Black Cat Chapter 16: Sneak Attack

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 When I reached the edge of the village, I deactivated my Body Enhancement magic.


 This is because I cannot use it in tandem with attribute magic yet.



 If Miguel and his friends came across goblins attacking them, there was a limit to what I could do with Body Enhancement magic alone.


 Rather, it is better to be able to use attribute magic to attract the goblins’ attention or to escape to a higher position.



 However, since my sight enhancement also disappears, the battle must be settled while the moon is still up.


 Fighting in a dark forest with no night vision is suicide.



 Using the [Step], I proceed in a short trot about 4 to 5 meters above the ground.


 The material has been improved so that my footsteps hardly make a sound when I run on [Step].


 If anyone were to witness me now, I would look like a black shadow moving silently.



 As I stepped into the mountains to the west and made my way toward the charcoal hut, I noticed something unusual.


 A voice echoed from the direction I was heading.



“Woof, woof, woof!” (Kobold)



 The voice was probably coming from a kobold.


 It could not have been the cries of just one or two creatures.



 The closer we got to the charcoal hut, the louder the kobolds got and the more excited they seemed to be.


 As I slowed my run and approached, hiding behind a tree trunk, I saw more than a dozen shadows moving around, even at a quick glance.



 The Kobolds, like goblins in stature, are monsters around 130 centimeters in height, covered in dark body hair, and look like miniature versions of werewolves.


 They have sharp fangs and claws, and their movements are said to be more agile than those of goblins.



“Grrr! Graaa!” (Kobold)



 A single kobold is clawing at the door of the charcoal hut.



“Help me! Someone help me!” (Kimball)


“Woof, woof, woof!” (Kobold)


“Gyaaaaa! Keep down, you idiot! Hold him down!” (Miguel)



 From behind the door where Kobold was scratching, I heard a scream that I thought was Miguel.


 This charcoal hut was a place I was going to use as a safe zone too, and the doors and walls were built quite sturdily.



 The downside was that it wasn’t a tunnel like the one on the Folding Screen Rock, but I knew that if it was just a few monsters, I didn’t have to worry about them destroying the hut.


 But the kobolds took turns clawing at the door.



 I was peeking from a tree about 10 meters away, but I could see pieces of wood crunching and flying.


 I knew that Mr. Zeol and the other villagers would probably come after me, but I didn’t think they would make it in time.



“Help me, someone, I don’t want to die…” (Kimball)



 Hearing Kimball’s wails, I made up my mind.


 I put on [Armor], carried a spear made with void magic, and moved with [Step].


 While running down from a height of about five meters, I thrust my spear as hard as I could from above behind the Kobold that was clawing at the door.



“Gyaun!” (Kobold)



 Not checking to see if I had finished it off, I let go of the spear I had thrust and used [Step] to run up into the air.


 After returning to a height of about five meters, I ran around the back of the hut and launched another silent attack on the Kobolds, who had not yet noticed me.



“Gyaun!” (Kobold)



 I felt the spear thrust deep and moved up with [Step] again.


 As I ran back to the front of the hut, I saw a fallen Kobold.


 At the same time, other Kobolds spotted me and came barking at me furiously.



“Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof!” (Kobold)


“Awooooooooo!” (Kobold)



 I pretended to run down to the furiously howling Kobolds, changing direction and gaining altitude along the way.


 Not only did I make a feint, but I also made a long spear and attacked them with that.



“Gyaun!” (Kobold)



 The longer handle was not strong enough, and the spear broke before it could inflict a serious wound, but the stabbed Kobold looked frightened from the sudden pain.



“Okay, this way. Hey, who’s next? Come on, follow me!” (Nyango)



 At a height of about five meters, the Kobolds could not reach me even if they jumped with a running start.


 With unseen attacks, I led the Kobolds away from the hut and toward the mountains.



 Out of the corner of my eye, I saw lights moving at the foot of the mountain.


 It was Mr. Zeol, so if he was coming this way, he would be coming in numbers.



 If the adults of the village came in force with many lights, the Kobolds would give up and run away.


 If we continue to pull them away from the hut and stall for time, Miguel and the others should be saved.



 I thought they would choose me, who had attacked their friends, over the three of them, but a few Kobolds remained in front of the charcoal hut and began to scratch at the door again.



“Damn, why the hell are they continuing!” (Nyango)



 I took the Kobolds with me into the woods, where I changed direction at once, ran overhead, and launched a sneak attack on the Kobolds in front of the door with the same momentum.



“Gyaun!” (Kobold)



 Just as I was about to run when I felt the spear gouging the kobold’s flesh, a black shadow approached him from the left front.



“Ugya!” (Nyango)



 I felt a burning pain around my left eye and fell to the ground, losing my footing.


 Rolling on the ground hard, I finally stopped when I hit a tree.



 I felt pain all over my body because I had deactivated my armor, especially my left eye, which hurt so much that I couldn’t open it.


 Because he had been making a spear, he did not have the magical power to create a helmet.



“Graaaa!” (Kobold)



 I sat up and leaned against a tree, and one of the Kobolds jumped toward me.




“[Spear]!” (Nyango)


“Gyauu…” (Kobold)



 I made a spear and thrust it, supporting the spear with the ground. The kobold fell down, skewered by its own weight and momentum, but the other kobolds were closing in.



“[Thumbing]… [Step]!” (Nyango)



 Blinding the next kobold, I quickly use [Step] to escape into the sky.


 The left side of my face seemed to be covered with blood.



 I got back up to about 5 meters high, but the bruises and blood loss made me dizzy and I felt like I was going to fall.


 I took out another step and held on to it to support myself.



 I can see a line of lights coming up toward us from the base, but it looks like it will take a little more time.


 At my feet, the Kobolds begin to scratch at the door again, barking at me.



“Damn it… [Thumbing], [Thumbing]…” (Nyango)



 I tried to distract the Kobolds who were scratching at the door somehow, but the distance was too far away and I couldn’t see out of my left eye, so I couldn’t get a sense of distance.



“Then [Shield]… [Shield]… [Shield]…” (Nyango)



 If blinding doesn’t work, I try to defend myself with [Shield], but it is shattered by a Kobold’s blow.


 If it is destroyed, I immediately rebuilt and it was shattered by another blow, and my shield is repeatedly shattered by another blow, but the momentum of the door being clawed is slowing down.



“Nyaa! Shit, throwing stones…” (Nyango)



 Kobold, who had only been howling, picked up a stone and threw it at me.


 Since he was turning his magic into a shield, he couldn’t make armor and took the brunt of it.


 It can’t be thrown as dexterously as a human, so it’s not very fast, but of course, it hurts if it hits.



 If I were in perfect physical condition, I might have been able to withstand it, but I couldn’t get rid of the stones flying from the blind spot of my left eye, and after taking a few hits, I felt I was at my limit.


 If I ran out of magic power at this point, I would fall from a height of five meters and be devoured by the Kobolds.



 I started to move up to a high branch of a tree where I could see the charcoal hut, but I was getting hit with more and more violent projectiles that were bouncing off my body.


 I was too naive to think that I would be safe if I stayed above, but the stones seemed to have a body-breaking effect on the small body of a catkin.



“Dammit…” (Nyango)



 Just fifty centimeters from the branch, the steps disappear from under my feet and my body is enveloped in a feeling of floating.


 I’m so frustrated. In this reborn world, I was supposed to enjoy adventure, but this is where it ends.



 At least, if only Miguel and the others could have been saved …….


 As I fell, the Kobolds waiting for me bared their but they were suddenly blown away.



“You idiot, you’re being unreasonable…” (Zeol)


“Mr. Zeol… the door will soon be destroyed…” (Nyango)



 Mr. Zeol, who had rushed ahead of the adults in the village, cleaved the Kobolds with his wide long sword and caught me as I fell.



“It’s a little bumpy, but have patience. Come on, you dogs, you did this to my little apprentice, don’t think you’ll get out of here alive!” (Zeol)



 He shouted so loudly that I thought the mountain would crack, and with me on his left shoulder, he swung his sword with his right arm and began to cut down Kobolds like they were pieces of paper.


 Ah, he’s really strong… I counted up to five Kobolds that had been cut down, and then I let unconsciousness drag me.




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