Black Cat Chapter 172: Under The Sun… (Fawkes)

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~Fawkes’ Perspective~



“Hey, don’t stare at me. It’s creepy…” (Miriam)


“Noisy, I’m not looking at you. Shure gets mad at me if I’m not dry on one side. At least turnover.” (Fawkes)


“I don’t believe you… Hmph.” (Miriam)



 After saying some harsh words, Miriam turned over so that her back was facing me.


 Her pure white tail was swinging in irritation.



 After three days had passed since my younger brother Nyango joined the lord’s party and went to the Royal Capital, Miriam and I were assigned important tasks from Shure.


 Even now, we have a rug spread out on the roof of our base, and Miriam and I are in the middle of our task.



 The job is to fluff up our fur.


 When my brother Nyango is around, he dries us quickly with magic, even after a bath.



 My brother has void magic, but he has mastered various kinds of magic, realizing that if he solidifies air into the shape of a magic circle, he can activate Engraving Magic.


 Drying his fur is said to be a combination of a temperature control magic circle and a wind magic circle, and the warm air blows away the moisture, making his fur fluffy.



 Since my brother has left for Royal Capital, it seems that Shure is not pleased with the way our fur looks after a bath.


 That being said, if we get too close to the fireplace, our fur gets burned and it smells like smoke.



 If that’s the case, we could just use a bunch of towels, but there’s a limit to how many dry towels we can use to dry ourselves.


 We don’t want to be asked to be a cuddle pillow, but it’s hard to complain when we don’t make a lot of money.



 So, what Miriam and I are doing is sunbathing.


 In the morning, I do some swinging and Miriam does some running, and after that we practice our attribute magic. After lunch, we take a bath, wash our bodies carefully, and sunbathe on the roof.



 If we can’t dry our clothes immediately after getting out of the bath, we can dry ourselves first.


 That was Shure’s conclusion, and it was immediately put into practice.



 Miriam and I bathe together almost every day.


 Sometimes Shure is with her, and sometimes Shure asks me to bathe with her.



 One of the reasons for this is Miriam’s dislike of taking a bath.


 I have gotten used to it thanks to my brother’s influence and to the fact that Shule has been forcing me to take baths halfway through my life, and I am learning to enjoy it, but Miriam has not yet gotten used to it.



 That is why Shure has ordered me to take a proper bath and check that she is washing properly.


 Today, too, they were in the bath together until a few minutes ago.



 We washed each other’s backs, which neither of us can reach, and when we sleep with Shure, we only put on a pair of pants.


 So, I don’t really stare at them, but I do catch glimpses of them.



 No matter how accustomed I am to look at them, it is inevitable that my gaze would follow a girl of my age lying down in a defenseless state.


 I’m not really looking at her white back, or the base of her slender tail…



 Miriam came to Ibouro from a rural village, but she couldn’t find work, and when she was penniless and on the verge of falling into the slums, she was picked up by Shure.


 She was shaken up when she heard from Shure and Serge that she would have been in trouble if she had fallen into the slums, but she did not experience the slums in real life.



 Only those who have actually experienced it can understand the misery of people not being treated as human beings, but being used as possessions of the rich, tools for temporary entertainment, and outlets for their desires.


 Miriam was really, really, really lucky.



 If she had fallen into the slums, she would have been more than just gawked at.


 She would have been subjected to the utmost shame and humiliation.



 Even her pure white fur would have been stained and corrupted by the lust of men.


 If that’s the case, if I do something like that with my own hands, I’ll probably end up losing the place my younger brother has created for me.



 Besides, it’s not as if Miriam is an unspoiled maiden.


 I don’t know anything about Miriam before she came to Ibouro.



 Remembering my life in the village of Atsuka, I can only guess what kind of life she had in the village of Toroza, what kind of circumstances she was in. But there is a possibility that she may have had a more miserable life than I did.



“Is there any point in thinking about it…” (Fawkes)



 I turn over so that my back is to Miriam, and the other side of my body is also exposed to the sun as before.


 The fur on my underside is warm and fluffy because of the sun.



“Hey, screw you…” (Miriam)



 Miriam must have misunderstood the sign that I was rolling over, but she stopped me with some harsh words.


 It’s a false accusation, she doesn’t know… I talked to her with my tail.



 Well, I don’t know how Miriam feels.


 It’s natural to be wary when asked to sunbathe with a man one step ahead of you, both without underwear on.



 In other words, Shure has no sense of shame.


 She seems to have no qualms at all about dragging me and my brother into the bathroom or into the bedroom and exposing skin to the world.



 From the perspective of Shure, who is a black leopardkin, we are probably just like pets, and even if we had evil intentions toward her, it is obvious that if we tried to do anything, we would just be beaten back.


 So, we have no choice but to be washed and cuddled stoically.



 My younger brother Nyango spends the night with the Madonna of the guild’s tavern, a lionkin woman, but the adventurers around him have nothing to envy, because it seems that he just gets more trouble.


 Well, the various hardships that my younger brother is talking about seem to be something that other people would envy…



“Hey, what is your younger brother?” (Miriam)


“Hehe… I know how you feel, but even if you ask me what it is, I won’t be able to answer.” (Fawkes)



 I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard Miriam’s question from behind me.


 Even if you ask me what he is, I would rather like you to tell me instead.



“I thought Shure’s magic was amazing when we subjugated the Rock Turtle, but what was that about your brother? How can he use such powerful magic when he’s a catkin?” (Miriam)


“Ah… I don’t know the details, but his magic is activated using the magic essence in the air, so it seems like he is using only a portion of his magic…” (Fawkes)


“You’ve got a pretty high magic index too, don’t you?” (Miriam)


“Well, my younger brother’s training is rigorous…” (Fawkes)


“Does training make you stronger?” (Miriam)


“About that… Ask Shure.” (Fawkes)


“Hmm…” (Miriam)



 My magic became stronger because I took my brother’s offer and ate a goblin heart raw.


 In an instant, an enormous amount of magical power flooded my body and I felt so all-powerful that I felt like I could do anything.



 I immediately continued to use magic as fast as I could, just as my brother had told me to do, but I still felt terribly sluggish the next day, so much so that I slept for the rest of the day.


 I felt terrible that day, but my magical power had become much stronger.



 According to Gad, who taught me how to use earth magic, I had the magical power of a normal adventurer who uses earth magic.


 Perhaps Miriam’s magical power would also increase if she ate goblin hearts, but I don’t think it is my role to judge that.



 Gad says that you have to keep using big magic right after eating a monster’s heart, and that those with high original magic index get less effect with a small monster’s hearts.


 On the other hand, if you eat the heart of a large monster, it is said that if you are not careful, your magical veins or blood veins will be ripped open, and you will suffer serious aftereffects or even death.



 Also, during the wyvern subjugation that I did with his party, an adventurer died after eating the heart of a wyvern they had slain.


 In Miriam’s case, it seems that she has just started using wind attribute magic, and I think it would be better for her to get used to using magic a little more.



 Shure is probably thinking more deeply about it than me.



“Hey, are we okay with staying like this?” (Miriam)


“Hehe…” (Fawkes)


“What, what’s funny?” (Miriam)


“I guess we’re all thinking the same thing… that we can’t keep going on like this, right?” (Fawkes)


“Well, when you look at all the Chariots, and your brother working side by side with them, it’s only natural that you think it can’t go on like this.” (Miriam)


“But you also know that we are not strong enough right now, right? If that’s the case, shouldn’t we have no choice but to train ourselves to be able to do something?” (Fawkes)


“That’s true, but… I’m too different from your brother…” (Miriam)



 I know exactly how Miriam feels.


 My younger brother, Nyango, is too out of the ordinary for a catkin in many ways.



“Nyango has been hanging out with the old apothecary since he was five years old, learning about medicinal herbs and such. I thought he was a strange guy because other kids his age were playing around, but he started going into the mountains by himself, and after the ‘Nest Leaving Ceremony,’ he started catching Forest Mice and fish with his magic. Looking back on it now, I realize that he had been working hard to become an adventurer since then. He was different from me, who had just lived my life. If you want to compare yourself to him, you have to make a steady effort starting five years old and more.” (Fawkes)


“I see… Hey, can I be like him too?” (Miriam)


“Well… isn’t that up to you?” (Fawkes)


“Hey, don’t turn this way… I have to turn the other way, alright?” (Miriam)



 That’s right, please honestly turn so that both sides are fluffy.


 It’s embarrassing, indeed, to stare at each other head-on while naked.



 It looks like you’re getting pretty fluffy.


 I’m starting to think, “it’s no wonder Shure wants to cuddle with you.”



T/N: Fawkes is so precious!!! He’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!!!

Author-san should really kill everyone who bad-touched Fawkes non-consensually, horribly and viciously.




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