knew of.



 Even in peacetime, they never forget about emergencies… This is a custom typical of a Martial Family.


 Alvaros listens to stories about the town from Thalberg partly to relieve boredom, but also to learn about the lives of the people and grasp the current state of the territory.



 After training Derrick, Alvaros asked me to demonstrate my void attribute magic.


 Since void magic is invisible to the naked eye, I demonstrated a light magic circle.



“In this way, when the air is solidified into the shape of a magic circle with void magic, the engraving magic is activated.” (Nyango)


“Oh, is this activated by using the magical element in the air?” (Alvaros)


“Yes, that’s probably the case. The magic circle made with the void attribute is different from that and ordinary magic tools, and the entire magic circle activates the imprinting magic.” (Nyango)



 When I told him that I was using my theory of magic circle using void attribute and was developing a magic tool using a three-dimensional magic circle that was more efficient than the previous magic circles, Derrick as well as Alvaros were listening to the conversation.


 When I met him, I thought he was an unpleasant guy, but he changed his attitude when he learned that I would be useful to him, which is very different from Miguel’s attitude.



 I also demonstrated a hair dryer with a hollow structure and magic circle, and when I told them that this was also being prototyped, the Viscountess and Aida were very enthusiastic about it.


 Drying long hair is a big problem for women, after all.



 As I talked about void magic and new ideas for magical tools, dinner time came around in no time.


 Perhaps unconsciously wanting to let the nobles know the usefulness of void attribute, I became uncharacteristically talkative.



“Nyango, I haven’t even heard about the wyvern subjugation yet. Come sit next to me at dinner.” (Alvaros)


“Yes sir…” (Nyango)


“Well, there’s no need to worry about etiquette at our dining table, so don’t worry.” (Alvaros)


“Thank you, sir.” (Nyango)



 Alvaros and Derrick walk to the dining room, talking about nighttime marches with the new light magic tools, which is not appropriate for a child before the “Nest Leaving  Ceremony”.


 After seeing off Viscount Lagart’s family, I was about to follow them when Aida whispered to me,



“Don’t you dare meow because it’s unsightly.” (Aida)


“Guh… I’ll be careful.” (Nyango)



 The host himself said that I didn’t need to be polite or considerate, so it would be fine if I meowed, but I was employed by the Viscount Lagart family, so I’ll try to be considerate of them.


 The meal began with an aperitif and a salad with smoked cheese.



“Then, may good magic be gifted to Miss Aida and Derrick… Cheers.” (Alvaros)


“Cheers!” (Everyone)



 The aperitif seemed to be well-aged fruit wine, with a very nice aroma, but at the same time with a strong smell of alcohol.



“What’s wrong, Nyango? This liquor is a specialty of the Escalante territory, does it not suit your taste?” (Alvaros)


“No sir, I’ll have it!” (Nyango)



 It was hard to say no when Alvaros told me to drink it. I thought it would be fine since it was only a small glass the size of a sake cup, so I downed the aperitif in one gulp.


 The mellow aroma spread as if my mouth had turned into a fruit orchard, exploding into my nostrils.



 At the same time, his stomach, which had been splashed with liquor, grew hot, and I felt as if I was being urged to receive my meal.


 Driven by my appetite, I grabbed a knife and fork and brought the salad to my mouth.



“Yummeow! This cheese is yummeow! It’s rich in flavor, but because it’s smoked, there’s no aftertaste, and together with the bitterness of the crunchy vegetables, it’s… yummeow!” (Nyango) [T/N: Sorry Aida, lol.]


“Hahahaha, I’m glad you like it.” (Alvaros)



 Aida was staring at me with scarry eyes, but… I can’t help it. This combination of cheese and crunchy vegetables is exquisite.


 The second dish was deep-fried Royu shrimp.



“Yummeow! The shell is crispy, the flesh is sweet, and the amount of salt is perfect. Yummeow!” (Nyango)



 The whole shrimp, even the shell, is edible, so I can’t help but feel like I’ve tasted the whole shrimp, and my tail can’t help but wag by itself.


 The third item was cream stew.



“It’s hot, yummeow! It’s hot, yummeow! It’s hot, yummeow, yummeow!” (Nyango)



 The cream stew was rich, the potato was almost sweet, almost like a sweet potato, and the green vegetables, which resembled broccoli, were bright and yummeow, and hot.


 The main dish was a whole roasted Lunden chicken.



 Lunden chicken is a large bird, about the size of a turkey, and is expensive because of the time and effort required to raise it.


 The chef cut the whole roasted Lunden chicken into pieces on a large plate.



“Yummeow! What is this richness? The meat has some chew, but not tough, and every time I bit into the meat, the juices flowed out of the meat! The crispy skin and the fat in the skin is yummeow!!” (Nayngo)



 Alvaros wanted to hear about the wyvern subjugation, but I didn’t have time for that.


 I’m going to focus all my energy on subjugating the Lunden chicken now.



 I had a second helping of breast and back meat in addition to the thigh and was finally satisfied.


 We had apple pie for dessert with herbal tea and talked about the wyvern subjugation, but I don’t remember much.



 I woke up on some unknown bed, curled up under the covers.


 As my consciousness became clearer, I remembered that I was on my way to the Royal Capital and jumped up, but I had no idea where I was.



 I looked out the window and saw that it was finally starting to dawn, which seemed to be the time I usually wake up at the base.


 The room was simple, with only a desk and a bed, and the clothes I had worn yesterday were neatly folded and washed.



 Maybe the culprit is the aperitif.


 I don’t know if a catkin’s physique can handle alcohol at all, or if I just have a low tolerance for alcohol, but it seems certain that I get very drunk.



 My father never drank alcohol, so I don’t know if this is a personal problem or a problem specific to catkins.


 The blunder followed the time I went out to dinner with Ms. Jessica, so I should probably cut back on the drinking.



 At any rate, I packed my bags and left the room, ready to leave at any time.


 Outside the door was a hallway with several similar doors.



 I looked out the window, so I knew only that I was on the second floor.


 I looked for the stairs and went down to the first floor, where I found a knight of the Lagart family.



“Hello, good morning…” (Nyango)


“Oh, you’re awake, magic gunner.” (Knight)


“Magic gunner…?” (Nyango)


“What, you don’t remember?” (Knight)


“What… what did I do?” (Nyango)


“In the garden of the mansion, you were firing a series of massive magic guns shot into the sky.” (Knight)


“Eeeee…” (Nyango)



 Apparently, in response to Alvaros’ request, I performed a series of artillery shots like that of the wyvern subjugation, changed the setting of the magic circle to emphasize its size, and fired in rapid succession.



“I heard that the fireballs were launched with such force that they seemed to cover the sky as if the mage troops of the Royal Knights had appeared. That’s why Sir Alvaros called the one who can freely control the bombardment, the ‘Magic Gunner’. That’s what I was told.” (Knight)


“Eeeee…” (Nyango)



 When I look back on my memory, I don’t even feel like I did something like that.



“I hope I didn’t do anything rude or anything like that.” (Nyango)


“No, it’s fine. Sir Alvaros, Young Master Derrick, and Milord were all in a good mood.” (Knight)


“Ah… that’s good. I won’t be drinking again for the time being.” (Nyango)


“Hahahaha… Ah, only the young lady was in a bad mood.” (Knight)


“Geez…” (Nyango)



 When I ignore the pre-dinner advice and get all excited, she’ll definitely end up in a bad mood.



“Hey, you’ll be fine as long as you keep it simple and don’t ask if something’s wrong. Let’s go get breakfast.” (Knight)


“Really…” (Nyango)



 Well, we’ll be riding in the same magic carriage, but since I’m in the coachman’s seat, we won’t see each other directly, so I’d like to believe it’s going to be okay…


 Sigh… I guess we should get to the Royal Capital soon.




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