Black Cat Chapter 171: Merchants on the Move

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“Yummeow… Uu… Yummeow…” (Nyango)


“What’s wrong, Nyango? Is it so delicious to make you cry?” (Novak)



 Mr. Novak was taken aback, but I couldn’t stop the tears from spilling out.


 The dinner at Viscount Lagart’s mansion was chicken pilaf.



 It is a menu that knights, soldiers, and servants eat, but it is delicious because it is indeed served at the Viscount’s house.


 But more than that, it was the first rice dish I had eaten since my reincarnation as a catkin, and it brought back memories of my previous life.



 When I became a high school student, I was bullied because I was recognized as a otaku, but until junior high school, I had led a simple but normal student life.


 I didn’t have many friends, but my relationship with my family wasn’t bad.



 The world was full of games, internet, TV, movies music and images… and there was no shortage of entertainment.


 I’ve been living as a catkin for more than 10 years now, and I know I can’t go back, but I still want to go back.



 From my point of view, even if I told Mr. Novak that I had memories of my previous life in another world, he wouldn’t believe me, so let’s just say that it was so delicious that I cried.


 In fact, the rice, which is more like a short-grain type than a long-grain type, was cooked perfectly fluffy and the more I chewed it, the more I could feel the sweetness of the rice.



“Meow…I want to eat Rice Balls…” (Nyango)


Ris… what?” (Novak)


“It’s nyathing…” (Nyango)



 After the “Nest Leaving Ceremony” is over and the high alert is lifted, I will go out to the market in the royal capital and see if there is any seaweed for sale.


 They might not have dried bonito flakes, but they might sell salted kelp… I was thinking about this when I dreamed that I went to see Huley blossoms that night with my rice balls.



 It wasn’t the Huley blossoms that were in full bloom, but the Yoshino trees in full bloom.


 The pale Yoshino blossoms contrasted with the blue sky, and yellow rapeseed blossoms were also blooming at my feet.



 I sat down on the grass and spread out my lunch box in the scenery that reminded me of spring in full bloom.


 But I was the only one there… and tears spilled out as I ate my rice ball. 



 The next morning, I was tired from the journey to the capital and didn’t wake up until Mr. Novak, who was sharing the room with me, woke me up.


 After a leisurely breakfast, I returned to my room to wait.



 Today, I plan to have a meeting with the contractor who works for the Viscount’s family regarding my equipment and attire.


 If I wander around the “Nest Leaving Ceremony” venue in my current attire, I might confuse the knights and soldiers who are guarding the place.



 I need to make it easy for people to recognize me as a member of the Lagart family at a glance.


 The maid who came to summon me showed me to the reception room, where the brothers Joshua and Curtis were present, in addition to the contractors.



“Good morning. Master Joshua, Master Curtis.” (Nyango)


“Good morning, Nyango. I’d like to introduce you to Nubiel of the Lanawan Trading Company, who works for us.” (Joshua)



 Nubiel, introduced by Joshua, is a middle-aged Raccoonkin man with a charming face but surprisingly sharp eyesight.


 The Lanawan Trading Company is a supplier to the Viscount Lagart family in the royal capital and is said to deal in armaments and other items.



“I’m Nyango, a B-rank adventurer from Ibuoro. A pleasure to meet you.” (Nyango)


“Thank you very much for your kindness. My name is Nubiel and I am the head of the Lanawan Trading Company.” (Nubiel)



 I bowed my head and greeted Nubiel, who looked a little surprised and then gave me a friendly smile.


 He is shaped like a typical raccoon dog with a slightly plump body, round ears on his head, and a thick, fluffy tail, but his body movement is seamless.



 As expected, since he is the head of a trading company that handles weapons, he must have some knowledge of martial arts.



“Now then, Nubiel. I think my father wrote you a letter. I believe it was written in the letter from my father, but I want to make sure that when this Nyango enters the ‘Nest Leaving Ceremony’ venue, he is easily recognizable as a member of our household.” (Joshua)


“Do you mind if I use the coat of arms of the Lagart family?” (Nubiel)


“I don’t care. Rather, I would like to spread the word that he is someone who is related to our family no matter where you look from the front, back, left, and right.” (Joshua)


“That’s doable. How about some leather armor then?” (Nubiel)


“Brother, doesn’t a metal armor look better?” (Curtis)


“That’s right, maybe it would be better to match with the knights…” (Joshua)


“I’m sorry. We don’t have any armor that fits the catkin’s body type. If it’s leather armor, we can finish it by the day, but…” (Nubiel)



 The three people’s eyes turned towards me.


 It is no exaggeration to say that catkins rarely, or closer to never, stand on the front lines as combat personnel.



 It is natural that there is no armor for catkins, and it seems that the brothers of the viscount family are a bit dissatisfied with this.



“Um… it would be helpful if you could make it lighter than more defensive.” (Nyango)


“Does that mean you don’t mind if it just looks good?” (Nubiel)


“Yes, just focus on the appearance.” (Nyango)



 Nubiel looked at Joshua with a questioning look, and Curtis explained the reason with a mischievous smile on his face.



“Nyango is an extraordinary user of void magic.” (Curtis)


“Void magic?” (Nubiel)



 Nubiel stared at me with wide eyes as Curtis unveiled last night’s incident.



“I see… If you can deploy multiple shields like that, it’s expected to focus on your armor’s appearance.” (Nubiel)


“Nubiel, Nyango is more than just a defender. I heard that the former Knight Commander, Lord Alvaros, called him the ‘Magic Gunner.” (Joshua)


“Isn’t he a magician…?” (Nubiel)


“The magic cannon is a magical bombardment. Nyango uses enough shots to kill a wyvern.” (Curtis)


“A wyvern… Is it really true?” (Nubiel)



 No, no, no, I know you want to brag, but aren’t these brothers throwing too much information about me?


 The more they talk, the more I feel like the way Nubiel looks at me is changing.



 The conversation got sidetracked by Joshua and Curtis’s bragging, but we decided to make a simple leather armor model.


 The breastplate, backplate, pauldron, and faulds [T/N: Waist armor.]… are all to have the Lagart family coat of arms on six major pieces.



“The crest of our family is the battle axe and thunderbolt crossing on the shield. This comes from the fact that the founder of the Lagart family was a user of lightning magic and a battle-axe and was allowed to bear the family name because of his military exploits.” (Joshua)



 Georges, the founder of the Lagart family, was a great Pumakin and one of the most important vassals who founded the country together with the first king of the Kingdom of Schrendl.


 He uses lightning magic to stop his opponents and beheads them with a huge battle-axe.



“Georges the Headhunter” is said to be a famous figure who appears in operas about the history of the kingdom.


 However, in a rural village like Atsuka, there was never an opera performance, and I had not attended school seriously, so this was the first time I had heard of it.



 Joshua and Curtis seemed to think I knew about it, and it was hard for me to keep up with them.


 After taking my measurements, Nubiel said he would begin work immediately and quickly returned to his store.



 It is not a practical armor made of thick leather, but a costume made of leather for cosplay, so I don’t think it will take much time to make.


 Nubiel is probably more interested in the fact that he can’t bear to be bothered with the leisure time of an aristocratic young lad.



 For two weeks before and after the spring equinox, when the “Nest Leaving Ceremony” is held, schools are also on spring break.


 In the case of schools in the Royal Capital where children of noble families go to school, the two weeks before and after the spring equinox are added, for a total of four weeks off.



 This is apparently a measure taken to accommodate those who return to their estates away from Royal Capital during the vacation period.


 For example, the Lagart family takes about one week each way by magic carriage from Royal Capital.



 If this vacation is only two weeks, children from remote territories would end up just going back and forth, so the school vacation period is said to have been extended.


 Normally, Joshua and Curtis would also return to Durkstein Castle, but this year they are staying in the Royal Capital because Aida is undergoing the “Nest Leaving Ceremony”.



 Well, for the two of them, they were probably lucky to stay in the Royal Capital rather than go back to their richly natural but rural territory, but thanks to the high alert, they can’t go out for fun.



“Um… how is the ‘Nest Leaving Ceremony’ held in the Royal Capital?” (Nyango)


“Well, it’s basically the same as the one that takes place in Ibouro.” (Joshua)


“Oh yeah, but a grander version of that one.” (Nyango)



 The priests will break the seal of the “Goddess’ Blessing” to be able to use attribute magic in the same way, but in the case of the Royal Capital, the only judges who will be present will be the Royal Knights.


 Even so, all children of noble families are approached, so it is said that the number of people selected is the same or higher.



 It seems that the call to the children of noble families is a formality, and it is up to their own will whether they enter the knight training school or not.


 Joshua declined because his magical power was not very strong, and Curtis, although he had strong magical power, was given priority in his studies to lead the Lagart family knight order.



“I understand that the two of you will be attending the ceremony the day after tomorrow.” (Nyango)


“Ah, it’s Aida’s big day.” (Joshua)


“Well, it’s boring, but it can’t be helped…” (Curtis)


“Can I scout the venue? I would like to see it in advance…” (Nyango)


“Then I’ll take you there.” (Curtis)


“Curtis, make sure you take a knight with you. And stay out of the third district.” (Joshua)


“I know. Nyango is with me, don’t worry.” (Curtis)



 After lunch, Curtis agreed to take me to the cathedral where the “Nest Leaving Ceremony” was to take place. 




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