Black Cat Chapter 170: Viscount’s Sons

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 When I arrived at the residence after escorting the attackers, I was told by Viscount Lagart that our stay in the Royal Capital might be extended by five days.


 He said that at this time of the year, the entire Royal Capital is working mainly to deal with the “Nest Leaving Ceremony,” and that it would be four days before they could begin questioning the attackers they had captured.



 This year, the Fifth Princess will be celebrating the “Nest Leaving Ceremony,” and the King and Queen will be present at the ceremony to be held in front of the cathedral three days later.


 In addition, due to the recent activities of the Anti-noble Faction, there will be an even tighter security system than in previous years.



“Nyango, you said you wanted to meet your childhood friend who was scouted as a knight candidate right?” (Frederick)


“Yes, would that be difficult?” (Nyango)


“It’s probably not possible before the ‘Nest Leaving Ceremony’. Even if you’re a knight apprentice, you’ll probably be sent out to patrol. Even if you visit, it would be better to wait until the ‘Nest Leaving Ceremony’ is over.” (Frederick)



 The explanation to the knights about the attackers that were handed over today was also changed from tomorrow to after the “Nest Leaving Ceremony” was over.



“And Nyango, I would like you to join us as our escort on the day of the ‘Nest Leaving Ceremony.” (Frederick)


“I understand. I understand. I will protect Lord Viscount and your wife, won’t I?” (Nyango)


“No. First, I want you to protect the king and queen and the royal family, then us and Aida.” (Frederick)


“Are the Anti-noble Factions targeting the Royal Family as well?” (Nyango)


“The foundation of the nobility is the king and the royal family, so of course, they will target them. The royal family is rarely seen in front of the common people. No wonder the knights are tense.” (Frederick)



 The area around the cathedral on the day of the event will be heavily guarded, but Viscount Lagart wants to take all possible countermeasures.



“I don’t mind having guards, but won’t it confuse the security if I, a catkin, am wandering around the venue on the day of the event?” (Nyango)


“I will think of a countermeasure for that. In short, Nyango will not be a problem as long as it is clear at a glance that you are related to the Lagart family.” (Frederick)



 The viscount has already sent out a messenger to a merchant, and it seems that he intends to clearly show that I belong to the Viscount Lagart family through my clothes or equipment.



“It may be a bit ostentatious, but I want to make sure that Nyango can move easily on the way back. So, please stay at the residence tomorrow.” (Frederick)


“I understand.” (Nyango)



 The general public seems to be in a festive mood for the “Nest Leaving Ceremony,” but it seems that the royal family and the aristocrats involved are becoming increasingly tense.


 It seems unlikely that they will be able to enjoy the Huley blossom viewing hole that Mr. Novak mentioned until this tense situation is over.



“Also, let me introduce you to my sons Joshua and Curtis.” (Frederick)


“I’m Nyango, a B-rank adventurer. Nice to meet you.” (Nyango)


“I am Joshua, it is nice to meet you.” (Joshua)


“Father, is this catkin really useful?” (Curtis)



 The two sons, who are attending school in Royal Capital, are Joshua, the eldest, and Curtis, the second, who are 14 and 13 years old by their looks.


 Joshua looks smart, like Madame Brigitte, and Curtis looks mischievous, like the viscount.



“Well, if you judge him only by his looks, he may seem unreliable, but it was thanks to Nyango that we were safe during the ambush on the road.” (Frederick)



 Even after hearing from the Viscount, Curtis didn’t seem to be convinced, so I decided to show off my void magic.



“Void attribute magic is magic that solidifies the air. I have already created a Shield between Mr. Curtis and me, did you notice?” (Nyango)


“A shield… huh, what is this…” (Curtis)



 The moment Curtis approached with a dubious look on his face, his expression tightened the moment he touched the Shield made by void magic.



“What’s wrong, Curtis?” (Joshua)


“Brother, can you see the mass of air here?” (Curtis)


“A mass of air…?” (Joshua)



 Joshua, who had been in a wait-and-see attitude, got up from his seat and approached.



“Oh, there’s definitely a mass… But you won’t know unless you touch it with your hands.” (Joshua)


“Brother, it seems to be quite sturdy.” (Curtis)



 From a while ago, Curtis was hitting the void attribute shield with his fist to check its hardness.



“That shield is strong enough to repel even if Ahrens’ knight attempts a surprise attack.” (Frederick)


“Is it true, Father?” (Curtis)


“If you doubt it, try it yourself.” (Frederick)



 The viscount indicated the long sword hanging on the wall to Curtis with his chin and then smirked at me.


 I’m not going to let him hold his pride and break it just because he’s the viscount’s son.



 The material of the shield is being upgraded day by day with new innovations.


 Not only is it hard, but it is also tough enough to resist breakage and is engraved with a magic circle to make it resistant to physical attacks.



 I thought it would be able to withstand the full force of a knight’s blow, so I thought it would bounce back easily against a sword from a nobleman’s bonbon, but when he picked up the sword, Curtis’s visage changed.


 He looked quite regal with the drawn sword lowered in one hand.



 This Shield might end up being destroyed, but I’ll take that as a valuable experience.


 After checking the position of the shield with his hand, Curtis took three steps back to keep his distance and raised his sword without showing any signs of being overconfident.



“Ryaa!” (Curtis)



 Curtis swung his sword sharply, stepping in faster than I expected.






 The shield made with void attribute magic easily bounced Curtis’s blow.


 Although the attack was quick, I feel that the duke’s knight was heavier in the attack itself.



“What do you think, Curtis?” (Frederick)


“That was just a small test.” (Curtis)



 Curtis, who answered the viscount’s question without turning around, took five steps back from the Shield this time, raised his sword as if he carried it on his right shoulder, and began to catch his breath.


 He probably intends to deliver an all-out blow, but if my Shield breaks, he is likely to tear up the expensive carpet on the floor.



 But I seemed to be the only one among the four of us who was worried about the price of the carpet.


 Both the Viscount and Joshua are watching Curtis’ movements with a curious look on their faces.



 He took a deep breath, and when he let it out, Curtis moved.



“Zaaaaa!” (Curtis)



 The blow that came out of his violent step was as if Curtis himself had turned into a sword.





 Although the shield blocked Curtis’ blow, the Shield exceeded its defense and shattered.



“Hmm, that’s a big deal. Even though it’s broken, it was able to withstand a blow with all my strength.” (Curtis)



 Curtis smiled with satisfaction, as he had felt the response of having destroyed the Shield.



“Curtis, you still would have lost.” (Joshua)


“Huh? Why, brother?” (Curtis)



 Curtis looked back at Joshua, who was smiling meaningfully.



“It’s true that I could barely break the shield, but I definitely broke it.” (Curtis)


“Yes, you did. But that’s because you know where the shield was. Curtis, how are you going to deliver your full force to an invisible shield?” (Joshua)


“Oh, that’s…” (Curtis)


“I’m not saying that your blows are weak. However, Nyango’s shield is worth far more than that. I’m sure our father has acknowledged that.” (Joshua)


“Well, sure… I will grant him that.” (Curtis)



 Curtis shrugged his shoulders, sheathed his sword, and returned it to the wall.


 It was messy and uncomfortable to be stared at by the Viscount and Joshua, two Pumakins, as if they were trying to assess me.



“Father, in order to avoid causing confusion at the ceremony, let us have him wear clothes that will make it obvious that he is a member of the Lagart family from any direction, front, back, left, or right.” (Joshua)


“Yes, that’s very important.” (Frederick)



 At first impression, I thought he looked like a fresh young man, but Joshua seemed surprisingly black-hearted.


 Curtis, who had put his sword back, joined them in their conversation.



“Father, wouldn’t it be better if we let him serve our family without going through such trouble?” (Joshua)


“No, that won’t work.” (Frederick)


“Why? If is someone as talented as Nyango, they might be stolen by another family.” (Joshua)


“That’s right, in fact, both Sir Alvaros and Sir Ahrens were interested.” (Frederick)


“Then even more so…” (Joshua)


“Don’t be in such a hurry. Nyango’s magic is unique compared to the typical attribute magic. It is polished and shines more in the work of an adventurer who requires individual strength than in an organization like a Knight Order. From now on, Nyango will become a well-known presence in the Royal Capital.” (Frederick)


“Then why are you giving him equipment that looks like he belongs to our family?” (Curtis)


“It is obvious. So that other houses will not lock Nyango up… and so that he will become a little more attached to our house.” (Joshua)



 No, I don’t think you should talk about such things in the person’s presence…



“I understand. So, we have no choice but to appeal to the other houses that we have already taken him in?” (Curtis)


“No, that’s not the case, Curty. Kati. If you want to have a competent person at your disposal, you have to be someone that they will want to lend a hand to. Even before we speak to each other, even when we do not know each other’s names, we must make others remember what we do. You should discipline your own conduct on a daily basis. Do not behave shamefully as a noble of the Kingdom of Schrendl. If you want to attract those of value, spare no effort to enhance your own value.” (Frederick)


“Yes, I understand, father.” (Curtis)



 Scary… bout you are kind of cool, Viscount.


 Even though I thought this might be part of scouting, I would want to serve someone like him. 




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